Hi every-1… ubks…

Thanks for the great response for Stanwinston Post. There were lot of good wishes and queries about Rajini Sir. There is so much to tell, there were much queries about ARR, Ash and others too. I’ll share one by one in further posts.

Many of Vijay and Ajith fans wanted to know when I am going to do a film with them. Already I had ideas of doing “Mudhalvan” with Vijay (next to Rajini Sir). Unfortunately it didn’t happen. After “Nayak” I had a thought of doing a film with Ajith. With out even meeting it dissolved and didn’t happen. I don’t know which language and what kind of script I am going to do next. If the script suits Vijay or Ajith, I’ll definitely do a film with them.

Regarding my production S Pictures “Rettai Chuzhi” and “Anandhapurathu Veedu” both the films are completed and final Post-Production works are going on.

In “Rettai Chuzhi” two icons of tamil cinema director “K.Balachandar” and director “Bharathi Raja” for the first time acting lead roles together. “Rettai Chuzhi” is the story of two famous old men in the village who are currently child ego state. When they try to outburst their 40 years enemity thinking that of a big scene, it ends up like a child’s play. Aari trained in “Koothupattarai” gets intorduced as hero and the heroine is the “Kattradhu Tamizh” fame Anjali. 22 trained child actors are playing important role in this film. Chezhian is doing the cinematography and music by Karthik Raja.

Thamira has directed the film who is basically a story writer for magazines. With his experience also as KB’s dialogue writer, he has arcthitected this “Rettai Chuzhi” film as interesting one. So you can easily guess that “Rettai Chuzhi” will make a new experience for the family audience.

m leaving to mumbai for 2 days shoot with Rajini sir, Ash and Danny Dengzongpa…

See you soon


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  1. parthiban says:

    Dear sir
    your simplicity is one of key for your success.Keep going you still have lot to do movies for us.As far as i know about you u r the role model in my profession.keep rocking.

  2. parthiban says:

    Dear sir
    i just have a one question.ungaluku piditha manirathnam sir movies?

  3. Vinodhini says:

    Please make a movie based on KALKI’S PONNIYIN SELVAN……..It will be huge success…….Every Tamil people must know about our history…….It is my great request…..I hope u will do it……Thank you



  5. Ram says:

    ungaloda adutha padam terdal’s Hero Surya vaa sir………

  6. Ikram Shah says:

    Sir eppo sir Surya vachhu padam edupinga…. sekkaram sir,,, we fans gurantee tat it will be a mega hit film……

    Seekaram nalla rpz kudunga sir

  7. chall raju says:

    sir ur next movie what and which hero and herions plz tell him
    I expect u’r nxt movie manalo okkadu pawan kalyan

  8. selvaraj says:

    sir ur next tamil movie what and which hero and herions plz tell him

  9. Nijil T S says:

    Shankar sir,you are the number one director of indian cinema.you please do the bramandamana aamir khan film,that moovie will collect the 500 crores.you please do hindi film. all foolish bollywood directers will study your film. in india all sevices in lunchum,black money ,crual rape………….. i want the next annian, indian, muthalvan,gentleman.please sir dont wase the time.

  10. udayk says:

    hello sir

  11. Tamilarasan says:

    Respected Sir,

    I have six months experience in web designing. I have experienced in CSS, and create HTML page. And also I know Solaris basics. I am applying for the post in your esteem concern. I have adequate knowledge on that job. I here with enclosed My Resume for your kind perusal.

    I am waiting for your favorable reply from you.

    Thanking you

    Yours Sincerely,

  12. riyaz says:

    hi sir, hope you r fine and upgrading.

    I never seen such a person with these much level of technical skills to include in cinema.

    As of me, Ajith is a good actor. if u both doing a film it must be treat for fans like me and you only take him to a peak. do u have any script? Kindly think and do a project with ajith pls.

  13. Vijaygurl says:

    Hi sir, i watch ur film Nanban….my fav actor ILAYATHALAPATHY VIJAY is awesome…& VIJAY~ILEANA are cute pair in the film….all the best 4 ur future project….do another film with Vijay please please please….ALL IS WELL :]

  14. Manju says:

    Sir one movie with ajith sir . . . . please please please. . . .

  15. sathish says:

    sir please am trying to act
    please give me chance i don know how to approach if any mistake ask chance in mail really sorry…..one u see nd give me chance sir my mail id satheshd19@yahoo.com

  16. Anu arjun says:

    Hi sir,..i am from kerala,.i am a big fan f u,..i likes ur films dat much espsly indian,annyan,..i don know hw many times i saw dat films,..as a fan v r exptng vry innovitve films frm u,…u r d only directr who can take films which having a hollywood style,….n v r expcting dat genus of films frm u,…(up to terminator,..up to avathar,..)to taking films like this, if budget is a obstacle 4 u, u can aproach films like maniratnam(both in hindi n tamil,wid difrnt actors,..eg..ravan)so u wl get more wide market,….n i think ur upcoming film is remake of 3 idiots,..so v r not in dat much exitment to receving nanpan,..anyway i am wishing all the vry bst 4 ur upcoming films n ur future,…..

  17. Ganesh says:

    “Iniya puthandu nal valthukkal” to u and ur family…….have a great year sir

  18. Gokul: says:

    Anna pls Anna do a Film with Surya and karthi in a film
    W want to watchhhhhhhhhhhh.
    pls pls anna

  19. karthik says:

    hi sir.
    my name is karthik from Bangalore…
    i known English,Tamil,Kannada,Hindi,and little bit of Telugu..
    I’m a great fan of you…
    I’m fond of acting, and i love acting in Tamil movies,please give me chance in any of your upcoming movie…i will do anything to impress u in acting….please call me to {9886071040} or mail me to my email id {karthikdayalan.91@gmail.com}…
    yours faithfully
    karthik from Bangalore {9886071040}

  20. jethin says:

    why you are not making a film with kamal hasan and rajni kanth acted together.

  21. Rohit Kumar says:

    Hi sir,

    i am a die hard fan of yours,please let me know whether i can join in your team, i admire you a lot. As you have mentioned that K.B sir is a role model personality for you, the same way you are an role model personality for me. please, please, please accept me in your team sir.

    Your’s Lovingly,
    Rohit Kumar

  22. Venkata Krishnan says:

    Dear Shankarji,
    I do not need to tell you that I a big fan of yours and have watched all your movies on screen, as almost every one express the same sentiments. Having great respect and regard for your works, I have three one-liners with expanded story-line that I hope and am confident to impress you. A one-to-one with you will be most ideal. You can give me an appointment at your convenience. Moreover, I am a small-time actor introduced by Director Bharathiraja in his film Nadodi Thenral. So, I am open for considering me only for a character role in any of your future films. Anyway, hope you will take me seriously.
    With regards,

  23. Shanmuga Vignesh says:

    Shankar sir,Ubhayakusalobhari!!!your movies are changing me and preparing me to do something for the society….actor Karthi suits to your direction…please i want to see him with you

  24. Ganesh says:

    Shankar Sir,Iam a Diehard fan of Cinema.In that iam finding you as a Tamilking who is ruling the stories and screenplays to take the people’s mind into a goodform.Iam 23 years.Iam working as a software engineer in CTS.If you permit me i can work with you as an assistant director.From the age of my 18,iam seeing the cinema as an excellent medium for improving the wellness of a society.My ambition is to become a Socially well acceptable and reachable director and to make other people to know the importance of our Tamils…. by raising our cinemas to the world through talented scripts with social contends.It is Your wish to call me for assisting your directions.Thank you and take care…

  25. karthik says:

    Hi Shankar Sir, How are You…? I’m a huge huge fan of you I love all the movies directed by You especially Indian because the way you put up your hard work into the film and the way you Presented the Film…There are rumours that you will direct Indian2 with Ajith Kumar…Is that True…If yes please reply i,m waiting for your reply pls sir….

    By Your Lovable fan

  26. J.Venkatraj says:

    Sir, Pls give a chance to Joshua shridhar or Mickey J Mayor
    These two are great music directors.Pls give a direct chance to them,They will fulfill your expectations sir.

  27. Pradeep says:

    Hello sir:-
    I am die hard fan of ajith. after completing nanban I hope you to direct with ajith sir..after mankatha he proved a good talented among the people….so we want a good mass film for ajith sir..:):)

  28. muthuramalingam says:

    How are U SIR?


  29. saran says:

    hi sir, im a huge fan of vijay… im really happy abt u and vijay working together in nanben..
    how is vijay sir…my best wishes to both of you sir…
    im eagerly waiting for nanben….

  30. Anand says:

    Hai sir iam ur big fan vijay is my best and wonderful hero
    how is vijay sir and when wil released in nanban audio
    vijay picture eruntha upload panunga sir

  31. Lakshman says:

    Hi sir….
    I am from bangalore,
    I am Fan of your makings,
    My request is to when you are free please watch this movie
    which the concept is wonderful which really touch’s our heart…………..please sir..!

    50 First Dates 2004 Hollywood Movie

  32. Riya Naresh says:

    I am learning Hindustani as well as Carnatic music. I can sing well with a unique voice. I do not know how to approach music directors. Would u please help sir… I am interested in singing harmonies to start with…

  33. Ayinkaran says:

    i hope yes :(

  34. Ayinkaran says:

    Dear sir ,
    i want to just to know if you will do another movie with rajini sir ?

  35. Harsiny says:

    Hi sir, hw r u?? we are waiting 4 ur new film NANBAN. Sure we are support 4 the movie NANBAN.Because my ILAYATHALAPATHY MOVIE.Sir 1 request from ur Fans. Pls make a movie with ILAYATHALAPATHY VIJAY and AISHWARYA RAI.All the best 4 your next project.Promise we all support for your movie.

  36. Sarath says:

    Hi sir,
    hw r u sir and i need 2 ask 2 questions wit u
    1. Hw is thalapathi vijay co-operation in nanban.
    2.wat is ur next film after nanban.

    Don’t forget reply sir

  37. Lokesh, Arni says:

    Hello Shankar Sir.
    A great fan of you.
    Heared some buzz that you are planning for ROBOT – 2.
    Are you really interested in doing that.

  38. Akhil Ramachandran.k says:

    My name is Akhil Ramachandran.I’m an engineering
    student.you are one of the best directors in India,I know. I wish to become an actor.
    I know,while reading this you may laugh and say
    this is the same mail which I got a lakh of times. That’s why I’m just hesitated to send this to you.But I’m totally different from everyone who send you the same.
    Please accept my request,if you like to choose a
    new one for your movie.I don’t know your mail address that’s why I’m sendings this to you.

  39. Shankar(Yalla Rao) says:

    Dear sir,
    Iam a biggest fan of you….My name is Yallarao.but,my name is changed by SHANKAR…In world you are the toppest,biggest and gretest director.Iam watched by ROBO picture is 19 times.Iam watched Your all films.
    I like you and your movies sooooooooo much…and waiting for next movie. take care anna and all the best. please give me anna……

  40. Hemanth.G says:

    Hi sir ,
    Congrats for the success of endhiran sir.I just want to ask u how many % of technology r we using properly for proper scripts because i think we r not using 100% and i think i am asking the man u knows a lot about it and i am sure that everyone will be treated with fireworks and lot of surprises from ur upcoming films .
    if u feel the question is proper rely me sir ,thank you.

  41. mahesh says:

    dear sir,
    happy to hear that u have again roped our thalapathy for 3 ideots..thnk u sir…….i also have a request sir… please do an action thriller based movie with vijay….. please do it for the fans of vijay………u are agreat director…..we love u a lot

  42. ponmanipreethi says:

    hi dear shankar anna,
    i like you and ur movies sooooo much….eagerly waiting for your next movie…..tell something about that…pls reply anna….
    take care dear anna…..

  43. Shankar says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’m working in cts. This year only i completed my graduation.Actually , am the soulmate fan 4 u sir….I enjoyed all ur movies.. am 4m middle class family only sir.
    Am really lik 2 acting n creativity mind in direction… Pls Pls don think am asking chance by this way. Because even i dono anything abt industry. But I know its really hard 2 enter in dis field nu.But , pls c me 1one time sir, I promise definetly u would lik me sir……..Plssss don give simple n asusal answers sir. I hope u ll give nu.Anyway am waiting sir…..

    Dis long years A Tamil Industry Missing a good actor lik me…..Simply Kidding sir …. Plssss C me n tell about me sir…… Okay Sir Bye… Have a Nice day 4ever…Its Me

  44. ravikanth says:


    neega vijay harris good team so pls start movie

  45. k.ravikanth says:


    actor vijay co-opeartion eppadi iruku unga nanpan movie?

    good team

  46. KAVIVARUN says:


  47. Sathish Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,

    all the above comments itself says that vijay is the only actor who has more fans after Our Super Star Rajini Kanth. I saw the news from the website that you are back to Vijay for 3idots. From Kavalan onwards vijay is back to form. Nobody can beat him. My Advance wishes for 3idiots Victory.

  48. k saibaba says:

    sir my aim is became comedyactor in industryof film please talant your are taken many more people industry please iam singa song writting stories ph 9652677102 warangal

  49. tamil selvan says:

    sir watch kavalan movie first see d vijay acting ,he s flexible to directors movie sir.please sir choose vijay for 3 idiots tamil ,i m a very very……. big fan of vijay and u please sir………..

  50. SANTHOSH says:

    hello sir,
    I watched all type of your film from gentleman-enthiran all are orsam and unique one.
    you are one of the director who reveals an feelings of an human socity.
    why don’t you try for an fantasy,robbery,horror etc…. movies on your direction.?
    I expecting more different journals of movies from you.

  51. SuDharshan says:

    Dear Sir

    im your biggest fan, i had seen your all film now you had giving good path film industry. i had small request i have work with Vijay why don’t make horror film. that kind of movie only you can do it.



  52. Shivaram says:

    Hello Mr. Shankar, its nice to write to you. I think death of Sujatha would be a great loss to you, so who will be replacing him in your future endeavours???


  53. rahul says:

    Hi! sir . i’m rahul of age 13. i saw your robo (3 times). i liked it very very much.
    Now , I heard that your are going to remake the film 3 idiots.
    firstly i heard that in telugu ur going to do the film with mahesh. then i’ve heard that he’s out of it and ur doing it with surya.
    but i think the character of my favorite aamir best suits to ram charan tej (son of chiranjeevi). so , please do the film with R.C.T (Ram Charan Tej).
    it’s tough for you to see my comment before you start the shooting of 3 idiots as there are 382 comments before mine.
    by god’s grace if u see my comment before u start the shooting of 3 idiots , please do the film with R.C.T .
    if u had seen his recent movie “orange” , U WOULD HAVE SAID THE SAME THING.

  54. Cheenu says:

    Respected sir we like n love ur films ur excellent in the film making ur ideas changes for every trend we love that,am very proud to say that am Big Vijay Sir fan am from bangalore, someone said that the big person in chennai had be warning shankar not to do film for vijay weather this is true r lie we dono but we love 3Idiots which will be directing by shankar and hero is Vijay it will be great, and after so much of troubles vijay sir is trying to come up again but these Big peoples will trouble him again,Ur the only right person to do 3 idiots and our all Bangalore Vijay Fans wishes is Vijay should do the 3 Idiots becasuse 3 idiots will say everyone need education, vijay always gives important to education, this is our humble request plz do 3Idiots with Vijay please Sir most of had shocked when we c the new in Times of India (Bangalore) Bangalore “Vijay Is Out Of 3Idiots” it was unbelivable the tears were rolled in my eyes i cant control my self am working in PR Agency my work is to Track all the newspaper what evercomes to bangalore we I’ll search all the news shankar sir should not confirm that vijay is out of 3 idiots ‘if u need i’ll do the tracking work for u Sir, but please dont ever say that vijay is out of 3 idiots we are very much eager the news about 3idiots in behalf of all the vijay fans am begging u please dont ever say that vijay is out of 3 idiots, this is our humble request we are waiting for news Shankar Sir

    Your Loving Fan


  55. Gana says:

    hi sir..

    im also one of fan for vijay. does he gonna act in 3 idiots remake ? please sir hopes u ppl will sorted out the problems.

  56. Rina says:

    Sir, i’m big fan of Vijay. Really happy when heard that you are doing 3I remakewith VJ. But now so many confusion regarding the movie. Please clarify whether our Vijay acting in the movie? We Vijay fans are waiting for your answer. Please tell a good news.

  57. jahir says:

    hi sir,
    better 3-idiots also start wit RAJNI sir.
    (imagine chitti as college student)

  58. shekar says:

    Hi Sir,

    How Are You & Your Family, Sir Is It fact That You are Making a movie Remake of 3Idiots In Tamil.Best Of Luck for Your future projects.

  59. Justus S says:

    Hello Sanka r Sir ,
    Am in dubai , basically from kerala, i watched enthiran 3 times. Respected RajaniKhanth is your trumpcard.Plz make more filims with rajani Sir , like fantcy filims.

  60. sathish says:

    dear sir
    i m a big fan of illayathalapathy vijay so v r expecting more in 3 rascals. al de best

  61. shafi says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,
    Firstly i would like to congrazz u 4 the great success of Enthiran. Iam in Dubai and iam happy 2 say that we people in dubai watched the 1st show world wide at on thursday morning 7.30 itself, bcoz in india and other countries it was released on friday i guess, i watched the film 4 times on the same day… awesome…… there are no words 2 explain… seriously amazing, Rajni Sir kalaky irukaaru… chance se illa sir… Hat’s off for u r work…. feeling very proud of you….May all the best for u in u r future with same amount of success…. Finally i have only 1 question 2 ask, i will be the most happiest person by your ans… Sir pls tell me wheather Vijay’s is acting with u for the remake of 3 idiots ? Bcoz its making big news in all the cinema websites…….. and iam totally confused as far as now no official announcement has been made by both u r side and vijay side… iam big fan of vijay as well… if u could answer by yes or no also i will be happy… Eagerly waiting for u r reply……. Thank you Shafi

  62. thoufeeeq aslam says:

    hiiii sir ,
    i am u r DIEHARD FAN from KERALA
    i love u r all movie..i love direction style…u r way …all are entarly different…

    u are india’s ”JAMES CAMERON”

    I realy want to meet you…and work with you (i know it is not posible…but it is my dream..)

    And…..agin u fly high…
    Best wishes….

  63. dr balaji says:

    dear sir,
    i am dr balaji from mysore… i want to tell u something very interesting fact it was way back in 2004 while i was watching u r movie anniyan i exclaimed at the end to my friend ” hae imagine how terriffic it would be if shankar and rajini come together” …..within an year it materialised and u know now the whole indian cinema is proud to have made a cross over…hats of to u for all the pain u took to materialise u r dream…..
    i toohave a dream . to be a cinematographer…if i have a place in u r team .i am ready to give up eerything and be there with u .. i dont mind to start my cinema carreer being a clap boy….being that in u r team is woth the effort..convey my reagrds to ‘ratahnavelu sir’… take care. god bless.

  64. shankar says:

    dear shankar sir,
    i’m shankar your endiran is made in history for all over world.And i want the movie vijay&ajith film in your direction.I am waiting for the next film.please please you must do more films for vijay sir.

