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518 Responses to Enthiran Teaser

  1. JAYKHUMAR says:


  2. premkumar says:


  3. premkumar says:

    i am appreciate with my dear directer shanker you are ONE OF GREAT INDIANS . I AM YOUR FAN ALWAYSSSSSSS

  4. Prof Dr P Chandra Sekharan Forensic scientist says:

    Kathal Anukkal
    Endhiran is indeed a great movie. Its director Mr. S. Shankar is an acknowledged versatile personality. After many years, I went to a theatre to watch a movie. He has done an excellent job by making even a common man to understand and appreciate high tech innovations in modern film making. But I cannot resist myself from pointing out a glaring scientific blunder in the composition of the torch song Kadhal Anukkal especially when it is sonorously repeated day in and day out as cacophonies through TV channels.
    Kadhal Anukkal song has a blemish. Kaviperarasu Vairamuthu claims he has introduced scientific fervour in this song. Unfortunately the domination of the poetic instinct in him made him to stumble on the word ‘neutrons’ instead of protons’. The neutron is a subatomic particle with no net electric charge. The particles proton and electron are charged particles, proton with a positive (+)
    charge, and electron with a negative (–) charge.
    The lyrics of the song could have been composed with the words ‘protons’ and ‘electrons’ especially when the poet conceptualize ‘love’, an absolute value, to matter (atoms). When the poet has a compulsive compassion to bring in his lyrics the word neelakkann, the word ‘neutron’ peeps in to quench the poetic thirst for alliteration. If the lyrics begin with the word proton, the poet’s ingenuity can still stick to the alliteration by describing the eye as ‘pesum kann’, ‘payum kann’ or any other appropriate phraseology from the vast vocabulary of Vairamuthu.
    I do not know how the versatile director Shankar, who has meticulously designed each and every scene with perfection taking care to introduce all scientific and technological aspects, has failed to notice this error. I think the lyrics can be corrected and the sound track edited suitably without remaking the concerned scene. I was amazed to watch the other day how this top class movie was planned and executed utilising all technologies available all over the world. It may not be a big thing for Mr Shankar to carry out the above suggestion. Let not the small blemish is there in this otherwise perfect movie.

  5. Rajesh says:

    sir, ENTHIRAN is superb.. i watched four times in theatre sir. thanks for a good movie. you are rocking sir.. we are expecting an another movie with super star sir…

    you are the best…:)

  6. Veerasamy kasinathan says:

    Dear Shankar,
    The movie sound good in all aspect. Basically you are an audience rather than Director. As you mention your interview in Kumudam Magazine any creation cannot be 100% perfect. As a whole the movie is excellent. As my view the duration of the film should be 2hrs 30 minutes and it will be very good. As director you know which item do shorten or delete.
    We expect many good movies from you. If opportunity is given, we Indian also can excel in anything and everything. You put all Indian in respectable place with this film.
    Wish you all the best.

  7. deepika says:

    honestly, i never wanted to see this movie…
    even when the trailer or song, or even any news regarding it, ll jus skip the channel on tv…
    but after my family and friends were constantly praising,my curiosity rose, wanting to know the reason behind it…
    finally,not only endin g up in the theatre, i also laughed, whistled and cried for the movie…!!!1
    no one but u are to b praised for the tremendous HARD WORK, the outcome is FANTASTIC!!!!!
    no words can describe the praise i have for u..
    keep goin and keep givin much mor!!
    god bless!!!

  8. RAGU says:

    Hai sir, wonderful job in endhiran………i hope hollywood would visit to our kollywood soon bcoz of u sir……..pls do films rocking……… not in masalas….as per ur satisfaction …….u r the best………

  9. Rookie says:

    sir, watched your latest avatar in theater twice :) I must say, the best technical movie in Indian Cinema and par with International standard. Hats of to you and to your crew…..
    the movie ends in a strange positive/nagative note :)
    MILLIONS OF Shankar/Thalivar FANS ARE EAGERLY LOOKING FORWARD TO SEQUEL this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE WANT ENDHIRAN 2!!!!!!!!!!

  10. AL-AMEEN.L.R says:

    Super Film Endhiran…………..!

  11. Dilip kumar says:

    Hello shankar uncle… U didnt reply to my comment :-( its ok i know its hard for u to read all 500 comments.. We all love u n we love to communicate with u.. Take care uncle.. Bye bye..

  12. J says:


  13. J says:

    Hi shankar ,
    just wanna say

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS , have a nice vacation.
    Come back to make Endhiran – 2 and no other movies

  14. Bupesh says:

    We need Enthiran V 2.0 DOT

  15. jeromefranklin says:

    we want endiran 2……return of chiti…………..

  16. Himalay says:

    Shankar sir, I loved Robot! :D

    Your hardwork and effort shows in every frame, pixel by pixel. We all gave a standing ovation after the end of the show and remained in our seats until the credits ended!

    We work for the American people but for the first time I saw so many technicians working for an Indian film. You are the first man to do so. All credit goes to you.

    Just a small request. Please make a straight Hindi film with Aishwarya ji. Please please please! Ok even if not in Hindi, please make your next film with Aishwarya. A woman-oriented film that you always wanted to make. Please do the film with Ash! Waiting desperately for your reply!

  17. Vivek Fx says:

    தமிழ் சினிமாவை உலக தரத்திற்கு கொண்டு சென்ற உமது உழைப்பிற்கும்& உங்கள் குழுவின் உழைப்பிற்கும் கோடி நன்றிகள்!! ;)

    ஷங்கர் சார் தொடரட்டும் உங்கள் வெற்றிகள்!! :)



  18. Vivek Fx says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    Sir Ungala Vaztha varthai illa…Movie Sema Mass..Hats off u r Hard Work and too U r Team ;)

    Tamizhan Panna Mudiyum nu Mass kattitinga…Rajini Sir Rocking…2nd Half Chanceless B-)

    u R Next Project Soon strt Pannunga Sir….

    Vijay sir kuda Nxt Project nu Sollranga :) Confirm pannunga Sir :)

    thnk u Thalaivaa

    U r Big Fan


  19. nandakumar says:




  20. Prabhu Ooty says:

    Wow What A Film .. Always Rock our Super Star ..
    Thank U Shakar sir….

  21. Mohan MD says:

    I juz have one word for

    Director Shankar Sir,
    Rajini Sir,
    Aishwarya Rai,
    Endhiran Movie,
    Kalanithi Maran sir,
    and all the crews of Endhiran…..

    only one word……


    Great Job sir……

    all in ENDHIRAN…

    MOHAN MD….

  22. SHIVARAJ says:

    hi sir
    i dnt knw y only few of them commenting here aftr the release i think they had got the film here aftr no work in tis site but as a thalaivar fan its my duty to congrats u for such a movie u had made us proud hats of to ur work sir how can u think so im impressd sir and 1 kind request pls try to take enthiran version 2 the chitti returns
    sir pls this is our kind request

  23. Karthik Krishnan says:

    Dear director Shankar,
    You have made millions of people proud to be Rajini fans, Tamilians and above all Indians. May all your future ventures be as grand a success as Endhiran. Thank you for taking the Tamil film industry to unbelievable heights and setting a grand bar for all other Indian movies to try and emulate. Well done and good luck.

  24. deva says:

    Shakar sir,
    Endhiran super..

    Thanks for good cinema..

  25. Rajarajan says:


  26. Harish Rathnaala says:

    Shankar sir,

    I have a quick question for you. When’s the official website coming out?? We’re all waiting badly for it!!!!

    You must be on a vacation sir, have a great time!! :-)


  27. Manojkumar says:

    Dear Shankar ,
    Such a great visual effects on seeing trailer itself.
    Hope whole team got a gr8 opportunity to learn new techniques from Hollywood technicians.
    Next time i am expecting a 100% full of indian techinicians movie.Advance wishes & congrats.

    also pl try to make/convert this Robot in 3D. coz.,this is 3D era. now-a-days many 3D movies are coming and winning tooooo.As this Robot movie contains lot of new & innovative things, it would be gr8 if it comes in 3D.Live Avatar-Spl , it could a Robot-Spl.

    BR// Manojkumar.

  28. naveen frm pkd kerala says:

    we heard a news that last 45 mins will be converted in to 3D?
    and will release that after 50 or 60 days ………….
    is that true?

  29. Rakesh says:

    One Word!!!!”Magnificent”
    Sir,looking forward for greater movies from you
    Rajni’s best movie in his career
    thank you for the whole team for a super movie
    Maybe a sequel???Please consider
    I guess when the robot was able to mantle itself after being dismantled and it did speak to that girl in the end
    So why not a sequel????

  30. GokulNath.B.K says:

    Hi Robot-Maker..

    Neural Schema processing…


    Command Mode Activated
    Command Mode Message
    Very nice movie sir,
    U proved this that u can only do this..
    I like the ending touch sir “Naan Sinthika Aarmbichiten” –its very touchy sir…. i love the way u end the story sir.


    Command Mode>> Waiting for ur Reply


    (its a very fantasy movie nice experience sir)

  31. Kartz says:

    Watched Robo 3 Times Shankar Sir..
    Waiting for Robo Sequel :)

    Here is one article about you


    Do read and reply Sir.. :)

  32. mathan romy says:

    dear sir!
    how are you feeling now after the success of your hard work.
    i already watched 5 times in toronto.will watch more time in future.
    i heard you choosed to do 3 rascals next.even though i didnt like your choice i wish all the success.
    the reson i didnt like it because now in the industry your position is top.so i expected something bigger than enthiran.i know its not a simple thing.and you need a holiday too.
    as you lost sujatha sir,you might looking for another combination.like rajini sir said to do miracle you have to step down.then only you can reclaim the top spot.
    so please take your time.but i think if you want to make a film bigger than enthiran its only possible by the same team rajini sir,shankar,rahman.
    i am expecting an endhiran 2 from you.take you time.hope you want dissappoit us.
    all the best for your future projects.
    thanks for a great entertainment movie.
    kumutham vikadan gave good review.but vikadan gave only 45.i expected more.
    have a nice vacation with your family!

  33. Aathithan says:

    Hello shankar sir…

    Really Great…


    I saw the movie 10 times sir…

    Great work…

    Thank You for the fabulous film…


  34. manimaran says:

    sir………. enthiran film s awesome sir.
    chance illa . very superb. i dont know hw to express.
    u proved tat u r one of the legend director from india.
    u r really great sir………

  35. naveen frm pkd kerala says:

    shankar sir,
    please………………….. you should continue with rajini sir.
    ((((((super combo))))))

  36. Ramesh says:

    ENTHIRRAN 2….? =)

  37. bharath says:

    high tech bit scene is super sir…

  38. ANUSHKA says:

    ROBOT rocks……………..

  39. Renukarthik says:

    Superb and fantastic work!!!really we are proud to have a wonderful director in Tamil industry.thank u very much sir.

  40. Sankar.N says:

    Superb movie Endhiran And will get many award . Good story and Imagination. Singapore 10theaters houseful.

  41. murali says:

    endiraaaaaaaaaaa cool ni words to say dot

  42. Ernest says:

    Awesome sir……
    Every thing has a price but
    Taking tamil to hollywood priceless
    wish to be a part of the effort sir

  43. Karthik says:

    Congrats and thank you very much sir.
    Watched your movie on the very first day. that was a visual treat… Epdi sirrrr ipdiii lam yosikareeenga. Simply great. I’m proud to be ur fan. Unthinkable. Idhula elame cover ayiduche, next ena sir pana poreenga, inum indha ulagathula neriya iruka. Mudincha ROBOT- version2 panunga. last 30 minutes la hollywood padam lam onnume illa nu aakiteenga. Very happy to see thalivar acting in that way.
    Arima arima chance eh illa. I’ll watch endhiran atleast for 5 times. After that let me ping regarding ur future projects. You’ll be busy with awards until then. Have nice days ahead. All the best.

  44. P. VENKATA MURALI says:


    - Iam VENKATA MURALI (Andhra Pradesh).

    - Iam Studying MCA 2nd year in JNTU University(Hyderabad).

    -Gentle man , Kaadhalan , Indian , Jeans , Mudhalvan , Nayak , Boys, Anniyan ,Sivaji & ENDHIRAN…… There is no need of These 10 movies one movie is enough for you because you such a GREAT DIRECTOR.

    -”OCT 1″ in a wonderful day in my life, Why because I saw ENDHIRAN Movie 4 times in IMAX Theater which is HYDFRABAD.

    - 8.45am (Telugu version “ROBO”).

    - 12.15PM (Hindi version “ROBOT”).

    - 4.00 pm (Tamil version “ENDHIRAN”).

    - After then i completed my dinner and saw another show in Telugu version (10.15) with my MCA Friends.


    - You prove that we can give a great compitition to HOLLYWOOD MOVIES.




  45. Sekar Qatar says:

    Movie rockz… Thanks Shankar….
    Need more advertisement in North region.
    Here qatar also only Tamil version released. I watched 2times. Already Endhiran (tamil) break records in 3 days here (as per peninsula news ).but here Hindi speaking community 80% and Arab community also seeing Hindi movies. My hindi friends everyday asking about Robot Hindi version. need Hindi version Robot in qatar to break all records.

  46. Sabarish says:

    I watched the movie yesterday only, for the 1st time. I will be going to the theatres some more times surely.

  47. Maruthamsiva says:

    Sir, there is lot of things want to say about this film,
    what a spectualar thinking, “What is your address, i have only IP Address, is it bit? No going in bytes!!,

    I will think scene by scene and will comment you daily, sir.

  48. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir,

    How are you & when you will do start the next movie first shot date & who is the producer of the movie.

    As i am a first wisher to you for your forthcoming movie.

    As the 11 ‘th movie will start the 11 ‘th month NOVEMBER as called THE YEARS OF 11 th month & will release the 11 ‘th month of 2011 Year.

    Samburna Wishes by.

  49. sathish says:

    bollywood la padam sema hit sir…

    all the best sir

  50. MOHAN DAS says:

    superb movie na… patta kelaputhu malaysia la ….

  51. salam says:

    Shankar sir……..
    i’m from kerala watch the movie 1st day 1st show…really i excited 2 see the film…its amazing sir….and one request 2 u sir ie, don’t make remake of 3 idiots sir….u please give it 2 ur good assistant and we want 2 see ur big budget action movies and corrupton movies like anniyan and endhiran… also we wait 2 see ur combosition vth vijay n surya……

  52. kabilan says:

    i saw 3 times sir.exccccccccccccccccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeent sir.as a tamilian i am proud of u and rajni sir.

  53. Azith says:

    Its really a good one from you.. Looking forward for a low budget wonde from you…

  54. GokulNath.B.K says:


    ROBO Sir,

    Padam tharumaaru sir…
    Super imagination sir..
    My grandpa wont come to films and all but i told him that totally a diff film. I compel him and we saw the movie…
    U know sir he’s ready to watch it 2nd time…
    Really a gr8 movie sir..

    This movie must/should/will/nominated in Academy Award(OSCAR)
    and am sure that it will grab for 2 Oscars for best screenplay and BG score.

    I like the a scene very much sir, “kadavul irukaara” “Enna padachathu DR.Vasi ..Kadavul Irukaaru”
    Really awesome and Razor sharp dialogue’s…
    Excellent movie sir.

    Thank you Shankar sir.


  55. Ajesh says:

    Dear Shankar,

    Excellent movie, extraordinary imagination.. Sorry I could not express my real appreciation to you. I am a die hard fan of Thalaivar, but I truly say you have rocked the most in this feature. You did a very great job. But as a Thalaivar fan, I expected few more action stunts for Robo Rajini(good character)as how the villan robo does.
    You had pushed once again a step ahead our Thalaivar for best in his acting. Thanks a ton.Good Job.. keep rocking.

    - Ajesh.

  56. Harish Rathnaala says:

    Shankar sir,

    Please..Enthiran sequel!! We, fans, would love to see more of Chitti (Evil especially). Rajni sir chance ae illa!!!! Please give it a thought sir.

    Harish Rathnaala

  57. naveen varadarajan says:


    In regards to Piracy, I have removed close to 100 links and I am continuously reporting some more!

    You take care and give us more such films and we will show our gratitude and respect this way!

    Thanks for making us proud globally and we can proudly say this as India’s Best Scien-terrific movie!

    Naveen Varadarajan

  58. Yadavaram says:

    Respected sir,
    Upto now i saw the movie 3 times.Film is new to us.Graphics works are excellent.Last 45 minutes wow!!!wow!!!i was stunned.The concept is very new to hollywood itself.Amazing.Surely film will be record.Who knows this film may get ascar award for villan chitti robot.Again ARR can get award for background score.
    You break one talk that high budget film has no stories only mass nu you break that in this film.Excellent story!!!!Marvellous screenplay!!!Wonderful direction!!!Really you are great sir.1 kind help sir pirated dvd will come next week try to stop it sir.This is not an ordinary film,extraordinary movie.

