Ash released Rettai Chuzhi Audio

Hi Everyone…

We successfully finished the schedule and I started editing those scenes.

Two nice things happened in this schedule.

One is A.R.Rahman finished composing the last song and the song recording process is going on.

The other one is Ash released the audio of “Rettai Chuzhi” and Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu received it.

Trailer and Few glimpses are there for you.

See you soon.


Rettai Chuzhi Trailer
Dir. Sasi
Dir. Mahendran
Dir. Shankar
Dir. Balachandar
Dir. Bharathiraja
Aishwarya Rai
Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu

250 Responses to Ash released Rettai Chuzhi Audio

  1. Jeeva says:

    hi sir

    i m vijay fan,wen will nanban song realease.

  2. Maddi Srinivas Reddy Advocate KMM says:

    Am your Biiiiig fan. I like Sooooo much your movies.

  3. Maddi Srinivas Reddy Advocate KMM says:

    Am like soooo much your movies.Am your Biiiiiiiig fan.

  4. Manimaran.A says:

    Hi sir
    Please plan a sci-fi movie with Vikram and Rajini sir in pivotal roles.
    I hope u will consider my request for your future sci-fi projects.


  5. விஸ்வநாதன் Dubai says:

    எந்திரன் super + stars

    உங்கள், எல்லா படத்திலும்..ஒரு கருத்து இருக்கும்..


  6. salman says:

    dear Sir,

    as i heard you need a new face actor to act in your movie and i am ready to act in your movie whatever it is.

    i am big fan of your direction from mudhalvan to robot and the amazing direction made by you in robot and the last willan character of rajini is fantastic and cheered lot how you think about the character and no one guess it……

  7. Mathi says:

    we all know this Endhiran is unbreakable record, moreover i pray to god you break your own record. all the best…..

  8. charles says:

    Hi Shankar,

    I am not your fan. But I am always amazed by your directorial work right from Gentleman days. As a movie buff, I do see a lot of Tamil and Hollywood movies. I have seen movies which does not have good CG work. I would rather see a fast paced thriller than a cheap CG work movie.
    I hope Endhiren does have some really quality CG work even if they are done in a minimal places. All the best for its huge success.
    Looks like the theatres where Endhiren is released in bay area ( silicon valley in California) are not the best. If it had been released in AMC/Cinemark theatres, it would have been a treat. I know that is out of your control. But make sure you pass on the message to the distributors in US that they release in good theatres to get your entertainment value to a new level.
    Hoping to get a reply from personally. I am also not sure if there is a proxy to answer our questions. I would be glad to read your reply for this.
    charles (Dont mistake me a foreigner, I am a tamilan from CA)

  9. suresh says:

    hi sir why dont u give chanch to vikram for robo

  10. dheena says:


  11. SIVAN says:

    Hello Sir

    I downloaded Endhiran songs online yesterday wherein the official release is actually tomorrow. I understand its very bad and these kind of leaks should be blocked. Beware of these online crackers.

    Anyways, songs are really amazing; great beat… but of course it has to be good with the combination of Shankar and AR Rahman.


  12. madhu rajini vijay fan says:

    sir all the best for endiran v are w8ng for our talivar s movies

    to shut other s mouth so please release it as qucik as possibe engalauku darsinathuku kanga kathukitu irukom

    and small question sir

    nenga ilayatalapathy vechu padam edupengala? future la or even ajith ha vechu?

  13. K.S.K. Nepolian Socraties says:

    All the best for ur ENDHIRAN. There is a buzz tat it may release along with Vijay movie sir,is it true? And one more thing sir, when ll u make VIJAY act in ur movies?…Eagerly waitin…. VIJAY fan

  14. Sundeep says:

    Sir, right from Indian, mudhalvan, boys, anniyan, shivaji the dialogues were penned by the late legend “Sujatha” rangarajan his dialogues were the icing on the cake for the above mentioned movies, but to his untimely death, we were all shocked. So who is the dialogue writer for your magnum-opus movie sir??..pls reply if u find this

  15. Brijesh Rudani says:

    sir i have request do not release hindi version after tamil release of enthiran.release on same day both version otherwise it would be out dated. and it can be floped dosent matter how good is movie. you should show trailor of hindi dubbed enthiran trailor in tv and Hindi movie channel before two month of release for publicity.dubbed shivaji got flopped in hindi because it got released without publicity and trailor in hindi and after six month tamil version. and i even didn’t know when it released.

  16. moulali basha says:

    Is Oru nilavidam song from endhiran? pls reply sir?

  17. suriyan says:

    sir am diehard fan of rajini sir, please take my dialogue as a fan request if it suits ur story, as per my imagination i have created a dialogue which should be performed by rajini sir before a fight scene of robot rajini, the dialogue said by robo rajini when villain comes to fight with robo rajini “kanna elimbale, ratthathale, sadhayalle senjha odambilleda idhi ,steel ale ,copperale, titanium ale senjha odambi, adi ononu idi madri vilum, sample ke surindiruve , pakriya!”sir if any moderation needed pls do it n use this ,i will be very much excited if u reply me, anything it may be please comment on my dialogue, pls pls pls pls pls sir………………

  18. mr. vijay navale says:

    hello sir…….
    how r u sir……. did you know your femous movie boys and nayak its very nice movie so i would like request to you sir please launch the movie of this good catagary.

  19. Vimal says:

    No updates for more than 2 months…Hmmmm……..When is the release date sir ?

  20. Harish says:

    Shankar sir, I am more excited after seeing Resul Pookutty’s social site update :) …. He has addressed you as Indian James Cameron :)

    Wish you all the best Sir .. From die hard Thalaivar Shankar fan … :)

  21. narayanan says:

    dear sir,

    it was busy market area in pondicherry.

    i saw a huge crowd in front of balaji theater with huge cut out of rajini sir and endhiran banner. huge crowd of rajini fans.i shocked and moooved towards ticket counter.i asked the ticket issuing person, what movie sir?
    he replied me, endhiran.

    i was in the top of shock and i told that man…

    no way…it canntbe…shankar sir is involving in the last schdule…how come…?

    he replied…it is unofficial release…without climax…
    we got it from lab…

    again i shocked…how come…?

    actually it was my morning dream….

    but,you know shankar sir,in todays world some bad people are there to steal someones hardwork and want to make money.

    you have tobe very careful….

    it happened in case of jaggubhai(sarathkumar film)

    i am really worried sir.please take care.

    your wellwisher


  22. Ramesh ELango says:

    hi sir… i hav asked many questions u hav’nt answered any.. let me try my luck now….

    do u ever check the topics and discussion in
    Director shankar community in orkut with more than 11,000 members…..
    just curious to knw whether our discussions and suggesions reaches u or not……

  23. siddharth says:

    hi sir all the best for endhiran……….release the film soon sir!!pls dnt release in diwali its difficult to get ticket for a ordinary person like me……..and wat abt songs?hw many songs in film sir?will the songs be a masterpeace from ARR?like indian,sivaji,jeans,gentlemen.

  24. Natarajan says:

    V r still longing for updates abt the movie… Any date fixed for audio release?????

  25. moulali basha says:

    make endhiran a unique movie.make dis movie a best movie made by shankar.Sir please confirm on the audio release date?we r waiting for 2.5 years.please do reply sir.I will be the happiest person in the world.that my favourite director replied u shankar sir….

  26. moulali basha says:

    when will be audio release of robo in telugu?sir update atleast once in 2o days.take rest after dis movie release.
    long live sir.

  27. Rajan says:

    Hi Shankar, I’ve been an ardent fan of ur movies…I loved Sivaji but there were critics that the movie did not have a strong storyline. Nevertheless, it was a full meal treat to Superstar fans..I jus hope in Endhiran, we have a strong storyline in addition to Shankar’s magic..Awaiting your reply and also Endhiran’s arrival….

    And also its been close to 2 months since you’ve posted any update on the blog. I definitely understand that you must be very busy with Endhiran, but for fans like us, I request you to post at least one or two updates every month..This would at least keep us going till the movie releases :)

    All the Best !!! Wishin u and the Endhiran team all the success !!!

  28. Ashok says:

    future projects…………..? when r u going to do a film with vijay or ajith?

  29. Muthusiva says:


    Very happy to know about the enthiran updates from you. In your every film u use to give an excellent role for Mr.Hanifa who expired few months before… Is he in enthiran?

  30. Muthusiva says:


    Very happy to know about the enthiran updates from you. In your every film u use to give an excellent role for Mr.Hanifa who expired few months before… Is he in enthiran?


  31. Guru says:

    Hello Sir.

    What is the criteria needed for a question to make you answer? Really you are replying for only a very few questions?

    I know you are busy. That’s why I want to know which questions interests you to answer, so that we’ll ask such kind of questions and won’t waste your time by asking response-less questions. ;)

  32. Sriram.S says:

    sir, i read in a forum tat yu’re going to direct the remake of 3 idiots in tamil with vijay in lead role???