  65. kathiravan says:

    dear shankar sir,
    i am kathiravan,i am a teacher
    i have seen ur ENTHIRAN movie an extraordinary in world history specially oru robo-ku feelings vandudichinu (adu kobapadara madiri) kattiirukira vidham rombah superb sir even single frame-ah kooda paaratamah iruka mudiyadhu thanks for giving film like this sir
    inda film mattum illa ungalloda each and every film-ahi um rasippavan naan
    ungalooda sernthu work pannanumnu aasaiya irruku unga team-la yenakkum asst.director-nu oru idam kidaiuma idu madiri neenga aayirm mail parthuirupinga but idu special for me&you because future-la kathiravan yennoda student-nu perumiya irukkum
    basically naan teacher-ah irukalam but my life time ambition-ne to be a director
    sir neenga FEB 13-ku piragu neenga reply pannala yenaikavathu ida partha koopiduvinganu nambaren
    romba siramapattu inda mail-ah kandu pudichen regular-ah ungalukku mail pannuven

  66. SHIVAA says:

    Dear Sir,
    You made it happen; The real task of making SCI-FI movie in Tamil particularly with Thalaivar ( Tonnes of expectations from the fans&public)is greatly overcome by your matchless imagination & conceivement. I think K.B.Sir’s comment of ” I cant make a film with such a cast & Money” – a real tribute to your efforts;You have satisfied everybody while lifting tamil film industry to the next elevated platform successfully. ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE PROJECTS.

  67. Rima says:

    Sir, Enthiran superb movie. Please seekiram enga ilayathalapathy ah vachu 3Idiots start pannunga Sir. Romba wait pannrom. Seekiram official announcement pannunga sir, pleaseeeeeee.

  68. sridhar says:

    shankar,u r The only person who can help your auidence with project “MARUTHANAYAGAM”. if u can bring this project onscreen the world will not focus on single man “S” but the whole Kollywood “K”.

  69. sreebalaji says:

    Endiran was xcellent . Pls replay what is your next project and who is actor of the flim?

  70. Nandha Kumar(Nandhu) says:

    hello sir,
    This is nandhu ur fans.ur focuses r really extradinary. plz continue ur journey in order to beat Hollywood and make new trend . As 1 of ur fan told, plz show ur individuality in remake of 3 idiots . ur fans are waiting 4 the same to make big hit like ROBO , bz iam too fan of the ”great actor Vijay”

  71. m.pandidurai(vijay) says:

    hai sir neenga vijaya vachu eppa padam eduppinga

  72. AKSuresh Kumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    Hw r u? I really need to salute for ur braveness that u have showed in directing movie like Endhiran. Its really superb!!! My whole family enjoyed the movie. I jus couldn’t imagine that v also can make such a film like tis. I wun compare this movie with holloywood movies cos this Endhiran is beyond then bolloywood movies.i got one question Sir, would u direct a horror movie in future?

  73. SathishKumar says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    I am ur big fan.I like ur movies so much.We are all waiting for your new movie 3-idiots with our vijay.

  74. mohammed shafran says:

    shankar sir

    i am a fan of rajanikanth (talaivar)u both suit really good .
    i saw the endhiran movie in srilanka. it was awesome u have given everything in this movie…. especially the mode changeing of the robot that is really needed to the movie…
    so my question is are u going to take another movie after this 1….hopefully i think u might take a another 1 .waiting 4 ur reply….

  75. Sumitha.RD says:

    Anbulle Shankar Sir,

    Tamillan endru solada! Thalai Nimirnthu Nilada! I guess this is the best era of Tamils again -AR.Rahman made us all prowd by Oscar and you are making us so prowd by giving films like Endhiran! The whole Hindi mass were passing comments on you and rajini sir before the film was released now I can see all of them change and in one comment I saw Bollywood’s Cameroon it seems. Evelo kolupu parunge sir! Ippo neenge Bollywood agiteengelam? Seri vidunge chinne pasenge. Sir rombe santhorsham – vazhthukal

  76. venkatesh.k says:

    Dear Sankar Sir,

    Pls unga adutha padathku enga thala ajith tha podunkaga sir avar oru good actor sir nenga pariya pariya superstarlam vachichu padam pandiga enga ulimate star ra vachichu eppa padam panuvenga sir still waiting for ur reply sir by venkatesh.k (pondicherry)

  77. venkatesh.k says:

    No comments for Enthiran movie i am so exiting……………..Enthiran oru Mass movie

  78. Tamil Selvan says:

    I had seen Endhiran film in first day. It’s really amazing. Concept is totally different from other movies. Especially “Kadhal Anukka” song location really very nice.
    After changing destructive program, Rajini robo says I am Updated version 4. Great thinking. Film Logics are interlink in perfect. Used Data base search concept,Magnatic force concept,Random number logic all are good. Film is technically sound. What about your next project plan. Are you going to take 3-idiots… Now a days most of rumors came like this

  79. harish says:

    hi sir..
    harish from kolar gold feild, endhrian film was awesome u gave us more than wat we xpected in the film.. thank you so much sir. we love ur films alot..

  80. anirudh says:

    hi sir.. am eagerly awaitin to watch endhiran the robot. am in the states and i will be watchin it with my frnds here.. all the best for ur future movies.. eagerly waitin for movie with thala ajith

  81. dr.p.r. parashar says:

    i think sivaji the boss incredible movie in the world and sivaji his real name his act supperbbly done and i seen the movie many times

  82. Sabari says:

    Sir thanks to do 3idiots with Thalapathy! Do one more film with him Sir! Plz..

  83. chander says:

    sir y u r not giving chance to rajni sir a acting oriented movies like anniyan,indian etc etc

  84. sanju says:

    mr. shankar u r one of the finest director in these world i m one of ur big fan ur movies like nayak aparichit hindustani and robot r my favoriyte films i m ur big fan thanxxx for these movies

  85. Sankar says:

    Hello sir.
    I am sankar from kumbakonam. Your native place is kumbakonam i know. but village name denote to me. Please.:)

  86. Prakash says:

    Hi,shanker sir
    nan ungaludiya thevira fan.nengal engal Thalapathy vidu ooru padam pana vandum.edthu en Thalapathy fans n assai.edhi seivirgala pls………

  87. Shivaa says:

    Dear Sir,
    We know thalaivar is a mass hero; But my real worry is to adopt the concept of ROBOT into a tamil movie;Hope U will rock;However expectations are vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery high. ALL THER BEST FOR ENDHIRAN TEAM

  88. srinivas.S says:

    Hi, Shanker sir, what is your next project, after robo.
    i am from hyderabad. I became a big fan of you from the day when i watched the your movie gentelmen.

    thank you sir,
    yours sincerely.

  89. N.SATISH says:

    I am very thrilled to watch a superstar movie next month. some say the movie will release on Sept 24th. others say on Oct 9th(ur lucky day?). release it evn in november or december. the movie should be very grand and rich.
    u can have a very wide release where in some countries the movie can be subtitled in english. in those places you can edit the songs and releae the movie so that people can watch it within 130 mins to 150 mins. this could generate a hugh revenue to indian cinema going forward.
    all the best sir!!

  90. kirankumar.N says:

    Thanks for giving a great film like Robo, I feel very proud an Indian to see such a great film

    Thanks to Shankar Sir

  91. sankar says:

    your film is a social and film is a mass of all film so rasikarmattam vacha ugalugu mattum than vaibam and your a my realhero

  92. srikanthDEEE.trichy.lalgudi says:

    you are the proud of tamil cinema.we are really excited and waiting for endhiran release

  93. srikanthDEEE.trichy.lalgudi says:

    hello sir,
    iam srikanth iam from tricy and iam great fan of yourself and as well as rajni sir.we are accpecting more films like endhiran.and it will be agreat success in all over the world.all the very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very best and god bless you and also your family.
    thank you sir

  94. arun says:

    pls vijay vachu paddam pannunga

  95. viki says:

    plz do many movies with kamal sir,vijay sir and vikram sir……………it ll be a rock for all…

  96. Srinivasan subramanian says:

    I would request you to do this ‘endiran’ movie in hindi with
    superstar Bigbachan.I guarantee you, it will become a super
    duper hit in hindi too.All the best.Please don’t hesitate.
    All the best.You are doing.

  97. Srinivasan subramanian says:

    You are really great sir.Keep it up.

  98. Sunil Aravindakshan says:

    Hi Sir

    I loved all your films because they are thought provoking and visually stunning, especially with Gentleman, Indian and Mudhalvan. These three scripts were extremely new and breath of fresh air. Sir there are rumors saying you are doin 3idiots remake after Endhiran is it true? becoz you keep saying u are not going to decide anything until u have finished the work with endhiran. If you are doin 3 idiots remake please don’t make it a remake, make it a inspired from 3 idiots, this is only for you, if any other director, they could do a proper remake. Please please do a film with Ilayathalapathy Vijay sir, massive fan of him, we are waiting for one such film, but i would not want it to be a remake, but a fresh scrip like gentleman. Thank you for all the great movie. all of them were entertaining and 4 of them were thought provoking (Gentleman, Indian, Mudhalvan and Anniyan). Take care sir and all the best with the future projects

  99. Balaji says:

    Sir, is it confirmed that you are doing 3I with Vijay.. I am a fan of Vijay and we fans want you direct the movie for Vijay.. Fans like me will watch the film @ least 10 times in theaters if you do it… I hope you will come out with an official announcement about this project after Diwali.. Aal izz Well…. :)

  100. lokesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    ENTHIRAN Songs Are realy good

  101. pugal says:

    wen u r going to take one more flim with universal hero kamal sir… we being a fan of kamal&u. v r waiting for your big combination sir…….. plz replay me sir….

  102. ashwin says:

    hailed to have films which contain social themes with a commercial narration and is also known for making films with record-breaking budgets.

    shankar sir u rock!!!!!

    waitin for ENDHIRAN flick

    as a doe hard fan of you ,we expect more social themes subject and make it publicised( as u did in anniyan ,sivaji)

    thank u sir rply plz

  103. Jaenani says:

    Shankar sir,
    Firstly, I would like to hats off for your tremendous concept of The Endhiran.Sir you’ve been doing a great job and I know its a challenging task for you in Endhiran and your dream of 10 years it seems. Sir I personally do have a few questions.
    1) Sir, how did you came up with a concept of Robot in the movie?
    2) Sir, what criteria should a actoress and director do have?
    3) Sir,can I know your own qoutes? which really inspire you.

    thank sir.pls do reply..best wishes

  104. sachin says:

    hi sir….i m a big big big fan of your’s u have direted 9 films including the robot…. your every film makes a question to the govt sir…. and i think u r the god of direction….my ambition is to get your autograph sir….i think u r the best….. my hearty wishes to become ethiran a successful movie….

  105. Bala says:


    Who will be winner in Endhiran, Shankar (or) Rajini (Or) A R Rahman (or) Sujatha . Except Audience & others . (expect direct answer)

    Thank you & Best Wishes.

  106. Sudarsh Krishnan says:

    Shankar sir is it tru you are directing 3 i remake and is vijay the main lead role in the movie…. who are the other 2 idiots? I also heard u are castin deepika for female role… please select deepika she is very beautiful will be a perfect match for Joseph Vijay.

  107. omji says:

    I am die-hard fan of rajini & ajith sir…
    u r the “THE best DIRECTOR” in indian cinema..
    Try to make hollywood movies with our heros…

    In my life time i want to see rajini sir & ajith sir in a single film ( big don story) ..

    U r the only person capable to do that…

    waiting for ur reply

  108. G.Vinod says:

    I am eagerly waiting for an opportunity to join as a assistant associate. Please reply.

  109. Thiruvarangan.G says:

    Hai Sir,
    I am your fan. Your style is super, and i think your hard worker, and god bless you person, so this level your achieved this world.
    I am very very saying, your all films is all the best.
    Very important is your famil health, and your health and this stage is your rest situation, but your acting i will appreciate for you.

    “Vaaltha vayathillai, vanangukiren,
    Thiruvarangan. G & My Family members.

  110. Phani says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    Heard you will be directing the remake of 3 Idiots in Telugu n Tamil…Would love to see Prabhas in the role Amirkhan did in Hindhi n Sidharth for Madhavan’s role n Ram for Sharman Joshi’s role…please do the telugu version with all telugu heros(btw we consider sidharth as a telugu hero)…All the best for your film with Rajani Sir


  111. P.DEENA DHAYALAN says:


  112. mani says:

    edhukku neenga vijay vechi padam panna mathiringa.ungaludiya guru s.a.chandransekaran sir avarudiya maganukku neenga padam panni irukuname.yen ungalaala mudiyadha sir.

  113. radhakrishnan says:

    can u make a film about aditya karikalan 2. he is the best known chola warrior. the brother of raja raja. he killed veera pandiyan in the age of 15.

  114. sarath babu says:

    dear shankar sir,

    wen ur film ‘jeans’ released i m a school boy,

    now i completed degree from tat time i m very die hard fan of u sir,

    after watching jeans film u r my role model i too want to become like a big director in south india sir,

    pls do a film with chloning story based…. with a single human cell u can able to create a other human extractly same

  115. Sangeetha says:

    Hello Sir,

    Vanakkam eppadi irukkeenga……..
    please reply me if u can………..please…….

  116. abdul(s.m.) says:

    Hi sir. . .am ur fan sir. . .i heared a news about u. . .u have commit in 3idiots and work with our Ilayea Thalapathi. . .its rumour r good news. .. plssssss reply soon. . .am waitin for ur reply

  117. sivashankar says:

    hello sir…. i hope that u were so busy now.but when u see this message please reply me.I like most of your movies,especially “gentleman”.It was an awesome movie till date of yours.I am a biggest fan of ILAYATHALABATHY VIJAY. So v fans expecting a film which is of SHANKAR-VIJAY combo.These days vijay’s most films are like the same larger than life hero.So u the one could make him a successful man again.We are expecting a gentleman,mudhalvan theme for vijay from your side.So consider this message for your future plan with vijay.Thank you sir.

  118. ABHILASH A G says:

    hai sir
    i m from kerala.
    i m a very big fan of urs..
    will u plz do a film with ajith?
    if u have any such plan will u plz try the film in a crime thriller…
    i think it will really strike..
    i hope u will reply to this.
    thn my heartly wishes to enthiran..

  119. Ramesh Kumar M says:

    Hi Shankar anna,appade erukkenga? Anga “thalaivar” padam “Enthiran” appo relase akuthu anna?

  120. Srinivas & Bad Boyz Gropu says:


  121. Srinivas & Bad Boyz Gropu says:

    Hello Shankar,

    The one & Only Legendry film maker, Master Mind, Man of Board & Bed of Thorns====> When is ur pen spiils ink for james Bond scritp to our boy Ilayathalapathi Vijay…?

    Cheenu & Bad Boyz Group====12BB’s

  122. Sandhya says:

    Hello sir,
    i am big fan of yours.I want to ask u something sir.
    what is your next movie after enthiran?
    i know that it is very early to ask you it but i am very curious to know….

  123. sikar says:

    hello shankar sir my name is sikar from kerala please take a movie with mohanlal

  124. vishnu says:

    hai shankar sir i am vishnu from kerala i am great fan of you especially after watching INDIAN i have watched yours all film we are expecting SHANKAR- VIJAY-AJITH-SURYA-AR RAHMAN comination all the best thank you sir

  125. srini says:

    hi sir do a film with thanga thalapathy super nayagan vijay by-triplicane thalapathy bakthargal. thalapathyna thani vazhi triplicane boys thalpathy vazhi.good luck sir.

  126. srini says:

    hi sir im big fan of u ur direction style is awesome and im diediediediediehard fan of ilayathalapathy vijay all vijays are little disappointment on sura.both u and thalaivar vijay join soon sir we are weighting for that big moment my best wishes sir for ur future projects.

  127. magesh says:

    hello sir ,
    we are eagerly waiting for endhiran . And all vijay fans including myself are waiting you to do a project with illaya thalapathi .

    THANK UUUUUU sir ………..

  128. venugopal.m says:

    vachi oru film pannanum sir pls
    by triplecane area boy’s

  129. pravanesh says:

    sir i am also like others wants 2 know when ur going 2 do a film with ajith. i am requesting u 2 do a film with ajith and that should be a story that no 1 has ever done before and also it should excel ajith in all departments whether it is dance,fight,acting etc please sir i am requesting u………..

  130. vanith says:

    sir i am vanith sir i luv 2 c ajith and u joining hands together

  131. rajaram says:

    hi, sir i am your big fan i want you to do flim with ajith sir i am great fan of yuvan and arr . i want you to join hands with yuvan like harris in anniyan if you are impressed with his works you can join with him and i want to see you directing flims like gentleman, indian . i am waiting for your reply sir

  132. Mahendra Prasad says:

    Hi sir UBKS,

    As a follower of you the Great Mr.Shankar, am exited and exiting that my hearty is readin this,

    Sir as i leaves in hyderabad i missed ur eeram and veyil’s telugu versions veyil havnt hitted screens till date, i wonder y that producer Nukarapu Suryaprakasha Rao havent released and sir am eagerly waitin for enthiran, sir it would be great if s-pix movies also dubs in telugu for telugu lovers of yours and urs movies, Sir i actually wanna work as an asst. for you, but time is not coming in my favour to meet you ;-( .

    sir please reply to this post

    waitin for ur reply

    urs die-hard fan
    Mahendra Prasad

  133. RAMKI says:

    தாமிரா இயக்கிய இரட்டைச்சுழி வெற்றி பெற உங்களுக்கும்
    இளம் இயக்குநர் தாமிரா அவர்களுக்கும் எங்களின் வாழ்த்துக்கள்.
    உங்களைப்போல் தாமிரா உயர்வார் என்ற நம்பிக்கை எங்களைப்போன்ற ரசிகர்களுக்கு உண்டு. ராம்கி, கோவையிலிருந்து

  134. shameer says:

    hi…>>>>> sir how r u? i am shameer from salem…. u have any idea to make a film with ultimate sir????? if s wen?

    waiting for ur reply

  135. Parthiban says:

    Dear Sir,

    Unlike Steven spielberg, James cameron’s high budget movies always have a soul in it (other than big time action/graphics) like a love or emotional feel attached (True lies, Titanic,Avatar..etc). James has the desi touch esp kollywood :D .
    So instead calling you as James cameron of kollywood….we call him as the Shankar of Hollywood ( we love you, so you are on top for us :D ).

    Who is your Favorite hollywood director & actor ?? Hope to see a interesting reply :)


  136. s.viswanathan says:

    hello sir……
    how are you and when relese thalaivar movie…..
    your movies are super….
    we are expecting shankar-vijay combination…..
    my best wishes for our thalaivar flim

  137. MALAR says:

    SIR UBKS………. Pictures of your upcoming project is really hosom sir… you are a versatile director… ALL THE BEST 4 ur upcoming projects sir…. THANK YOU……. TAKE CARE…

  138. vnharikumar says:

    Directer sir how are you?I am your great fan in your first film onwards,I like your film making style ,and your story telling style and the themes.I had a roomer about enthiran , its a copy of the English movie THE ROBERT .But i know you are the one director don’t like copy movie.And enthiran my loving star RAJINI sir movie .Please tel the releasing date.Because i saw all Rajini sir movie first day first show.Now i was working in MALDIVES so i want to saw the movie first day first show ,after knowing the date only i ill manage to take holiday.And i had the enthiran is a 3D Movie ,So i like to seen in theater soon.Director sir wish you all the best to make such kind of movie wish you all the best for the collection record movie enthiran.I ill pray to God to give you good health………..Thanking you ……..

  139. MINI SUPER STAR says:

    Hi Sir

    Ethuvum nadakkalam… Naalai

    evlo arivupoorvamaga yosikkum thiramai

    ungalukkum mattum eppadi……

    Neenga ean ARASIYALLA Nitka Koodathuuuuuuuuu?????????