  59. divya says:

    sir,its high time,u make a telugu movie.. pl do a direct telugu movie..You r a bigger brand than rajini kanth in Andhra. plllllllllllll do.

  60. sandeep says:

    Hi sankar Bayya,
    Why didn’t you release telugu ROBO in mumbai.
    Seems that your producer haven’t done any market analysis.
    Are you going to release telugu version here.
    When are you going to make a film with some telugu actor.

  61. shiva says:

    padam super sir! thalaivar nadipa paarthu merandutom! neenga rendu perum sernthu marupadiyum oru super mega movie kodukanam sir. kandippa hollywood productions houses namma enthiran paarthutu unga ideas silverscreenla varathuku supporta irupaanga sir. we need another enthiran like movie from superstar and you.

  62. sriram says:

    Unga pada stylela sollanumna

    Engalukku sequel venum DOT

  63. sriram says:

    Hi Shankar sir,
    MOvie was fantabulous. No words to describe. We want a sequel. Take your time, but WE NEED A SEQUEL. Chitti is still alive. So we need a sequel. Will we get it?

  64. paranthaman says:

    good movie sir

  65. Arunkumar says:

    Looks like you watched the film FDFS early morning. Please narrate your experience watching FDFS with fans if you get time.

  66. paranthaman says:


    please take action against piracy. please do needful ASAP

    we all fans wants to take action against them immediately

    if u want u reply i will send all the website where endhiran piracy leaked

  67. veera says:

    Shankar 2.0 could please inform us abt the next movie …

    please don’t leave randy in next movie too

  68. veera says:

    Dear Shankar,

    I am veera from france, paris. i saw endhiran here. its rocking. whaats ur next movie is it with vijay for 3 idiots or a fresh script?

  69. Chirag Ashok Shah - Chennai says:

    To: Inthiran Team,


    I am very happy to see such a hollywood range movie in Tamil,Its a great Job by the Director and the Co-Stars., Keep it up., May you get success with new innovative scripts and technologies.,

    All the best!
    Chirag Shah

  70. MOHAN DAS says:

    Hi Shankar sir, im frm Malaysia…Jst wan to say the movie was awesome…randy’s work nvr close my eyes…
    Yr work hard its a Enthiran.. Tc

  71. Mark says:

    Please take the second part with superstar greater than this please we expect the sequel………..and u know better than us u can create a new history with superstar and rahman and urself.

  72. Sundar says:


    In the climax that black sheep sound – MHAAAAMHAAAA

    How did u got that idea? can you pls share with us

  73. Muruga says:


    Endhiran is the best tamil movie I have seen since my birth.
    It is my dream come true in Tamil cinema..Not only yours Mr.Shankar….I have no words to express..I have already seen it twice in Cleveland, USA..but planning to go few more times in theatres..I will never watch this movie in DVD … I really dont know if I will be there to see another movie in Tamil just like this..
    This movie is beyond my expectation…

    I will be very happy if you make another movie with Super Star…

    Ice was so colourful,beautiful,gracious in the movie…The BEST Selection for SS..

    Cleveland Muruga..

  74. Prasad Baskaran says:

    Hi Shankar,
    This is Prasad, i am you great fan from the Movie “Gentle Man”.i will never miss ur movie, i watched the movie “Enthiran” which is amazing,Excellent,Marvelous…etc, i dont know what to say.Keep it up…..Hats of thanks to u Mr.Shankar

  75. Ganesh.S.N. says:

    October 1st was my birthday. An excellent, unforgettable gift for me from our Thalaivar, you, ARR and Enthiran Team.

    Great! Great!!…………………………… Great!!!

  76. Chary says:

    Shankar Sir,

    Brilliant experiment, we are proud of you. I have no words to say, you are amazing.

    vnchary, Melbourne.

  77. samjosh says:

    Loved watching the movie (Second day, First Show..)

    THANKS for this great movie sir. Without you this kind of movie is not possible in Indian Cinema. This is a new milestone as nobody ever tried Science-Fiction genre in India before.

    We all fell in love with Chitti during the first half. In the second half, Chitti 2.0 was terrific!! Graphics in the last 45 minutes were awesome. I am proud to be your fan now :)

    Thanks again for bring out the best from Thalaivar – Rajini and BGM music was flawlessly great.

  78. lakshman says:

    sir please kill piracy

    for a movie MARYADA RAMANNA( directed by director of magadheera) in TELUGU 4 professionals were in charge of all the websites regarding the movies….

    and they will check every website every time and if they find the pirated movie they will send a warning to delete the link and next time they will send a LEGAL NOTICE to them….


    so please take necessary steps to kill piracy for a BLOCKBUSTER like ROBOT…..

    ROBOT is ROCKING the INDIAN film INDUSTRY which everyone wished to happen and expected……

    you have replied to me in APRIL 2010, when I requested to reply me, wishing that ROBOT CREATES A NEW HISTORY IN INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY …. NOW IT HAPPENED….. very Exited Shankar sir…

    Proud too be a SHANKAR FAN from APARICHITUDU when I was Exited about the movie for the first time in my life.

    After APARICHITUDU I was Exited by AVATAR 3D and now it is ROBO….


    Yours truly,

  79. Karthik says:

    Endhiran Rocks…

    Technically very amazing sir…

    Over the internet says… Endhiran have shooting tow climax scenes…

    Then what is the other climax sir…

    it may release on Diwali sir…

    Is Endhiran Re-Release on Diwali with different climax sir…

    Any way very very very very very excellent movie sir…

    Hats of all your team sir… I am really proud of you sir…

    Even my computer wallpaper also your Photo only sir…

    All the best for your forthcoming projects….

    I will see the movie atleast 10 times….

  80. RAJ says:


  81. Selva Kumar says:

    Enthiran was a great movie… Enjoyed the opening show.

    Tamil Cinema overtakes Hollywood … :)
    Simple Plot with a powerful VFX ….

    Who is the Black Sheep ? Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  82. ramu says:

    congratulations to ROBO crew


  83. RAM & LAKSHMAN says:


    These r d comments from S.S.RAJAMOULI,DIRECTOR OF MAGADHEERA
    in his TWITTER account… @ssrajamouli

    “”Shankar sir has grasped the pulse of the audience like no other director.hats off to his imagination and the persistence to achieve it.”"

    this is enough to prove the worth of DIRECTOR SHANKAR n ROBO..

    Upgrade Version SHANKAR 10.0

    a small dout …

    what is the word used by Dr.VASI is it “DOT” or someother???

  84. premkumar says:

    Fabulous movie from you and Thalaivar. Can we get a sequel to this movie?

  85. Sudandradassan says:

    Sir, Movie is excellent,super,brilliant,awesome. No words to praise you. I enjoyed a lot throughout the movie. I felt like shouting,dancing while watching the movie.

    Please take Endhiran2 with more ideas and technology with super star. Only you can do this in the world !!!

  86. Shanmuga says:

    Sir, i saw movie yesterday.. it was awesome.. Wonderful movie… You give strong reply to Hollywood directors about indian Movie making… Thanks a lot for the such a fantastic movie… Keep rock….

  87. ashokan says:

    super movie

  88. Prahash says:

    Finally the page fully loaded, great tribute to super star sir, the very first scene (the small robot approaching the building) reminded me writer Sujatha sir’s dream world. Great film. Should see it in Satyam atleast once. Second half chiti portion till climax shows Shankar na summava.

  89. Sathish(Muthalvan) says:

    Sir thanx for approving

    sir update panunga sir unga site

    epo vetri vizha endhiranku?

    unga next movie enna?

    adventure type try panunga sir.

  90. Sathish(Muthalvan) says:

    still my comment are pending u didn’t approve mine :(

  91. RAM says:

    Sir ,1st i wanna glad u for the success of ROBO really it s amazing. I thought that from now indian can classified as before robo(BR) and after robo(AR). After that even i dont hav knowledge about making i wanna request you to make an apical story like RAMAYANA , MAHABHARATH,BHAGAVATHAM y dont u try this..?
    Apart 4m wide exposure of our traditional values throughout world this stores are very new , has a huge scope for technical advantage like 3D and to grab worldwide market.Please think abt that……

  92. Puvi says:

    Shankar sir,

    I just watched Enthiran in New Jersey , USA. I was stunned after watching the film. We are very proud of you, Rajini Sir, ARR. Everyone rocked in the movie. In the theatre I watched totally 25 shows per day (tamil, telegu and Hindi) all the shows housefull. I liked the inteverval scene very well(baby deleivery) and the last 45mins of film is like sitting in the edge of the seat. Citti 2.0 acting is excellent , thanks for making us Proud.


  93. Mamallan says:

    Shankar sir, u are still on the ground? just come to the crowd we will celebrate by lifting on shoulders to the moon… after seeing some prev.. failure movies of our thalaivar… u the fan of rajini , created a megaaaaaaaa movie for us… thalaivar valzha… after Thalapathi, Mannan, Badshaa, its only Enthiran …. even i was little bit upset with Sivaji movie… but this one u touched the SKY… Tamil version not shown in Omaha, US… so all our tamil people are going for Telugu version… we want to see Rajini… language is next……… long live Rajini…

  94. Radha says:

    I’m sending you an article link from the rajini fans website – just to show your power… read the last paragraph – I’m got tears when I read those lines.. http://www.rajinifans.com/latest_news_detail.html?rId=1467 – You have reached a new height now.. proud of you shankar sir.

  95. rajinikanth says:

    Fusion of Tech & innovative entertainment from you is truly remarkable. Movie is Fabulous. Rajini – Delight to watch & he is beyond legendary for his sustainability stature.

    Well done

    Rajinikanth, USA

  96. M.R. says:

    Hello Shankar, Just got back from watching the movie. Had just two regrets – wish I had watched it in a theatre with better sound and even bigger one is that the movie was not in 3D. The climax would’ve been spectacular in 3D.

    Thanks for a technically very brilliant movie,

  97. Akilan says:

    Sir.. Thanks for such a great movie… But Vasi’ku Oru fight illama pannitigalla… Atleast Kallu kadai karranayavathu adithu irrukallam..

    Any how, we enjoyed the movie.. We (with my friends) watched Twice in Germany.. and we plan for tomorrow show.

  98. Arunkumar says:

    Shankar Sir,
    Only you can make a “first of its kind”, “3 hr” , “sci-fi” movie without making the audience feel bored. In Thalaivar style, HATS OFF !!!

    There is no one else whose carisma you could have relied on except the one and only SUPERSTAR !!


    Hats off for the script sir.


  99. Mark says:

    Sir i saw ur flim Enthiran and it rocks.
    I already seen 3 times. One thing I have notice that in digital print the movie does not look good since i saw the movie in singapore in hd print the movie quality was not good and in theater which does not have HD the movie is awsome so please check the qulaity. I think while converting to HD the movie qualit degrade so that is the reason u get the review like the movie is not good and music is bad..so if you see this please take a note and check the quLITY

  100. alavudeen,s says:

    ஷங்கர் சார்… நீங்க ரொம்ப பெரிய சிக்கல்ல மாட்டிகிட்டீங்க….
    இனிமே உங்கள ரொம்ப எதிர் பார்ப்பாங்க…. இப்டி ஒரு படம்
    இனியும் உங்களாலே எடுக்க முடியுமா…..? சத்தியமா நா எதிர் பார்க்கவில்லை இவ்ளோ சூப்பர் படைப்ப….. எல்லா தரப்பு ரசிகர்களையும்… எல்லா வயது ரசிகர்களையும் திருப்தி படுத்திட்டீங்க…..

  101. ROBO SMITH says:

    shankar sir,

    dont worry

    i will post all possible pirated links for the movie.

    please do something and destroy all of them….

    we will never allow anybody to water our ROBOVALI crackers.

    just finish them off sir.

  102. Zwoon says:

    I loved Aishwarya as Sana in the film.

    Only you know well how to show Ash really beautifully. Please make more films with her.

    Shankar-Ash combo is freaking awesome. I loved the film.

  103. Deva says:

    Hi Shankar sir,
    Awesome Movie sir…. I loved it… Great imagination .I hope No body can give us Sci Fic film like this in India. Dialogs are awesome without many technical jargons.I Loved this dialog said my Villain Robot “Upgraded – Version 2.0″
    Thanks for this Sci fic film. :)


  104. Syed Adam thousif says:

    Iam Thousif. Nenu Andhra nunchi. Sir ikkada ROBOT cinema superduper hit ani talk vachindi sir. Kani naa bad luck naku ticket dorakatledu. Naanu janangal miaddiye poyi ticket kage sagasam pannarthuku yenkitte diryam ille sir.
    Wish u happy ROBOWALI Sir. Rajani Sir ku sollunge sir.

  105. Karthik says:

    Hello Shanker Sir,

    Endhiran Endhiran…

    Wow what a fantastic movie sir… i was watched the movie fist show… it was very amazing sir…

    No words for to tell this movie really great…

    One more thing when will you start Enthiran Part 2 sir…

    We are expecting Enthiran Part Two very soon…

    Heartfull thanks to rajni sir, A.R.Rahman sir and your whole team and special thanks to SUN Pictures MD and Team…

    Endhiran Rellay the MASS

  106. Arun says:

    Endhiran is an experience…
    Will definitely watch again…
    Want to enjoy every pixel in every frame…
    Kudos Shankar and Sujatha…
    No words…
    I can see Shankar 10.0 (Version Upgraded – 10 different films)
    When and what is Shankar 11.0?

    Pls repli…

  107. Kannathasan Dubai says:

    Hi Sir,

    Movie was very nice .. Sure,it going to create many records.
    Sure,you will get one more national award for this picture and some various world awards.
    All the best for your next project.

    Best Regards,

  108. sreejith says:

    Dear Sir,
    I watched the movie the moive on the first day first show. The movie is just mind blasting and everyone have done a wonderful job. Rajni sir have worked hard and Aishwarya is mind blowing. And ACTIONS and GRAPHICS just cant believe is it a Indian movie or Hollywood. I really feel lucky to get you as a director in INIDA. And am really thanking Kalanithi maran and Hansraj saxena to make this happen. Thank you again for giving us a good entertainer. Hat off to you sir and Rajni sir.

    Yours all time fan

  109. Raja says:

    Excellent Enthiran Movie Command mode Activated. DOT
    You are always showing Rajini in a different style.
    Thanks Sankar Sir.

  110. MK says:

    I cannot think of any one else but the highly talented and imaginative Shankar who could make Endhiran such a cinematic experience.That Shankar is an engineer is reinforced in the way he delineates his passion for science and the gadget-world.It demands only and only Shankar who could materialise his imagination in the way he does and knows how to use every penny to optimal effect.

    In his latest offering,Endhiran, Shankar takes you on one hell of a rollercoaster ride of the Sci-fi world.The first scene starts with a scientist named Vaseegaran(Rajini) who has been working on a robot for 10 years while trying to make him walk,talk and look like him.The robot ,like any programmed machine,follows just about anything that is fed into it.(It introduces itself everytime by specifying its configuration! :) ) ).So it can dance like MJ,fight like Tony Jaa,it can speak any language(even talk to mosquitos!),can cook,can handle the most complicated pregnancy case but alas it cannot think and feel like humans which fails it in an important test.So Vaseegaran loads a “software hormone” into it,makes it read books on human perception,feelings,thinking,gets him acquainted with human births and deaths and the humanoid is ready in all its elements.

    Just when everything seems working,Chitti,the robot develops an infatuation with Vaseegaran’s GF Sana(Ash,gorgeous than ever!).A cold war develops between the two ultimately resulting in the creator destroying his own creation.
    Danny,rajini’s boss,who has been eyeing his junior’s envious creation all this while, finds Chitti’s shattered parts in the dump and reassembles and reprogrammmes it as the destructor.

    As a result,the clash between the creator and his ‘evil’ creation culminates in a series of spectacular action scenes and never-seen-before effects.
    Two standout scenes for me are 1)Chitti’s fight scene in Local train &
    2)Almost whole of second half(primarily latter half of it) with the evil-bot replicating itself into a gargantuan sphere, rod, wall,ground-driller,an anaconda and even a Giant!

    This of course is an unabashed Rajini vehicle as the superstar shines as the dexteruos scientist,as the invincible but innocent Chitti and most impressive as the evil-bot.His antics will crack you up surely!

    Ash fits her role perfectly, looks gorgeous than ever and one cannot take eyes off her in the songs even when the charismatic Rajini is in the same frame.

    Danny and the rest of the cast have done well.

    Screenplay is one of the movies biggest strength.Background music especially “O naye Insaan” is haunting and is likely to stay with you after you leave.

    Normally,It doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes to smell which way a movie is going to go.The first half is so gripping, you cannot even move your neck while the second half is full on action.

    Verdict – You will miss something very spectacular if you miss Endhiran.Watch it at any cost!

  111. RAM & LAKSHMAN says:

    Done a graet job shankar ….