    Is it true…???

  33. sivaji says:


    yepo endhiran news will come ?

    pliz update you website sir

    a fan from france

  34. Narayan says:

    Shankar Sir ,

    Drummer Sivamnai has said that the songs of Endhiran is almost finished and this is ARR’s best yet again and is going to rock and it is bigger than Kadhalan or Jeans.
    What do u say about this ?

    Note : As we are suffering from summer heat , plz provide us Endhiran songs pills for immediate recovery.

  35. Harish says:

    Sir, am your great fan.. I am eagerly waiting for you to direct Thala Ajith… :) Thala’s Army of fans are waiting for that day…

    You introduced new get up of Vikram in Anniyan, new getup of prashanth in Jeans, new get up of Thalaivar Rajini in Motta boss and I wish you introduce new get up and discover his talent and give a excellent movie…

  36. Harish says:

    Sir am still waiting for your answer, would u be stopping to produce movies? You also can reply to my email….

  37. Saktheeswaran says:

    hi sir……how r u???waiting for ur next update sir……..pls give us some info

  38. robo smith says:



  39. robo smith says:



    give a hint atleast about the audio release…
    thalaivar saying film is for august 15th…
    sir please confirm….




  40. Franklin says:

    Sir, i’m ur gr8 fan.. I’m eagerly waiting for u to make a film with ilaya thalapathy vijay.. is there any possibilty or idea..
    pls do reply sir..

  41. Janarthanan says:

    Haloo Sir
    Which or whom inspired you to become a director?

    How many sound technicians are woking in the movie endhiran,in which studio you are desining the sound.
    Can i join in your audiography team.

    With regards & best wishes

  42. praveen says:

    I think shankar sir has forgetten this site.Dear sir its been a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time u have pen down latest news about enthiran.can i know the reason??Sir every six hours i open this site for enthiran news from u…

  43. dani says:

    Hello shankar sir,

    Is it really true that you’ve planned to release the
    audio on Aug 28 2010……..or is it jus another rumour…………………………If its a rumour then…………….give a reply

    All the best

  44. Ramesh ELango says:

    hi. sir …
    plz try to include scenes with rajini sir.. with cigrette or atleast a new age (harmless)electronic cigratte..(it cud as wel be an awarenes ) ..
    original style of rajini sir.. is obviously the cig.. v want it back..

  45. Saravanan says:

    Hi Shankar,
    How r u? No news,long time,daily opening this site & getting dissapointed..Will b great if u reveal something once in a month( dont take once in 2 month).I hope u r very busy in post production..

    I have a question, As we all knew enthiran is the big budget, big crew ,big big etc etc movie, beyond this any one can easily understand the hurdles one should cross to achieve/convince others to make this happen.This is a biggest tallent i can see at you each time in ur project…

    Moment of truth, tell us what should one “do” to make such things possible in life? Really this will be a great information to us..pls dont say “do” again as we r expecting a slightly bigger phrase to reach people like me..

    Thanks in advance for your comments

  46. siju says:

    hello shanker sir what is ur next plan?

  47. Pan says:

    sir no update frm u for more than a month. pls update with some news which will give some boost to our fans.

  48. ramu says:

    sir u had made movies of differnt sorts with high technical valus sir,please make movies based on te mythology…..constituting wars like alexander,gladiator, troy,,300……………………………….

  49. lakshmana says:

    sir v r not waiting for the ROBO movie ,,, but v r waiting to know its release date,,,,

  50. Prabu says:

    Dear Shankar sir,

    There is a difference!! When you make films with certainly called hero’s and when you do a film with one and only superstar, There is a difference. Do you think more or less 200 members of your crew are only involved in this project, certainly not. Crores and crores of fans are also caring about this project. Is it not necessary to give them the progress? Is it not necessary to satisfy them with few scoops?. We all know, to make a big splendid project, it takes time. But how many days? we know you are a well planned man, you know the date when the project touches its destination. On behalf of crores and crores of fans I request you to give us the progress and tentative date for Music and Film release.

    If you give us the date we will be waiting for it.

  51. Deepak says:

    Respected Sir,
    As Im suffering from Endhiran fever..plz release the Movie as soon as possible. I am eagerly waiting for the movie. So i kindly request you to release it as early as possible.
    Thanking you,
    Yours obediently,


  52. stephen says:

    Hello shankar sir,

    I listened to the amazing songs of Raavanan so my
    question is will endhiran songs be as great as Raavanan
    songs……..or will it be even better………………
    …………………… said endhiran will be released
    this year but wen…..soon FIFA world cup is gonna start……then raavanan will be u wont release
    ………then after that rainy season will start… wen……….r u gonna release…………………………
    ….any way ……ALL the best……………………….

  53. mani says:

    am impatiently waiting for enthiran… pls dont release on aug 15th

  54. harish says:

    Sir still waiting for your reply…. Even binary answers can satisfy me….

  55. Vijay Edara says:

    Is kannukule song in ‘Enthiran’?, if it is?… was it inspired from James Horner’s ‘Beautiful Mid’… Please reply sir…
    Sir also we want you to make a movie with Chiranjeevi sir… are you thinking any projects with him sir… please reply sir…

  56. Harish says:

    Sir am still waiting for your reply, please let us know about the rumours that you are going to quit productions

    Kindly answer sir…. Are u going to quit productions?

    Still wait patiently for your reply sir

  57. Harish says:

    Sir Some news sites say that you are going to quit producing movies here after, is it true sir? Kindly confirm

    Its a bad news for Tamil cinema World if its true :( Kindly confirm sir…

    Please reply sir

  58. dez says:

    hi sir ♥♥
    plz could u tell the release date of endhiran………….plz sir we r waiting very eagerly☺☺♥♥

  59. Harish says:

    Sir I heard that you are quitting production once for all, Is this true sir? PLEASE REPLY SIR … I CANT TAKE THIS NEWS … PLEASE REPLY

  60. Gautham says:

    And when can we see the songs of endhiran released…we are suffering from a Draught>please release the audio as soon as possible to give some relief for us

  61. lakshmana says:

    IS RAJINI SIR playing a DUAL role ????????

  62. lakshmana says:

    Sir PLEASE give the details of ROBOT crew ….

    WE know just about the key roles.

    n is RAJINI SIR playing <<>>> role ???

    n what is the name of ENTHIRAN in TELUGU .??? is it “”ENTHRAM “” or just ROBOT ??/

    THOUGH U R not from TOLLYWOOD …. OUR AUDIANCE n even HEROES admire u a lOt sir………

  63. ANUSHKA says:

    HI SIR
    where are you right now? waiting for you.

  64. ROBO SMITH says:


    There is no problem if u come late…

    but like thalaivar you should come with the latest hot news like the audio relase date.


    every morning,evening,night…i have been checking ur blog since March 29th….expected a post in april 14th….

    no probs sir…..please come up with a Hot news for us.



  65. Vimal says:

    What sir no update for so long ? Are busy with final post production works of Enthiran and can we expect the release soon ? :-)

  66. kppradeep says:

    dear Shankar sir,
    long time since last post and almost 180 comments have been credited. karuna kaatunga sir. Please tell some incredible moments about our one and only Super Star

  67. vishno says:

    Beloved Shankar sir,

    Unlike others… i am in no hurry to watch ‘endhiran’ for i know that good things take time to shape up!!! Hence i shall patiently wait for its arrival!

    I request you to take your own sweet time sir.. and take care of your brainchild!!!

    god bless you and cinema!!


  68. Sharath says:

    Its been almost a month since your last update. Many like me are eagerly waiting for updates from you. So, please, if time permits, please give a small update on the progress.

    If possible please release some more pics from the movie. Or better, a 5 sec teaser. It will satisfy fans like me till the audio release.

  69. Arun says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    Can you please provide us an update on Enthiran? Have you completed shooting the last song etc..

    Thank you,


  70. ThulasiRaman says:

    Sir, I was very happy to see that Tamil song has reached to foreigners. Even they tried singing this song in Tamil.
    The song is “Balleilakka” from SIVAJI film. I am not sure if you have already watched this, but everyone must watch this:

  71. Sutheswaran Naidu says:

    Sir, I heard Endhiran releasing this August 15. Is it true?

    Sir, we don care when is the release date as long as the film is made with 99% perfection. That is wat we fans of you, Rajini, Ash, & ARR are hoping for…

    But for now pls delight us with new post about Endhiran and new pictures from Endhiran. Also pls tell us about the audio release, when will it be…. PPPPPLLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE sir

  72. kabilan says:

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ PLEASE TELL IN ONE WORD ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH ASH.PLEASE REPLY SIR. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  73. Sasikumar S P says:

    Hi sir
    How r u & ur family?