    Nanga Velai seyyirom .. Neenga nillunga…..


    ********By Mini Super Star***********

  140. Saravanan says:

    Before my comments have couple of points to this website IT team
    1. If we type a message in this website “ASK ME- option” it displays nowhere
    2. The current response page is been chosen directly from the Google link.
    Hi Shankar,: Primarily my above points are for your information too..
    My comments :
    Your silence towards Sharukkhan/ Ayangarn moved out of this project shows your maturity & professionalisim.Keep it up. I can understand how hard to convince Indian producers & actors for a big film from their conservative thinking.
    More then your movie’s/directorial skills I like your approach in such things.I luv sujatha & really, desperatly missing him in this & in your future movies.

    Pragmatic ideas +Hard work +Good Presentation + Adequate Marketing will make a movie rock.. take ur time & deliver enthiran with the required attributes..

    My Best wishes , support & luv to u always..

  141. Ramana says:

    Hai Sir,

    I am a great fan of you,
    Especially after watching “MUDHALVAN”. Mudhlvan story is not an ordinary story.

    Take care Sir, Bye.

  142. Raja says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    Am your best fan and i do watch all of your movies regularly first day first show and also watch several time with my friends.

    i have one very very very very small wish in my life.
    i wants to act in any of your upcoming movies atleast once as a small guest role.

    i dont know whether will my wish comes true, if it comes true… i will be one of the luckiest person in the world :-)

    am waiting for double super start movie going to release (Rajni sir & Shankar sir).

    all the best sir.. relax yourself sir when ever you get time.

  143. Ravi Kiran Ginne says:



  144. kenny nelson says:

    Hi Shankar sir. i am a big fan of you and vijay sir.
    i hope you guys will team up soon.
    seeing VIJAY in ur film is one of my dream anna.i am waiting for that from ur first bramaandam.:D

    okay sir… have a wonderful day

  145. Tamilanban says:

    Hi Shankar sir. i am a big fan of you and Ajith sir.
    i hope you guys will team up soon.
    seeing Ajith in ur film is one of my dream anna.i am waiting for that from ur first bramaandam.:D

    okay sir… have a wonderful day :D

  146. MALAR says:

    Helloooo Shankar sir… I REALLY LOVE YOU MY ANNA… You r the best gift to film industry.. Effortless worker… I REALLY Like you a lot… WAT A MAN U R!!!! Ur films r rocking sir… Especially INDIAN,GENTLEMAN,MUDHALVAN… not only these films… all ur films are too gud.. not only the films u directed and also the films u produced r also superb….Sir ungala na oru thadava kuda mariyadhai illama sonnadhey illa sir.. yaaravadhu shankar padam pa idhu’nu sonna i’ll scold them and tell “Shankar Sir”nu solla solluvan… Unga mela avlo periya madhipu iruku sir.. Neenga yeppodhum nalla irukanum sir…. malar’oda prayers yeppodhum ungaluku irukum…. ALL THE BEST TO “RETTAI CHUZHI”….. ANANDHAPURATHU VEEDU…. ENDIRAN…. TAKE CARE SIR…. when is ur b’day…. Plz sir reply me….

  147. trishna says:

    Im looking forward to your next film.

    I think that in this generation (ue:excluding Kamal and Rajini)the best actors are Vikram and Suriya.
    I’m saying this because they are the most versatile actors in our generation. They are willing to do any types of films and are not stereotyped.

    It would be great to see them under your direction, esp Suriya, since we’ve seen Vikram’s AMAZING ANNIYAN.
    Or how about Vikram and Suriya together again (after Bala’s Pithamagan)?

    All the best.

  148. Sankar Babu says:

    y Best Wishes to you and your productions…

    There is no lie in that,movie loving people and media are also waiting to watch and review your own production films “Rettai Chuzhi” and “Anandhapurathu Veedu” . Hope both will get good reviews and be a good box office hit….and too Ungal Pocket’um niramba vazhthukkal as u are a MUDALEEDAR :-)

  149. ravi chromepet says:

    Dear Sir,









  150. sonu says:

    i want aprivate meeting with u if u like it because u are avery important person for me please reply me sir

  151. ikram shah says:

    hai sir i am from thanjavur . why sir you will not include suriya???????????? i like shankar ,suriya,ar.rehman flims .aathavan was very nice when the endiran will be released sir?????????????/ ok bai sir

  152. siraj says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have watched yours all flim, But i mostly like
    Mudhalvan,jeans,and sivaji.sir i really like flim
    industry very much,i am was fan of u,i want to
    work in flims, if any chance you have choice to
    direct&produce new faces like Boys please give me
    an chance sir i am waiting for u sir pls give me a
    chance.please repaly me sir.

    I Hope U SIR,

  153. Hari says:


    Can i meet u sometime. Its my wish from the day i watched MUDHALVAN.


  154. Mohan says:

    Hello Sir,
    Any update about Endhiran?


  155. lakshman says:





    v r very priviliged to watch ur movies

  156. lakshman says:



    I hope u READ n REPLY FOR THIS…….

  157. Suhas says:

    Dear Shankar,
    I have always been inspired by your movies during our studies, especially mudhalavan. I am trying to do my bit to the society rather than cursing about the bad state of affairs.I can tell you it is a very difficult task but gives lot of satisfaction.
    Thanks for your inspiration to many young people like me,

  158. Ramesh ELango says:

    Hi sir….
    one request sir…
    it wud b gr8 if u bring back few of old or under utilised talent who can fit into ur movies under ur direction or atleast under ur production..
    people like.. Janakraj.. vinu chakkaravathy.. SSR… can v see the best pair once again.. goundarmani & senthil.. vadivukarasi..

    for music for ur production.. u cud…. also think of one genius not being getting a big break or under utilised talent Karthik Raja… their is D.Imman who has also a gr8 potential….

    one more request..
    one vilage movie from u in ur tademark style…
    with one and the only yesteryear village star.. Ramarajan.. being the hero of the movie..

    plz reply sir….

  159. kppradeep says:

    Shankar sir,
    Please give us another post and we are all eager to know from you regarding our super stars super qualities. You had said there are lots to tell and please post sooon.Already 290 comments for your post

  160. sudharsan kanchi says:


  161. Ravinson says:

    Hi, Mr.Director, I am a fan of Maniratnam, A R Rahman and Shankar.I think in my point of view your best experiment so far is Kadhalan.I still like the movie and never get bored, also i liked the movie Boys.I liked the boys title design which is fresh and very young.I am a graphic designer with some good hands on Photoshop and Illustrator.I like to work more on the entertainment industry even if its a graphic job.I would be very happy to work with you.It would be a great oppurtunity to learn lot of things from you.I don’t expect anything other than that i could learn from you.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Antony Ravinson.

  162. Rajinkanth says:

    Hey Shankar, How do Indian Celebrities handle the other side of life?It must be tough for you guys to carry the fame all day and when you’re by yourself on the bed – Have you thought how do you handle if you’re left alone without laurels/critics or any limelights? In India, cricketers & silver screen people have huge fan following which may be good at times but from personal/family perspective, it may be tough to handle especially when you and your mind by yourself. He or She may be cricketer or Hockey star or Cinema star but once these kind of fames takes you to a high point, you may have to build a counter-reactive personality to handle it well. This question is not to discourage you. I respect you fully and your achievements. I guess you’re coming from non-film backgrund you’ve gone past your own milestones but how does it feel when you think the laurels/critics/fames/domestic help stops one day and how do you guys develop a counter force to develop to attack it. In India, its more important to please others at all times rather than making onself happy. I am sure its very sensitive industry as well and truth may not be well supported in movie industry. Especially your family must be more worried and anxious about your stature. Do you do Yoga or take any sort personality management course?

    Sorry if this question discomforts you. Like I said before I feel good about your movies and gives us Delight to watch your movies.

    Good luck to you and your family.

    Thanks, Rajinikanth

  163. uday says:


    What is your opinion on Aamir khan ? Have you any plans of directing him ? If yes,when? If no,why not?

  164. prasanna says:

    hi Shankar anna eppadi erukkenga unga family ellam eppadi erukkanga unga S.pictures eppadi erukku yenkekkurenna spicturessum eppo yen ammavoda chella pillai agiduchi yenna unga production(SPictures)la release agura ella padathaiyum yennoda amma virumbe pakkuranga yenna naa oruvatti spicturela Asst.Director chance kettu vantha pothu yengayum kedaikkatha madriyathai S.Picturela kedaichithu yenakku santhoshama erukku ethumuliyamavathu ungala santhikka mudiyethu naa marubadiyum S.Pictureskku varuven

  165. Logan says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have lots of question to ask you… but i am sure you wont have the time to answer all of it… since so many of them before have been asking… just two questions…

    1. I am from Malaysia and very much interested in learning how to direct a movie… If i were to become your assistant director.. what qualification you require? I hope you would answer this…

    2. Bringing both rajini and kamal is tough job and requires a good director… why cant you do it? since robo was intially meant for kamal, maybe you can bring him in for a few scenes or something… since having both of them together throughout a movie is so not possible…

    Hope you would reply…



  166. Vicson V says:

    Hello Mr.Shankar,

    Its needless to appreciate your work, you are simply making us proud. Avatar, was one of the movies which took my breath away. It would be a fitting reward to your career, if you can make a movie of that scale, ofcourse in Tamil. 3D, might not be really necessary, but a out-of-the-world script which has never been handled would be awesome and the use of technology to the fullest. I want to see a Tamil movie that makes people stand and watch. I dont think its possible by anyone other than you, who pays soo much attention to details and takes a lot of risk.

    All the best for Endhiran, may I know when its audio will be out? (Hoping it to be better than Vinnaithandi Varuvaya, it was not ground breaking from ARR.)

    Take Care & God Bless.
    - Vicson.

  167. Senthil K says:

    Hello Sir:

    Seems Enthiran is the highest budget film ever in India. My heartly wishes for your hard work and taking the tamil cinema to the next level.

    Sir please put some hard work for the movie piracy too sir. We as a fans are in a position to encourage directors like you who is dying for their films.
    Undoubtedly we will support you always sir.
    Please let us know the approx release date for enthiran sir.

    Senthil K

  168. SRINATH.R says:



    SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ PLZ PLZ REPLY!!

    PLZ DO REPLY SIR!!!!!PLZ DO!!!!!!!

  169. endhiraa says:


    அடுத்தப் படம் யாரைவைத்து எடுக்கலாம் என்று யோசிக்காதீர்கள். தலைவரை வைத்து வரிசையாக மூன்றாவது blockbuster கொடுத்துவிடுங்கள்.(இதுதான் நிச்சயம் நடக்கப்போகிறது என்று என் மனம் சொல்லுகிறது. படத்துக்கு டைட்டில் என்ன வைக்கலாம் என்று நீங்கள் யோசிக்க ஆரம்பித்தவுடன் நானும் ஒரு தலைவர் ரசிகன் என்ற பாசத்தில் அதை உங்கள் முன் வைப்பேன்)

    அதுவரைக்கும் எ[ன்றும்(இ)]ந்திரன் வரவுக்கு காத்திருக்கிறோம்.

    ரஜினி ரசிகன்.

  170. Pravinraj says:


    All your films which you are producing was ultimate hits and my question is

    1. Do you select the directors story wise or someother thing?

    we heard that for movie erram you asked ur director to do some sample shots..

  171. Thiru says:

    How has Rahman music has come up for the film ? Since different kind of film the way it goes by it seems Rahman compositions also will be much different.

    For your film I liked the background music of Rahman which was so apt and sometimes it tells how you feel.

    For your film which one you will rate best for Rahman’s compositions?

    I rate Kadalan,Jeans and Mudalvan as his best compositions for your film so far..

  172. Balachandran says:

    like everyone i’m also a big fan of u & ur movies…

    as a kid wen i watched INDIAN especially the freedom struggle part i got goosebumps…It was you who spurred patriotism in youths with that movie and kappal yeri poyachu song…

    Sir your comment on aayirathil oruvan and selvaragavan ..

    We thoroughly enjoyed aayirathil oruvan and now waiting for Enthiran with thalaivar’s new avatar…

    we feel tamil cinema has gone to a new league with the kind of quality movies and you played a great role for this transformation…

    best wishes sir

  173. vimal says:

    i watched vtv..it really created a big impact in ma heart.. guess mr. gautham vasudev menon has joined the league with you and mani rathnam sir to elevate tamil cine industry to the next bigger level…… wat do u say sir… your opinon abt gautham menon plzz…

    thanking you sir..

  174. k.vidhyadh says:

    hi sir i am frm hyderabad sir it was the gr8 abt u sir can i know hw can any individual can become an asst director of urs sir i am, enough capaable of that please if u hv a chance jst one mail cld brg me near u waiting fr ur reply and the thing which is proud of south india is it robo is the highest budget in indian film

  175. Karthik S says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am a great fan of movies, especially yours. I have always felt the urge to compare your movie making style with Mr. James Cameron’s, not so much about what subjects you both deal with but how you deal with them. The movies that u make come in complete packages, especially how you end them. There are movies which leave you with an empty feeling the way they end especially with a lot of action and vibrancy in the beginning and in the middle but they end in a very insipid fashion, which is very disappointing. The way you treat your subject and filmmaking style never ceases to amaze me. I am just staring wide-eyed at the movies that you make and wondering how your mind works to spin such remarkable stories in such a way that you always manage to get your audience’s pulse pounding and leaving them asking for more. I would love to see how you work first hand if it is indeed possible. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for entertaining us; :) that is all I can say.

    Thanks & Regards
    Karthik S.

  176. Arun Kumar T (Arakkonam) says:

    Dear Sir,
    I dont have any words to express that you are the best film director which i have ever seen. We are very proud of you. I am friend of K.Kumaran sir,,,,,,
    We were always talk about you in our class sir.
    God bless you sir….. Awaiting to see the Oscar Winning Movie ROBO.

  177. ROBO SMITH says:

    “endhiru endhiru endhiraaaa makkalkku aaagha endhiru…”

    sir i am a malayali fan .so sorry for grammatical mistakes.

  178. sabarish raja says:

    shankar sir how are you sir how is endhiran sir.how many songs in endhiran sir and who wrote that.is vivek sir is there in endhiran.one biggest request sir i need your autograph with photograph sir make my favor sir take care

  179. ViNOd says:

    Vanakam Shankar Sir,
    I am loading u with 300GB of my best wishes….
    First 100GB wishes are specially for u and then kindly deliver 100GB of wishes to My “Super Star”…. and the last 100GB to Rahman sir for all his achievements in music…….

    Also sir if u dont mind…. if u dont mind….. say my “HI” to Aish……

    Sir am hardcore fan of Super Star and ofcourse Director Mr.Shankar……..

    I always admire every frame of ur movies.. its picture perfect… really not only the actors, remarkably ur backgrounds, sets, locations u choose… really its very interesting and very realistic(i mean yaethaartham)……

    Really sir i always used to watch the backgrounds in evry scene of urs… its very realistic and pls keep it up sir….

    am MCA student from coimbatore sir… i used to read novels and now i am into writing my own novel “O2″(Oxygen)-War Between Gases, yet to start sir….. Also i have a plot for a story at college…. its full of fun in college days…. actually i started directing that short film for a college competition but finally it was said that PG students are not allowed to project a movie so i couldnt come up with it….

    But now i am interested in telling u the story and seeking ur assistance…. i will be very glad once u help me with it….. Do consider my request sir….

    All the best for Endhiran sir, Thalaivar’s stills are fabulous…. 2010′s super duper hit will be def “Endhiran” Sir….
    One Last Punch sir IF u dont mind,
    “Kanna Endhiran engaiyooo irundhu vandhavan illa,
    En Dhill’la irundhu vandhavan” – <>

  180. vivek says:

    All the best sir

  181. PALANIAPPAN says:

    Do you read all these comments?
    how do you find time?
    or do you have assistant or something lik tat?

  182. Amal says:

    Vanakkam naa,

    ubks.. I have always wanted to ask this.. I could get a copy of a pirated DVD for just Rs.10 anywhere in TN.My doubt is that wat stops the tamil film industry or the producers to release official DVDs for lesser costs around Rs.30 or so.Marketing can be done through official fan clubs etc.,You know a lot more about this .. Whats your idea on this,Sir.

  183. S Shankar says:

    ஷங்கர் சார்…

    நேற்று சுஜாதா அவர்களின் நினைவஞ்சலி கூட்டத்துக்கு வந்திருந்தேன். உங்கள் பேச்சு மிக ஆத்மார்த்தமாக இருந்தது. பேசி முடித்த உடனே, வெளியேறி தாங்கள் ‘எத்தனை பிஸியாக இருக்கிறோம்’ என்று காட்டிக் கொள்ளும் நபர்களுக்கு மத்தியில், முதலிலேயே வந்தமர்ந்து, இறுதியாக வெளியேறிய தங்கள் பண்பு, உங்கள் மீதான மரியாதையை உயர வைத்தது.

    எனக்கு சுஜாதா அவர்களுடன் மிக நெருக்கமான பழக்கமில்லை. ஆனால் இரண்டு முறை சந்தித்து, சில மணி நேரங்கள் பேசும் வாய்ப்பு கிடைத்தது. அந்த இரண்டு சந்திப்புகளின் பலன், என்னை ஒரு பத்திரிகை ஆசிரியராகவே உயர்த்தியது. குறைந்த அறிமுகம் கொண்ட எனக்கும்கூட அவர் அவ்வளவு பெரிய உதவியைச் செய்தார். தாங்கள் பேசும்போது எனக்கு கண்களில் நீர்த்திரையிட்டது.

    தாங்கள் நேற்று பேசியதை முடிந்தவரை அப்படியே தந்திருக்கிறேன், ஒரு செய்தியாக.

    தங்களுக்கு அது மகிழ்ச்சியை அளிக்கும் என்ற நம்பிக்கையில் தருகிறேன்.

    என்பெயரும் எஸ் ஷங்கர்தான் என்பதில் கூடுதல் சந்தோஷம்…!

    சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் ரஜினி நடிக்கும் எந்திரன் படத்துக்கு அமரர் சுஜாதா எழுதியுள்ள வசனங்கள் புதிய பிரமிப்பையும் வியப்பையும் அளிப்பதாக உள்ளன என்றார் படத்தின் இயக்குநர் ஷங்கர்.

    தமிழ் இலக்கிய உலகில் ஜாம்பவானாக எல்லோராலும் மதிக்கப்படும் சுஜாதா என்கிற எஸ் ரங்கராஜன் மறைந்து இரண்டாண்டுகள் ஆகிவிட்டன. 50 ஆண்டுகளுக்கும் மேல் தமிழ் இலக்கிய உலகை ஆட்சி செய்த மாபெரும் படைப்பாளியாகத் திகழ்ந்தார். தமிழ் சினிமாவில் வசனம் எழுதும் பாங்கை, சத்தமின்றி சுஜாதா பாணிக்கு மாற்றி ரசிகர்களைக் காப்பாற்றிய பெருமை அவரையே சாரும்!

    சுஜாதாவின் இரண்டாம் ஆண்டு நினைவு தினக் கூட்டம் சென்னை நியூ உட்லண்ட்ஸ் ஹோட்டலில் சனிக்கிழமை மாலை நடைபெற்றது. உயிர்மைப் பதிப்பகமும் சுஜாதா அறக்கட்டளையும் இணைந்து இந்த நினைவஞ்சலி கூட்டத்துக்கு ஏற்பாடு செய்திருந்தன.