    Indian film industry la idi oka land mark film

    what ever the caste n crew has described before the movie release is completely true……

    Proud to b a shankar fan…………

  112. Vignesh says:

    brilliant movie sir!saw rajini sir fully charged up in all the three characters !

  113. Dilip Kumar says:

    Shankar uncle :-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) u r a genius.. I have no words to describe endhiran movie.. I swear u r the god of indian film industry.. Congratulations again shankar uncle.. I want party for the huge success.. ;-) :-D haha.. Take care.. Bye bye..

  114. Antonio Bruno says:

    Dear Shankar,

    Watched the first show in Paris at 7:00 pm on 30-Sep…

    Movie is rocking ..

    Thanks to make it a milestone for the Indian Cine Industry…

    All the best


  115. Richard says:

    dear shankar sir,i watched the endhiran movie,it’s mindblowing,
    shankar sir why not you direct endhiran part 2 in the future…?

  116. danushmed says:

    Mr.Shankar thank you very much…
    and have a nice day…….!

  117. Ramesh says:

    Vat a pilim..Vat a pilim..Balle Balleeee =)

  118. Senthil Kumar says:

    Shankar sirrr………

    Wat a gift from you… We all proud to be Indians…. Yentha scene aaah solla yendha scene aaah vida….Its jus mesmerizing.. Not oly the film but also the end card… Had a hollywood feel, sorry it was something more than that….

    Thanks, thanks and Thanks a lot….

  119. Bala says:

    Shankar, you are a genius (needless to say i just watched Enthiran)

  120. Pradeep says:

    Sir ippo evening show paarthitu varen………
    Padam naasthiya iruku sir……..
    Its PURE AWESOMENESS………. last 45 mins was a visual treat, EVIL Chitti semma character, adhuvum maaahahaahahahaaaa…… andha scene chancey illa……
    Miratateenga sir….. your 3 years of Hard work is going to get lots of National awards sir….
    I am proud to say that i am a Tamil cinema Fanatic…..
    Thank you sir for Bringing the PUDHIYA MANIDHA [ ENDHIRAN ]to the screens…
    plz make more movies like Endhiran, if the budget comes make a bigger one than Endhiran, we will wait for it sir :)

  121. Harrington says:

    Hi sir hw r u? Hope u better. I saw enthiran 2day . z amazing total u won

  122. rajagopal says:

    jus now saw the movie second time……semma mass……..everyone enjoys the movie…..all are stunned….. we fans already saw trailers and stills in net…..but public….i mean even common people are stunned…..they never expected such a movie…….semma response from audience today evening show…..not even a single flaw in the movie…..you can feel that only watching it for repeated times….first time paakratha vida second time paakum bothu the movie was really interesting………………guys kondadalaam…..success success……..100% success…..

  123. madhesh says:


  124. sreejith says:

    Great movie.No words to say.keep going sir.
    Every one like Rahman,Rasool,Sabu,Randy rocks in every frame,Choreography,etc……

    Rajini rocks…..

    Finaly no words for you sir…….estonish work…

  125. madhesh says:


  126. madhesh says:

    sir you realy great sir……………………………
    india na 1.ar rahman 2.sachin tendulkar 3.sankar 4.rajnikanth
    there arwe four people to identify the india………
    hands of you sir

  127. sai srinivasan says:

    super movie sir… thanx a lot… tamil naada vitu hollywood lam poidatheenga…

  128. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir.

    First of all i have to make an my lots a thanks to U & ur entire Enthiran teams as like Rangusti to Stanwidson.

    Today i have watched on begining show @ early morning & That movie has very exitment with the amazing screenply by second by second.

    The Enthiran movie has satisfied by 100/1000 exceeding the levels & worthy as thems of money.

    Enthiran is The first Sci- Fic film in indian movie world & As setted the Benchmark name as The great SHANKAR sir.



    Samburna wishes by.

    – T.Muralidaran

  129. Karthick says:

    Sir thanks a lot 4 this fantastic experience of ENTHIRAN…
    I want to ask a question 2 u but this is not the right time to ask.so i’ll ask it after a month…

    thanks a lot 4 showing thalaivar more energitic:-)

  130. RAM & LAKSHMAN says:

    October 1,2010.
    Andhra Pradesh,

    Dear SHANKAR,

    Sub : My comments on ROBO,A FILM BY SHANKAR.

    While returning from ROBO,an auto driver said… “the movie is mind blowing… I’ve to watch the movie again in the evening”.

    You might had been in HOLLYWOOD… but we are fortunate to have you in INDIA.





    I m too small to compliment your ROBO…outstanding.
    Any English literary word that means MIND BLOWING suits your movie.

    Thank you for presenting us such a movie…a visual grandeur.
    Very PRIVILEGED to watch ROBO.

    Expecting many more,

    Yours very truly,

  131. C.R.Padmanabhan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    I am one of those luckiest fans who got to watch the Thalaivan film first day first show.It is just amazing work from each and everyone of your entire team.I call it as teamwork. The film is excellent. No need to say thalaivan’s amazing acting and you have taken the tamil film direction to the new level.I thought I was watching a hollywood film,but later I realised I am watching a Tamil film made to the standards of hollywood films. Hats-off to you sir.

    Thankyou for the movie and I wish you all success for all your future ventures.


  132. R. Prakash says:

    Saw the movie.GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRreeeat sir. You did your job extremely excellent sir. Planning to write a detailed letter to you. hats off to you sir. Nobody other than you can make a film if the producer is ready to spent 300 crores. You are a rare mix of creativity and brilliance

  133. ROBO SMITH says:

    shankar sir…




    thanx a lot sir……………………

    we need ENDHIRAN 2……………….

    WE ARE READY TO WAIT……………………


    U R AMAZING……………..

  134. kabilan says:

    suppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppperb film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no words to describe .excellent sir

  135. Sathish(Muthalvan) says:


    just now came from the movie at escape cinemas

    padam tharu maruuuu..

    i am very much excited after seeing this film

    sir first let me tell the surrounding bfore the review

    fully north indian college students no 1 knows tamil bulk booking pola kita thatta 6 row fulla pasanga ponnugalave irunthanga i mean north indians

    padam mudichathum oruorutharum avunga frds kita call pani movie fabulous go and watch first nu sollitu irunthanga sir… thats our movie’s hit

    flawless script sir…. ur work in the movie chanceless

    rajini sir acting esp that villian role is uncomparable

    no 1 will be fit than rajini sir

    graphics scenes were stunning… sir next movieyum differenta panunga hope u ll get more chance esp in bollywood but tamila maranthurathinga sir… blk ticket high rate ku vangitu pona uthaman nan thaan ella website layum potutanga orkut mulama tha ticket kedaichithu

    Aish dancing, ARR’s BGM, Randy camera works and CG all are chanceless ipadi oru padatha oru tamilianal athvum tamila eduka mudiyum karathu POSSIBLE bcoz of u…

    sir oru doubt greyka otaa karan pathi oru dialogue varume i can’t understand amai epadi paradose sorry thappa iruntha… but antha dialogue unga next update la podunga sema sound repeat audience neriya varuvanga sir conform …. even my frds and i booked for 4 consecutive shows coz 2 varussama expect panna movieyachi that too super duper hit vida mudiyuma…..

    keep going keep rocking….

    inum antha padathu pathina nenaipave iruku…. science fiction padam ipo tha first hope u remem i am the one who asked enaku movie puriyuma C class audience nu but movie is close to my heart like muthalvan,indian, anniyan………………

    all the best for ur next project sir

    ——————————– > Read this pelase <——–

  136. J says:

    Sir ,
    Nothing much than saying thank you.
    It might be just two words but needs to be used for every 5 mins all over the movie.
    As per my earlier comment in 17 Aug 2010
    Thalaivar is really young and very beautiful,
    But no thank you for that , thank you very much because we are so happy to see rajini of negative shades back after so many decades.
    Last but definitely not the least “The outrageous and maniacal laugh ” Awesome performance by thalaivar.
    Please continue your good job and waiting to hear from on next project. Hope it would be another creativity of Shankar only.

  137. Ram says:

    Hi sir,

    First of all i congratulate the enthiran unit to give a extra ordinary film to this world ,you placed a chiti character in a perfect slot. it was an wonderful attempt to make such a huge scientific film .hats off to you sir, Sir keep doing this kind of film.Thanks for giving this kind of movie.

  138. Dr.R.Karthik says:

    ENDHIRAN!!!~ Thaaru maaru sir!! kalakiteenga!!! Thalaiver’ah semaya kaamchirukeenga.. Mass!!

    Upgraded~ version 2.0 KaLakirukku… Superstar Rajnikanth Made it work.. & to share a scene.. That Maaaaehhhhhhhhh… Maeeeeeeeeeh… dialogue was SUPERB!!! You Know the Audience taste expectations.. haha..

    THanks a Lot!!!

    No Movie can beat this art in future.. It’s one of its Kind!

    Convey my regards to THalaiver!! God bless you ;)

  139. Jay -Malaysia says:


  140. Ramesh ELango - bangalore says:

    hi.. shankar sir.. iam one of those few lucky people to watch first day first show at fame ledo…
    endhiran is mindblowing…. espically the CG and chitti clones r flawless.. arima chiti rocks… nd the blackship maaaah maaah maah..

    thanks for wonderful expreince.. ur dream is beautiful… so is our dream of watching the dream was beautiful..

    tommorw we will go and watch agen.. at cauvery…

    thanks & regards.,

    Ramesh – elango


  141. Balaji The Boss says:

    Dear Mr.Shankar,

    Atlast your dream comes true… wow fantastic movie.

    Endhiran is SUPER DUPER HIT MASS MEGA HIT MOVIE in an Indian cinema. Superstar looks handsome and especially second half what a performance sir. I think only superstar can do this kind of multi roles for this script. Superstar very well fits in the script and stunning performance. This movie is a great challenge to Bollywood. From the begining, the screenplay was very good and all the works had been comparable to Hollywood. Randy had done a very good job especially, kadhal anukal song amazing photography, full marks to him. AR Rahman, i think this remarkable best composing so far, eventhough songs are already a super hit… but BG score was rockin especially last 45 mins. Aish performed very well. Rusel Pookutty, Sabu Cyril, Peter Hain all again a master piece job. Antony’s editing is simply superb. Sun Pictures can be definitely very proud to produce such a film in a history.

    Endhiran is good to watch for any kind of audience. It was a standing ovation at the end to Endhiran & Co.

    Superstar (Thalaivar) rocks!

    Thanks for such a wonderful movie…

  142. Media_Review says:

    Rajeev Masand of CNN-IBN

    Thoroughly enjoyed Robot. Wish it were shorter, but greatly admire the imagination & ambition of Shankar. Shamelessly good fun. Rajni rocks

    Anupam Chopra of NDTV

    Robot is a riot. Nothing in Bollywood matches the visual of hundreds of Rajinikanths forming a snake. Full review tomorrow on NDTV.

    Raja sen of Rediff.com

    Robot: Spectacular visuals, Rajni in top form, marred somewhat by Aishwarya Rai setting a new, incredible benchmark for bad acting.

    Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama

    Watched ‘Robot’. Falling short of words to praise the film. Rajnikant is The BOSS. The real BAADSHAAH

    Prithwish Ganguly of Times of India

    just watch Robot for the pure thrill of entertainment. Don’t look for logic, don’t look for cinematic brilliance. just go in and enjoy!!!!

    And here goes the Times of India official review

    Robot is the perfect getaway film, guaranteed to give you a high with its heady over-the-top Indian flavour. You might just OD (overdose) on the pungent masala fare. Have a blast.

  143. mathan romy says:

    shankar sir, i just love enthiran… not just because its a great sci-fi movie in the indian cinema history, bt also u dedicated nearly 3 years of hard work… for a tamil director, taking a chalenge of this kind, well i do not know which other director would risk making a movie like this, but sir, the best think about you is, u have taken this risk, even though at the begining u were worried wheter this project could be completed or not, your electrifying heart took up the chalange, that is one thing i like about u sir…….
    i went to srilanka to watch enthiran on 30th.because in toronto canada only a 1st oct release.and it will be 24 hrs later than srilanka.so i will miss 2 days.now i am on the way to toronto to watch it again in a hitech screen.
    thanks for the movie.
    its fantabulomarvelous!!!!!

  144. VIGNESH VIJAYAN says:

    Hi Sir. Saw ENTHIRAN movie today morning First show ;) Simply Sooooperbbb. :D
    To describe in one word i can say – “AWESOME”. Yours and your whole crew efforts are clearly recognized. Btw very correctly you have given the characters importance. No overdose was there.
    Rajini sirs all 3 characters were mindblowing and weightage of the character, wow super balance you gave. Was praying like, “God there should not be too heroism shown!!” :P
    You are the best sir. Kudos to you and your efforts.

    Idhoda Stop panniradhinga, still you can cherish millions of people with your creative scriptings. ;) With hearty congrats on your success and wishing you to achieve more and more and more. Byeeee for now.

    Yours 1AM fan,
    VIcky alias Vignesh V

    P.S. 1AM – 1 Among Million :)

  145. Vish says:

    Hats off to you shankar sir.

    Tremendous response in Qatar which released in single screen with the capacity of 1050 seats and due to heavy pressure from fans, they removed the same day release hindi movie from their other screen (900 seats) and screened enthiran.

    I truly experienced the movie and wondered the outcome with this budget.

    U proved the world that u have vision and if we have budget we can be better than Hollywood.

  146. Maddy says:

    we are watching today SRI LANKAN fans…….

  147. Maruthamsiva says:

    And also that magnetic theory in fire rescue scene, climax scene, happaaaaaa, super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super

  148. Maruthamsiva says:

    Film, Super, Fantastic, Fabulous, Marvelous, Super super super super super super, there is no words to say about this Indian international film. Hatsoff SHANKER sir Chitti Saying “Vaseegaran is my God”, Super Super Super, Baby Delivery Scene Fantastic.
    And especially in Ayudhapooja scene, pooja for Machine “ROBO” fantastic thinking, every scene is new for tamil audience and Climax 45 minutes scenes is new for World films. Finally our Thalaivar Acting Super Super Super Super Super Super

  149. Sudarsh says:

    guys i need to know this did rajini dub his voice for hindi version or not?

  150. Mortiz says:

    Hi man this is mortiz again. what a crowd, WOW excellent ideas and very good vfx work most of them are in Hollywood standards, how did u manage in Indian budget. who is the vfx soup, did brilliant work on converting u ideas to screen. my indian friends are clueless and zapped. keep it up

  151. tharma says:

    Shankar Sir

    Now the big challenge is to make other communities to watch Enthiran. Just now my Malaysian friend who can’t understand a single Tamil word and have never watched a complete Tamil movie had tweeted that he had a great experience watching Enthiran on the first day itself. It might be worth to advertise the movie in the mainstream medias in UK, USA, Japan, Europe etc…

    Thank you for the movie (haven’t watch it yet because I’m in Spain at the moment)


  152. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir,

    Surely this movie will enter to OSCARS stage & all d best.

    Thank you so much.


  153. Pradeep says:

    Today 30-09-10, 5.30 PM I went to watch the much awaited movie Endhiran-the Robot. The Theatre atmosphere reminds me about the opening day show of Rajini in Trivandrum (my home town).

    Director Shankar made a good effort of his dream project, we can say Endhiran is a “Science fiction movie with a kollywood touch ”. There are a lot of highlights in the Movie like the superstar Rajini, Ash, ARR, Sujatha, Rasul Pookutty, Sabu Syril, etc..
    Have to make a special appreciation about the screenplay, first 5 minutes we were unable to hear anything because of the enthusiastic viewers but all of a sudden everybody was in line with the movie. Good work by Dir Shankar.

    Visual graphics were amazing especially in the last 45 minutes. The animations were so perfect that we can’t even find the difference in screen, which is graphics animated and not. Rajini, Ash, ARR & Rathnavelu simply rocks as usual. Hats off to the team which is behind the endeavour.

    Truly an Indian movie with an International standard.

  154. NAVEEN DUBAI says:

    NandaRenu says:
    September 30, 2010 at 8:06 pm
    Again Superstar proved that he is one and only – SUPER STAR, in Endhiran. We are one day ahead of other Superstar’s fans in India, lucky to watch Endhiran, just simply because of the reason we are here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Viewed morning 10:30AM show September 30, 2010, and was surprised by seeing the houseful situation in Galleria Cineplex, Deira Dubai on Thursday morning, which is a half working day prior to weekend in this region , it is rare situation to see this kind of crowd in theatre on working day, and it is possible only for Super star movie.

    Put it in simple statement, I can say for sure “Enthiran is going to be a mega hit in the Indian film industry and there is not doubt in that”.