    So far I saw the movie “Rettai Chuzhi” three times at Sathyam, PVR & in my native Erode…

    Bharathiraja sir acted so nice…. Hands off to him…
    Thanks for producing such a nice moive….. Thanks a lot…

    Wish u all the best….

    I heard Endhiran would hit the screen on Aug 15th is it so sir?
    Please please please please reply me…….. I am expecting this time u will surely reply me at least “HI”…. I love u so much sir……..

  74. Arun Kumaar.S says:

    Hi shankar,

    Is Endhiran a story of the present time. that is. It was once rumoured that endhiran begins in 2100 where humans are ruled over by robots. A fiction of the future.

    Is it true or does the story begins in 2009 or 2010?

    A K S

  75. Pravin says:

    Hi sir,
    one small request!
    In Hollywood films when a film comes from a great director, in the trailer they will be putting the old movies which is directed by the director in the beginning of the trailer.
    Like wise when you release the trailer of the endhiran try to do the same, put like “This film is from the director of Aniyan, Shivaji, etc.,” in 3d view as in the UP movie trailer(animation). It will increase the publicity before the movie releases. We know you, but the persons outside the Tamil nadu and our country can able to recognize the movie and YOU very easily.
    And also dont put any important or surprising scene in the trailer sir.
    Its a small idea and request from ur fan
    PLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE reply, i didnt get any reply for my previous comment, its ok but i will be happy if u reply. whether u like the comment or not reply sir, no problem. Will be happy what ever the reply may be.

    Take Care
    All The Best sir!


  76. kabilan says:

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ TELL IN ONE WORD ABOUT RAHMAN SIR.PLEASE SIR.PLEASE REPLY SIR. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  77. Sathish (Muthalvan) says:

    gimme atleast a hints abour ur next movie…

  78. elizabeth says:

    when u r going to direct a horror movie?

    whats ur dream project?

  79. Sathish (Muthalvan) says:

    thalaaaaaaaaa padam pattasu, romba nall ku apparam enga appa amma kuda partha nalla oru kudubangana padam thalaaaaaaa … your selection never fails …. rettaisuzhi is also a example of it.

    sir ithu enoda 5th post unga site la please unga adutha padatha pathi oru hint kudnga…. recently i saw my name is khan, 3 idiots movies. after seeing 3 idiots only i came to know it story adopted from “five point someone” noval by chetan bhagat. athu mari enn tamila panna matiranga… kathai ilama remake padam panurathuku … novaloda story adopt panalameeeeeee …. next movie kamal sir kuda panina patasu kelapumla …. atleast multistarrer panunga sir… we all thinking about ur next film only…. sir pls do tamil films… don’t go for MI or DC ….

    sir your website fans are eagerly waiting for audio release function engaluku invite kedaikuma. if possible please ask ur assistants to send invite thro mail to all regular vistors who post comment in this site,,,,

    editing epadi poguthu…. hope u were busy with post production works of Robo… all the best… rest after your reply

  80. Sujendiran says:

    Sir, can you please give us an update on the progress of the movie ….

  81. pradeep says:

    Hello Shankar sir,

    waiting for ur reply…………………………….

    ALL the BEST for Endhiran

  82. Sivaprakasam says:

    Sir,..All the CG & Animatronics works done in USA only, or there is contribution form india CG company also?….

  83. alagan.rajkumar says:

    sir thalaivar august15 padam releaseinnu interview la sonnatha oru website la parthen please venam sir.namakku venam antha august15,natt.oru nallavan ,baba,guselan markkamudiyathu

  84. Venkat says:

    Hi Shanker,

    Who is big?

    Sun Picture

    or Fans.

    Please reply.

  85. Senthilkumaran says:

    Dear Sir,

    when will release enthiran audio? We are egaraly wating…………? Pls update


  86. jraj says:

    hello shankar sir,

    Plz tell us that stunt coordinator of Endhiran is Yuen Woo Ping.Plz reply sir,v r asking this question since january no reply!…not me only,but ur fans all is asking this question sir!…Plz sir!I m waiting ur reply every second.

    Ur Sincere Fans,

  87. the boss says:

    hav u plan to do an ‘anniyan 2′?

  88. siddharth says:

    hello sir!contrary to the news in your blog that the shooting of endhiran is complete,we found a website providing
    news that the shooting is still in progress and the film is a sure one for diwali…is it true???pls reply sir….all the best for endhiran………

  89. hokulan says:

    Can u tell us about comedy of santhanam&karunas.
    And i know this is not the time to talk about ur next project but i want to say that it would be nice that the next will not take more than 2 years journey.but BIG PROJECT MEANS BIG TIME.
    And hav u any idea to do a fantastik film.
    And would enthiran be dub or sutitle(i heard news about HBO) in english for ‘anniyan’country.
    And enthiran indra project value ethanai C ? lol (or about)

    There are lot of ‘And’ lol.

  90. TECHNOLOGIC says:

    Hello Mr.Shankar…!!

    How are you SIR?? Hope you have a fine health in your busy schedule……Sir I have a few suggestions on the movie like others too:

    1) Sir I have read one of your reply saying:

    “Converting 2D into 3D takes extra 3 months post production time. From the theaters side also there are lot of difficulties and they need more time to convert it for 3D projection. After analyzing the pros and cons and the delay in film release converting into 3D seems not an option now”

    It really broke my heart since i was eagerly waiting for this movie in a 3D format…Im sure many of Endhiran fans too share my opinion. Sir, being a great fan of you, I on behalf of others would suggest you to take your own time in carving a sculpture which could stand ahead of time, so that even after 50 years this movie will be widely spoken and taken as an example for other directors in Asia. Do not rush to release the movie as we are ready to wait for a worthy movie. I would humbly request you to re-consider Endhiran in a 3D version.

    2) Secondly, we all know that you are releasing this movie in Tamil as well as other Indian languages such as Hindi and Telugu. But, it would be best to release it in English version too. If your Indian version is going to attract Indians from all over the world to watch the movie, then English version will certainly attract people of non-Indian origin to watch it as well. Do not worry about who will watch it, because Aishwarya Rai Bachan and AR Rahman are now global artist, which will bring in their fans to watch this sci-fi movie. Not to mention, Mr. Rajnikanth too has his fans around the world, especially in Japan and Korea. Even here in my country, Malaysia, there are Malay and Chinese who are a fan of Aish, Superstar, and The Mozart of Madrass. They are too waiting to watch this magnificent film which will bring the Asian film industry to the next level. So by making an English version, you are making sure that all other races, especially in Australia, UK, US, Europe etc. to get a glimpse of Indian creation. This will also bring you and your artiste for a higher exposure. Since this is a ‘GLOBALISATION ERA’ it is very relevant for your movie to be released in English version simultaneous to Indian versions.

    3) And my third concern is whether the movie will have a good English subtitle. This too will help other races to watch the movie and understand them very well.

    4) Are you using different voices for Mr. Rajni and Miss Aish for other Indian languages such as Telugu??? I’m not sure but i kind of heard it….As to my knowledge i know that both of them are multi-lingual as they speak major Indian languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kanada etc. so most probably different dubbing voices are not needed as it will bring down the value of the movie. Both of them have fans all over India and they would prefer the artiste’s own voice.

    5) Last but not least, please make sure the film is released
    on a large quantity, so not to cause dissappoinment to fans by missing some important theatres around the world. Release it on a bigger scale than usual so that even people from minor cities (indian populated) get to watch this long awaited marvellous movie.

    Yeah, those are some of my friend’s and my humble suggestions. Though we know you are an expert in Film industry and that you know which is the best for your film, it’s just an opinion from a fan who watches your movie and someone who would want to see Indian film industry, specifically TAMIL language based industry to grow with global exposure and recognition. Though we all know that you are always aware of most of post production features like subtitles and all, our suggestions are given in order to support you and make you feel stronger with your ideas. Mr. Shankar, you are the talent who can lift the Indian film industry to a higher altitude.

    All the best in giving birth to your baby. We your fans from all over the world hope and pray that your birth is painless and a success.



  91. kabilan says:

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ TELL IN ONE WORD ABOUT ABOUT PETER HEIN SIR AND TELL ABOUT HIS FABULOUS JOB IN ENTHIRAN SIR.PLEASE SIR.@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  92. vino says:

    Hi sir how r u ? I m from chennai & i m diehard fan of u sir. And also i m waiting for ur Rettai chuzhi and Endhiran release.

    Sir whenever i m watching ur movies that time i m thinking about only one thing thats “Shankar sir Namma state ku CM ellana India vukku PM ‘ma vantha eppadi irukkum”. (I hope all fans r thinking like me) so sir kindly think about this. And sir one request sir kindly do one more film with Harris jayaraj sir, i m also diehard fan of Harris jayaraj sir (Sorry ARR fans kindly dont take serious).