    இதில் இயக்குநர்கள் ஷங்கர், ராஜீவ்மேனன், பார்த்திபன், வசந்த், சென்னை தொலைக்காட்சி முன்னாள் இயக்குநர் நடராஜன், கவிஞர் மனுஷ்யபுத்திரன், எழுத்தாளர் இந்திரா பார்த்தசாரதி, கார்ட்டூனிஸ்ட் மதன் உள்பட பலர் கலந்து கொண்டு, அமரர் சுஜாதாவை நினைவு கூர்ந்தனர்.

    இந்த நிகழ்ச்சியின் ஆரம்பத்திலேயே வந்துவிட்டார் இயக்குநர் ஷங்கர். வந்திருந்த மற்ற எழுத்தாளர்கள், திரையுலகப் பிரமுகர்கள் தங்கள் பங்குக்கு பேசி முடித்ததும் கிளம்பிப் போக, ஷங்கர் மட்டும் கடைசி வரை நிகழ்ச்சியில் இருந்தார். இத்தனைக்கும் அவர் முதலிலேயே பேசிவிட்டார்.. சுஜாதா மீதான அவரது ஆத்மார்த்தமான அன்பை வெளிப்படுத்துவதாக இருந்தது அது!

    இதுவரை வேறு எந்தக் கூட்டத்திலாவது ஷங்கர் இவ்வளவு நேரம், இத்தனை லயிப்புடன் பேசியிருப்பாரா தெரியவில்லை. மிக எளிமையாக, நேர்மையான பேச்சு அது.

    ஷங்கர் பேசியது:

    நான் கதைகள், புத்தகங்கள் என படிக்க ஆரம்பித்தது சுஜாதாவின் புத்தகங்களிலிருந்துதான். பின்னர் நான் திரைப்படங்களில் பணியாற்றத் துவங்கியபோது, இந்தியன் படத்துக்காக அவரை வசனம் எழுத வைக்க வேண்டும் என்று முடிவு செய்து அவரிடம் போனோம். அப்போது அவர் குமுதம் ஆசிரியராக இருந்தார்.

    பெரிய எழுத்தாளராச்சே என்ற யோசனையுடன் போன எனக்கு அவரது எளிமையும் சுலபமான அணுகுமுறையும் ஆச்சரியம் தந்தது. விஷயத்தைச் சொன்னதும், ‘ஓ பண்ணலாமே… ஒரு நாளைக்கு கதை சொல்லிடுங்க… வேலையை ஆரம்பிச்சிடலாம்’ என்றார். தனக்கு இவ்வளவு சம்பளம் வேண்டும் என்று கூட அவர் என்னிடம் கேட்கவில்லை. அது பற்றி கேட்டபோது, ‘உங்க முந்திய படத்து டயலாக் ரைட்டருக்கு என்ன கொடுத்தீங்களோ, அதையே கொடுங்க போதும்’ என்றார்.

    என் படங்களுக்கு அவர் எழுதிய வசனங்கள் ஒவ்வொன்றும் சிம்பிளாக இருக்கும்… ஆனால் பெரிய பிரமிப்பைத் தரும்.

    இந்தியன் படத்தில் அவரது வசனங்கள் முக்கியமானவை. சொல்லப் போனால் அந்தப் படம் நல்ல முறையில் முடிந்து வெளியானதற்கு சுஜாதா சாரும் ஒரு முக்கிய காரணம். முதல் முறையாக நான் கமல்ஹாஸனுடன் பணியாற்றினேன். அவர்தான் கமலிடம், ‘ஷங்கர்னு ஒரு பையன் நல்ல கதை வச்சிருக்கான். போய் நடிச்சிட்டு வந்தா போதும்’ என்று சொன்னதாக பின்னர் தெரிந்து கொண்டேன்.

    அந்தப் படத்தில் ஒரு காட்சியில்,

    ‘பக்கத்துல இருக்கிற குட்டி குட்டி நாடெல்லாம் எங்கேயோ போயிடுச்சி. ஆனா இந்தியா இன்னும் அப்படியே இருக்கு.. ஏன்? ஏன்னா அங்கெல்லாம் கடமையை மீறுவதற்குதான் லஞ்சம். இங்க மட்டும்தான் கடமையைச் செய்வதற்கே லஞ்சம்…” என்று எழுதியிருப்பார். அது ரொம்பப் பிடிச்சிருந்தது எனக்கு. எத்தனை பெரிய உண்மையை அவர் எத்தனை எளிமையாக சொல்லியிருக்கிறார் பாருங்கள்.

    இதே படத்தில், ‘எல்லாத்துக்கும் குறுக்கு வழியை யோசிச்சு யோசிச்சு இப்போ இந்தியாவில் எல்லா பக்கமும் குறுக்கு வழிகளாயிடுச்சி’ என்று ஒரு காட்சியில் வசனம் வைத்திருப்பார்.

    அந்நியனில் அவர் எழுதிய பல வசனங்கள் மிகச் சிறப்பானவை. ட்ரெயின்ல அம்பி கேரக்டர் பேசுறது, ரெமோ கேரக்டருக்கு ஹீரோயின் கையில முத்தம் கொடுக்கறப்போ ‘என்ன போப்பாண்டவர் மாதிரி தர்றேன்’னு கேட்கிற அந்த நுணுக்கமான நகைச்சுவை… இப்படி சொல்லிக்கிட்டே போகலாம்.

    அவர் எழுதின எல்லா வசனங்களுமே அற்புதமானவை. சிவாஜி படத்துல ரஜினி சார் அமெரிக்காவுல இருந்து வர்ற காட்சியில, சென்னையின் முன்னேற்றத்தைப் பார்த்து வியப்பார். அப்போ, சிக்னல்ல ஒரு பிச்சைக்காரப் பெண் கார் கதைவைத் தட்டும்போது, ‘எல்லாம் வந்துடுச்சி.. ஆனா இது (வறுமை) இன்னும் போகலை’ என்பார்.

    எல்லாத்தையும் இழந்த பிறகு, வக்கீலிடம் ரஜினி சார் பேசும், ‘நான் நடக்கப் பழகிக்கறேன் சார்’ என்ற ஒரு வரி வசனத்தில் எல்லாத்தையும் சொல்லிவிடுவார் சுஜாதா சார். பக்கம் பக்கமா பேச வேண்டிய அவசியமில்லாம, பளிச்சின்னு ரெண்டே வரியில, முடிஞ்சா ரெண்டு வார்த்தையில் சொல்லிடணும் என்பது அவர் கற்றுக் கொடுத்த பாடம்தான்.

    ‘எதையும் என்கிட்ட சொல்லாதே… எழுத்துல கொண்டாந்துடு..’ என்பார். அதேபோல எழுதுறதுல ரொம்ப சிக்கனமா இருக்கச் சொல்வார். பக்கம் பக்கமா எழுதாதே. ஒரு காட்சிக்கான வசனம் ஒரு பக்கத்துக்குள்ளதான் இருக்கணும். முடிஞ்சா அதையும் குறைக்கணும் என்பார். அதுதான் பவர்புல் என்பதைப் புரிந்து கொண்டேன்.

    எந்திரன் வசனங்கள்…

    எந்திரன் படத்தில அவரது வசனங்கள் பல இடங்களில் என்னை வியக்க வைத்தவை. நகைச்சுவையை அவரளவுக்கு வேறு யாராலும் வெளிப்படுத்த முடியாத அளவுக்கு அத்தனை சிறப்பாக இருக்கும். உதாரணத்துக்கு இந்தப் படத்துல ஒரு காட்சி…

    நீண்ட நாள் கழிச்சு ஹீரோ ரஜினி சார், வீடு திரும்புகிறார், தாடி மீசையோட… கதவைத் திறந்ததும், அவரது அம்மா, அவரது நீளமான முடியையும், தாடியையும் பார்த்து பேசும் வசனம் இது.

    ‘என்னப்பா, லீவுல வந்த ரிஷி மாதிரி இருக்க!’.

    எனக்கு இந்த சின்ன வசனமும், அதில் இருக்கிற பிரமாண்டமான நகைச்சுவையும் பிரமிப்பாக இருந்தது. நீங்கள் படம் பார்க்கும்போது இதுபோன்ற நிறைய வசனங்களை உணர முடியும். இப்படி ஒரு படைப்பாளி இல்லையேன்னு வருத்தப்படுவீங்க.

    இதெல்லாத்தையும் தாண்டி, சுஜாதா என்பவர் எனது பெஸ்ட் பிரண்ட் மாதிரி. எனக்கு என்ன பிரச்சினையென்றாலும், எவ்வளவு மன அழுத்தமென்றாலும் முதலில் நான் தொட்ரபு கொண்டு சொல்வது சுஜாதா சார்கிட்டதான். அவர் என் பிரச்சினைகளையெல்லாம் தெளிவா கேட்டுட்டு, சில ஆலோசனைகளை சொல்வார். அடுத்த நாள் நான் தெளிவாகிட்டிருப்பேன்.

    திரைக்கதையில் எத்தனையோ முறை சிக்கல்கள் வந்தபோது நான் சுஜாதா சார்கிட்டதான் அட்வைஸ் கேப்பேன். அவர் உடனே, சில புத்தகங்களைத் தந்து படிச்சுப் பாருப்பா என்பார். எனக்கு அவற்றில் கட்டாயம் விடை கிடைக்கும். புதுசா சில விஷயங்கள் கூட கிடைக்கும். அந்த வகையில் எனக்கு ஒரு புரொபஸர் மாதிரி என்னை கைட் பண்ணியிருக்கார்.

    என்னுடைய முயற்சிகளை, எனக்கே தெரியாம நான் செய்த பல விஷயங்களைச் சொல்லி என்னை அவர் பாராட்டுற விதம், எனக்கே புதிய வேகம் கொடுத்திருக்கு. ‘நீ இந்த விஷயத்தை பிரமாதமா பண்ணியிருக்கே. அது எத்தனை பெரிய விஷயம்னு தெரியாமலே நீ செய்திருக்கேப்பா’ என்பார்.

    எந்த விழா, நிகழ்வுன்னாலும் என் குடும்பத்தில் ஒருவராக சுஜாதா சாரும் இருக்க வேண்டும் என்று விரும்பி அழைப்பேன். எனக்கு ஒருபோதும் மறுப்பு சொன்னதில்லை. என் மீது மிக மிக அன்பு கொண்டவர். வீட்டுக்கு வரும்போதெல்லாம், ‘சினிமாவுக்கே எல்லா நேரத்தையும் செலவிடாதப்பா… குழந்தைகளோட இரு. குடும்பத்துக்காக நேரம் செலவு பண்ணு. அப்புறம் நேரம் இருக்காது’ என்பார் என்னிடமும் என் மனைவியிடமும். ஒரு தந்தையின் ஸ்தானத்திலிருந்து அவர் என்னை வழிநடத்தினார். அவரை நான் ரொம்பவே இழந்துட்டேன்..” என்று தழுதழுப்புடன் முடித்தார்.

  184. H.Mohammed Imran says:

    Hi Sir,

    I saw You, Rajini in Robo shooting sets opposite to my office in Siruseri last week. We waved our hands at you and rajini. It was my Most Unforgettable Day in my life as i saw you and rajni. But only feelning is Aishwarya was not there :) :) Just Kidding :) The shooting scene was really great. Particularly the Second day Stunts was Awesome. First day i only saw two min. at that time the take not yet started so i went back to place. Second day for seeing the shooting i finished my work soon and came to watch the shooting. What a Scene; still the take is in my eyes. Waiting eagerly for the release sir.

    Thank and Regards
    H. Mohammed Imran

  185. Sutheswaran Naidu says:


  186. shrikant says:

    Dear shankar sir,

    I am shrikant from Pune (Originally from Andhra pradesh)

    I am a great fan of u and Vikram.
    Watched aparichitudu 33 times.
    I like the pace, with which your movies proceed.
    Hats of to u man.
    Good wishes to u and your family.

  187. VIGNESH VIJAYAN says:

    ” Oh..! Endhiran in 3D ” ;) Sooooper… :D Nice to hear
    that news sir.

    Hearty congrats on the completion of “Rettai Chuzhi”
    and “Anandhapurathu Veedu” under your S pictures sir,
    and best wishes for their success. :)

    Sir, Endhiran film is going to be one of the best in
    INDIAN cinemas. Am damn sure of it and directors like
    you are those who are moving and will move tamil cinemas
    to a higher peak. In your Endhiran film you might have
    given your best direction as usual. ;)

    Sir do you know..!!!? The Asia’s leading action hero,
    Jackie Chan himself stated this in his Blog addressing
    to Hong Kong directors – ” start working harder than
    ever, because very soon now, Indian cinema will overtake
    us in the eyes of the international audience! ”

    :D Was so happy to see this sir… This will surely come
    true in near future sir. Ungaladhu rasigargalil nanum
    oruvan. Iraivanidam prarthikiren Endhiran-nin maperum
    vetrikku. ;)

    Yengal anbulla RAJINI sir ah kertadha sollunga :) :P :)
    Bye for now from one of your die hard fan – VICKY alios
    VIGNESH. :)

  188. Stephen says:

    Hi Shankar.
    For your upcoming project can you use others music director rather than A.R.Rahman. It will be best if you use Yuvan Shankar Raja. Awaiting for Endhiran release.


  189. PRASANNA says:

    U must be very busy now….you havent replied for a long time

  190. Arun Kumaar.S says:

    A verse from Anniyan… Reloaded… (:-p)

    koodaikal muluthum kelvigalai nirappi
    blog ai thedi browse seigiren…

    koodaiyai kottu kumbittu mudithu
    kelviyai ungal mun vaikka marakkindreen…

    antha kadavulae vidavum periyavan oruvan
    boomiyil ullaan yevan…

    ungalai paarthu
    manathil athu varai uthitha ella kelvigalaium ketkum
    mana thairiyam ullavan…


    Loads to ask, sir… will keep posting… pl repli…

    A K S

  191. robo smith says:

    shanker sir ,

  192. praveen says:

    Hello Anna. I am big fan of you, A.R.Rahiman and Rathnavelu. Today(24th Feb) is Rathnavelu’s BIRTHDAY. Please convey my wishes to him.


  193. S. Elavarasu says:

    Hi Sir!
    I Wish all the best for your forthcoming project Endhiran. I would like to ask you few questions.

    1. What kind of songs should I expect from Endhiran?
    2. How many tunes are actually rejected in the process of selecting the tunes for Endhiran?

    Then, my request
    1. Being the most expected SCI-FI film in the Tamil Industry, I would like you to release the detailed version of “MAKING OF THE FILM” and “BEHIND THE SCENES.”
    Because, being a VFX student I am very eager to know the technical details of the film.
    2. Make A.R. Rahman act in your film(songs).
    Finally, Wish you all the best for all your future projects.

  194. lakshman says:

    SIR I have 3 queations for u …..
    1.what is ur favourite movie OTHER THAN ur Movies ????please answer only one movie…..

    2.Who is ur favourite DIRECTOR ?????

    3. Who is ur favourie ACTOR ?????

    4. can we hope any movie like BEN-HUR(1959)…..>>> AS it is the movie ONLY to b directed by DIRECTOR SHANKAR IN THE WHOLE INDIA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    I’v sent 4 messages for u sir…… please do reply for this sir n i’l feel proud of my self as SHANKAR READ my QUESTIONS n REPLIED…..

  195. lakshman says:

    I’v heard that at first ROBOT is KAMAL SIR…… but due to some reasons( i dont know them) u hav asked RAJINI SIR….. and now its going on with a huge HYPE n EXPECTATIONS….. How is possible for a KAMAL movie with RAJINI … as they are of different styles…… if u read this please do reply……

  196. lakshman says:

    HATSoFF TO DIRECTOR SHANKAR >>>>>>>>> THe PerSon maKinG the WHOLe INDIaN IndusTry PROUD……… I HOpe ROBOT wil b a huge Success ……. I fell verY PRouD that I hav Watched everY movie u’v DIRECTED atleast 10 Times …. And ur APARICHITUDU movie is my ALLTIME favourite , I’v watched COUNTLESS number of times…… and I wish all the best for ROBOT…… but I’m very DISSAPPOINTED when I THINk that SHANKAR did n’t even made a movie with…..TOLLYWOOD stars. I HOPE U’L MAKE WHOLE INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY FEEL PROUD>>.>>>>>> from ur ROBOT…….

  197. Arjun says:

    hi sir,

    Ubhayakusalobhari!!! (UBKS) :)

    sir, first of all i want to tell u that, i really respect u and your works …

    All ur movies are awesome and i watch all those movies minimum three times in Theatre…

    But personally i want to tell this “your last movie Shivaji seems kind of asusual story in tamil film history” …
    But we really expecting u to give more different concept …

    coz we consider u as the tamil “Steven Speilberg”…

    Anyway its a nice movie too …

    But im really looking forward to “Endhiran” and its visual effects as well as special effects …

    Im expecting Endhiran to be like an “Ironman” or a “terminator” or more than that …

    sir, plz do ur next project with Kamal hassan sir if possible … :)

    all the best for ur future projects.
    thanks & regards

    Arjun …

    Reply if possible sir …

  198. Hari says:

    I am just a hard core fan of your movies. U won’t believe i had watched ANNIYAN for 52 times out of which 17 times were in theatre. I love ur stories. Awaiting ENDHIRAN (THE ROBO)…

  199. Anand says:

    This is anand ding enng final year from eie dept. my feauter aim is come to film industry . i dont know y well educated ppl r didnt come to this industry im ging to brake this kinda rule. n can u help me hw can i enter film industry as a assistant director . i hope u ll rly im waiting pls rly.. …pls..

  200. john says:

    hi shankar sir,

    r u really reading this? there is no response from your side at all. as great fans of you, we’re everyday going thru this blog.

    Pls reply to us and also let us know about the release of the film and also about the start of promotion. eagerly waiting for your reply.

  201. ramu says:

    SIR….. I m a bigggggggg fan of ur movies and i m a die-hard fan of superstar RAJINI sir ….. I hope ROBOT will create a new history at the BOX OFFICE…… and I ADMIRE ur DIRECTION veru well…. bit on thinking of the time u take for each movie I feel SAD n DISSAPPOINTED that we can see another 15-20 movies and I feel very sad for that …. can we expect more movies from u….. IF U READ THIS PLEASE DO REPLY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  202. Vishno says:

    Hello there sir!!!

    Firstly all the very best for ENDHRAN!!

    I would like you to share with us your experience on working with Stanwinston Studios…Do you think we too can create something like that in the near future!!
    anything else that u feel about your experience there!

    Awaiting your reply!!


  203. Nirmal Kumar says:

    Hello Shankar Sir…
    Enjoying your great days with Rajni Sir once again for the film ‘ENDHIRAN’…

    I have a question for you reg. one talented singer.. Its none other than Shruthi haasan. I wonder why our tamil music directors haven’t gave a chance to her to sing in any of the films recently.. except Varanam aayiram…
    She has sung in Hey ram.. but its long back.. :-(

    It will be surely a great combination if AR RAHMAN & SHRUTHI HAASAN sings together.. She has a unique voice.. which is ofcourse a high quality voice… If both sings together, the way both the voices blending together will be ***scintillating***

    I am thinking whether she already got roped in any of the songs in ENDHIRAN.. It will be great to see Aishwarya Rai in the screen with the voice of Shruthi Haasan…

    Just imagine sir… It will be great.. Like Sayonara & AR Rahman rocked for Adhiradee song in SIVAJI..!!!