    Many Sci-fic films may come, but anyone can say that Endhiran is the one which changed the trend of Sci-fic movie made by Indian film Industry. Certain scenes with regard to technology and grandness are certainly new even for the Hollywood, thanks to Shanker’s effort and the team of Stanley Winston – animation (Terminator, Jurrasic park, Aliens, Iron Man), Industrial light & Magic – visual effects ( Star wars, Jurassic park, Titanic, Avatar,Harry Potter,Last air bender to name few), Yuen Woo –Ping – stunt ( Fist of Legent, Matrix and The Forbidden Kingdom) and Raju Sundaram,

    Aishwarya Rai simply amazing. Kilimanjaro song shooted at Machu Picchu , Peru (UNESCO world heritage site) and for the music of A.R.Rahman, there is no comparison.

    To be specific, the fight sequence in the metro train, the fire rescue scene and the last 25 minutes, are the punch and exciting shots which are never made in any world cinema. The quote which I read in a site stating “ Endhiran -150 Crore rupees entertainment for your family “ is not an exaggeration.

    By Endhiran, Super star has made sure that no territory left untouched by his magnetism.

    SUN PICTURES proved it’s capability for delivering world class pictures.

  155. lakshmana says:

    all d best sir……………………………..

    shankar Rajini Aish combo is gonna rock all India with science fiction movie………………

  156. Sutheswaran Naidu says:

    Enthiran is a Shankar film. He proved it he is the only person who can make this movie.

    Absolutely a brilliant effort.

    Sujatha Rangarajan sir’s dialogues need extra ovation.

    Your the man…

  157. vinay says:

    Movie is not releasing in telugu in Pune. We are missing it :( :(

  158. Sathish(Muthalvan) says:


    Dubai singapore la irunthu ella review varuthu padam pinni pedal edukutham enoda frds ella ange parthutu mothala black ticketachi vangi paru da sema padam nu solluranga

    u again proved urself

    sir climax la apadi enna sir vachi irukinga ellorum climaxa apadi excita solluranga… but no 1 is revealing the story yet….

    congrats for ur success journey in endhiran also

    ur hardwork recognised again …. sir.. proud to be a shankar sir fan…

  159. Prabakar M says:

    Sir, My family watched today morning in UAE and we are stunned by the movie. No doubt this is in hollywood standard. I want to watch the movie again especially we were excited during the Train fight scene.Our heartiest congrautulations on behalf of all of us.

  160. rukmani says:

    tomorrow release? butterflies in your stomach? all the best, too much of hype yaar…..good or bad, we will know the pulse by tomorrow this time right? all the best again…

  161. Mahesh says:

    Sir,i have a doubt,that the story may be tough to understand to commen people like DASHAVATHARAM(not your film but…)??????

  162. Rajiniveriyan says:

    Rajini Veriyargale/Rasigarkale,

    Going to C the movie first day first show today (30 Sept 2010) here in Kuwait at 3.45pm..Chumma Adhiruthula…Thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  163. Filmydum.com says:

    Precision of ‘Endhiran’, heart of poet!, read in http://www.filmydum.com

    A look at S Shankar, his films and his feel for the BO gold!

    Read the special in http://www.filmydum.com

  164. vivekan says:

    shankar sir i got tickets for firts day,, seening it 2 times in first day its self… thalaivar padam la pakama irupomaa,, film super hit aganum … en mamamaarntha valthukal sir ungaluku .. enga :) thalaivarukum :) film team la work pannuna ellarukum …..pls convey pannidunge sir technicians ellarukum :)

  165. Anand says:

    Any last words for us? since its less than 24 hours!

  166. SIVANESH says:

    hello sir,yesterday night till 3 am i was thinking what scenes will come after this scene or song,etc.i was also thinking how ur mind will be ,especially on september 30th night.PLEASE EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS,and also create a new forum for the responses/replies from us for enthiran.only few more hours….chitti count down starts….

  167. ANUSHKA says:

    hi sir
    tommorow is robot festival. and we all are happy. plz keep more promotion in hindi too. this can become biggest hit in hindi only by promotion. BEST OF LUCK FOR THE FUTURE.

  168. Chiranjeevi says:

    Hello Shankar sir,

    I am a huge fan of your’s and have always admired you for daring to be different, from your very first film. You are a huge inspiration for me!

    Hearty congratulations to you and your team for realizing your biggest dream on the silver screen – ‘Endhiran’!

    I am not sure if you planned it this way, but I am sure it will make you very happy to know that the release date 01-10-10 when read in binary (010110) becomes number ’26′ and 2+6 = 8, your lucky number! :)

    Considering the fact that this is a Sci-Fi Robot movie, it just can’t get better than this, can it?! :)


  169. christo says:

    Sir who is the animatronic Engineer for ENTHIRAN?

  170. raja_ABB says:

    Booked in PVR Bangalore each ticket 520… plz don’t let us down sir…..

  171. Karthikeyan Periyasamy says:

    We, a bunch of software & CAD\CAM engineers here in pune, have booked tickets, we have ordered for T-shirts, Got permissions from the authorities to burst crackers…….

    For me, till date, “Mudhalvan” was your best…. I think Endhiran will break it………

    Waiting for the celebrations………

    All the best to break all the previous records sir………

  172. smvicram says:

    Below is an article from our Malaysian Local Newspaper (The Star). Our Normal Movie Tickets are Priced at RM10 to RM15 only. Even for AVATAR it was only RM12 for Normal and 3D RM16. That price is worthwhile. But below is a total make use of yours an Mr.Kalanithi Maran Sir effort.

    I love Mr. Rajini Movies and your. Soo much. My 3 year son is soo anticipated even with the songs and trailer of the movie.

    This below activities really making bad use of Endhiran movie buzz.


    Published: Tuesday September 28, 2010 MYT 9:36:00 PM
    Updated: Tuesday September 28, 2010 MYT 9:39:51 PM

    Kollywood’s Endhiran to open in Malaysia Thursday
    Sci-fi flick is India’s most expensive movie to date

    KUALA LUMPUR: Tamil science-fiction fantasy movie Endhiran, India’s most expensive film to date, will hit local screens on Thursday.

    Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association secretary R. C. Krishnan said the special show would be held at over 60 screens nationwide.
    Proceeds will go to the RM3mil Restaurant and Catering Training Management School expected to be opened next June.

    Krishnan said about 11,000 tickets would be available for the premiere screening of the year’s most-awaited blockbuster in India, which stars South Indian superstar Rajnikanth and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

    Each ticket is priced at RM60.

    Come Friday, the movie, reportedly costing US$35mil (RM109mil), would show at more than 100 screens in 80 locations nationwide.
    On the school, Krishnan said it was aimed at helping Indian students hone their cooking and management skills, and would charge low tuition fees. – Bernama

    the web site:


  173. Mark says:

    Ha ha got the ticket in singapore on thursday 8.45 since…..hope we will be first to see before chennai….what a pretty….

  174. susan says:

    thalaivara ivalavu handsome-a young-a dashing-a kamika ungala mattum thaan sir mudiyum, thalaivar looks more dashing than sivaji. I am sure the last 45 minutes of endhiran will bring everyone to the edge of the seat and well thalaivar is there … just cant wait, first 3 days ku continuousaa ticket booked, only for thalaivar

  175. anu says:

    Shankar Sir,
    why is there no promotion activies in north india, we have the best product in hand, let us do some marketing sir, with south and overseas i am sure we are easily going to recover the cost, but we want this to be the biggest grosser in india, so pls bring some innovative marketing promotions in north, lets get it sir !!

  176. Sathish(Chitti) says:


    Robovali inum 2 naal tha iruku sir

    USA la ipove ticket kedaikulayam

    Sir post production na enna BGM and titlinga….

    Sir enakku inoru doubt memory zetta byte na enna artham?

    Rajini sir peru vaseegarana ila Dr.Vasi

  177. Vijay says:

    I have read reports that the advance bookings for Enthiran has already generated 205 crores. Is that true? If so, congrats on recovering budget and 50 crore profit before release.

  178. sekar says:

    sir, i dont understand the marketing strategy, north , matha states ellathilaiyum pattaiya kelapa vendamaa , you need not worry about outside countries, bcos thalaivars reach is so big, but north india konjamavadu innovativeaa ethavathu pananum sir, suntv tamil makkala cover panidyum, how about other channels

  179. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir.

    While now i have to reading the all comments in your website & i have to see same FLY in my PC screen, But only things is here similar difference it’s an alive with the nature & Your “RANGUSKI” fly is an artificial.

    At this same time my manner has jumbed fly with your ROBOT FLY as like the great SUJATHA RANGANATHAN sir manner.

    I think u will get the great blessings from the great SUJATHA SIR as before Ur EANTHIRAN RELEASE.

    Thank you & All the best.


  180. Ramanujam Iyengar says:

    wat is happening.. advance booking has not yet started @bengaluru. Hasn’t the kfcc issue sorted out. Still, the final 24 theaters list for the release is not out in the media !!

  181. christo says:

    Sir,I have reserved enthiran tickets for first show in Nagercoil.

  182. Sathish(Chitti) says:

    Sir Just now i am watched telegu and hindi audio launch of robo

    why don’t u put those in ur site… there more interesting speeches like tamil esp rajini sir speech in hindi audio launch and siranjeevi;s speech in telegu

    sir telegula sirangjeevi, tamila saranth ellorum unga gentle man ipoveum miss panranga sir…. u r great…. keep rocking … keep going …

  183. Sriram says:

    Booked first day first show in Chicago big cinemas……:) :) :)

  184. Zwoon says:

    Sir, will Aishwarya have a great role or have you only focussed on Rajini’s role?

    Please shed some light on this!

  185. sandeep says:

    Hi Sankar ana,

    You made me know that there are no bounds for thoughts/actions by your films again and again.

    Waiting for a film from you that cross RS.1000 crore collection world wide.

  186. Sathish(Chitti) says:

    BGM pathi neenga tv la ila entha pettilayum sollave ila

    BGM epadi sir vanthu iruku?

    ARR’s work in BGM

    - Comment please

  187. Jey-uk says:

    Dear Sir,
    After Endhiran became blockbuster hit then after few months you can release in 3d in few screens all over world….. it will be hit again..

  188. Sathish(Chitti) says:

    finally i made it sir

    i booked tickets in sathyam continues 4 days one one show

    withmy family and friends….

    have u booked the ticket sir?

    sivaji release pothu US poningale athupola endhiranku povingala sir.

    Sir next movie pathi sollungoo Mr. Ubayakusalobari ,,,,

    next movie rescue kind of movie ya edunga sir tamil enn indian filmsla apadi oru padam vantha the ila like vertical limits, the guardian … many more…. u r the only person can do these of genres [-adventure]

    oru nallum unga site check panum pothu enoda post ku reply paningala nu tha parpen so atleast monthly once achi enaku oru reply just hi post panunga sir pls

    promo of endhiran is going nice thanks to u sir… over expectation panama normala correcta iruku sir… great sir…

    sir robo img apadiye THX padathula vara mari irukarathale some forum sites la THX story ithu kuda poduranga unmaiya sir…

    right now we are seeing u in filmfare awards….

    sir next movie pathi sollunga… 3 idiots conforma? ila puthusa ethachi script vachi irukngala?

  189. Eddie says:

    Hi Shankar,

    What is the duration for the film Enthiran?

  190. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir,

    Rajeev Masand as CNN-IBN interview HAD an IT WAS VERY NICE from ur inner mind word as expressed by fantastic ways.
    All the best & here after you will give many kinds of interview with the different medias as reach to the peoples.
    Unique thinkings will goes to universal peoples.


  191. Sathish(Chitti) says:

    Sir Engalukku ella Ticket Venum Dot

    but kastam rajini sire vanthu kettalum entha theatrelyum ticket ila blk la 8000 sathyam theatre ku ….

    ellorum distributors mathri 150 kodi suntv epadi retain panum nu orkut, facebook ella discussion but what i am thinking is movie is going to be massive hit of this year whatever it may be enaku padam pidikanum….

    sir mani ipo 4 am booking panna 4 manike enga appa amma thangacjhi ella elupi tea potu kuduthu ennavo nan parichaiku padikura mari enga vede computera suthi ukarthu iruku all bcoz of u and rajini sir combo

    sir Robovali ipo enaku reserve agati Thalavali sir so please pray for me and my family to get ticket.

    sir epachi unga next movie pathi info kudunga. please say no to remakes [3 idiots]… we all want a new genre from u sir. like multi starrer or rescue kind of movies [like the the guardian, vertical limit] as usual diff unga stylea yosinga sir. differenta edunga but tamil please. dont go fr telugu or hindi.

    Shankar Sir before that have u booked the ticket. i mean ungalukuachi robovali ku thalavali ilama ticket kedaichita….

    next movie pathi oru hint or oru clue kudunga dot….

    Sir release date kum pasanga logic solluranga 01-10-2010 (they are saying its a computer genrated code 011010 binary number which is ur lucky number 9) unkanthu yosipangalooo ….

    next movie pathi sollunga sirrrr

  192. Raj says:

    Hurrah! I have booked Endhiran tickets to watch on the first day first show in London… :-)

  193. Raj says:

    ****************Very Important********************PLS READ ON**************
    Dear Mr.Shankar,
    One thing i noticed in the trailer is when Rajni Sir gives introduction about Chitti(ROBO) in trailer, the dialogue which he says

    Speed 1 Terahertz and Memory 1 Giga bytes

    1 GigaBytes of memory is very very less now a days and a robo which knows all language in the world should have more memory capacity

    Since this movie is gonna be watched by all the people across the world i think you need to fix the dialogue.

    Thanks for Reading


  194. SIVANESH says:

    hi everybody and shankar sir
    UBAYAKUSALOBARI.sir though i havn’t posted here for few days bcas u r not replying.but i didnot stop visiting ,that much i love u.i use to watch enthiran trailers everyday in my system.i memoriZed all dialogues and background music too.surely first day first show.going to enjoy my life

  195. Arravind Kumar Vikram says:

    Hi Shankar,

    I dont know whether you will get chance to read my comment.
    Honestly speaking, you have tried a great attempt. Please proceed with this.

    Also, a quick question. Is part of Endhiran is converted to 3D?

  196. Ajithan says:


  197. HSN says:

    Hi shankar,
    all the best for endhiran movie success, hope it will also best entertaining movie of the year 2010. And also try for FOREIGN CATEGORY AWARD in oscars.

  198. R. Prakash says:

    Dear sir, What is that 3rd role sir? Not able to wait……………………………

  199. Ramesh says:

    300th comment =)
    The film will run more dan dat
    Official trailer is just MINDBLOWIN

  200. alagan.rajkumar says:

    sir eppadi lastla naan sonna mathiriye aacha.august september release vendam endru sonnenla.october 1 release innu kettathum enthiran super tuper hit endru mudivu aakivittathu.neenga jeyikka naanga padatha paadu pada vendi irukku.

  201. avnashmurugan says:

    Recent theaterical trailer was extremely good to see,the standard being raised to hollywood style was the highlight,
    i was speechless for some time,i really hope u have got many more surprises lik tis in the movie,
    the best part i liked in trailer is tht wen rajni sir laughs mightyly and say s ” ennai yaaralaium allika mudhiyadu” and at the end of trailer ” get ready folks”and blasting with number of guns, ,truly i wonder at my superstar s acting and work at this age.
    Sir, i am just waitin desperately, i think sivaji was rajni sir movie directed by shankar sir,but Enthiran is Rajni sir acted in Shankar sir movie,though i liked sivaji lik anyt other superstar movies,, i missed somethin after watchin,,i hope thts comin in here.
    Sir ,longback after sivaji s boxoffice hit, news was u dropped the project of ‘robo’ as due to differences with SRK,i read and thought ,kash shankar sir would go to rajni sir only,and ask to act, cos its ur dream project and i wanted to see our boss in new avatar but thought boss wont accept due to character demands,but it so happened tht he accepted, I thought may be god answered my wish .
    Truly Trailer is so nice,tht shankar sir u truly shook our hearts using creativity and our boss.

  202. Nagesh says:

    pls reply me,,,,,sirrrrrrrrr,,,,,pls come to politics sirrrr its my big wish,, u can change d state, u should become a c,m and p,m,, u can do this for people sir,,,,,,,,

  203. Nagesh says:

    pls read this ,,pls read this,,,,sir,,,his ir how u ,,,,iam big fan of u sir,, i have change my total life because you are films only,, i will try to change at least 100 members as a real human beings in my life,, nenu manushulanu chusindi only 6 members ni matrame, andulo miru kuda unnaru, naku e manushulu ante ishtam undadu, melanty varu unnaru kabatty kodiga ina manchi undani nammakam naku,, miru maku eppatiki inspiration,, me movies vstune undali, miru e manshulanu marchagalru,,,na jivithamlo pedd korika enty ante miru c,m avvali,, p,m avvali,,,ade naku annitikanna pedda korika,,, thank you sir,,,,,,,,,

  204. ROBO SMITH says:


    i know u wont reply now…

    but if u wish to do so..