    All the best sir. Take care and Take rest sir. Thank u so much sir………

  93. Harish says:

    Sir I heard that you are releasing the movie in English too.. Is it True sir? Please reply Sir

    Kindly reply sir, I check ur blog everyday thats how my posts are first in ur blog even in this page first 2 Posts are mine.. I am still waiting for ur reply sir…. :( Is the movie releasing in English too

  94. R. Prakash says:

    “DO” simple and superb reply sir( for my post no. 92) . Thanks

  95. karthik says:

    Hello sir,

    This is karthik…….Plzz i request you to reply plzzzzzzzzzzz.

    We are so much desperate to see our thalaivar on screen..When have you planned to complete ENDHIRAN sir??? Try to get it done as early as possible sir..Plz tell us approximately atleast when the film will release and atleast release ENDHIRAN AUDIO it will make us so happy:)Plz tell us some date about audio launch.. There is a huge fan following for thalaivar and u..Plz do launch the audio atleast as early as possible and some pics in this web..So that it will help us to wait for the film happily :)

    Actually tamil thirunal i was expecting some pictures in ur web :) You have not given us the tamil newyear gift.Eagerly waiting for ur reply and gift :) Plzzz sir give it to us :)

  96. SENTHIKUMAR. K.S says:


  97. kowshika says:

    Hii…..sir you r awesome director i lik yo so much.. waiting for endhiran sir…plz reply me!!!atleast plz say a hi or helloo…….sir plzzzzzzzz……..plzzzzzzzzzz sir!!!!!

  98. kabilan says:

    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ TELL IN ONE ABOUT RANDY(RATHINAVELU SIR).PLEASE SIR @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  99. RAHUL S says:

    hi anna,
    ‘ “3D” is not possible now’ so we expect tat “ENDHIRAN” ll be releasin soon..Whethter t film will be releasin in august or it’s a “DIWALI” gift for us????????????? pl reply…

  100. kabilan says:


  101. Sharath says:

    From your replies it looks like an English version of Enthiran – The Robot is very unlikely.

    Sir, atleast ensure that the prints that are sent abroad have English subtitles.

  102. kabilan says:


  103. Pan says:

    we are bit sad sir as no 3D in Enthiran… so there is chance to release the flim soon?

  104. Saravana Kumar says:

    A big Hello to my Indian who has constantly been my Muthalvan and a very nice Gentleman to our cinema..You always strike a chord in the minds of Boys like me and we are Kaadhalan of your movies….!!!!

    Sir this is the first time I am posting on your site..Sorry for that..But since the past 15 years and now I am truely a remarkable fan of yours.

    In recent times in many international film websites like Internet Movie Database(,cinescape,guardian film etc,.,.I was posting about our tamil movies and especially your work and other popular directors..But i was constantly abused by bollywood people..I never gave up..and never will..!!

    Sir your hard-work and may of our tamil directors work which have always changed the face of Indian cinema are always overshadowed by the (not so great Bachans,Salmans,Roshans,SRKS’s.Aamir’s)of Bollywood..

    Tamil industry have always had the latest technical advancements and updated themselves to the current trends even before bollywood could think of them…We have worked for them in many departments but get pushed aside..Tamilan ennikum appadithaan polaii!! We always make others grow but we get thrown into the ditch..!! :-(

    Sir the global audience have never witnessed the potential of tamil cinema..They just see a few of the Bollywood work and sing praise for them.,.But our domain which is far superior in all aspects does not get the recognition it’s worthy of getting..

    We need global recognition sir and I have very high confidence that by your magnum opus-Endhiran can truely revolutionize the way the whole world see’s our work..Sir you have always been a trend-setter in Indian Film industry and please try to bring out our work to the atmost level possible..

    Your first preference is Tamil people but if your able
    to release the Endhiran in foreign countries with the same promotions as you do as in India..Endhiran can be a pathbreaking revolution..

    Rajni Sir is there–Rahman Sir is there—Madam Aishwarya Rai and design team by Stanwinston Studios and you are there Sir…!!!!! What else do we need??

    Please promote the movie for a wide spectrum….Just like Avatar-The world must breathe about the movie Endhiran and must be eagerly awaiting to seen the stunning performance of your work…

    We know Impossible is Nothing where Shankar sir dominates..Just think about the output sir..You will be getting unlimited comments in your site from every nook and corner of the world..!!!

    Always been a great admirer of you and will always be..!!!Wishing you a bilated Happy Tamil New Year and good health and success for your project…!!
    Love you always…. :-)

    ~Thank you for reading..

  105. robo smith says:



  106. Saravanan says:

    Hi Shankar,
    I know you don’t prefer big audio release for your project since it holds sufficient reach in south. As a first time our project is getting released in Hindi so can we have a decent Audio release in North since we have all best elements like u, Rajini, A.R.R, etc…? & just imagine if Rajini is coming in the movie Getup to the function it will be a great Opening. Since ARR now holds a good repo across the globe we can think of trying this in US or UK too. hope u r running around with sleepless nights wish u a Good health & prosperous personal life.

  107. arvind says:

    hello sir,
    totally how many foreign technicians are involved in our super star film-endhiran

  108. kabilan says:

    /////////////////////////////////// THANK U FOR REPLYING TO MY POST SIR.I AM VERY MUCH HAPPY SIR.I WILL SURELY POST ONE COMMENT DAILY WITHOUT FAIL SIR.THANK U VERY MUCH SIR.I AM IN “”"”"”"”"” CLOUD NINE MOOD SIR”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”".///////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  109. Jith says:

    Sir! y u dont want to answer my questions?????? Im srilankan tamil living in singapore. Pls answer my question….. Enthiran has typical rajini formula? Otherwise fans will get dissapoinment. Plsss answer my question…..

  110. Srinivas says:


    Unga next post aavadhu seekram pannunga sir….

    Waiting for ur movie is lik waiting for a grand meals in a Big Reception

    Waiting for ur blog post is lik waiting for a cup of water in a desert area…

    we are now in desert area sir….pls giveus some water..
    and also pls tel us the grand meals date :)

    sir sir pls sir!!!!!!!

    – Srinivas

  111. Manigandan says:

    n sir….you includin ‘vodafone zoo..zoo’ in songs in eindhiran..??

  112. Manigandan says:

    and ya…happy tamil new year

    chittirai tirunaal vaazthukkal sir

  113. Manigandan says:

    sir,any ‘OFFICIAL SURPRISES”(official posters n news) for this TAMIL NEW YEAR??


  114. Purandar Raj says:

    இனிய தமிலர் திருனால் வால்துக்கல்…..[sorry jus learning to type in tamil]… btw expectations are high and all the best to meet our expectations and please let it not resemble any other movie[eng or non].I know yours will be an original one but was worried when even good directors adapt from hollywood movies…
    PS: was disappointed that Vinnai thandi varuvaya is 60% like “500 days of summer”.

  115. Kiran says:

    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has dubbed in Tamil for Mani Ratnam’s “Raavana”. Will she dub for Endhiran too?

    P.L.E.A.S.E R.E.P.L.Y S.I.R !!!!!!

    Please make her dub in Tamil. I just loveeee her voice. Will you? Please sir!!!!!

  116. ANUSHKA says:

    hi shankar sir,
    i have recently put the hindi version of JEANS on youtube. it was not there. Now everyone who can’t understand tamil, can see JEANS.


  117. Harish says:

    Sir Kindly release the movie in English too… Sir I know you can pull it off…

  118. Harish says:

    Sir after Balu Mahendra only your assistants are gems…. Sir I wonder how you mould them into gold.. Sir your assistants are marvellous and come out with excellent projects.. Pls continue with your duplicatiion sir, We need more class Directors your assistants… I would say that you are one of the best leaders in Tamil Cinema…

    By your Die hard Fan

  119. lakshmana says:

    SIR It is true that RAJINI SIR is playing a “”SCIENTIST”" role….. THEN why you choose KAMAL SIR & SHARUKHAN SIR at first than RAJINI sir….. as RAJINI sir suits the most better than any other actor in INDIA ???????

  120. Saravanan says:

    Buddies see this COPY CAT Sharukkhan who made the registration of our Shankar’s Robo title is now trying to copy the film’s script too..

    I am so much mingled with North Indians & I could see there is a Total denial mentallity about this project..They r in a ignorance mentallity of this project..(am not bringing here north south issue) but this is true whenever a south Indian talent pops out.

    Hi shankar,

    I Sincerly request you to concentrate more on a unique Promo which must reach total India without a gap(especially Bollywood)….We shouldnt be overconfident as we couldnt see the hype of shivaji in case of enthiran & these bollywood copy cats are getting cold warming..

    I know u will intend to delete this scrap however
    take my message..