    Pls reply me about your opinion on this..!!
    Thanks and Best wishes for your future too..

  204. stephen says:

    Hello Shankar sir,

    How do you do………
    I jus have one small query to ask you…..

    }}}} There must be atleast 5 SONGS in Enthiran..so can you
    tell us who the male and female singers are????????
    ………..Waiting for you reply………………….


  205. Rakesh V says:

    Shankar Sir i posted this in your earlier forum but did not get a reply, hoping for a reply this time :)

    Hello Sir, extremely happy to see your blog, I have been following all films of yourz right from Gentleman till Sivaji and i have liked them all, But felt Indian and Boys were the best beacuse of their superb screenplay and terrific Music. What are your Plans after Endhiran Sir? Would you be willing to explore other Genre of films or would you continue Making Larger than life hero centric films. I remember in of your interviews you had said that you first film was an out and out love story but no producer was willing to take it.So i am egaerly expecting to see different Genre of films from you Sir like Boys as i feel you would do justice to all kinds of flims.

    Your Vivid Fan

  206. Ravinson says:

    Hi, Mr.Director, I am a fan of Maniratnam, A R Rahman and Shankar.I think in my point of view your best experiment so far is Kadhalan.I still like the movie and never get bored, also i liked the movie Boys.I liked the boys title design which is fresh and very young.I am a graphic designer with some good hands on Photoshop and Illustrator.I like to work more on the entertainment industry even if its a graphic job.I would be very happy to work with you.It would be a great oppurtunity to learn lot of things from you.I don’t expect anything other than that i could learn from you.

    Hope i could get noticed by some one from the Cine industry

    Thanks & Regards,
    Antony Ravinson.

  207. Leevon says:

    Hello Mr.Shankar,
    Im from Srilanka and im sure most Srilankan tamils will watch this movie here. But, there are many Srilankans (who speak a language other than tamil) who wanna watch tamil movies in theatres, but they never do coz dey dont understand the language. They have to wait until the DVD with english subtitles release to watch the movies. Is it possible in any way to release Endhiran with english subtitles in Srilanka, or throughout the world? U could consider dubbing the movie in sinhalese also, rhich i dont think it would be as expensive as dubbing the movie in another language. Also there are many Srilankans who watch hindi movies, coz they have a strange affinity towards non-tamil movies, and also coz there is a large community of hindi speaking community here. A hindi version of the movie could be released in Srilanka as well.
    I hope u get the time to read this. I believe the success of the movie can be increased much more if language wasnt a barrier.
    Good luck

  208. Hariharan says:

    Hello Sir,

    Have you heard of Binaural technologies… Its 3D sound that makes you feel the distance… Can movies be made with such technologies with every person given a headphone in theater… Are there any movies made with such technologies..

    Thanks and Regards

  209. bharath kumar says:

    Respected sir,

    I have one question to you.why cant the CG be upto the mark in kollywood, inspite of unquiestionable IT knowledge that we possess. hope ENDHIRAN gives answer to those.


  210. Ravi Shankar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I recentlyheard that Rajini sir has told that the Film would release in JULY\AUG. My humble request to you is please dont release it during aug as itis not lucky for thalaivar(remeber the fate of baba and kuselan). So try to release it for diwali or much earlier April 14th.

  211. Siddharth Ravikumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I really appreciate your attempt to blog about the stuff you do and keep in touch with your fans directly. This demystifies the film maker’s life and work to an extent. I’m glad to follow your blog and get updates from the horse’s mouth rather than from the tabloids. All the best, I’m sure you have a treat in store for us.

    I have one request. It would be awesome to have RSS feeds for this blog so that I can follow your blog articles regularly as and when you publish them, instead of having to visit the blog randomly to check for updates.


  212. Karthik Narayanan says:

    HI SIR…… How r u?????? I alresdy posted this qn in ur forum… But no reply…Pch… Eagerly Awaiting ur Reply sir…
    ->->->->-> I expected a period film from u well before selvaragavan…. Is there any plan of doing a period film….

    ->->->->-> R u interested in doing the multi-starrers…. If so who will be ur choice……

    Plz sir eagerly awaiting ur reply……….

    Im a friend of ur relative Pappu alias kanaga sabapathi….
    i always used to torchure him asking him about robot sir….

  213. Bharat KV says:

    Hello Sir,
    You are one director we look upto for taking Tamil films to the next level (technical brilliance)… and first of all thanks for amazing us with your down to earth beautiful BLOG…

    I grew up reading Comic books like many kids… Maybe thats why I love ur “One Man Army” movies so much… Now Sir, Have you ever thought of creating a Super-Hero (not just a larger than life hero) and make a series of movies…?? Like Ironman, Spiderman (and the list goes endless)

    If we as fans can dream about Indian part-II, YOU, the creator, would definitely have… would love to hear from you Sir…!!

  214. Sai Praneeth says:

    I am badly awaiting for the release of your movie ‘Robot’. I am eager to listen to his music as it would be his first sci-fi movie. In fact, after knowing that you Rahman sir is composing music for this I have also tried to imagine what could the music be like and come up with a few sci-fi tunes few years back.
    Anyways, could you tell me whether your next 2 tamils films (esp. the one with many kids) will be dubbed in telugu or not.

    I wish all the very best for ‘Robot’.

    Sai Praneeth

  215. francis says:

    best luck to Endhiran

  216. Barath Raj says:

    hello sir.
    before i ask my question first i’d like to give you my hearty wishes sir. for giving us different stories. there had been rumors that a few of your scenes were used in the hindi film love sory 2050. is it true sir??
    and one more question.
    in what time period is the story based on. is it based on the distant future with flying cars, teleporting and stuff or is it in the near future where an intelligent machine misinterprets the humans and starts attacking them. waiting for your reply sir.
    you are always busy yet you find time to reply to our questions and comments. its an honor to live in the same city with you sir..

  217. Arunkumar says:


    Best wishes for ur production ventures. Its good to see that your movies are different and are not the same story line. I would like to know how you choose, selected kind of stores for ur production house.

  218. ramakrishna.v says:

    Hi to Endhiran group and special and big hi to our such a prestigious director shankar,

    (Please free ur time for 2 mins and go through the below mail)

    Good day to you!!!!

    I read some of mails sent to you. in that one mail, one of the fellow mail is mentioned that do film in your style.
    What he told is absolutely rite because while watching shivaji movie i am reliazed that this is not shankar direction movie some new director had directed the movie in that shankar has gave some inputs to new director. sorry to tell you but this is the fact.
    I hope endhiran is live up our expectation!!!!
    Please don’t hire HEROINE’S outside our tamil film industry,if u r doing tamil films. why means because it looking like,in our tamil industry no one having talent to that role may be true but u have talent to extract talent.thats why i am telling to u.for me how it looking means, in our region only so many talents are there but also some companys hiring abroad people’s.
    if anything written wrongly please forgive me.

    if possible please reply to this mail in ur busy schedule.
    Awaiting your news.

    Thanks & Regards

  219. Balaji says:

    Hello sir,
    It’s nice to see you produce some good movies. Pulikesi and eeram are your best production works till date. I would like to see an excellent comedy movie with a good script and loads of humour. It has been a long time since such a movie hit the screens. Please try to produce such a comedy entertainer which has a good story. I am sure it will be a huge profit making movie for you. Just give a try sir:) Surely, we will be there to support you.But it must not be like Goa or Tamizh padam which do not have good scripts. Both are average movies. Audience is very intelligent these days. So, please give a comedy movie which has a good story and rip roaring comedy. All the best sir:)

  220. Subramanian says:

    Ubhayakushalobhari Shankar!

    You are one of the very very few visionary film makers in India who make movie viewing a totally different and amazing experience. Visually scintillating to say the least! Hats off!!
    I was totally thrilled when I read about your plans to convert Endhiran to 3D. But now I hear news that you have called it off since it is not quite possible to convert a 2D movie to 3D perfectly. Is it true? I hope not.
    Please please push for it Shankar…Somehow get the movie in 3D…doesn’t matter if it is not as good as a real 3D film but please try to do it…I believe this could be Superstar’s last movie as a hero. We want to worship our Idol in 3D at least once! :D

    Hoping to see our Superstar as an Andro-Humanoid in 3D,

  221. Srinivas says:

    Sir, romba busy aa??
    indha month ku innum oru post kooda varala:(

    time kedaikkum bothu pannunga sir…no prob:)

    Endhiran songs attakaasama vandrukkaa sir…lik sivaji…

    – Srinivas

  222. SIVANESH says:


    1)ur opinion abt “LOVE”?(once read in newspaper tat u did marriage for ur assistant who was in love after a gr8 struggle)

    2)is ur marriage is arranged marriage r love marriage?

    3)sir u hav never said abt ur family here.pls say abt ur parents, wife & children.once in tv interview u said that ur father passed away(before sivaji release i think).sorry for that sir.

    4)we would like to see ur family photo here soon.pls post it sir.

    else i will come & get it from u with ur autograph & a photograph with u.this is one my colorful dreams i use to see in day time.

    from the soul of ur die hard fan


  223. SIVANESH says:

    sir i hav noticed that u always reply only to short posts in this site.we know how difficult it will be for u to manage time,but hav a doubt that u atleast skim thru those passages.i’m eagerly waiting for ur reply sir, months together.

    i wanna work atleast as a edupudi with u in 1 movie.

    i’m doing engineering now & i also want to become a director liike u,u were the only one director stand in my heart right from my childhood.cinema is a passion for me.i have learnt hardwork & dedication from u.

    good luck sir.proud to be a thamizhan(atleast neengalum naanum ore statela poranthoomae)

  224. SIVANESH says:

    i’m the follower of ur speeches & ur formula.u said in eeram audio launch that u expect ur assistants to finish their work then & their itself instead of doing it by the end of the day.

    by following this i’m going on in my studies sir.

    all the best for ur future projects.

  225. SIVANESH says:

    hello sir
    how r u?i’m die hard fan of u sir.i hav been keep on posting questions in this site & expecting ur answers.


    hav u seen the movie “thamizh padam”

    they hav spoofed almost most of ur movies.i’m happy abt it bcas it took one more step than u did but at the same time i really feel for u sir,bcas anniyan was a great concept & intellectual movie & it shows ur great creativity.it was 1000times greater than any english movie.

    do u welcome it?ur comments abt the director c.s.amudhan & RJ SHIVA.

  226. versatile venkat says:

    one straight question, please answer it………
    requesting from the bottom of my heart……
    since i am from andhra pradesh, i watch telugu movies. i am a great fan of u….when u will be making a straight telugu film(asking of curiousity).. please answer it…!

  227. rajesh says:

    sir i completed my BTECH and have a lot of interest in film making……do i have a chance?

  228. rajesh says:

    hello sir.i have a greedy desire to join as an assistant director under the great director in indian film industry …..SHANKAR……….how can i? sir please reply me

  229. lakshmana says:

    Hai… sir ……… i wish ROBOT will b a big succes…. we want a ADVENTROUS movie like INDIANA JONES…….. from STEVEN SPIELSBERG……

  230. ANUSHKA says:

    hay sir, thank you for reply. best of luck for future.

  231. chithamparam says:

    இலங்கையிலிருந்து உங்கள் ரசிகன்

    எந்திரனில் முதல் பாடல் பாடுவது எஸ்.பி.பாலசுப்பிரமணியமா?

    தயவு செய்து அவரை பாட வைக்கவும்.

  232. chithamparam says:

    Hi anna I’m waiting for ur Oscar award to enthiran

  233. Ashok says:

    Respected sir,
    As i m suffering from the mind disease that vijay has not acted in your film( either production or direction), i kindly request you one film from you starring vijay.

    Thanking You

    Yours Faithfully,

  234. ashwath s says:

    hi sir…….all the best for endhiran

  235. D.ARUN says:

    after completin the film show the film to famous directors such as spielberg,james cameron , peter jackson,woody allen etc….plz tey sud see it…all of our wish is tis…coz tey need to see our standards and how we’ve grown up….sure atleast show the film to speilberg and cameron…fix a date and show to them on behalf with stan winston studios…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………sir….or invite Mr.barck obama to see the film…recently james cameron invited him to see his avatar..and much known to u is tat rahman have done an musical party in white house…a month back sir…so wat im comin to say is a lot u promote is a lot u i’ll gain for the film…..it ur wish dear sir…as a request….oly im conveying tis to u….show the film to top people of the world and make tamil cinema to an peak…it in ur hands….sir..my wishes…i think u will get tis query in ur mind…

  236. Kaushik says:

    Everybody is Expecting Endhiran to hit the screens this year….Will it Surely hit the Screens this year??…Expecting ur Reply….

  237. Narayan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    U r successfully running ur production company S Pictures.
    Do u have any plan to start ur own music company S Music in near future?

  238. Kubendran says:

    U diappointed me so much..!Since u have taken shooting in our office(KRISP IT Park(Kaavian Systems)) on 12.02.2010 Friday,But not with our Legend.We are all expected so much to see our thalaiver.But our bad luck its not happened.

    Anyway we r so glad that our office is a part of Enthiran

  239. Pan says:

    hello sir
    can we know budget of Endhiran please?

  240. PRAVEEN says:

    hi sir,

    do you have any idea to promote enthiran in IPL?sir please let us know by acknowledgment either yes or no..please sir,i hope you don’t disappoint your big fan…

  241. praveen says:

    hi sir,


  242. Manikandan says:

    Hi Shankar,

    I have one more question. In one of the interviews to a magazine you have said like “Every Scene in Endhiran will be like a Climax of a film”. What can we expect from this statement? Can you please explain?

  243. Manikandan says:

    Hello Shankar,

    The IDEA of converting the part of Endhiran movie was Great !!
    Only you can think like this in this part of India !!
    Can you please do that atleast for the scenes involving only Robo Rajini ??

  244. Rahul says:

    Waiting for you to join hands with Ilayathalapathy Vijay. Hope it happens soon:)

  245. Vineeth says:


    I saw frm ur earlier replies tat kalabhavan mani is doing an unpredictable villager role.

    He ‘ll rock in Endhiran…………..

  246. Vineeth says:


    IS kalabavan Mani in Endhiran………
    I like him vry much…

  247. Vineeth says:

    Aftr knowing abt the script u wrote After Indian all r waitng to do tat film aftr Endhiran………..
    Pls do tat Sir……..
    V all r waiting 4 a Differnt theme…………….

  248. Vineeth says:

    I’m eager 2 see a Tamil film in 3d………………..
    A directr like u cn only do a grt 3d…….
    V all r hoping 4 tat Sir…………

  249. Saktheeswaran says:

    hi sir,
    this is the 7th time i am posting a question…..atleast this time pls reply sir…i just wanna show to my friends tat u replied me….
    the question is tat,can we expect ROBO within 2010 definitely?we want this answer from u sir……pls reply

  250. Vijayan.T says:

    Thanks for interacting with us sir!

    Here are my queries

    All the songs in your films are awesome sir, can u tell me for which song you have spent maximum no of days to complete it?

    Also share few things about “poovukkul olinthirukkum” song, about where did u start and how many days u took it to complete that wonderful song.

  251. Mahesh... says:


    1. Sir , How did you convince your parents before entering the media field .

    2. Did you ever think some of The surprise Packages That You had in Endhiran , have been revealed in Avatar (i.e Technologies , Your new concepts , Advanced visual effects etc).

    3. Which is Your next holiday destination After Giving Us The Endhiran Treat .

  252. K.G.Vishnu Prasad says:

    Hello sir,
    I am big fan of your movies. I have always admired your direction. I am a resident of bangalore, have been living here for the last 10 years.
    The city has never seen a bigger movie launch than that of Sivaji. People over here wer jus shocked to see the response the film got. The multiplexes were crowded, and their OWNERS were dumbstruck, since they had not seen such a crowd for any other movie till then.( Not even hindi movies).
    Sir i always feel very disturbed by the fact that tamil movies dont get the recognition they deserve. I was extremely happy about the way sivaji was publicized throughout the country. People in north india took notice of our film and also it was a hit there. But again things have changed now. Very few tamil movies cross the southern region, and the publicity campaigns are limited to Tamil Nadu alone. There is a huge population out in banaglore and karnataka who watch tamil movies, but not many people know that very good movies like Eeram also Exist!!. Every time i see a hindi movie trailer in NDTV or CNN-IBN, i use to think y cant there be tamil movie trailers also shown on their channel? We are in no way inferior to any other industry in the country. Infact we have the best talents in the country, but why do we still struggle to get recognized? Every now and then we see a lot bollywood actors interviews in these so called National Channels, who are actually biased to a certain movie industry. But how many south indian actors interviews do these channels show? When are these things going to change? We tamilians are in no way inferior to anyone. Dont mistake me, I dont want to start a divide between industries, but as a tamil movie lover, i am deeply hurt. Not only tamil movies, but the other south indian languages also should get what they deserve. I am not saying that people in North india are bad, they are good people but I believe that we are all INDIANS, and ther shouldn be any divide amongnst us. Also sir i hope you and sun pictures will tie up with FOX studios for promoting Endhiran(Worldwide), and have a premiere of ENDHIRAN AT some international festival. Coz this time We have to prove to the world that We indians,specifically tamilians are among the best in MAKING films, and i think you are the only person who is capable of such a thing. Wishin u all success for endhiran,One final question is endhiran also being released in Hollywood?

  253. Ramesh ELango says:

    Shankar sir …

    Do u hav any plan to work with Isainyani Ilayaraja sir.. in future..

  254. Nandakumar says:

    The opening scene in SHIVAJI would’ve been more amazing if the Rajni who came out of the police vehicle with his face covered were the MOTTA BOSS.. tat’s wat i thought when i saw the movie for the first time. you might not ‘ve shown the face of Rajni in the first scene.. and could’ve revealed it latter during the course of the film (thought the script would’ve been totally different if that was the case). Just sharing my view sir… i liked the movie more when i watched it for second time..

    also i ‘ve one question to you sir:
    why did you change the rajni’s introduction (the name sequence)… all the movies post annamalai had the same sequence and it was kind of like James Bond coming through O in all bond movies.. now rajni’s name seems to be just like other mass heroes introduction..(it was different again in the next film) but rajni sir is the SUPERSTAR.. he needs to be distinct.. pls do something with the name sequence(i’d like to see the old one)

  255. Sabarinath says:

    sir do u think that you have got a best producer for ur film endiran…because SUN network is ready do spend anything for ur creativity that to get the best…and this is going to be the highest budget film i think in indian film industry…

  256. laxmikanth says:


  257. chaitanya says:

    It would be good if you choose the hero according to the script rather than choosing the hero and then the script
    P.S:-Arjun was a very good choice when compared to vijay for mudhalvan

  258. GOPI.R says:

    Thank you for giving wonderful films to the society, when we can expect endhiran (approx month).
    Reply must.

  259. Lloyd Rockesh says:

    …………………..‘Endhiran’ in 3D………………………
    HI SIR,

    Thank you For giving us a blog like this.

    My wish has come true that Endhiran in 3D., God it will be massive.

    I was thinking why don’t we go beyond AVATAR. Like Avatar was a visual treat
    But Why Cant we do some thing like A COMPLETE 3D-4D AUDIO EFFECTS SIMULATION. By wearing a special earphone (Optional).

    In simple terms- 3D audio and 3D visual will be mind bogging. By giving a realistic experiences.

    This is also one of the way Zeroing of piracy.