  205. Prathab says:

    Shankar sir,

    Kalakittinga Sir. Latest trailer released in sathyam was awesome. Its more than any hollywood movies sir. You said that, there more suspenses and advetures in the movie. Very exicted to here that. Tamilnadu is very proud to have you sir.

    Robo Rajini super sir. Trailer-eh pattaya kilaputhu. Padam summa roller coster mathir sema fast and thrilling irukum nu ethirpakurom sir.

    All the best to the Endhiran team and advance wishes for all the awards and record breaks in indian cinema :)

  206. Jey says:

    why there is no updates from u sir?

  207. durgakumar says:

    shankar…trailer is amazing..u rock..while watching sivaji..i and many persons felt ..tat movie was complete rajini kanth mass movie i know you are make the movie as fan of rajni kanth…we also enjoyed movie like tat..but in sivaji shankar touch is very less..hope this robot is complete shankar’s majic ..now ur back…with my favourite super star again with ur style..tis is double treat for all fans…we eagarly waiting for the movie…all thevery best…

  208. ramu says:

    I was speechless after watching ROBO trailer….

    jst waiting for ROBO FESTIVAL ALL OVER INDIA………..

  209. Rajendran says:

    Shankar Sir thanks for giving such a gr8 muvi, which s equivalent 2 hollywood standards… Plz post the trailer in HD because i was stunned after seeing it… Plz do 1 more wit superstar so that it becomes hatrick of super hits.

  210. Sathish(Chitti) says:

    Sir nan dailyum youtubela atleast 4 to 6 hrs endhiran trailer release and audio release function parthutu iruken.

    45 mins unga manase kollai adika porathu Chitti or Vaseegarana?

    Sir enoda 2 mobilakum caller tune puthiya manitha tha sir.

    Robovali epo….. Endhira kanth epo kalaku varu …. chitti epo varuvaru enn update pannave matiringa….

    that too intha time we all checking ur site every hour in a day…. so please do some updates

  211. Veera says:

    Trailer was awesome sir. eagerly waiting to watch in big screen. All the best sir

  212. Telugu Robo says:

    Trailers are amazing

    Here is the Telugu Robo 3 Minutes Trailer


  213. Mortiz says:

    Hi man I’m from London. Saw u r film trailer along with Indian friend. I didn’t believe that it is from India especially vfx work. It is reaching Hollywood. Yes, my friend is jumping, keep it up, wishes for film success.

  214. RAJU says:

    sir today i saw nearly 100 new stills of ROBO …vitta ella scne picsum vandhudum pola :( konjam paathukonga sir…dont reveal any other pics sir…

  215. viji says:

    i,m sure ENDHIRAN will be succesfull movie. we will waiting our super star endhiran.

  216. bharath says:

    awesome trailer scenes…robot design is good….train scene in trailer thalaivar rockzz…

  217. Selva says:

    Shankar Sir,

    I’m a die-hard fan of your’s since Gentleman.
    Till date if you ask me ,I would say the best movie of yours is Gentleman,may be becuase of the technology growing leaps and bounds in the years fater that has been part of your other films made it more admirable.

    Looking forward for your ‘En-thiran’ “your-talent” with super star again ,which is for sure has raised expectations everest high.I pray the almighty to make it a success that any film industry has not even dreamt of.

    I would like to request you to take more films with excellent themes which could educate the society and make them understand what is wrong and what is right in this democratic country.

    Looking forward for a film,with a kind of storyline like making India a super power among all countries by intellectual and logical thinking with some hero stuff.(Only you can do this kind of stories,sure!!!)

    Once again Thanks a lot for entertaining & educating all these years with your service.

    -Selvamuthukumar T R

  218. Eddie says:

    Hello Shankar sir and team,

    The robot teasers, trailers and promos are rocking. I m damm sure that dis film will make history. Congratulations.

    But i feel not much publicity or promos for this film is made outside Tamil Nadu. As i feel promoting this film will take Enthiran to greater heights.

    Looking forward to see the superstar on the screen… Robo….

  219. Kadhir says:

    Awsome trailer!!!!! Rocking sir! Movie is releasing 24th guys!! :D
    Shankar sir, please get a twitter account!

  220. sureshkumar.t says:






  221. anushka says:

    sir, saw the new trailers, definitely it is equal to hollywood, the visuals are fresh .. thalaivar rocks, i think the villain thalaivar will be a treat to watch , cant wait

  222. Harish Rathnaala says:

    Shankar sir,

    3 trailers are out in Hindi unofficially. I loved them and we all are loving them so much!! Heard the news that the Tamil trailer launch will be on the 11th at 10 AM, which is great news!!! Waiting desperately to watch the trailers in Tamil..

    Just wanted to thank you and your team so much for putting in your best effort in making this masterpiece!! Unga final product always stands out among all film makers.

    Please visit your blog when you get time to post some comments, haven’t heard from you in a while. Thanks again and all the best for the movie release sir.

  223. sudhire says:

    guys… go chk da theatrical trailer of Robot on You tube, cheers!!!

  224. Prabhakaran says:

    dear sir, just now watched the hindi theatrical trailer version………….i was speechless, got goosebumps..really got stunned for few minutes…..really u r the most innovative director in indian cinema..after the release, u will surely go for places and make us proud..thank u very much sir…….one small request sir, actually am from sweden..v r eagerly awaiting for the release of endhiran here in sweden and denmark..there are thousands of rajini fans over here..please make some arrangement to release the film over here in denmark or in sweden ….once again thank u very much……..

  225. Ravi karthick says:

    Hello Sir,
    I expect this movie to be a complete entertainment. Only thing I might miss is the 3D form of the movie.
    I understand making a 3D movie is a costly affair, but this Sci-fi subject would have be an apt theme to give a 3D movie to all the Indian audience. It would have been a great step forward in the Indian film industry.
    Hope to see a 3D movie from your stable some day.

    Urs faithful follower,
    Ravi Karthick

  226. Jey says:

    is movie gonna release on sep 30th sir?

  227. bharath says:

    i assure you sir endhiran movie will go for 300 days confirm…

  228. Raja says:

    Sir, We have planned a great get together in CHICAGO for Endhiran. We did this for Sivaji and throughly enjoyed. Please let us know when is the exact movie release date.

  229. Sarindran Ramayes says:

    yeyah!! Endhiran confirm releasing on SEPTEMBER 24th!!

  230. priya says:

    hi shankar sir iam a big fan of u and rajini sir 4m kuwait whan is the movie releasing sir..eagerly waiting
    urs ever great fan

  231. Seelan says:

    Dear Sharkar sir,
    We all know now the movie is going to release on 24th Sept. Thanks for that. Gook luck and god bless you.

  232. Stephen says:

    How many VFX shots is there in Enthiran?
    Awaiting for the release…

  233. naveen frm pkd kerala says:

    few minutes before i saw pagal anukkan trailer from robot on a hindi channel…
    its amazing……
    but what about the theatrical trailers?
    will it be released on sep 10th?

  234. Pavithraa says:

    Hi Uncle,

    I like all the songs in Endhiran and my favourite song is Kaadhal Anukkal and for my 3year old brother as well. We are eagar to watch the movie. Please let us know the release date. Good Luck to you and rajini sir.

  235. G V says:

    Enaku Shankar sir kuda pesanum DOT.

  236. Jegan says:

    Hi Shankar sir, the movie should hit the theatres this month but when exactly ?? There is no any advertisement in the TV, even the trailers is not telecasted why ?????
    Such a big movie must have a lot of advertisement, from wikipedia we can see the release date of Endhiran which is the 24 September, is it true ???

    Please reply to my question or open a new thread with the official annoucement of Endhiran release date for all your and rajini sir fans.

  237. saravanan says:

    First of i really thanks to you and rajni because you and both can did the job i saw the trailer it was amazing and unbelievble i really proud that tamil cinema goes to hollywood range with ur blessing also you have done PILLIAR SUZHI

    saravanan(minister residence)pondicherry

  238. Abbu says:

    Dear Shankar,
    I am a very big fan of Mr.Rajini & you. It’s quite interesting that this film is the first full length Sci-Fi movie in india. Though the expectation meter is >100 before it gets reduced please give the release date. I have played the songs atleast 1000+ times by now and it’s boring now. I stopped hearing to that. Usually most of your movies will hit the screen in <30 days of song releast. Please make this also in the same way. I repeat before the audience gets bored to the music it would be great if you can hit this on big screens soon. As we say sweet is much sweeter when we have in limit. Please release it soon.

  239. bharath says:

    why no news about release date of endhiran…
    going to delay the movie release?…
    still more work going?…
    going to release in 3d ?…
    why there is no promos in tv?…

  240. bharath says:

    all kids will love chitti robot …from seeing the trailer, the film will attracts all kinds of viewers…family entertainment film….

  241. ANUSHKA says:

    Namshkar sir,
    i think u r so busy. robot will be biggest hit. even punjabis like me and frnds are very excited to see a tamil hero movie.hay sir, what is the meaning of CHITTI?????????????????????


  242. Saran says:

    History can never been re-written easily…its a pain , its a fate, its all time & effort…

    Sir .. we are all there no matter how long will it take please please please take your time & release the movie when u feel comfort..People around u r just crazy to push to see this on curious but deeper in thier heart they need victory not vain..Today forgot about producers,actors & fans around u & be as u & come with ur own product..Good or bad only u r responsible for this, dont give up..

    God is there, we r there, ur efforts are true & the truth cant be hidden forever..


    @All FANS: Guys no matter whoever Crtize this movie for whatsoever reason just ignore them bse they r our tomorrow fans..”More u hate one thing u will soon fall in love” haters will never fail to watch this atleast trying to score points to critzise let them do that & let us support our REAL HERO (My Shankar)..

    God bless us

  243. Enthiran says:

    Shankar Sir,

    When you are going to release “ME”. I want to meet your fans around the world who excite more & more…

    Pls tell me that offical date of release….

  244. Enthiran says:

    RE: No 225 Terminator 4.2

    Hello terminator, I am enthiran writting this reply.
    You are not 4.2…but 8 1/4 ( You know meaning of 8.25… ? ) put your number 8.25 instead of 4.2.

    8.25 means ” UGLY ” “BAD” and MORE like this meaning in TAMIL.

  245. Murali says:

    Nice trailers

    I hope this will not be like IROBOT hollywood movie.

  246. Maravarman says:

    Dear Sir ….Any Updates….Pls Sir…Soon Sir…
    Waiting sir….

  247. saran says:

    Sir ji,

    Dont know u observed this point or not but thought of putting here would definetly bring ur attention.As read in articles we should start our promo atleast by sending robo toys to all theaters for display as planned earlier..Salman khan’s “Dabangg” movie is created enough hype.If our trailer displayed in theaters on this time & other some unique promo will bring attention to ROBOT(Hindi) movie…

    Sun tv’s promos through SUN NETWORK,SUN NEWS CHANNELS & Its own magazine really not popular outside tamilnadu …Surprisingly Times Now, CNN-IBN channels are not showing interest in our movie like sivaji, only NDTV telecasted the audio function for 15 sec’s..

    Please think about movie promos in theater well in advance as we see even hollywood movies normally start thier promo 4 months back in theaters… i have seen “Inception”, “Avatar” promos 6 months advance in PVR cinema’s..

    Please take this point..we need real promo outside TamilNadu..

    Note : TamilNadu leave it to us…we all are there behind u but cant expect everyone to treat this as an Indian Cinema..

    Bad things are catched quickly before gooood…There are big group sitting there doing nothing other than criticize South Movies..

    PLease focus on some trend setting advertisement with nice banners /toys /thearitical promos during good movies/ accepting all channel advertisement / etc. etc….

  248. Srini says:

    Boss.. Release date sollungae… Very eager to know the date..

    All the best, it’s 100% success…

  249. sapna says:

    The robo is from Hirata company…
    More about the company…

    I really hoped u would have shot a song scene in JAPAN!

  250. shivaraj says:

    hi sir and hi frnds who r commenting here i had been shocked by seeing 225.terminaters comment whether he knew that this is the first sci-fi movie in indian film history and warning from him from myside not to do such a comment he can speak all things from his mouth but the real workers (rajni sir ,ash ,shankar sir,sun pic,arr etc) those who spent more than 3 years in this project would know the result . for all these comment the film release would be an answer then u guys will run away. shankar sir v always support u dnt worry.

  251. Harish Rathnaala says:

    Shankar sir,

    How soon will you be able to announce the release date? Please let us know sir. Thanks so much!

  252. V.Venkatesh, Thiruvarur says:

    Dear Sir, Best wishes for success of ENTHIRAN, THANKS and CONGRATULATION for My THALAIVAR “RAJINI film first time goes to INTERNATIONAL LEVEL, only for your. So, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS. 1000 of THANKS….

  253. muthukumar ganesan says:

    the trailer n teasers were awesome sir……..cant wait to watch……..pls release the movie in early sept…….pls sir………TQ

  254. rakeshmenon says:

    hi sir….. pls reply ur hai……… thats enough for me……

  255. Vaas says:

    Shankar Sir !

    We are awaiting for Spe 3rd . plz Dnt postpond’ :(
    Such a five lengends clubbing together and brings us long horizon called “Enthiran ”

    You rock well !

  256. Priya says:

    Sir, this is 4th time,am putting the same question…I believe, atleast, by now you have fixed the releasing date. It will not affect for the people in Chennai because they stay there and enjoy it anytime. Everyone started saying that it would be on Sep 3, 17, 24 and so on….I know it has to be run on 24 but still I would like to hear it from you…I am so confused that I couldn’t book my tickets 4 chennai….Please announce it officially, sir…It is a humble request on behalf of all the fans….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  257. Prabu says:

    Leave terminator , we had suppudu who normally criticizes AR.Rahman always.

    If it is a hit no body can comment on any film.Gnani commented on sivaji,but see sivaji was a huge hit.

    All ppl loves shankar,Rajni and Rahman, that’s y all the shankar,rajni movies are hit.That is enough.Leave all those comments made against Shankar,Rajni and Rahman.

    Shankar means MEGA HIT.Thats it. I can assure all that we can come out happily from Shankar or Rajni Movies.Is that the answer for Terminator 2.2.

  258. saran says:

    hello sireeeee,

    enathan nadakuthu angeeee??? ethavathu update pannunga,,,A.R.Rehman/Resul bacground score, Antony final editing ellam mudinchutha for all 3 language??????

    Did u saw the final copy or yet to see???

    ethavathu update pannunga

  259. Laxman Selvam says:

    Trailers are wrecking havoc sir!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just can wait to watch the movie.
    many rumours about the release date.
    can u please post the exact date on ur blog, a humble request!!
    the biggest BLOCKBUSTER still in the closet, raring to go, wishing the entire team all the very best!!!

  260. Ganesh.S.N. says:

    To Mr. //**“””225.terminator -4.2 Says:
    August 18th, 2010 at 4:09 PM**//

    A Real Tamilian can know everything but peoples like you have?????????????????????????

    First shout your mouth.

    What knowledge you have to say like that? Before saying others, just go through about your self………….

    You a person charged full of negative attitude.

  261. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir,
    As i have given below attached of the Oscars Winners 2009 List for your kind reference & Without fail as you will get minimum 7 winners Awards from the OSCARS for the years of 2010,As u will get the best Director of the movie ENTHIRAN as the oscar winner award 2011. The son of soil in india as here our S.Shankar Sir.
    Wishing for to winning the OSCARS AWARDS as towards Our’s SHANKAR Sir,
    Thank You, To be a winner & ALL THE VERY BEST.


    Oscars Winners 2009 List

    Awards on AOL

    Golden Globes
    Daytime Emmys
    Spirit Awards
    SAG Awards
    Printable Ballot
    Oscar Winners: 2009
    Best Picture
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
    ‘The Reader’

    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
    Best Director

    Danny Boyle

    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
    Stephen Daldry

    ‘The Reader’
    David Fincher

    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
    Ron Howard

    Gus Van Sant

    Best Actor
    Richard Jenkins

    ‘The Visitor’
    Frank Langella

    Sean Penn

    Brad Pitt

    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
    Mickey Rourke

    ‘The Wrestler’
    Best Actress
    Anne Hathaway

    ‘Rachel Getting Married’
    Angelina Jolie


    Melissa Leo

    ‘Frozen River’
    Meryl Streep

    Kate Winslet

    ‘The Reader’
    Best Supporting Actor

    Josh Brolin


    Robert Downey Jr.