  121. kabilan says:

    ******************** MANY DIE HARD FANS R THERE FOR U THERE SIR IN MY COLLEGE INCLUDE ME SIR.our wish is nothing but sir u should take one full historic period film especially PONNIYIN SELVAN sir.PLEASE CONSIDER IT AS UR NEXT PROJECT SIR.ITS OUR REQUEST SIR **********************************.PLEASE REPLY SIR &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&**************

  122. Vazeer Abu Bilal Kuwait says:

    Dear Sir Please confirm the followings: –

    01)Audio release date of Endhiran The Robot?

    02) Movie release date of Endhiran The Robot?

    03) Movie release date of Aanadhapuraththu Veedu?

    04) Movie release date of Rettai Suzhi?

    05) Endhiran need / no need to wear 3D specs to watch in theatre?

    06) Please can u release some more official pic of Endhiran?

    Awaiting for the positively answer to all my questions

    Vazeer (Abu Bilal) Kuwait.

  123. R.Gopi says:

    எந்திரன் படத்தின் 3டி காட்சிகள் திடீரென்று படத்தின் இரண்டாம் பகுதியில் வரும் போது, ரசிகர்களை எவ்வாறு அந்த காட்சிகளை 3டியில் ரசிக்க தயார் படுத்துவீர்கள்??

    உலகளாவிய ரிலீஸ் எனும்போது, எவ்வளவு பிரிண்டுகள் ரிலீஸ் செய்வது சாத்தியம்?

  124. Arun Kumaar.S says:

    Hello sir,
    I recently watched the making of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya(VTV) in the television. Antony(Editor) mentioned that you spoke to him on the film for over 10 mins.
    Can you pls share your views on it?

    Not only VTV, a small column or post on the recent movie you watched, how you felt, comments and stuff… if u can… plz…

    A K S
    (Awaiting your repli, eagerly…)

  125. Sathish (Muthalvan) says:


    your fav movie 3 idiots is going to remake in tamil.
    Sir when was the audio release. nanga ella ulla vara mudiyuma audio release nerla parka… pala varusa kanavu sir… please

  126. Narayan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    Advance Happy Tamil New Year Wishes.
    May this year brings u good health and prosperity to ur life.
    Also best wishes for the success of Endhiran.



  127. kabilan says:


  128. robo smith says:

    dear sir,
    I just saw a video of urs in sujatha sir memorial function.



  129. kabilan says:

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PLEASE REPLY ATLEAST TO ONE OF MY POSTS SIR####################### especially to where i will get reply for the questions asked in ask me portion sir ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  130. Suthan S says:

    One Question Shankar. Please reply to this.
    Who is going to distribute Endhiran Worldwide? A part from Sun pictures who they will distribute in India.

  131. சீனு says:

    பாஸு…ஒரு கேள்வி.

    நீங்க ஏன் இன்னும் யுவனுடன் சேர்ந்து படம் செய்யவில்லை? யுவன் + நா.முத்துக்குமார் உங்கள் படங்களுக்கு ஏற்றவர்கள் இல்லையா? “இன்னும் நேரம் அமையவில்லை” என்று சொல்லவேண்டாம் :)

  132. Sharath says:

    Dear Shankar,

    As some one mentioned in their reply above, please release a English version also. I have the faith and confidence that it will be successful.

    Please seriously consider releasing the English version and that too simultaneously with the main film (Tamil/Hindi).

  133. sivaji says:

    hello sir

    plizz plizzz release the film in summer sir
    it’s my humble request plizzzz plizzzzzz

    because after summer i can’t see the film in cinema
    because in france ,i can’t see your film

    i think many peopole are like me

  134. Ashok says:

    Hi sir..if possible, u can do a movie based on aliens!!!!!

  135. raj says:

    i have seen the photos of rettaisuzhi. its too good.awaiting to see the film in theatre…. enthiran audio release date? have u finished CG works. when it will hit the screen

  136. Sundar says:

    Hello Sir,

    All the best for enthiran.

    My question, S pictures produces movies that have original script. How come you missed Angadi Theru. Last time the impact I felt was in kadhal. Angadi Theru is an exceptional movie. Please produce movies like that.

  137. kanna says:

    What happened to stuntmaster yuen woo ping who was announced when endhiran shoot started?
    3D – james cameron planned it before the movie started. Retrospectivelly fitting 3D in a movie made in 2D – will it work, or more for box office purpose? thanks for honest answer to critical questions..mosstly only see praises in comments…Hope it’s not too similar to terminator…

  138. kabilan says:

    please REPLY TO MY EARLIER POSTS SIR.”"”"”"”"”"”SIR I HAD asked many QUESTIONS in ask me portion sir”"”"”"”"”"”"”".WHERE CAN I GET REPLY FOR THAT SIR.########PLEASE REPLY SIR#######.i am daily posting one comment sir.please reply atleast to one sir.&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^%%%%%%%%%

  139. abdul salam av says:

    hi sir
    i want 2 know about how much the budget of endhiran when finished the shooting schedule ………..?
    in your previous films gentleman-gouthami,indian-urmila,muthalvan-susmitha,anniyan-yanagupta,shivaji-nayantara like this in endhiran guest appearence of any actress in songs…………?

  140. robo smith says:

    dear sir,


  141. lakshmana says:


    HOPE it would b better than “”TERMINATOR”"

  142. lakshman says:

    hi sir, i’d watched the stills of robot…….is rajni sir a CYBERNETIC ORGANISM with living tissue over metal endoskeleton like arnold in terminator?????????

  143. Anand says:

    Please make sure there is english subtitle in endhiran since here in malaysia and singapore…. other races do watch tamil movies…. I hope you do something about it.

  144. SIVANESH says:

    hello sir
    how r u?i hav been posting several questions to u sir,but till now i didnot get reply for none.its ok,i can understand how difficult for u to manage time.but i’m ur follower,i wont get disappointed quickly & i hav more perseverance.

    1)before interval scene in sivaji if the coin has showed poo pathai for rajini,wat wud be ur story cum direction for the rest of the movie?

    2)ur advise for indian youth,college students & teenage students?

  145. Saravana Boobathy says:

    hi shankar ji

    When will you are going to direct the movie with vijay?

  146. Sai Prasanna says:

    Hi sir
    Awaiting Endiran as Rajini sir acting in Shankar’s film

  147. kabilan says:

    sir ungala pathiya vimarchanagalai eppadi eduthukivinnga sir.please reply to me sir.

  148. Sankar Babu says:


    We fans are Dharumi(thiruvilaiyadal)to you…hears again the announcement of the King ‘Director Shankar’ on his filming update news about “Endhiran”…
    audio release date’ay engalukku 1000 porkaasugaldhan….seekiram announce pannunga sir…

    Thalaivar’a screen’la (tv and theatre) paarka veriyoda irukkom…Audio coming soon’nu oru chinna clips’aadhu podunga sir…aavalodu irukkom.

    Ungala paarka romba poramaiya irukku sir…thalaivar kooda ivvalavu nerukkama…and u too very humble and simple likes him.NIRAIYA AVARODA PADAM PANNUNGA SIR..I read ur interview in aanada viakatan,as u said he will do more different roles


  149. ramu says:

    hi sir we the fans are much curious about the movie sir, please release more stills n the trailer as early as possible

  150. Logan says:

    I would like to see a movie directed by you with multiple heros… I think you can pull it off… recently i saw the trailer of sylvester stallone’s expendables… which has so many heroes, even arnold is acting in it… why can’t you do something like that… You could have both Rajini and Kamal to do a cameo in the movie or something… Think about it…
    Break the Rules of having only one hero in a movie!

  151. ANUSHKA says:

    Is ROBOT realising in ENGLISH??????????????

  152. ANUSHKA says:

    Namashkar sir,
    I have a suggestion for the promotion of ur movie ROBOT. I think, a chat program should be organized befor the movie release. so that we can communicate with you and your team (rajini sir, aishwarya, danny and rahman sir). we can share a great time.
    plz keep my suggestion in mind.


  153. Sridhar Visvanath says:

    AaaKaaYam by Sujatha
    Dear Sir,
    I was preparing for a script for my play and chose to do AaKaaYam (Anandh, Kanchana and Iyanthiram), But then dropped it as it would fall during Endhiran fever.

    Now that you have done a robot movie, is there any chance of doing AaKaaYam in any form.

    My most favorite of all your creations is definitely Indian. What a variety that movie offered.
    Would you make a movie about Capitalism and Individualism based on The Fountainhead by Ayn rand. You are the only soul in tamilnadu capable of creating such a magnum opus.


  154. Vazeer Abu Bilal Kuwait says:

    Sir! Please tell us when the audio release and movie release date. Please release ENDHIRAN all over Tamil Nadu. “Thirumbiya idamellam Endhiran mattumthaan odik kondirukka vendum” “Inform to SUN PICTURES”

  155. Amrit says:

    The greatest Indian movie ever made is Iruvar. Your heroine Aishu maata was the heroine of that film too. Have you watched that masterpiece?

    What did you think about Mohanlal, Prakash Rai, Aishwarya Rai, Nasser, Tabu and Revathi’s performance in that film?