    Great Going Sir All The Best

  260. G.Vasudevan says:

    Hi Shankar Sir. I am a 3D Animation Artist. I want you to direct a 3D Animation Movie in tamil as Dr.MGR as a Hero. Shall you do it?????????????? (Anda Padam Vivasayathai pattriyadaga irundal nandraga Irukkum).

  261. Arun says:

    Hello Sir,
    what about valli sir..
    No songs from his pen eh??

  262. Suresh Ram says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Do you have plans to include remix or original version of ‘Superstar Yaarunu kaetta’ song in Endhiran ?

    It will be really cool if you have a scene where the Robo Rajini shakes his legs for this songs. Definitely all super star fans will love this. Its humble request , please consider.

    Keep us posted with developments in Endhiran. Endhiran – 3D seems to be pretty good idea. All the very best.

  263. Guru says:

    Shankar Sir,

    All of your movies have excellent BGMS. Please include atleast couple of small BGMS in ENDHIRAN’s audio CD ……….

    Yaana pasiku rendu sola poriyavadhu kodunga :)


  264. kamal says:

    Hi Sir

    you are one among the greatest directors in India.I wish you to do one more film with kamalhaasan or with oor thala(AJITH) with new script…Im expecting for your reply sir..Pls

  265. Himalay Reddy says:

    Hello sir! It’s an honour to be writing to you on your own blog!

    I love your films! They are out of the world and very very innovative! Only you can weave magic like the way you do!

    But I have a few complaints, or more importantly, just one complaint. I think you are prejudiced against your heroines. Take any of your films for example (except the mega-blockbuster Geans, where the heroine, Aishwarya madam, was the real hero of the film!) I know I might be wrong, but it’s just my opinion of what I have noticed in your blockbusters. It’s a humble request from my side to also give your heroines a chance to perform neck-to-neck with your heroes. I’m hoping that my dream will come out to be true in Endhiran and Aishwarya madam will compete with Rajni sir in the acting department.

    BTW, We would prefer to watch Ash madam in her own voice. Please try to avoid dubbing, sir! We love her voice, so please retain it(Now that she has learnt Tamil very well with Mani sir’s “Raavan”) :)

    And one question, sir. Will this be your last film with Ash madam and Rajni sir?? Will you never work with them again?? Hoping that you do!

    Finally, I would want to know the title in Telugu and Hindi as well. Will it be Robot or any other title? If yes, please specify what the title is, sir(that’s because it has been reported that the title in Telugu is “Yanthram”)

    Please confirm, sir! Would be waiting for your reply!! Please do reply sir! Thank you so much. Wish you lots and lots and lots of happiness in your personal life and huge success in your professional life! :)

    Himalay Reddy.

  266. Vikram says:

    HEYYYY PLease answer me shankar sir i am your die-hard fan
    my room is only sivaji, anniyan and the latest robot poster
    i can’t believe
    i have a question for you
    what do you think about gautham and silambarasan
    and god bless you and enthiran i’ll pray for the success of the movie

  267. Adwant Goutam says:

    Dear shankar sir,
    I am a great fan of u and superstar….i have high expectations from ENDHIRAN…i also wish u to get an OSCAR for that film…because i really belive u deserve it…To get an award like oscar it requires heavy promotion outside india sir….i hope u’ll do that….i love u sir…u ROCK…..plz plz reply sir…..

  268. steve rhodes says:

    hi..sir.. are u planning a 3d version of endhiran? sir.. it would be rocking if it happens…my best wishes to u and ur endhiran team sir.. then a simple request sir.. if u do a film with ajith sir.. it would a magnum opus sir.. thank you shankar sir.. waiting for ur reply sir..


  269. kiran says:

    shankar sir,thanx a lot 4 ur reply regarding kamal sir’s project(the script tat u made after INDIAN). PLS do tat fresh project wit kamal sir only…. nd fetching another NATIONAL AWARD 4 the LIVING LEGEND again in ur movie wud b gr88888….sir

    N my personal wish is tat u should also get the NATIONAL AWARD FOR BEST DIRECTOR. My prayers n wishes 4 tat sir……..

    One last qstn……….

    Wat s ur opinion about MANI RATNAM sir’s style of film making nd which s ur favourite movie of MANI sir?

  270. BHARATHI says:

    hai sankarsir ur robo movies Sir it great 2 c a directer lik you bring out very good young talents
    Like Thaman
    Great work n
    Just waitin 4 endhiran

  271. Karthik says:

    Dear Sir

    Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for entertaining us so well all these years.

    I have watched all your movies till date right from Gentleman. We are amazed at the grandeur and scale each of your movies are emerging.

    Very happy to know that Endhiran is also being considered for 3D. Our wish and support in this and having recently watched Avatar 3D we are sure it would be a visual treat if Endhiran would also be on 3D (Only you can do it in Tamil).

    Apart from production it would also be very good if you can start a professional film academy which can bring out great directors in future (since all cannot get an opportunity to work with you).

    Once again let the blessings of the almighty be with you always for the efforts and hard work.


  272. Austin says:

    hi shankar anna.. all the best for ur endhiran movie.. everyone knows it will have lot of suprises.. anna its just a request from ur fan.. pls do a film with thala ajith.. he wil suit any character or any role with hard work.. thank u anna.. take care..waiting for endhiran!!… plz reply

  273. Nirmal Kumar says:

    Hello Shankar Sir…
    Enjoying your great days with Rajni Sir once again for the film ‘ENDHIRAN’…

    I have a question for you reg. one talented singer.. Its none other than Shruthi haasan. I wonder why our tamil music directors haven’t gave a chance to her to sing in any of the films recently.. except Varanam aayiram…
    She has sung in Hey ram.. but its long back.. :-(

    It will be surely a great combination if AR RAHMAN & SHRUTHI HAASAN sings together.. She has a unique voice.. which is ofcourse a high quality voice… If both sings together, the way both the voices blending together will be ***scintillating***

    I am thinking whether she already got roped in any of the songs in ENDHIRAN.. It will be great to see Aishwarya Rai in the screen with the voice of Shruthi Haasan…

    Just imagine sir… It will be great.. Like Sayonara & AR Rahman rocked for Adhiradee song in SIVAJI..!!!

    Pls reply me about your opinion on this..!!
    Thanks and Best wishes for your future too..

  274. Narayan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    We have seen diff stories(films)from ur side.
    In near future , can we expect a full length comedy film form ur side. It is not production but direction from u.
    Oru 3 mani neram vayeru kulunga sirikanam sir.avalavuthan.
    Hilarious in all depts of the film.

  275. Shiva says:

    Hope “Rettaisuzhi” is not based on “GRUMPY OLD MEN”. I like that movie, but I would always love to see something original from Tamil directors.

    Here is the info about the movie I am talking about


  276. Vimal R says:


    This is vimal, i want the “Enthiran” movie in 3-D only to beat the avatar movie.. This is the time to prove our Strength of tamil industry. You only having the power to handle and achive all impossible into possible. And we need one Oscar from you. pls pls release movie as soon as possible.

    And finally one request please don’t allow the pirated CD/DVD for our Enthiran Movie. We know you take some action to stop pirated CD, but this is our kind request to block CD’s in all places.


  277. Ravindhararajan says:

    hello sir,
    i am huge fan of your movies and lover of good Tamil cinemas

    i just read while surfing that bollywood movie KITES(starring Hrithik Roshan) going for an international editing (editing done by an hollywood director) and releasing worldwide …the same movie in India it is edited by an Indian editor for Indian audience ..So that movie earns international audience as well as the INDIAN audience also….

    Will this technique happen with your projects…..waiting for your reply sir

  278. Soma says:

    Hi Shankarji, Hope you and your entire team and family doing great..
    i have small query for you..
    Howz the Endiran Music is coming up?
    Whn do you have planed for audio release of the movie?
    Any plan abt your next movie?

  279. IrfanKhan says:

    Shankar Sir
    Please release the original BGM which is used in the movie SIVAJI along with the endhiran audio cds.
    Till now i cant able to get the good bgm of Sivaji.
    Thank You

  280. sabulal says:

    Which film is good film in ur life

  281. sabulal says:

    I want to direct the film. Please give ur tips.

  282. Arulselvan says:


    I had seen that your favourite movie is “Geans” in your direction..Mee too.

    Definitely Geans is a remarkable movie in the Indian history and we can challenge that no where in this world they taken the story resemblence of the movie.Unimaginable thinking Sir.Hats off to you.

    Definitely your brain is a hard disk. we are waiting for movies like Geans from you. Dont make any films in any other language sir.Make only in Tamil language. Thats my kind request.

  283. rukmani says:

    nice to see your reply then and there amongst your busy schedule

  284. dani says:

    Hello sir,
    I like to ask something

    $$$$) Are all songs in enthiran imaginary duets. In Sivaji,
    all the songs were imaginary duets including the
    introduction song…..so what about enthiran…OR can
    we expect a real song like ‘kaadal yaanai’ in anniyan.

    “WISHES to the ENTHIRAN team”

  285. Prashanth A says:

    Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening

    Just an enquiry, why dont any movie has not started in the time of evening? and it doesnt mean that you have to show only sun set, there are many other things that happen in evening like birds returning to their home, children leaving the school etc. why has this not been tried so far?

    Can we see a movie made out of a story from MALGUDI DAYS from you(Directed by you)? and when can we see a full length comedy movie like Thillu-Mullu or Mazhalai Pattalam or Pammal K Sammandam or the recent Tamizh Padam from you? coz as of now what we have from you is either a movie on love or a something on socio-economic problem(excluding ROBOT…sorry ENDHIRAN). After Thirumalai-Thenkumari and Madras to Pondicherry there hasnt been any movie made on the Journey trip. Can we expect something atleast one from the above mentioned list from you in the near future?

    Prashanth A

  286. Thaya says:

    Sir, Please Please Reply sir

    Good that you have started your blog/personal site. Thanks for doing that and interacting with your fans.

    I’m a die hard fan of you and ARR sir. I’ve seen all the film of you, and I have all the films on DVD!

    Can you please release Endhiran in 3D, and, release ARRs BGM in the 2nd CD og the soundtrack

  287. Pradeep says:

    Hi sir,
    >>>>>>>you have directed 9+1(under production) movies so far..!
    Sir we want at least 1 movie with a gap of two years as maximum pls sir >>>>>> do tis favor..! AND HEARTY WISHES FOR UR ENDHIRAN..!

  288. Sivaprakasam says:

    Hi, am waiting impatiently to watch Endhiran am great fan of Rajin….and like to watch rettai chuzhi…

  289. lovesaiju says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    i am an Indian fan(out of all movies u directed i love watching INDIAN)

    recently i read in news that you shooted a song in peru/hawaii(nt sure) for a whooping 30 crores(just a song)…

    compared to this u r production banner S Pictures produces the films less than the amount you used for that song..

    the question is what makes that song so special ..??

    hope you will reply for this question …

    have a good time with endhiran crew and cast ..

  290. aman gupta says:

    Hi shankar sir, I am a great fan of yours. Sir I just had one query that by far u have not replied about ash’s role in endhiran. Please sir do reply what can we expect from aishwarya’s role in endhiran. It will be an absolute honour for me. Thank you.

  291. Kalpana says:


    how is life and ur movie going. my best wishes to ur current project.

    Your films are great to watch. Nice to talk with you thru blogs.

    Am a great fan of ajith. one request to u is to do a project with ajith if possible.

  292. SEENI says:


  293. sadam says:


  294. lakshmana says:

    THANXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX……for making a reply sir…………..I’m priviliged to watch every movie you directed sir………and i’m a a DIEHARD fan of SUPERSTAR RAJINIKANTH………and hope ROBOT ROKZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….. wishes to ROBO TEAM and specially for SHANKAR and RAJINI SIR……….. HEARTFUL THANXXXXXX ONCE Again………… INDIAN TOP DIRECTOR…………….

  295. Raj kumar says:

    I m one of the die-hard fans of Thala Ajith kumar, pls direct our Thala for a movie Sir..We (on behalf of Ajith Fans) request you with great humbleness.

  296. rineesh says:

    hi sankar sir,

    best wishes for your Endhiran

    Please do film with our thala ajith..

  297. vignesh says:

    sir neenga 3 idiots film pidichirukkunu post panni irundhinga.
    Tamil remake neenga produce pannuvingala? inga iruka studentsku romba theva paduthu.

  298. Karthick says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,
    I am your great fan and i watched all of your movies on the first day. Of all, i liked Mudhalvan a lot. Still its my favourite movie. Also i am an Ajith Fan. Is it true that you initially discussed Endhiran film to be made with Ajith? Ajith once had told this in an interview i believe. Then what happened? Expecting a Shankar-Thala Combo. Hope Ajith will be suiting for any of your scripts. Please reveal the secret about this matter.. Please..

  299. Gowreswaran says:

    Sir, I’m a very good fan of VIjay….I want to know ll u make film with Vijay Soon or not…You should do it after ur next project..

  300. JJ-uk says:

    Dear Sir,
    Pls release with sub-title. who is the stunt master in ROBO

  301. PRASANNA says:

    Hello Shankar Sir,
    I love all ur movies and get excited each time I get some news or the other about ur upcoming movies.Best Wishes and all the best to U!!!
    I have always felt “Mudhalvan” is ur best so far, for its bold theme, roller coaster like screenplay and a rivetting climax.

    As a FAN I hope you do movies which r on par with or greater than ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’ type and am sure you can deal them with panache!!!

    How about a part of Ramayan/Mahabharat for a START! :)

    Cheers!!! Expecting Endhiran SOON!!! and our own ‘LORD OF THE RINGS’

  302. Saktheeswaran says:

    hi sir,how r u???
    when is the audio release of Enthiran sir??

  303. Sathish (Muthalvan) says:

    Dear Indian Roland Emmerich (i mean shankar sir).,

    just now saw paper that Endhiran is going to release in 3D is it possible for all theatres in 3D

    Even in chennai we have Inox and sathyam only for 3D remaining were 2D. chennaike intha nilaina B,C centers theatresla ?

    Sir Audio Launch epo, dasa audio launch mari granta panunga sir valthukal. audio release Date kudunga sir. paper la ads epo la irunthu varum…

    Mumbai shooting epadi pochu ….

    intha websitela naanga kekura kelvi ku neenga pathila sollurathu letter eluthi pathil vangura mari iruku sir… keep going keep rocking ….

    thanks again for your autograph

  304. rajesh says:

    GEANS? sir.. what is geans from post no.98.. is it the one which u r having for kamal ji?

  305. Nataraj says:

    முதல்கண் என் இனிய வணக்கம்

    என்னுடைய மட்டும் அல்ல ஒட்டு மொத்த தமிழ் நாட்டின் ஆசையும் கமலும் ரஜினியும் இணைந்து மீண்டும் ஒரு படம் பண்ண வேண்டும். அதை நீங்கள்தான் செய்ய வேண்டும்.

  306. D.ARUN says:

    dear sir,
    initially wen u started the film”endhiran” we heard tat industrial light and magic is handling CGI for the film…in wikipedia the words are there too…is it real? and sir rumours are spinning tat u will direct siddarth in ur new movie “kuyil”…is tat also true? wat is ur childrens name??????and one main thing i plead u very much to release endhiran soon bcoz im a engineering student we are going to complete our course in may…we want to see it together…tis film will be also our last film..sure personally we too will promote d film by sms,email…to our frnds those who are in abroad….i wish u all d best

  307. robo smith says:

    first of all thanx a lot for replying to such a lot of questions and spending sucha lot of time for it.

  308. R. Prakash says:

    Reply for the post no. 98. Dear shankar sir, GEANS means G entleman , E ndhiran , A nniyan , N ayak and S hivaji. Or
    GE ntleman , AN niyan and S iaji? But why you have listed MUDALVAN SIR?

  309. Kaleesh says:

    Hello sir,
    How r u?? i hope u wer doin well and convey my hearty wishes to Rajni sir,Ash,Rathnavel,Anthony,Especially “Rahman Ji”.. Sir have u heard VINNAITHANDI VARUVAYA songs??? its simply amazing,rocking,fantastic especially hosanna hosanna songs… we are very proud that Rahman Ji is from our part of world…

    And i wanna ask you one thing, i read From the media that your Next film is “KUYILu or MAYILU” something with sidharth… is it true?????????

    And one more humble request ===> Please release ENDHIRAN songs as soon as possible… we r eagerly waiting for tis…

    ALl the best for all your efforts taken in ENDHIRAN and do reply me sir… plsssssssssssssss…..

  310. koki says:

    hello shankar uncle..when will robo compelete?..i am assuming that it may come out for deepavali..wat do u think?..i am a ardent fan of superstar n u..plz release the movie asap..cant wait..even kamal sir said in a function to release it asap:)..everyone flying high in the sky to watch robo.:):):):)..tata.

  311. Vazeer Abu Bilal Kuwait says:

    Dear Shankar I am replying to your answer on question number 34. “சும்மா ஜஸ்ட் வாங்க சார். நீங்க வர்ற சீன்ல பலத்த விசில் உறுதி!” This request from me and all of our Thalaivar fans.

  312. Mithun says:

    Hi Sir how r u..??howz ur daughters..??Good that you have started your personal site.

    i really shocked UR fav Cochin Haneefa passed away.

    Sir,one req i want to take one foto wid u..!!

    thank u waitin 4 ur reply..

  313. Arun says:

    If the next script suits Ajith, plz do it with him sir. Only if it suits :) We Ajith fans want to see Ajith in ur direction sir. Would rock :)

  314. suresh malaysia says:

    sir , vanakkam . im from malaysia. i feel very honor to talk with you sir. here at malaysia the endhiran fever getting start ready. sir, here i got 2 question.

    1. when the endhiran shooting will finished sir ?

    2. sir , how the comedy in endhiran? how santhanam and karunas are perform in endhiran?

    that only my question. i hope all the endhiran crew will do back the sivaji magic. thank you sir

    – suresh , kuala lumpur

  315. Rookie says:

    Hello sir, I am great fan of yours and Thalivar. I have watched all your movies and own most of them on DVD and Blue Ray. I am eagerly waiting for the release of Endhiran aka ROBO. I just have one question that is been running in everyone’s head. So I am asking this question on behalf of everyone, “When is Endhiran going to be released?”

  316. sadam says:

    hi sir..
    eppe paathaalum samudaayathe pathiye padem edukiringale konje differenta comedy,full$full love subject edekemaatingelaa………..???????plz rly as soon as sir an best vishes 2 ur family an thalaivar film

  317. Rahul says:

    hi sir, r u from kumbakonam? If so,how long u have been there?till ur college days ah sir? i have asked a lot of questions but u din answer for even a single question so pls reply sir.. ALL THE BEST FOR ENDHIRAN…

  318. Sai Srinivasan says:

    “தண்ட்டர் Director ஷங்கர்”
    Its our fanbase name hereafter… i guess u are spinning hot lava in our flowing blood by replying to blogs whenever u find time…
    oru world famous director having time to interact with fans… i take a bow to u!!

    how on earth u got contacts wid michael westmore(indian) or other world famous technicians and animatrix company…
    another bow for such an effort…

    being kamal as 1st preference in this project i expected Mr.kamal hassan to do a small 10 sec guest appearence at end.. avar thillu mullu mari chumma vandha semaya irukum and ll demonstrate their frdship and trademark punch in Tamil Cinema and a pinaccle for u as a director..u are the key maker yet again so u know what is best

    one another request..
    pls dont release trailer or photos after CG has been done…
    let it be damn surprise like “Oru kodai” from sivaji in which no one could have imagined White Super Star…
    let it be visual treat for us DIRECTLY On BIG SCREENS…

    Aprom as sun pics undertaking Magnum opus…
    pls request them not to show screens and songs very frequently like done for Ninaithale inikum and Vettaikaran…atleast 2 or 3 months after endhiran release let the songs be broadcasted and scenes be shown…

    i want to experience the feel of ENDHIRAN and BEAT OF ENDHIRAN all over India!!!!!

    many of our orkut shankar fans club has posted a small request to see u in screen for 5 secs atleast.. u have to hear our request sir… atleast credits pothu vanga … we want u r image after seeing u r sweat and hardwork on screen…

    huge credit to u and u r technicians…

    Tanx again for coming close to fans like us and replying my earlier post…
    want u r autograph and a foto wid u to put as a orkut profile display picture in orkut facebook etc…

    Love u and ma wishes

    Sai Srinivasan Subramanian

  319. endhiraa says:

    Good work sirji,

    I believe after endhiran, Thalaivar and you will come up again with one more Mega Movie. I guessed right?