    ‘Tropic Thunder’

    Philip Seymour Hoffman


    Heath Ledger

    ‘The Dark Knight’

    Michael Shannon

    ‘Revolutionary Road’
    Best Supporting Actress

    Amy Adams


    Penelope Cruz

    ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’

    Viola Davis


    Taraji P. Henson

    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    Marisa Tomei

    ‘The Wrestler’
    Best Animated Feature Film
    ‘Bolt”Kung Fu Panda”Wall-E’ Best Foreign Film
    ‘The Baader Meinhof Complex’

    ‘The Class’

    ‘Waltz With Bashir’

    Best Original Screenplay

    Dustin Lance Black
    ‘Frozen River’

    Courtney Hunt
    ‘Happy Go Lucky’

    Mike Leigh
    ‘In Bruges’

    Martin McDonagh

    Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon, Pete Docter
    Best Adapted Screenplay
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    Eric Roth, Robin Swicord

    John Patrick Shanley
    ‘Frost/ Nixon’

    Peter Morgan
    ‘The Reader’

    David Hare
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

    Simon Beaufoy
    Best Documentary Feature
    ‘The Betrayal (Nerakhoon)”Encounters at the End of the World”The Garden”Man on Wire’
    ‘Trouble the Water’Best Original Score
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
    Best Original Song
    ‘Down to Earth’

    ‘Jai Ho’

    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
    ‘O Saya’

    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’
    Best Film Editing
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    Kirk Baxter, Angus Wall
    ‘The Dark Knight’

    Lee Smith

    Mike Hill, Dan Hanley

    Elliot Graham
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

    Chris Dickens
    Best Documentary – Short Subject
    ‘The Conscience of Nhem En’
    ‘The Final Inch’
    ‘Smile Pinki’
    ‘The Witness – From the Balcony of Room 306′
    Best Cinematography

    Tom Stern
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    Claudio Miranda
    ‘The Dark Knight’

    Wally Pfister
    ‘The Reader’

    Chris Menges, Roger Deakins
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

    Anthony Dod Mantle
    Best Costume Design

    Catherine Martin
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    Jacqueline West
    ‘The Duchess’

    Michael O’Connor

    Danny Glicker
    ‘Revolutionary Road’

    Albert Wolsky
    Best Sound Mixing
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    David Parker, Michael Semanick, Ren Klyce, Mark Weingarten
    ‘The Dark Knight’

    Lora Hirschberg, Gary Rizzo, Ed Novick
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

    Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty

    Tom Myers, Michael Semanick, Ben Burtt

    Chris Jenkins, Frank A. Montaño, Petr Forejt
    Best Sound Editing
    ‘The Dark Knight’

    Richard King
    ‘Iron Man’

    Frank Eulner, Christopher Boyes
    ‘Slumdog Millionaire’

    Tom Sayers

    Ben Burtt, Matthew Wood

    Wylie Stateman
    Best Live Action Short Film
    ‘Auf der Strecke (On the Line)’
    ‘Manon on the Asphalt’
    ‘New Boy’
    ‘The Pig’
    ‘Spielzeugland (Toyland)’
    Best Animated Short Film
    ‘La Maison de Petits Cubes’
    ‘Lavatory – Lovestory’
    ‘This Way Up’
    Best Makeup
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    Greg Cannom
    ‘The Dark Knight’

    John Caglione, Jr., Conor O’Sullivan
    ‘Hellboy II: The Golden Army’

    Mike Elizalde, Thom Flout
    Best Art Direction

    James J. Murakami, Gary Fettis
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    Donald Graham Burt, Victor J. Zolfo
    ‘The Dark Knight’

    Nathan Crowley, Peter Lando
    ‘The Duchess’

    Michael Carlin, Rebecca Alleway
    ‘Revolutionary Road’

    Kristi Zea, Debra Schutt
    Best Visual Effects
    ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

    Eric Barba, Steve Preeg, Burt Dalton, Craig Barron
    ‘The Dark Knight’

    Nick Davis, Chris Corbould, Tim Webber, Paul Franklin
    ‘Iron Man’

  262. Jegan says:

    Hi Sir, can you please confirm if the release date of Endhiran is the 24th September 2010 ?

  263. Prabu says:

    I want to share this.Exp our Indian ppl(Mee to a proud indian).

    They are very much affected by Foreign dreams and styles.See if avatar is being taken by a indian director they will tell “how is this possible yaar really funny director.And all the websites will tell it is not a reality movie(Even though they likes a movie of a indian director)”.
    And some intelligent (LOL) ppl will go a extent and tell it is copied from some hollywood movie.

    Since Avatar is not taken by a indian director.Now the ppl is telling,”hare yaar what a technology,our indian directors are waste man,nothing they are using”.All media will praise the movie.

    Shankar is the director who changed the tamil cinema’s drama maniac.Very good thoughts and very good presentation.

    Shankar sir,can u reply for this thought abt ours thoughts?

  264. Shankar Sivarajah says:

    RE:terminator -4.2 Says:

    YOU are the biggest flop when your mother gave you birth. You don’t now SHIT about movies. Just keep on watching your crappy hindi cinema with 5 idiots and my name is abdul.

  265. chandrasekar venkatachalam says:

    Dear Mr Shankar,
    GOD bless this film with a Huge success no one can stop.
    I am resident of sydney for almost 10 years.I have our indian movies releasing here without any ads(you can see only in indian grocery shops).
    There was a huge media ad for Raavan through sydney morning herald(smh.com.au).
    For all english films ,the media ad is through posters in sydney buses outside, platforms of sydney train stations.
    now a days it is also through a free evening newspaper which can be seen in each and every commuters (it is a hit newspaper).http://www.mxnet.com.au/.
    I think you give ad for US and UK.If they like the ad very attractive, every people in australia will got for the Movie.
    slum dog millionaire was a hit(AR Rahman’s jai ho song was a it, also NSW government arranged AR RAHMAn show in parrmatta which was a hit).
    Please give attention to enthiran.I need to say proudly about Mr shankar and our thalaivar Superstar.here there are lots of indian and srilankan tamils across australia.


  266. Srinivas says:

    //“””225.terminator -4.2 Says:
    August 18th, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    this is going to be the Biggest flop . local tamilan cannot understand your technology . it is not a other predator story . it was a copy of terminator tamilversion with old aiswaryarai (40 +).”””

    Mr.Terminator – Any prob??…Stomach burning?????? Nalla Doctor aa poi paaruppa!!!!

  267. kabilan says:

    hello 225.terminator-4.2 unakku ellam shankar sir bathil solla mattaru da nanga thanda sooluvom.sir please display those kind of idiots comments which hurts us sir.please sir

  268. mathan says:

    hi sir!
    i feel sorry for ramu(who wrote a coward comment).let these gyus suffer themselfs.ignore such cowards.
    you go on and on.all the very best!
    endhiran is going to rock the whole world!
    i beleive that!

  269. ramu says:

    “”"225.terminator -4.2 Says:
    August 18th, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    this is going to be the Biggest flop . local tamilan cannot understand your technology . it is not a other predator story . it was a copy of terminator tamilversion with old aiswaryarai (40 +).”"”


    , SUCH AN…





  270. RAM & LAKSHMAN says:

    we r TWINS n Every time WE watch JEANS its Really AMAZING n ROCKING …. Probably we’v watched more than 100 TIMES

    n d SUBJECT is FRESH in Every way till DATE …. in the HISTORY of WORLD CINEMA…. since therez no movie of that GENRE……

    U’l b Busy right Now working for on ur DREAM PROJECT ROBO….

    so after d Completion of ROBO plz share d
    in this BLOG…..

    The RUNTIME of visualFX of JEANS is MORE than SPIELBERG’s JURRASIC PARK…..Thatz GREAT…!!!!

    Hope OUR WISH will b Fulfilled by presenting us MAKING OF JEANS……….


    with Best Regards

  271. karthigeshan says:

    vanakam sir,

    Im really shocked… when i watched endhiran trailer first time Live at astro vanavil … Im so sad when i can’t watch the show at PICC(Putrajaya)…

    anyway 100% im sure this movie gonna be a successfull movie of this year..!

    frm malaysia…

  272. Prasanna says:

    ***Is HBO really realising the movie in west?*** Pls answer this question sir……
    and we want to see the trailers in theaters

  273. Kubendran says:


    i have a big doubt on scientific approach(AI) to justify the robot sex (male/female)…!

    How u handled this in this film? why i am asking this question is, as per your story that the robot going fell in love with a girl?

    wating for ur reply….


  274. arul says:

    robo will rock soon,what is ur next film

  275. avnashmurugan says:

    i saw ur speech in telugu audio launch,, sayin rajni sir is gonna play 3 roles, one scientist,,den a robo,,third suspense person,,who u dont want to reveal,
    nice to hear it sir,,
    ur songs r rocking our classrooms,though exams r der,v bother less abt it,v listen to robo songs the telugu version,
    U r awesome,,sir ,
    sir wen movie comin on screens,rajni sir said ,robot ll be celebration at the theatres,i am desperate for celebration,but wen is the movie gittin the screens??
    How did u make rajni sir look so so so good?
    always pleasure to see him on screen
    Waiting for ur reply,desperately,

  276. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir,
    As i have given below attached Sci Fic top ten movie lists for your kind reference & i wish by cordially UR ROBOT movie will enter this lists as soon.
    All The Very Best to ROBOT makers as the great SHANKAR Sir.
    Thank you.


    Top 10 Science Fiction Movies of the Decade, 2000-2009
    Column, Movies | Elena Nola | January 1, 2010 at 11:30 am

    All the end-of-year/decade lists going up right now inspired me to hit one up of my own. And all the hype about James Cameron’s Avatar, which is being trumpeted as some sort of monumental science fiction success, gave me just the topic: the actual best science fiction movies of the aughts.

    This list might be controversial, but I stand by it. I watch a lot of movies, and not just the big-name stuff–indie and foreign flicks comprise probably half of what I see between the big screen and my DVD player. Science fiction is a problematic genre; it is one of my first loves in movies (although, interestingly, not really in books)–but it is so rarely done well. 2000-9 was a decade of remakes and sequels and also, I suppose, an average decade for SF films. It had enough true gems to fill out a top 10 list and not a whole lot more. The years represented tended to be two or three movies in a year or two-year span, then a gap before the next grouping.

    And lest any accusations fly over my being some sort of movie snob who won’t watch a big-budget SF movie, here’s a list of movies you might be expecting to see on here and won’t, despite the fact that I did see them–they just weren’t good enough: Avatar, Minority Report, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, any of this decade’s Star Trek movies (although I did like the newest one quite a lot, and it might have made a top 20), War of the Worlds, Transformers, Terminator III (well, maybe you wouldn’t expect to see that one here, but I did see it), Alien vs. Predator (and half the sequel, which was all I could sit through), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, either of the Matrix sequels…I’m sure there were a few others I can’t remember, because, if there is one thing big-budget, studio SF movies seem to have in common, it’s that they are forgettable. Oh, yeah, saw Iron Man. See what I mean?

    Finally, a few words about criteria–fantasy (i.e., magic and not technology) was not considered, so no Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I am using as my definition for SF stories that are based in science (anything from medicine to theoretical physics), technology, or a projection of the future. Magic, the occult, and Middle Earth don’t cut it. Television series were not considered, so no Battlestar Galactica or Stargate. I looked at the film equivalents of monographs (vs. serials) only.

    So, without further ado…My Top Ten Best Science Fiction Movies of the Decade

    10. Cloverfield.

    Included because of the possibility that the monster was an alien, and even if it wasn’t the monster vs. technology mode is a classic form of the SF movie; but I’ll list an alternate at the bottom in case anyone disagrees that this is SF. Regardless, this movie is a classic monster movie, updated to modern times and given a fresh start. It took documentary-style filming to a new extreme, and it was very careful to operate within its capabilities. It didn’t try and reach too far with its special effects, instead playing on the fear of the unknown and the fear of the monster’s destruction rather than of the monster itself. It showed that a team of unknowns on a shoestring budget can do with dedication, heart, and a creative approach what a studio can’t with endless funds and countless CG programmers.

    9. Serenity.

    Was this a 2-hour episode of Firefly disguised as a movie? Perhaps. Was it good enough to convince me to go buy the series (which I had missed entirely) on the strength of the movie alone? Yes. And was it a hilarious action caper that also had heart, consequences, and a truly fabulous villain? Also yes. I fell in love with the characters in one sitting, and I appreciated the darkness included in the movie. Despite it starting out light-hearted and ending on a bittersweet but overall happy note, the movie didn’t shy away from brutality or the bleak responsibility for actions. The Reavers were truly horrifying, not just for what they were but also for what they represented: an attempt to stamp out the conflict in the human heart. I loved the sentiment that to take away human conflict is to take away humanity; we’re a flawed but beautiful species, and too often humanity is represented simply as being flawed. I also loved the philosophical villain, who is frightening because he is so implacable, and wonderful because he can recognize when he is wrong and change his course because of that recognition.

    8. Code 46

    The first of the dystopian-future movies to make the list. This was an overlooked little movie that is disturbing on a lot of different levels, everything from the control given to the governments over literally every individual, to the horror of being reconditioned to hate what you love or to forget what you hate, to the Freudian sensuality of falling in love with a copy of a genetic parent. The ending is so very bittersweet; this is one for those of you who love impossible love stories–the stories of a love so great it had to be put aside. Haunting. That’s what this story is.

    7. District 9

    What a fabulous movie this was. Forget all the comparisons to apartheid too many critics made, and just look at it as I think it was intended to be looked at–a what if movie. What if aliens landed a ship above Earth and had no way to get home? What would happen to them politically and socially? How far would humanity go to push them away from us…and how far might one man go to save them? Wikus is the perfect anti-hero: he is an average man, who operates on a brutally selfish level (as, if we are honest with ourselves, most of us probably would do in those same circumstances) but yet finds a kernel of true heroism in himself at the same time. The ship effects were fabulous; every detail mattered here, as the groaning and rattling of car windows as the ship moves recall childhood rides on the school bus, and the tractor beam picks up not just its target but also a whole ton of other stuff, and the dirt and filth and grit of the setting tell you that when the interviewees called District 9 a ghetto, they meant it. The filming is a perfect balance between documentary and cinematic styles, with a few odd-angle fixed shots to keep things ever-interesting on a visual level. Some of the deaths might even rate a spot on a best deaths of the decade list, so if you like that sort of thing it even has that going for it.

    6. Sunshine

    Danny Boyle is a fabulous director, and he did an excellent job with this film. So much to love…first, I think, is the simple fact that it’s a movie about heroes. Every single one of the people on that ship make a personal sacrifice to save the world; they are all heroes, in a day and age where movies seem reluctant to give us heroes because that’s “not realistic.” These heroes were; some were weak, some were brave, but all of them were human. Second, because he showcases the human fascination with a destructive power, the absolute beauty of something that has the ability to obliterate us. Third, because there were no stars in his space–that close to the sun, there wouldn’t be. I know for a lot of people this movie went haywire with the madman part, and the ship’s AI was really questionable for not catching the intrusion sooner, but I didn’t mind the final wrinkle in the plotline, and the ending was simply beautiful. Visually, and for the outcome of the mission.

    5. Solaris

    Even my list is not immune to the remake syndrome afflicting this decade! But this was a remake that might have justified its existence by trumping the original. The movie is compelling because of its acting. The visuals are great, and the special effects subtle. The story is achingly relatable–both in the sense that we are all haunted by the memories we carry around, and also in the sense that anyone who has lost their true love can understand the main character’s decision to go back into space, if that meant he could find her again.

    4. Moon

    I can’t say enough good things about Duncan Jones’ debut movie. If you didn’t get the chance–or didn’t take the chance–to see this movie on the big screen, then you really missed out. This movie shows why modeling is still a thousand times to be preferred to CG renderings, as Jones went back to some of the old masters to help out on this one. Every detail was attended to, to make you feel like you are up there on the moon alone with Sam and his AI and his fragmented communication with Earth, from the dirty jumpsuit of a blue-collar working man to the lonely tracks on the moon showing that he was the only one to drive across that landscape to the beautiful blue planet hovering so close but so very far away. The story will punch you in the gut with its tragedy and frighten you with its implications, and Sam Rockwell deserves a Best Actor nod for his performance, and this was quite possibly the best movie of 2009.

    3. The Fountain

    Darren Aranofsky’s foray into SF wasn’t for everyone, but it was for me. I have seen this movie upwards of ten times, and I love it more every time I watch it. I love his oils-in-water, 1960s-light-show special effects, and I love the heartbreaking story of a man who spends 500 years trying to save his dying wife, and I love the fact that it is such an open text that after that many viewings I’m still not sure what actually happened and what was simply story-within-story–as in, didn’t actually happen. And I love that Aranofsky refuses to explain, that he wants people to not be sure, to be able to see what they want in the film. Also, I love the conception of a truly unique means of space travel; 500 years into the future the technological mechanisms they’re using are going to be as incomprehensible to us as an Ipod would be to William the Conquerer, so, sure, why not make it a floating bubble in space? It’s not likely to seem any more familiar to us than that does, whatever the future holds. Also, one of the best love stories of all time, period.

    2. Donnie Darko

    I struggled with whether this is a science fiction movie or some other brand of speculative fiction, but in the end decided that the parallel universe and time traveling ideas counted as physics, therefore…here it is. This is probably the out-and-out weirdest of the movies on this list, which is saying something considering the company it keeps, but it is a strange little story. It makes you think: it makes you wonder what’s going on, and it makes you wonder what if, and it makes you wonder if you’d be brave enough to make the same choice. It’s another movie that is fabulous from a production standpoint, with excellent cinematography and directing, and a break-out performance from Jake Gyllenhaal.