    Please reply brother!

  156. kabilan says:

    sir ananda vikatanla iruka unga inyerview unmaiya?poiya sir.antha bookala last pagela antha interview april fool nu potu irukanga sir.please reply sir.

  157. SYLVAIN says:

    shankar sir padam full BUDGET yévlo ??? plss answer me sir

  158. shankar says:

    hello sir ,

    all the best and release a songs ASAP !!!

  159. koki says:

    all the best sir!!!..plz release the movie fast..tx!!!

  160. rajesh says:

    Its well , if you release the endiran film on diwali.By the way what is your next project.

  161. Vidya Nath says:

    Hello sir,
    How are you??
    and sir what is the release date of enthiran and what is the telugu title for it?? and sir will u do any film with vishal??

  162. parthiban says:

    Sir,I want know tat it would be real shankar’s thriller movie like Indian or commercial movie like jeans,kathalan…?????

    All the very best for endhiran…!!!

  163. kabilan says:

    sir will u visit kumbakonam frequently sir?

  164. nagarajan says:


  165. Narayan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    It is too early to ask u .
    Will ENDHIRAN be the OSCAR NOMINATION from India this time ?



  166. kabilan says:

    eagerly awaiting for entiran sir

  167. abi says:

    best wishes sir
    sir please do release a 10 seconds teaser of endiran

  168. kiran says:

    sir in a recent interview u had told tat u r interested in working wit d nx8 gen heroes i.e. surya,vijay n ajith..

    …….great 2 hear tat sir…… It wil b fresh 2 c them in ur movie… n one kind request sir;;;;;

    ===We need a entirely different surya or ajith or vijay in ur movie. We should not b able to find out d mass hero(ajith,vijay) n d lover boy(surya)… It wil b a new xperience 2 c them in a different shade(lik simbhu in VTV)

    Hope u went thru my comment sir……..

  169. Siva Subramanian says:

    Respected Shankar Sir,

    How are you? Wish you all the best in your current and future projects. Waiting for the magnum opus Endhiran to be released soon! Hats off to all your S Pictures releasing films.Can you please list down the TOP 10 Tamil films which you watch it over and over again(other than your films) you liked from your child hood till now as a Director?

    Reply ASAP.


  170. kiran says:

    sir also expecting a movie wit suriya……………..

  171. kiran says:

    sir m expecting u to do another movie wit KAMAL sir… M expecting a lot from d duo KAMAL-SHANKAR….

    Such is d impact u both have left after INDIAN

  172. கை.சிவசுப்பிரமணியன் says:

    ரெட்டைச்சுழி இரு இமயங்களை வைத்து தயாரித்திருக்கிரீர்கள் – வாழ்த்துக்கள் ! இது போல் நடிகர் திலகம் சிவாஜி கணேசன் இருந்த போது உங்கள் இயக்கத்தில் அல்லது தயாரிப்பில் நடிக்காமல் போனது உங்களுக்கு வருத்தத்தை ஏற்படுத்தியுரிக்கிறதா ? அப்படி நடிகர் திலகத்தை வைத்து படம் இயக்கிருந்தால் அந்த படம் உங்கள் பார்வையில் எப்படி இருந்திருக்கும் ? அந்த படத்திற்கு என்ன பெயர் வைத்திருப்பேர்கள் ?

  173. gopi says:

    hello sir

    i have a small request

    pliz pliz sir release the film in summer
    june , july ,august
    because in france, london etc…..
    we are in holydays

    i guaranti you that if it’s release in summer
    i will go watch the movie first day first show and more than 5 times =)

    a small request from france’fans =D

    all the best for enthiran
    it will be a succes for sure

  174. Vimal says:

    I have 3 questions for you.
    1. When are you going to release the trailer.
    2. When is the Audio launch.
    3. When is the movie release. :-)
    Entha moonu questionumeaa answer panna romba kastam nu theriyum, erundhalum kekaamaa eruka mudiayaallaa…
    Expecting a reply from you sir.

  175. Balaji says:

    Hello Sir,

    Nice to be back writing on ur blog. I am a regular visitor of your blog. Kindly let us know whether Rajni will dub in his own voice for hindi version? Because Rajni is popular in Bollywood too. If he lends his voice to the hindi version it would be great for the fans!!!!

    And please take your own time. Till you and your crew feel it s perfect, don’t release the movie. We can wait till next year April 2011. Please give it to us as grand summer 2011 release. The movie will get more collections too!!!!

  176. Deepak says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Can we expect the CD release with some goodies like you had for JEANS? (JEAN POCKET was given!!!)

    Can we have goodies like film’s logo, stickets, posters??? to fix in our car and bikes??

    Njoy Filming..:)

    In anticipation of your reply,
    Deepak J.

  177. Riju says:

    i really enjoyed all ur Mvies,bt i really amazed of “Indian” Magnificent Performance by Kamal,Ur Path Breaking story and narration,graphics and AR Rahman’s amazing Music..
    One Of d Best Movie In India…….

    1 Qn Sir…
    Shall we Expect an another Movie With Combo Shankar-Kamal-Rahman?

    All d Best 4 Endhiran and ur Future Projects….

  178. pandiyan madurai says:

    shankar ji namakku time,money mukkiyamillai,padamdhan mukkiyam,We know that u will giv all ur efforts.we the fans are sure that v are goin to challenge hollywood this year…………

  179. Mugilans says:

    I’m eagerly waiting for Endhiran… Especially the songs..

  180. Rj says:


    I would like to know why you have not invite superstar for this rettaisuzhi audio release.

    Due to some problem then let me know…..

    I am one of your eager fan plz reply..

    thank u
    my heartly wishes for our enthiran team.

  181. Kannan says:

    Shankar – Please take your own time till you get the results you have in your mind. I am fan of both of you but still like to see a world class product not just another shankar-style film.Hope you have done enough research and latest developments in the robotics field. Most of our films are very much predictable.If you see movies other parts of the world, they will take you inside the movie and you travel or live with that movie for next 2-3 hours.We make only 1-2 movies like that in a year not consciously but just by chance.All the best.

  182. Sathish (Muthalvan) says:

    Thalavaaaaa Next movie pathi oru hint… atleast which gendre or who is the hero….

    just a huntch plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  183. Sutheswaran Naidu says:

    sir, please reply to me…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Also, is Lucasfilm’s ILM working for graphics in Endhiran??????????

  184. kabilan says:

    i am expecting more good movies from ur banner like this sir.u r really great in encoraging the new talents sir.awaiting for anandhapurathu veedu

  185. sivaprakasam says:

    sir, Plz tell us release date r release the trailor now,
    we are waiting eagerly…& wishes for Rettai Chuzhi Success.

    Thanks for ur updates

  186. Harish says:

    Sir any idea of releasing Teaser for Enthiran? Kindly confirm sir please…

  187. Saktheeswaran says:

    hi sir,
    can we expect endhiran audio in may?

  188. ROBO SMITH says:

    Its really a very prestigious project that u are producing.
    Proud of u sir .

    And about ROBO.


  189. Karthikeyan Periyasamy says:

    I am fan of both Sujatha sir and Balakumaran sir. I would like to know what is the percentage of dialogues writeen by sujatha sir and balakumaran sir?

  190. Rikky says:

    Aishwarya still the most beautiful woman.

  191. Strider says:

    Audio is good sir..Its nice to hear.. And ur production house is brilliant sir.. I saw vasanthabalan’s(veiyiel director, banner: S pictures) movie ‘ angadi theru ‘ its good sir.. Ur production house gives chance to great talented persons… Continue sir, we are there to salute you.. waiting eagerly for your next post..

  192. kabilan says:

    songs r nice

  193. moulali basha says:

    Hai,sir.thanks for the latest information.release the audio soon.waiting eagerly for good wishes for you.

  194. kiran says:

    sir ur best(lik ever-green hit) album wit rahman sir til date is BOYS(even jeans n kadhalan)…….
    pls create d same magic again…. Wil ENDHIRAN create d same magic? or is it possible oly in love subjects???

    pls do reply sir

  195. sathya narayanan says:

    i am eagerly waiting for endhiran audio release

  196. Sai Srinivasan Subramanian says:

    i love Hari Haran sir’s song

    sir pls sing one song in u r produced movie.. atleast once… a small rap atleast

  197. Vazeer Abu Bilal Kuwait says:

    It means v will very soon hear the Endhiran super hit songs. Is in it?

  198. Valli Narayanan says:

    Hai sir the songs in Rettai Chuzhi were great hear greatwork by Karthikraja Sir.

    About Endhiran:
    So if the recording of the last song in endhiran is over can we expect the songs soon
    Expecting your reply

  199. murali says:

    rettai chuzi audio is over songs are good. waiting for most awaited endhiran audio when its going to release. how long anandhapurathu veedu completed. hows nagas work in that.?