    Best wishes

  320. LAKSHMANAN says:

    hello sir

    Nice to see such new conceps coming thru ur banner S pictures sir.. Hope it does great

    is there any double hero subject in your pipeline… and whats ur next film sir…

    Take care of your health sir…

    A simple fan

  321. Simple Sundar says:


    Gentleman, Endhiran, Anniyan, Sivaji ?

    Am i right?

  322. Selva says:

    Dear Shankar,

    Thanks for your response to my question…Great to know that Enthiran might be in 3D…

    You were in Los Angeles during Sivaji’s release… Will you be here for Enthiran release as well… Will love to see you…It will be great if thalaivar also accompanies you here for the release :) Too much to ask for i think….



  323. Vijayan.T says:


    Sir we need your appearance in enthiran like in sivaji, beacuse you are making such a film, whose fame will lasts forever.

    Invite SACHIN TENDULKAR for audio release sir so that i can see my fav director(SHANKAR),fav actor(SUPERSTAR),fav musician(A.R.REHMAN) and fav cricketer(SACHIN) together.


    Is it possible for u to give a film better than enthiran in ur future sir ?

  324. suresh says:

    hello!sir my friends very eagerily waiting for enthiran flim and next shankar-ajith(thala)flim make a movie with ajith sir its my kind request……..

  325. Arun Kumaar.S says:

    Hi Shanky …
    (jus to make an attention, sir… [:-p] No offense meant…)

    Ref : at ur previous repli to 98

    Geans not Jeans??? I dint understand, sir?

    I ve read in a tamil tabloid and wikipedia tat u planned to name it genes but renamed as jeans.
    Is it true? if so Why, sir?

    A K S

  326. Ramana says:

    Dear Shankar,

    pls tel ENTHIRAN song realized date.

    Pls tel

  327. R. Prakash says:

    Thank you verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry muccccccccch for your good wishes. Thank you.. thank you… thank you

  328. A.senthil nathan says:

    Hi shankar sir. Im a great fan of super star. Al the bst fr ur production film… I like 2 ask ly 1 que,wen enthiran songs release it may b b’4 april 14?

  329. mani says:

    u told how much u miss sujatha sir, everyone dont get everything in life.its ok sir! hope u manage urslf alone and still be great as always

  330. Balagovindan says:

    வணக்கம் எந்திரன் ஷங்கர் அவர்களே. ! !

    Eppa sir endiran shooting mudiyum. ? Post production, VFX work start ayidicha. ILM CG panratha sonnanga. . Ippo neenga animatronics and 3Dnu vera solringa. .ennala wait mudiyala sir. .

    please please when will the movie hit the screens sir. .atleast we need a very short trailer or stills from the movie. .you gotta reply for this.

  331. Rajan says:

    WOW great news. namma tamil padam in 3D….WOW

  332. Vee Tee says:

    Sir it great 2 c a directer lik you bring out very good young talents
    Like Thaman
    Great work n
    Just waitin 4 endhiran

  333. harisivaji says:

    எனது தாழ்மையான வேண்டுகோள் ,
    நீங்க ஏன் ஒரு கிராமத்து கதை பண்ண கூடாது ???
    மட்டும் வைத்து ஒரு படம்
    விவசாயத்தின் முக்கியத்துவத்தை உணர்த்தும் ஒரு படம்


  334. Ahamed says:

    Hi Sir,
    You are the one when it comes to getting the best out of A R Rahman. How do you select such a perfect tune. I love the Adisayam song in jeans,it was so melodies which drive my life away from this world. I wish that you could select such tunes for your future project. How did you select the tune? Reply sir…

  335. Narayan says:

    Dear Sir
    A kind requet to the team to allow this mess to be posted here.Today Anniyan was shown in Surya channel. I have just one query to ask Shankar sir. This I have already asked but deleted from the previous post. Police will say that all the 3 IP address will be same(after verification).Only first two cases will be in his house.The third case will be on the way to Thiruvaiyaru. I think here it is technically incorrect. Why such undefying logic has been kept , that too in a Shankar film.
    Shankar sir film will have good mess as well as strong script for the society.

    Sir please reply for this post and correct me if I am wrong.

  336. sid says:

    sir pls reply me for this ques alone………….80s la rajini sir oda acting extraordinarya irukum but ippo all directors are afraid to handle rajini sirs majestic image…aaana neengalum oru majestic director so intha endhiran padam rajini sir oda nadipu chumma athirona sir………..u should show us a different thalaivar…..

    with lots of love n wishes…..

  337. Sankaran says:

    hi sir.. i had asked about the technique adopted in jeans as yo said the execution was difficult.. wats the technique sir???

  338. Sankaran says:

    hi sir.. has the work for enthiran completed?? How it s going??

  339. Vazeer Abu Bilal Kuwait says:

    Dear Shankar this message for you behalf of my kids, “Hello Shankar uncle, please release the Endhiran – The Robot” during our summer vacation and reply to this message uncle” We are waiting to see your positive reply. Have a nice day….!

  340. NAGA says:

    congrats for ur success… do 2hero subject film with rajini&vijay or kamal&vikram… really u means grand… u r grand director of indian cinema… plz do one film with my thalapathi na…. really thanks for all ur films….

    waiting for our mannan film…. release soon…………


  341. Vineeth says:

    Hai Sir…………
    Waiting 4 Endhiran…….
    And a Shankar-Vijay film ……………..

  342. Mani.S says:

    Hello sir,

    I have some requests. May be already u might be having all these ideas.

    1. Recently Rahman’s VTV audio launch was in London. Director Gautham mentioned that he wanted to show the world that Rahman belongs to us, so he wanted the audio launch to be in London. I expect the same for Robo too, in a more grand scale. It is one of the ways for marketing too and will bring the movie to notice to many more people.

    2.It will be good if the trailer of the movie will be shown in Hindi and English Channels, at least in some of the Indian channels

    3. Pamplets with all the highlights of the movie can be distributed, especially to college students bcz college people dont mind to watch any language if it is a good movie

    Many north people think that south movies are low budget movies and with no talent. I wont blame them too bcz they never watch south movies, so they are not aware of it. Even Mani Ratnam had said once that Bollywood people think that there are no talents in south. So some strategies can be made which will make many north people to watch Robo. Movie should be released in such a grand scale that no other movie should be able to beat it in future. I want you to create lot and lot of expectations for Robo in north too sir, that is my main request.

  343. k . vidyadhar says:

    sir it is good to hear that u even take art films bt why cant we see u directing a film sir i have a movie thought which is rare can i share with u i frm ap hyderabad

  344. narayanan says:

    Dear shankarji,

    please i like to remind about the disadvantages of diwali time.

    diwali means raining in tamil nadu.winter..
    films releasing in diwali will always witness poor audience in all cinema halls in tamil nadu and also have poor box office collections.
    This i am observing as a cinema fan for the past 20years.

    so,please avoid to release our superstar film in diwali.

    you can prefer june or july for endhiran release.

    so,kindly consider my suggestion.

    thank you sir


  345. Rajendran says:

    HELLO SHANKAR, DO YOU HAVE ANY PLANS FOR ANNIYAN OR INDIAN PART 2 ??????????????????????????????????????

  346. ANUSHKA says:

    sir, after aparichit vikram became my favourite actor. after jeans, aishwarya became my favourite actoress. after boys, you became my favourite director.

  347. pradeep says:

    Hello Shankar ji,

    ALL THE BEST for Enthiran…..HOPE you give your best
    SO many PEOPLE are waiting to criticize hardwork, so
    —-please don’t give them any chance to speak————————————————————————————-TEll about A.R.Rehman’s work and has he done
    anything new in songs or background music——–
    and tell about santhanam and karunas/////////\\\\\\\\

  348. VIjaY says:

    Please let us know ENDHIRAN release date…plzz plzzz..plzzzzzz

  349. ANUSHKA says:

    hi sir, when will ROBOT release???????? In april or may??

  350. kajan says:

    hi sir. im a big fan of u and rajini sir. i watched sivaji at theater. total theater is shaked. when can i watch “ENTHIRAN”? im waiting 4 it

  351. Ugendravarman says:

    Hi sir.. I’m Ugen from Malaysia and I’m a ghet fan of every cast in Endhiran.. Sir, all the best in Endhiran and I’m personally proud in what you’re doing sir.. Keep it up sir and good luck.. :)

  352. Srinivas says:

    Hai sir,

    Now watching ur First Block Buster
    “GENTLE MAN” in KTV…

    Scene movie sir..Thanks

  353. JJ-uk says:

    It will be good if RObo can released in 2D & 3D like Avatar

  354. lakshmana says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply to me ……… I’l fell PROUD that Director SHANKAR replied to me ……….As I’m a big fan of ur movies …. APARICHITUDU is my best movie of all time…. Heartfully hope ROBOT will WIN ATLEAST 5 OSCARS…………………

  355. arunkrishna says:

    hello sir… ubks lol…
    well well can u pls tell wat kinda sci fi movie is edhiran,,,
    how long ll the shooting be progressing?
    also tel us abt the technology and the new techniques tht ur using in this movie…

    well if ur dream project endhiran is getting fulfilled…. wat ll be ur next type of movie sir… i hope u would ve planned tht well ahead of startin edhiran .,. so pls tell us abt tht too sir…

    all the best

  356. Raj says:

    Please release 3D version of Enthrian also. We love to see your magical touch in 3D. Please set a trend in Indian film industry again.

  357. Galeel says:

    Expecting a movie with AJITH sir. Shankar+ARR+AJITH will rock the floor……..

  358. Sharmila says:

    Dear Shankar,

    Absolutely wonderful to see the coming together of two icons, KB sir and Bharathi Raja in one movie. The idea behind this itself is brilliant and I am sure the movie will be so too.

    I live in Hong Kong, are you releasing Endhiran here and when? There are so many tamilians here lie me who are dying to watch it. If not I will surely feel like a big time loser!..Pls do reply.


  359. moulali says:

    when is endhiran going to release? atleast about audio release of endhiran?

  360. kppradeep says:

    hi Shankarji,
    I had raised my concerns about rogue sites which indulge in copy right violation and cause misery to many hard working people like Thalaivar and your team. have you made pukka arrangements that such a thing does not happen to Endhiran. Just say a yes and you need not give the details as it might work against you.
    So far only 56 comments;common guys bombard Shankar with your comments. he will not post till the comments exceed 200 at least
    All the best

  361. Sriram Fx says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    really very nice to c ur regular updates in ur busy schedule Sir n Thanks for ur Net team too . Waiting for ur movie with Our ILAYA THALAPATHY :) Hope it will happen in Future Soon :)
    Ur Lovable

  362. Balaji says:

    Hope Endhiran Shooting is going fine and you will give us a good movie as usual. We are waiting for to watch our thala in the screen.

    No doubt endhiran will be another blockbuster of you. I wish vivek should also be part of your movie like in sivaji to make movie balanced

  363. Arun says:

    Is Rettaisuzhi inspired from or a remake of the movie “The Bucket List “?

  364. Adithya V.M. says:

    hello shankar sir…….
    director naga is very well known for his timeless classic “MARMA DESAM”…..a mystery series that still has the magic even today after 10 years……..Is aanathapurathu veedu also of that genre-thriller/mystery???what do u feel about director naga???

  365. Ajay says:

    hi sir ,
    plz announce the release date of ENTHIREN
    v r waitin for ur reply
    my best wishes for enthiren

  366. yugendren says:

    gud luck sir .. tc .. god bless u sir ….

  367. sandeep kumar k.n says:

    hello my hero shankar sir……………

    h r u sir………..we r very exited for ur comments..what a planning sir…..we r waiting for ur (no) our enthiran relese.tell the final relese date of enthiran.best wishes sir…

    with lot of love


  368. Rukesh says:

    Hi sir,

    I wish your movie would be nominated for oscars this time…and you and ARR sir will(sure) bag it.

    Best wishes
    Rukesh D

  369. SYLVAIN says:

    when can i see the trailer sir ????

  370. murali says:

    thanks for your replies in your busy schedule…
    most awaited movies iyakkunar sigaram and iyakkunar imayam acting in my fav directors banner…………i am expecting more from anandhapurathu veedu…..tell something about naga i like his serials……..
    when official pictures will be releasing when official site for robo is releasing…sir tell something about the santhanam’s part in this movie …you are missing your fav vivek in this movie……all the best for your project sir

  371. koki says:

    hello shankar uncle u r so lucky u get to see superstar!..:)..i wish i could but impossible as i am in singapore:(..anyway all the best to u n robo team…u r very cooperate u try to reply us all back even in yur heavy schedule..really appreciate it..thanx alot…tc tata:)

  372. santhosh says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Since tamil cinema is in bad shape and most directors are taking movies based on heroism. The screenplay of many movies are incomplete and fails to impress the viewers. So as a trendsetter i would like you to direct films with good message like 3 idiots and a fantasy movie like avatar as a next film.

  373. mani says:

    hi sir!

    is it true that Stunt director Yuen Woo Ping is working in enthiran? how have the stunts come out? when will enthran hit the sreens, probable month atleast?

  374. Sriram.S says:

    Hello sir,

    This is sriram from chennai. This is my second post in your blog. I am your great fan. Expecting a lot from Endhiran sir.

    What about Karunas and santhanam’s role in Endhiran? I read in books tat “Robo” Rajini itself share a major portion in comedy, so what can we expect from santhanam and karunas?? And is there any surprise elements in endhiran? Like any guest Appearance?;-)

    Also i would like to know your all time favorite movies? In tamil and also in other languages.?

    Waiting for your reply….


  375. வடிவேலன் says:

    திரையுலக வேறு பாதையில் இயக்கும் இயக்குநர் ஷங்கருக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள். உங்கள் எந்திரன் படம் வெற்றி பெற வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

  376. Sutheswaran Naidu says:



  377. Narayan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    I saw the news that the title “Retaisuzhi” has been renamed.
    But what u have done is a wonderful job by honouring their title as film title.Hats off to u.

  378. sarathy says:

    shankar thalaiva please release endhiran for tamil new year april 14,
    all our eyes are waitin without any sleep to watch a shankar-rajini movie
    all our ears are beginin to deafen without hearin new ARR’s songs
    (VTV was outstandin) i hope endhiran’s is world class sci-fi music

  379. Thaya says:

    Hi Shankar sir!

    Wish you all the best for your poudiction movies as well. But, to be frank, Im a way more excited for Endhiran.

    Please relerase the music asap sir. And, I hope you release it in a good Label, for example Sony BMG.

    Waiting for Endhiran, please post more about Endhiran

  380. Sathish (Muthalvan) says:

    Hi sir,

    hope u remem me(via my previous posts of all ur msgs )….

    thalaivaaaaaa tamila multi starrer vanthu romba nall achu … next movie tamila multi starrer with multilingual panunga sir …

    we all get afraid if u go to other language for ur next movie….. please try yr maximum to do tamil movie with new Gender like Robo, Anniyan, Muthalvan…

    sir vetri vantha kondada neriya per varuvanga but if a movie fail to satisfy audience means first of evryone’s thing is DIRECTOR only. athu mari time la how u overcome… then crictics of ur movies … epadi tolerate panikiringa ?

    sir unga production house la post production la irukara movies ella hit (thaa) aga valthukal sir. i know ur way of choosing script we all saw from kadhal now recently Eeram …

    Sir next movie oru quikieya sikaram mudichi kudunga ROBO ku apparam. sir yesterday i saw Sujatha sir speech in sivaji vetri vila i felt sad that he not exsists until robo gets over…. his dialogue is main talk in all ur films which he works…. we all know u had replaces Balakumaran in that… but enna irunthalum sujatha sir iruntha inum bettera irukum.. sir sujatha sir neenga script 2000 la ready panum pothula irunthu avaruku theriyuma …. avaroda inputs ROBO la epadi nu sollunga….

    unga website regular visitors ku unga production house movie audio release nerla parka unga kita nerla autograph vanga oru chance kudukalam la thalaivaaaaaaaa …..

    sir myself and my friend JK we both were working in software company though we used to discuss a movie frame by frame…. its our hobby… many times we used to critics abt some recent movies mst of our time is to talk abt robo and ur office site and ur cool way of responding ppls who posting reply…

    thanks a ton.. be in tamil … dont concentrate on other language movie… be proud be tamilian ……

    Advanced Congrats for “Rettai Chuzhi” and “Anandhapurathu Veedu” to become Super Hit …

    Convey my Hi to Vaseegaran & Sharmili (of ROBO Team :P )

  381. raja says:

    Hi shankarji….
    I Believe that our Endhiran will not hav any inspiratn from IROBOT..Bcos evry1 haav seen tat movie…i believe tat u alwys give fresh & fulfilled extravaganza….
    Am awiting for Audio release..
    when can v have d songs….

  382. Karthikeyan Periyasamy says:

    Hi sir,

    Have you seen the japanese movie “Departures” (Oscar Winner). I was choked. try it once if you have not seen it. Definitely worth watching. As a director you are strucked in commercial terms. But as a producer you can try such kind of movies. We expect such kind of movies from S Pictures.

  383. ANUSHKA says:

    hay sir, plz make a non action movie like JEANS.

  384. shiva says:

    ஷங்கர் ஸார், வாழ்த்துக்கள். ரெட்டைசுழி படத்தை ஆவலோடு எதிர்பார்க்கிறோம், எந்திரன் டிரெயிலர் , பாடல் வெளீயிடு எப்போது ஸார்?

  385. isha says:

    Sir, the mutual admiration of you and superstar is world known, i am sure it will be a milestone in indian cinema, please this is the request of billion of fans around the world, pls give the best introduction to superstar, something that no other director could even dream of, we are waiting eagerly sir !! wish you the best to you and your Endhiran team !!

  386. Sivabhaskar says:

    I would say ‘m pretty much like you… guess how!!?? I work in IT… my job is Testing. Well, like you, i take a looooonnnnnng time to complete each of my assigned work… and i do this in purpose so that i deliver stuff with 100%(if not, more than that) quality! or until at least i get self satisfied to say so [ha ha... :) ].
    Now tell me… aren’t we in the same boat :) ? If Yes, then give me a high 5… Same Pinch :) !! Now give me my high 5 here :)

  387. அராஃபத் says:

    சொன்னா மாதிரியே தொடர்றீங்களே… :-)

    கலக்குறீங்க வாழ்த்துக்கள்…

  388. Samjosh says:

    Thats great to hear sir.. All the best.. You should do more Tamil films – Thats our wish!