    1. Children of Men

    This is not just the best science fiction movie of the decade, but a movie that would make my best of all time list. This movie is a slow burn. The first time you watch it you might just think it’s interesting and sometimes funny, has a compelling story and good acting, crazy dystopian future and a wild scary premise, but maybe not one that you immediately recognize as amazing. But if you let it sink into your brain for a few days or weeks or months, and come back to it again…you realize that this movie is perfect. There is not one detail to be changed in its filming or execution, and that is a rare thing to say, indeed. It has some of the best war scenes I’ve ever seen in an SF film, and the directing pulls off some rather incredible sequences of extended action and choreography ranging into the minutes before any editing break occurs. The acting is across the board excellent, and the conflict open enough that you don’t really know what’s going on, whether there is a giant governmental (or corporate) conspiracy to control population growth or if it was some strange disease or what. It tells you just enough to satisfy, and not enough to ruin. It strikes every balance right, and to change anything at all would diminish the brilliance of the whole.

    A few interesting observations. None of these were high-budget films; several were made for about $5 million, and most (perhaps even all, but I’m lazy and didn’t look up the ones I didn’t know offhand) for no more than $40 million. While some of them have recognizable actors, none of them have big stars who are a box office draw on the strength of their name alone. Yet, somehow, all of them are all quality films from a movie production standpoint–they are well-directed, well-acted, well-written, well-designed, well-constructed movies. They blow their big-budget counterparts out of the water in pretty much all of those ways, and to me that just sort of implies that SF is best left to those who truly love it, not those who are just trying to capitalize on a current trend.

    Most of these movies also have incredible soundscapes to accompany them. A lot of it is moody, dreamy, hypnotically beautiful instrumentals–specifically Sunshine, The Fountain, Moon, Solaris, and Code 46. Code 46 introduced me among other things to Sigur Ros, who are one of my favorite foreign bands now. The Fountain soundtrack is probably my favorite soundtrack of all time. From the Sunshine score, which overall is a mixed bag, “Kanada’s Death, Part II” and “Sunshine, Adagio in D-minor” are absolutely transcendent. Children of Men and Donnie Darko also use very recognizable and iconic individual songs. I love that music wasn’t overlooked or undervalued by the directors; it can make or break a film.

    Finally, a short list of other movies I want to mention and why. These are not necessarily runners up; a couple of them would be, others weren’t quite SF enough to make my list, others are simply movies I thought were interesting and deserved a bit of attention just for doing something different

  277. bharath says:

    releasing date sep 3 or sep 24

  278. Sham says:

    Please do provide English subtitles in the movie. This would attract a bigger non-Indian audience to a Tamil movie especially in multiracial countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. Thank you.

  279. mani says:

    hi shankar darling……
    many many happy returns of the day… ill pray to the almighty that all your dreams come true and you remain as intelligent as u are now throughout your life….
    with lots n lots of love your bigggest fan in this world. mani… take care sir……

  280. sapna says:

    The ‘robothefilm’ website says that the robo engine is from japan, and there are japanese words in robo songs. Why did not shoot 1 robo song in japan to please japanese fans? Any japanese actors in robo?

  281. Sridhar Visvanath says:

    Endhiran…Songs are calling out…

    Endhirichu aada vaikkuthu…

    Great mesmerizing music…
    And i guess a very fabulous special movie…With some shankar special surprise pacakages….

    Good luck
    Sridhar Visvanath

  282. mathan says:

    hi sir hope you enjoyed your birthday.
    i saw both hindi and thelugu trailers.it will be more effective if thalaivar dubs those version too.can you please ask about this with rajini sir since he is fluent in those languages too.because it will add more style and glamour to those version.
    its my kind request and suggesion.
    all the very best!

  283. Subramani says:

    We believe its 100% shankar film… first in rajini carrier its not a rajini film. normally rajini has some unique name in there films but its different for rajini also. We are very expecting this film in screen. When is the release?

  284. ANUSHKA says:

    When will first promo come on TV???????????

  285. Patrick says:

    Sir, How much is the marketing cost involved in Endhiran?

  286. T.Muralidaran says:


    44′th Birth day wishes to Shankar sir.

    all the very best.


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  288. Selvam says:

    KILIMAANJAROOO ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  289. Prem says:

    Hi Shankar sir,


  290. SIVANESH's sivi robot says:

    sir,birthdaylam எப்படி போச்சு. உங்க birthday ku உங்க online fans ku நீங்க ஒரு குச்சி மிட்டாய், குருவி ரொட்டி கூட வாங்கி தரல sir,போங்க sir.நாங்க உங்க பேச்சு கா.ATLEAST READ THIS FULLY SIR ,PLEASEE

    sir i cudnot belive that this is ur 47th b’day.u look so smart and young(i’m not trying to flatter u).i’m serious.wen i saw ur gentle man photo(along with dr.a.venkatesh) in ur website i cant control my laughter.seeing u without moustache.u look like a 10th standard student.cudn’t belive u r soo young at that time,u didnot look like a director.comedian vivek sonnathu pola”body showrooma பாத்து எடை போடகூடாது ,brain godown பார்த்து எடை podanum”.the reason y u look young is similar to the புலவர் பிசிராந்தையர் (he got good wife,good children,good king,etc).similarly for u .good people around u and u make people good by good moral valued movies,keep doing it sir.

    do u have any ideas similar to the money card,eradicating 500&1000 rs notes shown in climax of sivaji.sir pls dont add any scenes like the one u added in sivaji(india joiing in g10 league,etc etc) when closing credits was rolling.because most of theatres didnot run that.they closed the movie immediatly after sivaji tosses the coin to suman’s face and people started moving out of theatre.i noticed those scens only when i saw the movie for 4th time.

    recently iron man 2 team asked google to block all the iron man 2 movie uploaded sites,u can also do that sir.this is what they said

    உங்க கிட்ட questions கேட்குறதுகாக என்னோட quality of questioning levela increase பண்ணிருக்கேன்..ரோம்ப காஞ்சி போயிருக்கேன் .கொஞ்சம் தண்ணி தெலிங்க sir.oru hi யாவது சொல்லுங்க சார்.take care.bye.

  291. terminator -4.2 says:

    this is going to be the Biggest flop . local tamilan cannot understand your technology . it is not a other predator story . it was a copy of terminator tamilversion with old aiswaryarai (40 +)..

  292. Sathish(Muthalvan) says:

    Many more happy returns of the day.
    May all ur dream projects come true this yr.

    Sir release date epo Endhiran – The Robot

  293. Jegatheesan says:


  294. subbu says:

    THOUGH u r From KOLLYWOOD there r many ARDENT supporters for YOU in TOLLYWOOD n WAITING for a FILM from u with TOLLYWOOD YOUNG HEROES like


    Please ACKNOWLEDGE ME By Saying “HI” n I feel very HAPPY for That………..

    The stills n TEASERS r ROCKING , Amazing n GRAND as d Budget f d movie

    but it is SAD to say that after a month v have to wait for another

    for another 2 n 3 Years…….

    ALL THE BEST FOR ROBOT….Definitely it Creates HISTORY in WORLD CINEMA…..!!!!


  295. Vivek subramanian says:

    Many more happy returns of the day.
    May your Endhiran break all records of Indian cinema..
    All the best.

  296. Samson says:

    Dear Sir,
    Trailers are rocking. I deeply wish that this film tastes the expected success so that you will make more such movies. I am as nervous as you. Lets hope for the best.

  297. Vish says:

    Many more happy returns of the day

  298. Balasubramaniam R says:

    In the Hindi promo I saw the specification of the Robot. Everything looks good but for the processor. It’s listed as pentium. It’s a very outdated processor to be used in Robots. If possible please do change it.

    Intel® Itanium® Processor 9000 Sequence
    Intel® Xeon® Processor 7000 Sequence

    I love your movies. You are a gift to the Tamil Film Industry.

  299. Maruthamsiva says:

    Sir, belated birthday wishes “Many many more happy returns of this beautiful day for you sir”


  300. endhiraa says:

    Happy Birthday Sirji !!!!

  301. sai srinivasan says:

    happy birthday thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  302. Sriram S says:

    Wish you many many happy returns of the day sir….:)

    Have a great year…..and give us many more block busters……

    Also try to make Azhagiya Kuyile :)

    All the best.

    Sriram S

  303. Jey says:

    happy bday sir..

  304. kajan says:

    Hi Shankar Sir Im Kajan from London and I am a big fan of you,by the way Wish you a happy Birthday which is today(17th) and I wish you all the best with your film career & life.

    Bye Sir Take Care

  305. Pradeep says:

    sir one doubt…….

    Hindi’le yaru sir Thalaivar voice’ku dubbing…….?

    avar voice madhiri teriyalayey……..

  306. Varsha says:

    Happy Birthday sir.!!Have a great year ahead…!! ROBOT success would be the biggest birthday gift to you sir..!

  307. Srinivas says:

    Many more Returns of the Day Sir, you Deserve the all the praise, keep going, my best wishes for your Dream Project.
    I’m your fan, I have seen ur working Style in B,lore,.
    you are the Best !!!

  308. Yadavaram says:

    Future of indian cinema.That is enthiran the robot.Waiting to see the movie.
    Please god make the movie to release soon.In my dream robo only coming.
    This success not a simple one its an indian’s victory.

  309. Vishal says:

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Shankar sir!

    Hope you and Aish continue making more successful landmark movies in the future and continue enthralling audiences!

    Again, a very happy birthday! Love you :)

  310. suresh says:

    happy birthday sir:-)
    trailer was good.. expecting a great experience in theatre..
    what are the new technique you have adopted in this movie??

  311. Ananth says:

    I feel you are destined to work with Rajini for next decade. You know how? Robot 2, Robot 3 and Robot 4.

    Are you ready for it??

    Good luck with everything and God Bless you.

  312. Saravanan V says:

    Hello Sir,
    Wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    May this Birthday brings your hope & expectation True.

    Wish you all the best.

  313. Ravi Ganesh says:

    Dear Shankar Sir, wishing you many many more happy returns of the day. May you are always blessed the best life has to offer you.

    May the the Success of Endhiran would be the the Best Birthday Present to your good self.

    God Bless
    - Ganesh

  314. murali says:

    hi shankar sir, wish you a very happy birthday……may all your wishes come true for this year…….sir when is the full trailer of robo is releasing….give it as your birthday treat sir………. ;)

  315. karthik says:

    Many more happy returns of the day Shankar Sir.
    Trailers kalkkal!!!
    Eagerly waiting for the visual treat:)

  316. rukmani says:

    hi, happy birthday to you

  317. babujitheboss says:

    Dear Shankar ji.,





  318. kabilan says:

    wish u a very very happy birthday sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  319. Magesh, Singapore says:

    Dear Sir,
    A Very Happy Birthday:)
    Wishing you Joyous, Prosperous and Blessed years ahead.
    All the very best.

  320. Karthik says:

    Hello Shankar,

    I wish you all success for Endhiran and all others films. I know you are one kind of director who always long for new ideas and your thirst never ends which makes your films a diff kind.

    While wishing you all success, I would like to ask one question. There is a pratice in hollywood to make screenplay available online (Scripts of Movies like The Dark Knight, Saving Private Ryan, LOTR all three parts etc). Even though Production scripts are made available for education purpose, I would like to ask you whether u can make such scripts available for online users. Not neccessary the production scripts, even if the script is a draft one it will be useful for some beginners.

    FYI, i am not into cinema line, but trying to do something. I have downloaded some of the available screenplay’s, reading it and trying my own script with the available screeplay’s as templates.

    If Guys like me, instead of following a hollywood template, we can follow indian cinema and particularly tamil movie cinema, it will be wonderful.

    BTW, i know ur busy schedule but can you help me for what are the steps that should be done before you finalize a script and what all things you should do (like copyrighting) so that ur script is secured in this unsecure place.

    Sorry to bother you much,

    Waiting for ur endhiran and reply,

    Please feel free to contact me in my email id provided :)

    May god wish you success all way,


  321. LOGU says:

    dear SHANKAR sir,

    i wish you a MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY sir..

    god bless u sir..

    u r the stunning director forever sir…

    i am one of ur CRAZY fan….

    hence ur birthday gift will be ENTHIRAN’s mega mega mega hiclass HIT…thats for sure sir..

    take care.

  322. SIVANESH's sivi robot wishes & says:

    தலைவா (many say rajini,kamal,ajith ,vijay as தலைவர்,எனக்கு நீங்க தான் தலைவர்) WISH YOU A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.மச்சி treat எப்போ (sorry sir,நீங்க ரோமப friendlynu பேட்டில கேள்வி பட்டிருக்கேன் ,treat kira விஷயம் boys படதுளிருந்துதான் ரோம்ப familiar ஆச்சு sir).in my dream world u r my teacher,u r my best friend,i’m ur assitant,etc etc.but all as dreams only.hope i wud b the only 1 wishing u here for your birthday.sir, நீங்களும் உங்க குடும்பத்தினரும் பல நூறாண்டு காலம் எல்லா வளங்களும் ,செல்வமும் ,மகிழ்ச்சியும் பெற்று வளமுடன் வாழ அந்த எல்லாம்வல்ல இறைவனை பிரார்த்திக்கிறேன் .sir i’m ur die hard fan from the age of 8.i love ur movies bcas ur movies has great messages to sciety & u always wish india to be a developed country.u made me more patriotic and work towards our country,especially gentle man(corruption against education),indian (q tv scene),mudhalvan interview,,boys(all the parents speak in harini home),sivaji(black moneyaa ஒழிக்கணும்),anniyan(nehru stadium scene).எல்லா citizenum அவுங்க கடமையா ஒழுங்கா செய்யணும் .intellectual thinking from movie after movie.sir bcas of your movies only i haven’t given bribe or accepted till now.i’m b.tech grad.உங்க moviesla இருக்க நல்ல கருத்துக்கள் என் சிறு வயதிலிருந்தே பசுமரத்து ஆணி போல் பதிந்திருகிறது .நீங்க மென்மேலும் பல நல்ல societyku message தர மாதிரி movies கொடுக்க வேண்டுகிறேன் ,so that some where some one will change or atleast try to change this india.sir i have posted several times ,right from new year(ur first post),but never got a single reply.pls sir,கொஞ்சம் திரும்பி பாருங்க sir.pleasee

  323. KARTHICK RAO Fan of SIVAJI RAO says:


    dear shankar sir..
    This is karthick from krishnagiri.

    i am 25 yrs old , more than 25 yrs i am fan of
    super star rajni kanth.


  324. Ramesh says:

    Many many more happy returns of the dayy =D
    Hope yu hav a nice dai nd Vaalga Valamuden

  325. LG Saravanan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    **August 17**
    Wish you a happy birthday…All the best for your future projects and success. My date of birth is also same.


  326. vishnu says:

    happy birth day sir.

  327. vishnu says:

    shankar sir many more happy returns of the day. god bless you.

  328. tljana says:

    many many happy birthday wishes. i pray to god to give you all peace and happiness.

  329. Ramesh ELango - bangalore says:

    Many more happy returns of the day sir………….

    may all ur dreams come true….

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    Happy birthday Shankar sir

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    ************** WISH**********************
    ************** U ************************

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    hi sir…..
    wish u happy birthday sir…….

  334. JKN says:

    Happy Birthday sir!! god bless u with the biggest blockbuster success for ENDHIRAN!!!

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    U may be tired of many greeting like Hai, Hello,
    Good morning,Good after noon, have a nice day & so on…………………………………………
    now here goes my simple fresh line…………….















    P.VENKATA MURALI (Doing MCA in JNTU University.HYD)
    (Andhra Praderh)

  336. P. VENKATA MURALI says:


    -Your Birthday is not only your own celebration its also a big celebrational moment to all off us.

    -Thats why I prepared a gift for you sir. And send it to your office it will reach to you.

    -I conduct a “ARCHANA” for in the temple.

    -I helped to poor people by giving money, and i want to feed the poor people in the evening.

    -I hope you will do socially good films that it helps to change the society.




    P.VENKAT MURALI(doing MCA in JNTU University, HYD)
    (Andhra Pradesh)

  337. ANUSHKA says:

    hi sir
    live long n make great movies for us.
    best of luck for the future.

  338. Mithun says:

    Wish u a many many Happy returns of the day..!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY..!!MAY GOD BLESS U…!ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE PROJECTS

  339. Kadarkarai Thangam says:

    Wish you a very happy birthday.
    This Year Your Dream Project comes To Life.
    Wish You a Good Luck Ahead of Enthiran’s Release

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    Dear Shankar sir,
    Many happy returns
    M<ay GOD bless you with good health and peace of mind always
    Proud to be Rajini fanatic

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    sir…many more happy returns of the day…..


    waitin for ROBO birthday sir….