  200. Dhiva says:

    Sooper News,Shankar Sir!!!…We are eagerly waiting for the Audio Release!!! Hope we will receive the cofirmed date soon!! Thanks

  201. Jayabal says:

    Hi! sir how r u.I am a big fan of you.why have u not done a project again with my thalaivar ULLAGANAYAGAN “KAMALHAASAN”.

  202. Saju says:

    Dear Sir,
    Great to hear that the last song in Enthiran has been composed. Expecting the audio release soon.


  203. Partha says:

    Describe in one word how would be the music album?
    want to be chartbuster of the decade

  204. Naveen says:

    When can we expect ROBO audio release then?

  205. Mohan Rajamanickam says:

    Shankar sir,
    Rettai Chuzhi audio songs are good, hots of to Karthi Raja. Thanks for keep updating Enthiran specials. When will be the audio release for Enthiran.. .

    Photos are really good….


  206. Mohan Rajamanickam says:

    Shankar sir,
    Rettai Chuzhi audio songs are good, hots of to Karthi Raja. Thanks for keep updating Enthiran specials. When will be the audio release for Enthiran.

    Photos are really good


  207. Prashanth A says:

    Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening

    When will the movie be released? and how much has Ananthapurathu Veedu been completed?- waiting to see a Marma Desam on screen….has Indra Soundarjan written the story for this one too?

    Prashanth A

  208. Sankaranarayanan says:

    Today I heared RettaiChuzhi Songs. Congrats Karthikraja.

  209. Sankaranarayanan says:

    Good Sir. Please provide some Endhiran Stills. Try to release Endhiran on End of June.

    One more request please update the details atlease once in a week. We know you are very busy with Endhiran works. Try to update atlease once in 10days.

    Convey my regards to your unit and our only one Superstar.


  210. Ajay kisshor says:

    Sir, thanks 4 replyin.. I’m very happy.. When are the songs gng to be released…?

  211. ravishankar says:

    expecting endhiran audio soon sir…. our long tym wait…. i personally want endhiran audio covers to be innovative

  212. Selva says:

    Dear Shankar,

    All the best for the Rettai Suzhi movie…When is it getting released…Very eager to know when you will release Endhiran Audio?



  213. John Mathews says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    Great news. We’ve been waiting for a long time now to hear this. You have made us wait very badly. Now, please pls pls let us know about the starting of promotion, audio release and finally the release. Pls give us the month atleast.

    thx, John

  214. ANUSHKA says:

    hello sir, it is nice that song composition is finished. now i am waiting for music release. And yes,i think it will be first time that we are watching rajini sir without moustache in ROBOT.
    best of luck for future

  215. Siva says:

    Hi Sir,

    Nice to hear and All the Best.

    We all waiting for it


  216. Riju says:

    Best Wishes, Sir….

  217. praveen says:

    hi sir ,please release the audio soon,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  218. Ramesh says:

    The songs r rokinn
    great lyrics from vairamuthu
    very nice audio launch
    aish lookin beautiful
    i loved ur speech
    like usually ur productions will be hit like ur directions
    can u release some endhiran stills plz not now when u wish :)
    take caree
    your sinna kutty thampi (Im 15)

  219. Ramesh ELango says:

    waiting for the audio…..

    thnks for d update..

  220. Sathya says:

    Hi Shankar sir,
    I sent few comments on your previous posts but I was one amongst the unluckiest to not get a reply from you. I am really excited to watch this movie and hopefully it should release in USA.
    I BIG REQUEST sir.. Having SUPERSTAR, ARR, ASH, Stanwisnston Studios and the BIG name SHANKAR.. in Endhiran …PLEASE dub the movie in English and screen it as a English movie all over the world.. I want this movie to give YOU an international reputation like what ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ gave for ARR.
    Please don’t compromise on the quality just for the sake of releasing Endhiran by this year..
    Hats off for you initiative to produce movies with different concepts.. U always remain as the BEST..
    Good Luck Sir,

  221. Soma says:

    Happy to hear the updates.. Wish u all the best for Rettachuzhi to become great success!!!

  222. kabilan says:

    Respected sir,
    if questions had been asked to u in the ask me portion,where can i see the reply for those questions sir.where will u post it sir.please reply sir.

  223. gopi says:

    thanks for the update sir
    good luck for your production
    it defenetly will be a success

    regarding enthiran
    the last song is nearing completation
    so the audio is soon …..?

  224. Kalyan says:

    Dear Brother Shankar,

    Thanks for sharing the news and the footage from Rettai Suzhi. The very thought of bringing three greats from tamizh movie (KB, Bharathiraaja and Mahendran) is very noble. Besides, I am so happy to see a nice human being in you. There is a saying in tamizh ‘Agathin azhagu mugathil theriyum’. For sure your external personality reflects your nice heart.

    You didn’t restrict yourself by merely directing BIG BUDGET movies and earning money and fame, you have already taken the next step in promoting good and deserving talents.

    Sujatha did not leave us. For sure he is still residing in your creations and in the creations of other good creators.

    The next generation will for sure see you as an inspiration in their lives. Not just in the capacity of a creator but as a nice human being.

    All the best Bro. Shankar.

    Best wishes


  225. bharathnryn says:

    hi sir…nice to hear….that shoot is over..waiting to see the thalaivar…we are hoping that this movie wil be in international standards…Hats off to u for taking tamil cinema to the next level….:)sir all the best for you…plz add some more endhiran movie pics…you added the pics long time before…:)…

  226. Gobi says:


    Please use some unique voice in your songs. Unique does not mean the language will take the 2nd priority. For example, Udit’s pronouncation of tamil is not good. Try to overcome this problem.

  227. Sasikumar S P says:


    Wow!…. amazing sir…

    we r waiting for the movie… release date pls?

    Wish u all success ….

  228. Kubendran says:


    As a producer shankar “You are the best”.All the movies u have produced were execellant in all aspects.So how do u trust and judge your directors that they will do their best as like as their story conveyed to you.

    Since it was miracle for me on your movies u produced and still i have seen all ur movies in first day for the brand name “S films”.

  229. Pravin says:

    Thats Great to see you sir again! Keep going on your speed, we will try to come in your speed.. May good bless you and we looking forward to see both movies Rettachuzhi and anandhapurathu vidhu.
    All lots of expectations started building on endhiren movie, several news saying different budget for the movie.. can you able to tell what is the exact budget of the movie sir..
    Take enough rest and sleep sir..
    Waiting for you………..

  230. Rajendran T says:

    Hi Shankar,

    I’m very big fan of your movies…. Do you have any idea of makking Indian or Anniyan second part? Any plans to do movie with Suriya? We are very happy if you answer above questions.


  231. s.sugandan says:

    Respected SHANKAR SIR,
    we are happy about your latest update
    on thalaivar superstar Rajinikanth’s ENDHIRAN,so we are waiting for the announcement of the audio release date and we are expecting the audio release soon.

  232. Aafrin says:

    waiting for the songs from mozart of madras.

    saw the still of enthiran… its rocking…

    advance wishes….

  233. Harish says:

    Sir we are very eager to see the Trailer, atleast please release a teaser alteast sir…. Just a 10 Sec teaser is enough we have been waiting since 2.5 yrs plus..

  234. Harish says:

    Wow Excellent news Sir… We are desperately waiting for the release news.. I wish the movie releases by summer,kindly confirm on the same Sir

  235. Ajay kisshor says:

    sir, i read in kumudam that Rama Rama song comes in Enthiran.. There is a song released in net.. I heard it too.. Is it true..??
    PLS PLS reply sir..

  236. R. Prakash says:

    It is difficult to breaking ones own great records. But you are doing it continuously. What is the secret sir? Please tell so that the young generations, your ardent fans like me can follow?

  237. Himalay Reddy says:

    Please take care about Endhiran. We know it’s your baby, but still I was concerned about the film when you said it’ll be in 3D. I read this interesting article on 3D films rage in Hollywood. Please give it a read. I’m sure it is worth your time!

    “Published: April 2, 2010 ; New York Times.

    LOS ANGELES — For weeks, Hollywood has sat in judgment of a last-second decision by Warner Brothers to convert its two-dimensional “Clash of the Titans” into 3-D after filming was finished. James Cameron cried sacrilege, Michael Bay said such quickie conversions resulted in “fake 3-D” and fanboy bloggers lambasted Warner and urged people to skip it.

    But what about regular moviegoers — would they even notice anything amiss with the movie’s 3-D?

    It’s no small question for Hollywood. With at least 70 movies in the 3-D pipeline — including many similar conversion projects — studios and theater owners are betting heavily that audiences will snap up increasingly expensive 3-D tickets. Mr. Cameron, whose “Avatar” sparked this fervor by racking up nearly $2.7 billion in global ticket sales, fretted to that Warner is “expecting the same result, when in fact they will probably work against the adoption of 3-D, because they’ll be putting out an inferior product.”