    I will definitely watch Rettai Chuzhi. I enjoyed Eeram of S Pictures.

    And waiting for the Endhiran impatiently just like many here ;)

  389. rajasekar says:

    please keep on doing films in tamil and dont do in anyother language.this is a “humble” request from “proud” tamilian

  390. rajasekar says:

    please keep on doing films in tamil and do in anyother languages sir,this is a “humble” request from “proud” tamilian

  391. rajasekar says:

    thank you sir for ur kind response ,keep updating endhiran.and do a film with vijay soon sir. and please do next film in tamil and dont go to another languages and make tamilians to be proud

  392. robo smith says:

    Really happy to see you producing such a film like Rettaisuzhi.
    Two legends in one screen.We are very much eagered to see the movie.
    All the best.We fans are always with you sir.

  393. Aayirathil Oruvan says:

    Hi sir. Wish you all the very best for both films.
    when enthiran going to be release?
    what s ur commet about Aayirathil Oruvan?
    can we expect same from u?
    when r u going to do movie with karthi?

  394. சிவசுப்பிரமணியன் says:

    தமிழ் திரையுலகில் ஒவ்வொரு முறையும் ரசிகர்களுக்கு புதுமையை பிரம்மாண்டமாக உணர்த்தும் படைப்பாளி -இயக்குனர் ஷங்கருக்கு இந்த இளம் ரசிகனின் முதல் வணக்கம் !

    உச்ச நட்சத்திரம் ரஜினியை வைத்து மீண்டும் நீங்கள் ஒரு படம் இயக்குவதில் மாபெரும் மகிழ்ச்சி !
    எந்திரன் ரஜினியின் புகைப்படங்கள் பார்க்கும் பொழுதே மனதில் நிறைகிறது புத்துணர்ச்சி !
    நீங்கள் இயக்கிய அனைத்து படங்களையும் நான் (ரசிகர்கள் அனைவரும் கூட ) பார்த்து பிரமித்ததுண்டு !
    கருத்க்களை மிக கச்சிதமாக நச்சென்று மக்கள் மனதில் பதிய வைக்கின்றன உங்கள் படைப்புகள் !

    பரபரப்பான உங்கள் வாழ்க்கைக்கு நடுவில் கொஞ்சம் நேரம் ஒதுக்கி உங்கள் வலைப்பூவில் எனது இக்கட்டான கேள்விகளுக்கு சுவையான பதில்கள் அளிப்பீர்கள் என நம்புகின்றேன் !

    கேள்வி ஒன்று — ஜென்டில்மேன், இந்தியன், முதல்வன், அந்நியன், சிவாஜி ஆகிய படங்களில் சமூக அக்கறை, மக்கள் பொது நலன், தாய்நாட்டின் முன்னேற்றம் என்று பல விஷயங்களை எடுத்து காட்டியிருந்தீர்கள் ! இப்படி வலுவான திரைக்கதைகளை வெவ்வேறு கோணங்களில்உங்களை சிந்திக்க வைத்ததும்/வைப்பதும் உங்கள் சொந்த வாழ்க்கையில் நடந்த ஏதேனும் அனுபவங்களின் தொகுப்பு என்று சொல்ல முடியுமா ? இந்த தூண்டுதலுக்கு யார்/என்ன/எது காரணம் ?

    கேள்வி இரண்டு — சரித்திரம் சார்ந்த தகவல்கள் மக்களுக்கு திரை காவியமாக தான் கூடுதல் தெரிய வாய்ப்பு உள்ளது .
    அப்படிப்பட்ட சரித்திர படங்கள் உங்களிடமிருந்து எதிர்காலத்தில் எதிர்பார்க்க முடியுமா ?

    கேள்வி மூன்று — கவிதைகள் எழுதுவதில் ஆர்வம் கொண்ட இளைஞர்களில் நானும் ஒருவன் ! ஆனால் மண்ணுக்குள் புதைந்து கிடக்கும் தங்கம் போல் பூட்டி கிடக்கிறது நான் செதுக்கிய கற்பனை வரிகள் ! என்னை போன்று இளம் கவிஞர்களுக்கு உங்கள் படைப்புக்களின் பாடல் வரிகளை வடிவமைக்க வாய்ப்பு கிடைக்குமா ? கிடைக்கும் என்றால் நான் வடிவமைத்த கவிதைகளை உங்கள் மின்னஞ்சலுக்கு அல்லது உங்கள் வலைப்பூவில் கொட்டிட தயாராக உள்ளேன் !

    உத்தரவுக்கு காத்திருக்கும் உங்கள் அன்பு ரசிகன்
    கை.சிவசுப்பிரமணியன் !

  395. Harish says:

    Sir I am your biggest fan. I aiming to become a director like you and working hard on it. We expect many movies like Kadhal & Eeram from you production house.

    My favorite movie is Anniyan. I heard that you had a romantic story for your debut but u later on went for a commercial movie Gentleman. Pls in next post tell about that romantic story (Azhakiya Kuyile).


    The Great Chiyaan Fan…..

  396. Sudharsan says:

    Congrats sir…!!! When will be Enthiran’s trailer and audio are gonna release….sir..!!! As we are very much eager for the movie release..the release of audio and trailer would quech our thirst…to see our thalaivar….

  397. CyernautV says:

    Dear Shankar,

    I am one among the million’s of your fan. I am from Kerala
    Glad to Meet you through the blog. Hope you are having nice time shooting for “Robo” . Always my fav film is your “Gentleman”. The main characters in the film which
    expressed the plight of a particular community is still relevent in these days. They are denied of getting into professional seats because of the so called “community” background eventhough they are meritorious. I think no other directors in Tamil film industry have dared to take a film of this subject matter.

    Sir, regarding the technology and innovation used in the film, i guess surely the Hindi film industry will feel Jealous…!

  398. Vazeer Abu Bilal Kuwait says:

    Dear Shankar, Please declare the release date of Enthiran. No more waiting please…….

  399. Rahul says:

    Hello sir, am very happy to c ur post after two weeks..sir atleast tell t month of movie release or atleast audio release date pl pl pl pl pl pl sir… post some pics of thalaivar in shooting spot in ur next post sir..

  400. JAHIR says:

    when will robo be release?
    bcoz we r too hungry with waiting to see our thalavar.
    APRIL 2010 or….

  401. bharathnryn says:

    thats a good news… Everyone knows that movies coming out from ur house s always quality movies… this rettaichuzi combination s a surprsing one.. all the best sir.. and thanks a lot for giving us this kind of movies…

    sir plz mention about endhiran’s stunt choreographer yuen woo ping and costume designer Mary e vogt…??

  402. Karthikeyan Periyasamy says:

    Two great heavy-story tellers in a light comedy movie… sounds different…. Let us see…….

    Valthukkal for you Rettachuzi sir………..

  403. Arun says:

    Hello Mr. Shankar,

    We expect a top-class Shankar-cum-Thalaivar movie ! !

    You have got superstar and Ash in your crew but still why do u need songs and group dances for a movie that deals with Robot. Sorry for assuming about the dances and songs.( JUst figured from the gallery pics).

    Unga baashai la solnumnaa, ” Pump set vilambrathuku ethuku sir Rambaa ?”

    Please give us a genre-oriented movie like Unnaipol oruvan, Eeram where u use songs and music just for the flow of the movie.

    You have treated us well with your song making styles, your grand sets, etc. It is OK for other Shankar movies but this is about a Robot I guess.. and I dont understand the need for duet songs and mass dances apart from the needs from your producers and distributors ! ! !

    I just felt it and thought of sharing it with you ! !

    Waiting for Enthiran ! ! !

  404. Raghav says:


    May be you are not clear about the next script and the hero to direct. But I would request you not to have a second thought on which language. Ungal sevai TAMIL cinema vukku thevai.,

    Ungal Rasigan,

  405. Soma says:

    Dear Shankar,

    All the best for the all new Projects. We are eager to hear songs of Endiran, when do you planed to release.

    After the take over of Endiran to SunPicture from Ayngaran, i have seen the progress and updates about the movie coming very quickly. Are you getting any pressure from production house or else are they giving full freedom do work.

  406. Shanmuga says:

    Hello sir,
    nice to see your post about your S picture upcoming movies.. It good know that about your productions too.

    All your existing movie under your productions are so good. I so existed your “Eram”. Its fantastic movie.. thanks you very much sir.
    We are expecting your other movies from your productions.

    Between thankyou very much for the “Shivaji” movie to display the superstar with different look. i was amazed when i saw the movie in the first day with rajini’s fans. i really proved to be one of the fan of him.

    I hope you again show him with the new look in the coming “Enthiran” too..

    Once again thanks for all the effort to the cine industry and also cool work for this blog to give the opportunity to talk/share our thoughts to you.!
    Thanks to “shankar sir” Team!

  407. Fred Barkor says:

    Hi, can you confirm any more cast for Endhiran apart from Rajini, Aish Rai, Danny, Kaunas, santhanam, revathi sanakran, kalabhavan mani, hanifa, devadarshini and raghav?

  408. Naveen Kumar.s says:

    Hi sir your doing great work. As soon as possible do a film with AJITH sir plz. After seeing Rettai Chuzhi photos i`m eager to see the film……….. ALL THE BEST FOR ENDIRAN…

  409. Samjosh says:

    Thats great to hear.. All the best..

    You should do more Tamil films – Thats my wish :)

    I will definitely watch Rettai Chuzhi.

    And waiting for the Endhiran impatiently :)

  410. vijayan says:

    Sir we want u to direct a hollywood movie, i know sir that u dont have idea for ur next project but as a fan wat i feel is that hollywood directors are not much innovative as you. watz ur comment for this sir?

  411. Prabu says:

    Dear sir,

    Sure i ll watch rettai suli on the first day of release… on seeing the still it tempted me. keep rocking by giving such good movies.
    Sir i have askd many times abt yuen woo ping role in robo. plz atleast this time i expect a reply for it. And du talk something abt action in robo,
    eagerly awaiting.
    prabu the boss

  412. Ganesh says:

    Did you enjoy “Endhiran” as much as “Shivaji”. If yes it is going to be a blasting experience

    Ganesh K

  413. venkatesh says:

    hello sir,
    Iam glad to see u producing small projects.plz continue doing that because there are less producers to encourage these type of films.I request you to plz say probable month of release of endhiran.thank u

  414. satheeshkumar says:

    hello sir,
    how are you and when enthiran movie released
    we all are waiting for the movie you are the best

  415. Sundar says:

    HI sir. Wish you all the very best for both films. One request.. PLease give a stunning introduction for our thalaivar in ROBO. I still like your movie Mudhalvan very much. I want one more movie of that type from you sir..

  416. Sai says:

    What is GEANS?


    or is it an alternative for Genes? or are you trying to indicate something else, sir? hope you reply to this one at least.

  417. pradeep says:

    HOW do you do SIR,
    I have one small question for you about enthiran.

    ))))Have Prabu Deva and Lawrence choreographed for any song and who are the other choreographers involved.

    ))))Are there any other lyricist other than Vairamuthu and his son involved………Waiting for you reply

    Wishes to the Enthiran team

  418. kiran says:

    hello sir,

    i had asked you whether u ve got any script for kamal haasan sir…..(coz INDIAN is ur best movie till date…)but u didnt reply 4 it. Pls do reply sir

    • I wrote a script for kamal sir after indian.. that script also demanded heavy makeup.. kamal sir felt dat after indian n avvai shanmughi he should do a film without any special make up, then only it will look different.
      U know onething kiran, for that script only i initially titled ‘anniyan’, later i used it for ambi’s story bcoz it suited well.
      I still have dat script fresh even today.. very interesting one n completely different from my other themes.. i may even do dat as my next film.. with whom i dont know.. anything i’ll decide after enthiran only.

  419. Selvaraju says:

    Hi Sir,

    Looks like you r interested in horror movies (Earem, Ananthapuram veedu), please keep up that interest. Earem really rocked. When I saw the movie, I felt the dampness throughout the movie (technical crew rocked). I know it is all because of you who is ready to produce different concepts. Producer shankar rocks. Expecting Ananthapuram veedu. Miratuma ?

  420. Arun sambasivam says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    Hope ENDHIRAN shooting is going fine.

    Two days before i have read one article titled “Beat piracy by 3D Movies”.In which they mentioned that,If polarized light is used For making 3D Movie then there is no chance of watching that 3D movie on ANY LCD or CRT screen.

    Sir,why dont you try 3D movies.so that everyone wants to see the movie in big screen to experience the view&effect(Eg:AVATAR).

    Cost is the major factor so as of now you are the only director who can give movie with message and effects(Out of your 9 movies 5 movies got national award for special effects).

    • Discussions r going on to convert a portion of endhiran movie to 3d. Today technology s grown up n such a way u can convert any 2d movie to 3d. Lot of leading vfx houses all over d world r successful in that conversion. Recently i’ve seen a demo 3d version of john travolta movie ‘Grease’.
      Today morning we had seen a test of endhiran 3d done by our own Indian artist srinivasan who had won d national award for 3d technology,it was very exciting!
      Final decision will be taken after few analysis.

  421. Selva says:

    Dear Shankar,

    All the best for the movie Rettai Suzhi to be successful. Waiting to see that in theatrees..

    Is the media news about you doing a romance flick with Siddharth after Endhiran true?



  422. mani says:

    and one more question ? has SUJATHA sir s death affected enthiran? i read ur condolence letter in which u `ve meant that this film would be really good if he was there

    • Though sujatha sir’s death didn’t affect endhiran , but if he was here, it wd’ve been a great support n very helpful for me.. i miss him always..
      Madhan karky (son of) vairamuthu is a professor in anna university helping in technical informations n dialogues now.He had written a song also in endhiran.

  423. Sai Srinivasan says:

    Rettachuzhi images are fantastic… have a great and happy trip to mumbai
    I saw a message rumour in behindwoods.com that rettachuzhi is going for a name change as imayamum sigaramum…
    … this itself is awesum title… but u are the key maker…

    Again my humble request… DONT LEAVE US (TAMIL FANS) and go to hindi or hollywood industries… we know u are the hottest director on this planet.. Pls dont disappoint us !!!

    one question sir… U have reached a pinnacle in movie industry… took movies wid rajini and kamal sir…
    u dont have anything more to give in ur next film…
    coz u usually give better than before :)
    anyways…looking forward to multistarrer concepts in future
    vijay vikram or some etc…atleast in u r S pictures…
    all the best for Anandhapurathil vedu and Rettachuzhi
    pls keep prints safe… i cant bare if someone tricks S Pictures…pls do take extra care in ROBO audio !!!

    we as u r fans will condemn PIRACY at all cost…
    we are there for u sir… ALL the Best…

  424. lakhmana says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reply for me sir i’ll feel very proud to say that SHANKAR replied for me………..I’m a big fan of every movie you’v directed n hope ROBOT will create a new hitory in INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY……….

  425. ANUSHKA says:

    hello sir, when will you make a movie with suriya shivkumar and aishwarya pair???????????? and please tell me what is S in your name S SHANKAR????????? Best of luck.

  426. subin r says:


    Good that you have started your blog/personal site. Thanks for doing that and interacting with your fans.

    I was about to ask you whether ‘Cochin Haneefa’ sir is part of ‘Endhiran’.
    But yesterday I was shocked to see the newspaper that he has passed away.

    He is great actor and you have given him very good roles in Mudhalvan, Anniyan and Sivaji.
    And those were made really memorable by that great actor. Especially the comedy in Sivaji is ultimate.
    We will be missing him very badly :-(

    All the best for Endhiran and future projects!!!


    • Even i was shocked.. it was a big loss for me n d whole south indian film industry..
      My deep condolences to cochin hanifa’s family.
      His comedy scene n endhiran with rajini sir s going to rock n memorable one.

  427. Sathishkumar says:

    please reply for this post. I have to show to my friends and archive it for lifetime.


  428. Naga says:

    Hello Sir,

    We are waiting impatiently for Endhiran.

    I have one question for you.

    Why cant you make a movie on the greatest Tamil novel ever , PONNIYIN SELVAN? I feel you are the one in the current time frame who is capable of directing such Magnum Opus.
    Please do Reply


    • One r two times i discussed abt it with writer sujatha, even he said the same.. i bought fresh copies of PS 5volumes long back.. want to do lot of different things .. time decides everything!

  429. suRACE says:


    hai anna… how r u… hope ur FAMILY(including endhiran) is doing good….

    unga thambi ketpathu:

    anna V need movies like

    3.Jeans.(all time best of urs anna).

    oly these 3 movies i liked jeans i liked the most(i liked ur other movies too) but oly these 3 movies are watched often..

    1. anna i request u to do a
    2. one like jeans
    3. with no fights(like jeans)..
    4. focusing mainly on songs, story, humour & screenplay(like jeans).
    5. huge star cast(like jeans)
    6. It should be either “DOUBLE ACT” or
    7. 2 heroes.(VIJAY & AJITH : VIJAY & VIKRAM : AJITH & VIKRAM
    : SURIYA & SIMBU) coz these are of height orders.

    PLZ ANNA… DON REPLY ANNA IN JUZ TWO WORDS PLZ.. SINCE U WUD BE TIRED & BUSY WITH ENDHIRAN.. RELAX & wen ur free u reply anna.. but next movie do with a two hero subject so tat fans request wud be FULFILLED.




  430. Srinivas says:

    Hello Sir,

    Endhiran la thalaivar oda neenga nadikkareengala???? (atleast small guest role)??

  431. R. Prakash says:

    Dear sir,
    Happy to see the gallery of rettai chuzhi. I was eagerly awaiting to see the film RETTAI SUZHI. The day i signed the agreement for my son Master.ARJUN who is acting as grandson of Thiru. Bharathiraja sir in Rettai Suzhi, I am high in happiness that my son is acting under your production. Being a ardent fan of you, it gives my great pleasure that my son is doing his FIRST FILM under your production and with two great legends.

  432. Simon Netto says:

    Hi Shankar,
    I am a an ardent fan of Rajni sir, recently I witness a part of enthiran shooting while you were in pune. After this stint I went back home and played your movie Sivaji’s DVD. Till then I just wanted to see it but was not that keen. But from that day (december 2009) I have played that movie several times… I am located in Pune for the past 20 years hence dont get much oportunities to be with south Indian cinemas… I appreciate myself that I bought a dozen of Tamil DVD movies on my visit to Nagapatinam and to my native mothers Nagarcoil…. Sivaji is a great movies.. I salute you for making such a wonderful movie.

    I hope you read my post..

    Best Wishes
    simon Netto

  433. Vijayan.T says:


    1.Sir,Watz ur ambition when you are at school/college days?

    2.Here comes the difficult question but answer me sir, watz ur fav film of the films u directed so far(all are super hit, but still just give one ans)

    3.In which of ur films u spent much hard work sir, i guess it is SIVAJI,am i rite?

  434. Mohan MD says:

    Well Sir,

    I am speechless….

    Actually in a great shock.

    I am living in Malaysia and you have tonnes of fans here Sir….

    I am really amazed by your blog and also about the post that Endhiran is using animatronics.

    It is really a great success for us….

    I wish you from the bottom of my heart that all your works will be successful including the movies that you are producing..

    I know it will be successful….It Will…because you are a perfectionist…they wont fail easily…

    Wish you and your family a blissful and prosperous life,


    p.s. maybe you can try acting in movies Sir…I know that’s what you intend at first but at least give a special appearance in Endhiran Sir….thank you

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