    “Clash of the Titans,” a $122 million remake of the campy 1981 original, opened in wide release on Friday, and early feedback indicates that Joe and Jane Moviegoer don’t really see what all the fuss is about. Indeed, despite the negative media coverage of the film, box office forecasters say the picture is on track to sell between $60 million and $70 million in tickets by Monday — a very robust result.

    “I thought the 3-D quality was really good,” said Eric Shimp as he left a showing of “Clash of the Titans” at the AMC Century City 15 in Los Angeles. Mr. Shimp, who works in the automotive industry, added, “The ticket prices are ridiculous, but it does leave you feeling like you’ve just seen a spectacle.”

    Sharle Kochman, a cosmetologist, said as she left the theater that she thought the 3-D quality was on a par with “Avatar,” and Lauren Shotwell, a music executive, said she noticed none of the tell-tale signs of a 3-D conversion: blurriness, double images (called “ghosting”), flat backgrounds. “During the computer-generated parts the 3-D looked totally fine,” Ms. Shotwell said.

    Twitter feedback was more mixed, with seemingly regular folks squaring off against the geekier variety. “ ‘Clash of the Titans’ in 3D was a great movie had fun,” wrote TaliaMenacho. Radharc countered: “Now that ‘Clash of the Titans’ is actually out I can finally say that whatever you do, see it in 2D. The post conversion to 3D isn’t too hot.”

    Many directors are wary.

    “The tidal wave of rush-job post-conversions to 3-D worries me, as it does a lot of filmmakers, because the results are often sketchy and nowhere near as immersive as in-camera 3-D photography,” said Shawn Levy, the director of “Night at the Museum” and the coming comedy “Date Night,” starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell. “Filmmakers have to resist the current frenzy for all things 3-D in order to first assess whether the movie’s tone and subject matter organically benefit from it.,”

    It remains too early to tell whether audiences will rebel at 3-D (“Avatar”) and what some experts are calling 3-D Lite (movies shot the normal way and converted afterward). More tea leaves will be available next weekend. If interest in the 3-D version of “Clash of the Titans” drops sharply, analysts will view that as a signal of negative word of mouth. It’s entirely possible, of course, that audiences will complain about the 3-D when they really just didn’t like the story.

    Another movie shot in 2-D and converted later — Walt Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland” — certainly did not suffer at the box office, selling about $663 million in tickets worldwide.

    The worry, as Mr. Cameron noted, is that studios will quickly train consumers to be more selective when it comes to 3-D, especially as ticket prices rise. Last week, several large movie theater chains lifted 3-D ticket prices 15 to 25 percent. As a result, many moviegoers in cities like New York and Los Angeles will now pay $19.50 each to see certain 3-D screenings. Typically, theaters charge an extra $3 to $5 for tickets to 3-D movies.

    Studios, eager to chase 3-D revenue as DVD sales continue to decline, are scrambling to release as many movies in the format as they can, lest the current appetite for 3-D proves as ephemeral as the last one. The film business became fascinated with 3-D in the 1950s, only to watch its popularity die as audiences balked at the bulky glasses and jerky, stomach-churning camera movements.

    The latest 3-D technology is supposed to be new and improved; at least that is how Hollywood has sold it to audiences. Digital projectors deliver precision images, eliminating headaches and nausea, while plastic glasses have replaced the cardboard. Most important, say filmmakers, new equipment allows movies to be built in 3-D from the ground up, providing a more immersive and realistic viewing experience, not one based just on occasional visual gimmicks.

    But nearly every studio is now considering shortcuts. At 20th Century Fox a 3-D conversion of the coming “Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader” is being weighed. Warner Brothers will convert both halves of its upcoming “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Mr. Bay has said that Paramount is pressuring him to give his third “Transformers” installment the treatment.

    Conversion costs anywhere from $5 million to $30 million a movie, depending on the complexity.

    Technology companies say the conversion process is being unfairly judged.

    “I kind of rolled my eyes at first, but once I saw the tests I was really startled at how good this can look,” said Rob Hummel, chief executive of Prime Focus North America, which retrofitted “Clash of the Titans.”

    “We’re not the only ones who think that,” he added. “Our phone is ringing off the hook with 911 calls from studios to do conversions.”

    Prime Focus introduced its conversion technology in July. Although the process is complex and largely proprietary, it involves computer software that determines which objects are in front of others — Actor A is walking in front of Actor B. The image in front is then digitally brought even farther forward.

    Jim Dorey, editor of, a blog devoted to the medium, ultimately thinks the quickie “Clash” conversion was a mistake. But unlike many technophiles he is not closing the door on the retrofitting process.

    “If the right money is spent and you take your time, then native 3-D and converted 3-D can both be exceptional,” Mr. Dorey said. “Even when it’s not very well done I suspect most consumers will find it passable.”

    I hope you’ve got my point by now. That convert the film into 3D only if you are really sure that the outcome will be excellent and the audience will be spellbound. If, God-forbid, it doesn’t happen, then even if the film is outstanding, the film will garner negative response about the poor 3D work done in the film. And the 3D will be spectacular only if good money is spent on it. And by good money I mean at least $8-10 million. And so much money can only be recovered only when the film is released on a large scale. A 25 crore budget movie 3 Idiots was released with 4,000 prints worldwide. And with something as big as Endhiran with HUGE superstar-icons like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rajnikanth, Oscar-Grammy award winning legend A R Rahman as the music composer of the film and the best filmmaker in the world as the director (Yes, You!!), this film can be easily released with at least 10,000 prints worldwide. And I’m not joking here, it is serious business!

    You can release the Hindi version with 4000 prints

    Tamil version with 1500 prints

    Telugu version with 1500 prints

    Malayalam/Kannada versions with a 500 prints each.

    And finally the English version with a minimalistic 2000 prints.

    And that accounts to 10,000 prints!

    I know you may not be really sure about the English version, but believe me, the western audiences simply love Indian Musical with colourful song and dance!

    Also, Aishwarya madam’s superstardom in America, Europe, Australia and the middle-east will garner a huge response to the film!

    And btw, we all know that Rajni sir is also very popular in Japan, Korea, China etc…So that will help us get huge numbers for the film there!

    Now the only place left in the world is Antarctica. Haha! :)

    C’mon Shankar we can make history. We have all the ingredients to make a supersuccessful Indian film worldwide! It’s time we stop talking about “Avatar” and make the westerners talk about “Endhiran”. Indian Pride.

    I’m really looking forward to your film Shankar sir. Just give it your best shot and don’t make Sun Pictures think twice about releasing the film with 10,000 prints. And the publicity should be so huge that it should make people forget about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and make them think onlu about Rajni and Aish!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see the romance/chemistry between Rajni and Ash. I’m happy that Rajni finally lived his dream of working with the most beautiful woman in the world ever, Aishu!

    A small request from my side :- Please, please, please…No item songs in the film. They are the spoilers in any film and would totally take our concentration from the mindset of the film. Also, who needs another heroine when they have the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!!!

    And no hurry to release the film this year. Please take your own sweet time! :) Don’t come under the pressure of Rajni and Ash fans to release the film as fast as possible! Because we are ready to wait for the longest time provided that the product is excellent.
    And with the dream team of you, Aish, Rajni, Rahman, I have no doubts about the quality of the film. It is a masterpiece in the making and would leave a smile on our faces even after we have turned 70 (I’m just 20 now, btw).

    I wish you, Ash, Rajni, Rahman and all the rest of the cast and crew of Endhiran a very happy personal life and a super-successful professional life!

    Love you, da! Cheers!

    Himalay Reddy,
    A big fan of yours and Ash.

  238. Rajesh says:

    Digital 3D
    Disney Digital 3-D
    Dolby 3D
    XpanD 3D
    MasterImage 3D

    These are the latest 3D motion picture technology used.

    U gonna use which technology for Endhiran?? Because in Avatar, Cameron used RealD 3D, Dolby 3D, XpanD 3D and IMAX 3D technologies.. As i am interested to know about this, could u please tell me which tech u gonna use for our movie.

    • Converting 2D into 3D takes extra 3 months post production time. From the theaters side also there are lot of difficulties and they need more time to convert it for 3D projection. After analyzing the pros and cons and the delay in film release converting into 3D seems not an option now.

  239. bala says:

    sir,, is adikara mazhayila song from endhiran?? plz reply sir..

  240. RAHUL says:

    hi anna,
    u din reply for any of my earlier posts..
    pl post some of thalaivar’s photos in shootin spot (atleast one pl anna)..

  241. karanpraba says:

    hello sir,
    this is very nice but plz reply in many persons sir. then hoe many asst directors r working in endhiran sir plz tel me?

  242. kabilan says:

    ///////////////////// IS THERE BALAKUMARAN SIRS CONTRIBUTION IN ENTHIRAN SIR.PLEASE REPLY SIR ************************

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