  342. udhay says:

    birthday wishes to you

  343. Giri says:

    Happy b’dy dear shankar sir…… May all ur dreamz comes true.. heartly bdy wishes sir….

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    Shankar’s Fans Club,

  345. RAGUL S says:

    Hi sir, happy birthday:):):)

  346. manikandan says:

    iniya piranthanal vazhtukkal sir.. i wish all your dream comes true sir…:)

    thalaivar fan..

  347. Sutheswaran Naidu says:

    Thanthira manithan valvethiley;
    Enthiran Vilvethiley!

  348. Venkat says:

    Thalaiva padam eppo release… Cant wait more…

  349. Chitti - The Robot says:

    சினிமா தொழில்நுட்பத்தின் இந்திரனே !….
    பிரம்மாண்டத்தை மிஞ்சிய உன் எந்திரனே…
    எந்திரனை எண்கள் சூப்பர்ஸ்டாருக்கென்றே உருவாக்கிய மந்திரனே !…..

    பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் SHANKAR SIR !

    Cinema Thozhilnutpatthin Indhirane…
    Brammaandatthai minjiya unn Endhirane…
    Endhiran-ai engal Superstar-ukkendre Uruvaakkiya Mandhirane….

    Pirandha Naal Vaazhthukkal Shankar Sir !…….

    (From Endhiran – The Robot Orkut Fans)

  350. Gokul says:

    Happy Birthday Sir. This Year Your Dream Project comes To Life with our Superstar, Can’t be any more happy for the both of you.

  351. mathan says:

    happy birthday sir!
    may god bless you and your family!
    have a blast!

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    robo smith

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    Happy bday sir.. Hope Endhiran is your bday gift :)


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  355. vignesh says:

    happy birthday…………..long life

  356. karthik anand. A says:

    heartly birthday wishes sir,,, Enthiran movie’s himalayan success is our GIFT to u,, long live sir,,

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    Wish you many money happy returns of the day

  358. Sankar says:

    Hi sir..
    Many more happy returns of the day!!!!

  359. Aravind Chan says:

    Wish you a very very advance happy birthday wishes sir

  360. chaitanya says:

    Trailors are amazing sir….will the film release in telugu and tamil at a time….?

  361. Raju says:

    dear shankar sir

    some Requests
    1.Sir i want u take movie based on Joirnalist,Press,Media

    inluding incidents like Blast.terrorist..celeberities events

    neenga panan supera irukkum sir..

    2.Oru Thriller movie

    3.i want u take make films with maddy,priyanka chopra,yuvan(atleast one film to see howz ur combo works),PC Sreeram,

    4. a multi starrer movie

    5.another movie with rajinikanth mass herova illama oru normal character orinted film pannunga sir

  362. manimaran says:

    hi sir…..
    thank u very much for ur reply to me….
    am so happy due to this sir.
    u r the godfather of techtamilfilms forever……
    ur true fan

  363. Srinivas says:

    Sir…. Trailer a theatre la paakkanum nu aasaya irukku sir..

    pls sir….Coming weekend lendhu trailer theatre la release pannunga sir…waiting fr Trailer lik Sivaji in theatres

  364. lakshmana says:

    Many HAPPY returns of d Day Shankar….


    May the years continue to be good to you.


    v r all very Privileged to watch every movie directed by u Shankar

    n I HEARTILY wish ALL d BEST for ROBO……..

    Happy Birthday……!!!!!

    With Love
    An ARDENT Fan

  365. Pradeep says:

    SIr Photos ellam paarthein ellamey semma super ah iruku sir……

    Main oad sills ellamey bayangaramaa iruku…….

    Thanks for the post sir…….

  366. Ramesh ELango - bangalore says:

    wat abt ur next movie sir.. r u reallying gonna remake
    3 idiots wid Vijay….
    is that true ???????????…………….

  367. Visha says:

    You are GREAT sir.You are going to get a great success in you life.Thank you so much for the movie Endhiran.

  368. Jey says:

    sir pls upload hindi trailer as well.. thanx

  369. Dinesh says:

    i heard that rajni sir is performing 100 styles in a single song….is that true sir???

    pls reply…..
    i know that u r a busy man….but pls spare some seconds for me……

  370. ANUSHKA says:

    hi sir
    plzzzzzzz dub the BOYS in hindi. i wanna see the movie but can’t understand tamil. after robot just do it.
    best of luck

  371. karthik says:

    Happy independence day :)

  372. Harish Rathnaala says:

    Shankar sir, I have already downloaded Endhiran’s songs in iTunes, but I always like to own an original CD as well (with the booklet, etc.,).

    But I am unable to buy it anywhere here in the USA. I live in Chicago, and I have been trying at all possible places to buy the audio CD for the last 2 weeks. Audio CD eppo US la release agum?! Ungaluku edhavadhu idea irruka??!! Please let me know, sir..thanks so much for replying to my previous post sir!!

  373. lenin says:


    ur really an icon,i hope the substantial portion of the budget is not allocated for songs…

  374. lakshmana says:

    I think RAHMAN sir has composed the greatest tunes ever in his career………….

    I think for MUSIC to be VITAL…we need the combo of CONSUMMATE director like u to work with a VIRTUOSO musician like ARR sir…………

    ur combo should live long…..

    a small doubt sir……are some VFX scenes DELETED after EDITING…???


    long live legend

  375. Narayan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir
    Is it possible to post the article that appeared in the technical journal of Stan Winston Studio regarding ENTHIRAN which u have mentioned ?

  376. prabu says:

    hai sir iam big fan for you

  377. J says:

    Hi sir,
    1. Awesome , Good job
    2. Again proved that we no less than people who make movies in hollywood as we r the ones who do special effects for them
    3. I admire you and also thank you for making us to improve our creativity by giving such movies
    4. Actually i wanna be a film maker or atleast some one should direct the story that i have please eduacte me on what has to be done to proceed further
    5. Last but not least thank you for showing Thalaivar so beautiful i am sure you are also a fan of him or else you cannot make it

  378. Maruthamsiva says:

    Sir, is there any official website for Endhiran


  379. gopikrishnan says:

    hi …plzzzz upload newest wallpapers of enthiran that is seen on the right side of the blog !!!!!!

  380. T.Muralidaran says:


    I think this movies will goes to Indian films national awads as the year of 2010 & get minimum of 7 awads. all the best.


  381. Dinesh says:

    Me too Born on 17th..But on January..
    My Lucky Number Is 8.What about you,sir?

  382. vijay says:

    Hello Sir,

    Hope you will be busy for the hindi audio launch.I posted earlier today but got deleted. I Saw all the TEASERS, all are Awesome. As this movie is releasing world wide ( UK, USA, China etc) is their any plan to cut the songs and make it short for the international viewers as they watch movies mostly without songs ( like a hollywood movie). The songs are very good.

  383. ravi says:

    sir..i need to book my tkt back to chennai for the festival…please let us know the date range by which robo is releasing…already en boss kita soliten personal leave 1 week venum nu in Sep..pls let us know the date range..

  384. Varsha says:

    Extraordinary sir..!! Rajni is looking very young..! Ash is ravishing.. Hats off to Endhiran team..

  385. shankarfan says:

    sir……in many websites they are saying that u r going to remake 3 idiots n tamil with vijay… u r not saying anything about that….is it true or not?

    please reply me sir….reply me……reply me…..reply me………..reply me ……..i need ur answer sir …….pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase………..

  386. saran says:

    All the best wishes for “The Robot” audio release hope this will be a successfull event..

    First time all bigies are participating in a biggie movie in north for the south movie.

    Hope you will plan & execute well to reach all level..

  387. TEJA says:


  388. vinoth says:

    sir some others trailers will be release or not ?

  389. lakshmana says:

    sir which song is COREOGRAPHED by PRABHUDEVA????


    waiting for confirmation….


    (heard that ur birthday is on 17 AUGUST..)

    with LOVE

  390. praveen says:

    hai sir the trailor is very exciting seeing our super star like a 30 yrs young man i am astonished..thanx sir we are eagerly waiting for the movie to be released sir please release the movie as soon as possible so that we can feel the excitement that u and ur crew had experienced ………
    atlast thalaiva engaiyoo poiteengaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….\thank u shankar sir for such a great movie………….
    thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx thnx

  391. Seenivasan M says:

    Dear Sir,
    Very happy to see Enthiran Trailer. U r accelerating the tamil cinema to the next stage hats off to you.

  392. vijay says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    First I need to tell congratulations for you for Directing this type of movie. Sir like hollywood films your are releasing all over the world. Except in India , is their any plan to release the film without any songs ( like a hollywood film)in other countries like UK, USA etc. If so it will good for the viewers of the other countries( as they watch English movies without songs). Please give a reply at your convenience.

  393. Badhri says:

    R – Ruler
    O – Of
    B – Box
    O – Office
    T – Thalaivar Rajni

  394. karthik says:

    sir pls announce the release date sir we are waiting sir
    pls pls pls pls

  395. krishnakumar says:

    shankar sir,

    i am from kerala. i am a great fan of yours.super ..waiting 4 enthiran.

  396. sathyan says:

    WOW can’t wait

  397. Kadhir says:

    Ayyo! So happy to hear that you are working with Harris Jayaraj in 3 Idiots after Anniyan. I’m sure the music is going to rock. I loved the movie. Expecting even better in Tamil with Vijay.

    All the best to you for Endhiran & 3 Idiots!

  398. bharath says:

    I Heared That U R Planning To Do 3 Idiots In Tamil After Endhiran ..My Best Wishes To You Sir, Please Choose Yuvan Shankar Raja As Music Director For 3Idiots .Pls Dont Go For Harris Jeyaraj.

  399. Rik says:

    Give us more AISHWARYA!

  400. Balagurunath says:

    Sir…. I love Endhiran.Please release the movie as soon as possible.I love rahman sir,u,Aishwarya rai and finally Rajni sir.Im eagarly waiting 4 the release.Then wt abt ur future plan? Tell us in advance:)

  401. J.Vithushan (srilanka) says:

    sir aayouboovan,
    inda movie trailore mega hit padam sollava venum nanga anegama padathukku modal showku pooradu illa aana inda padatha modala paakapooran.
    thank you bay…………………..

  402. Jawahar says:

    great teaser………super star Vazhga!!!!!

  403. thiru says:

    sir wat s the release date of endiran? becaz we cant wait after watching that awesome trailer.. we know its september but wats the actual date? tell it soon sir..

  404. SIVANESH's sivi robot says:

    sir if there is a scene in movie like scientist rajini getting award from dr.a.p.j abdul kalam ,it wud be damn nice.KING IN THE HEARTS OF YOUTH MR.ABDUL KALAMai thiraiyil kattiyae perumai ungalukku serum.think abt it sir.teasers, summa adhirudhulla.

  405. SENTHIL KUMAR says:

    அட்டகாசம் ! அருமை !!
    Really amazing to see ur dream project has come out very well. Its beating hollywood standards too & the Robot is looking really amazing. Excellent work !!
    Its going to be a ……what to say……Mega entertainer of the Century !

  406. Aravind Chan says:

    Sir you are the best

  407. கலைக்குமார் says:

    அருமையாக உள்ளது.
    வாழ்க வளமுடன்.

  408. kabilan says:

    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr SIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. Ram Balaji.s says:

    sir everything is good n think u will suceed in meeting the huge expectations…but it wil b nice to c mentioning late SUJATHA sirs photo along with some of ur words on the title card of ENDHIRAN……just a request sir

  410. logen says:

    Awesome movie on this year wanna be release soon.. so, what is your next plan sir, and it will be an exploded movie.. Sir, i have a suggestion why not you do remake old epics or true story to new modern style.. for example like Chola Dynasty..

  411. Saravanan says:

    Vanakam sir,Iam a great fan of yours.Enthiran trailer rocks….sir please do a mega budget film with Ajith sir(in 3d) we are all waiting for it.

  412. santhakumar says:

    trailers are fine but its small,need big trailer,how you are promoting movie?especially advertisements for endhiran not only tv adds. need hitech give trailers and adds in all flight that arriving to india and departure from india. atleast domestic flight in india.kindly release movie on september -10. its good day,ramzan and govt holiday.due to holiday u can get more crowd than working days. more over calculation of date is getting number:1as like our super star,he is always number:1 for any thing and every thing.

  413. K.N.Rajasekar says:

    U R GREAT. Thanks as a thalaivar fan.

  414. bharath says:

    Scientist getup is perfect for rajni ….

  415. Prasath says:

    Thanks a million sir !

  416. sekar says:

    Sir, enna songs, thalaivar chumma pataiya kelapuraru, aish vera, ARR, ithula sunpictures vera .. sir this should be the biggest hit in indan cinema, north, south, east, west ellam athiranum Sir. Thalaivar vera 3 rolesnu solirukinga, i hope the theater will rock !! Enoda 2 year old and 5 year old are waiting for enthiran, thalaivara patha udana rendu perum stop aiduvunga, naan 35 varushama thalaivar-oda fan, we will definitely make it the biggest hit, indian cinemavaee nimindu pakanum

  417. Aswin says:

    Trailer is Super…Songs are Super…
    congratz to Enthiran team…

  418. Ramesh says:


  419. T.Muralidaran says:


    Enthiran release date night as everyone INDIANS heart & mind says lots thanks to as this film director. Tamil film world will top placed in indian film history.Every time shankar sir setted as new trending, But Eanthiran is MILESSTONES. Basically i am a eager thinker of Shankar sir movies.Hereafter ALL tamil movies will goes to reach all place in india as onbehalf of Shankar Sir. We are all here getting proud ourselves, Because as a tamilan has been turn the allover indian cinema faces to kollywood movie as like ENTHIRAN.Global thinking with innovative style to direct the films & All times innovative ideas will bring the success.Human thinking AS WILL POWER will never get suffer & Everytime will bring the Chalanging with victory.Unique with the diplamacy man & Innnovative with the Extrordinary man having with the STABLITY HUMAN as here our S.SHANKAR Sir.pls bring the UNIQUE films for the EACH PEOPLES IN THE WORLD.Thank you AND very Much.


  420. Kadhir says:

    I promise you that the Movie will release on sep 24…and no telugu rights of “enthiran” has been sold to anyone so far…please dont believe those rumours…Be patient..ar rahman has to do the re-recording and he is held up with world tour…so it got delayed…

  421. SASIKUMAR S P says:

    Dear Shankar Sir!

    Awesome Treaser.
    I heard this story is like I-Robot is it true sir?
    U wrote this story for Kamal Sir. How Rajini Sir will apt for this script sir?

    Love you sir!

  422. Gokulnath says:

    Hello sir thank u for Replying my last post sir..

  423. Pradeep says:

    Teaser 2 is amazing sir………..
    andha train fight scene chancey illa…………….
    Thalaivar summa kambu sutradhu semma……….

  424. koki says:


  425. Kadhir says:

    Amazing sir!

  426. shivaraj says:

    sir ,
    ithu teaser na ???
    trailer onu iruka sir???
    pls answer me in single letter S or N…
    teaser itself rocking …trailer irutha super sir .
    enna yaemathi da thinga sir.

  427. Saran says:

    I dont know whenver i post something its been deleted,,,however i dont mind if my message is taken..

    I have seen ur appearance in both Tamil/Telgu release…I request you to come in the same way with proper costume for hindi release,,this is a professional industry & when something comes to our promo we should come more professionally..Sincerly Request you to put the same request to Rajini sir..

    Secondly thanks for the real trailer this wht we are looking for, watch my words “Irumbile oru idyam” song is going to take this movie to western with lot of surprises…

    Damn luv that song
    PLease post the telugu teaser too in the same quality

  428. ROBO SMITH says:

    just awesome

    waiting for the main trailer sir!!!

  429. SIVANESH'S sivi - the robot says:

    sir one humble request,either u or rajini sir,thru sun tv or some newspaper,pls give an obligation to his fans,that not to pour litres of milk or to put lime garlands or to waste any food in the name of fans.we all know, in coimbatore milk was flowing in road like river for chandramukhi release.as all ur movie insist on society development and india development and now for ur movie itself if it happens means then no use of taking great efforts to change india through ur movies.ur die hard fan from the age of 8.i love u sir,and we all are great fans still,no need to show by pouring milk.i show it up by making my friends to watch good movies in theatres and to make industry live soo long.hop eu do this sir.when rajini sir does this then ultimately other actors also start following this and because of this many food could be saved and given to the needy.

  430. Srinivas says:

    Offcial Movie Trailer Release eppa sir?????

    want to See the Trailer in theatre…Pls release it soon :)

  431. John says:

    You are the one who make no compromise in doings things. That can be cleary indentified from your films. You r becoming more perfect in each of your film. This trailer made me anxious about endhiran… We all brought up by hearing Rahman music and watching Rajni sir and ur films… When this films hits all over the world.. I feel like as if I got an award… Love you all!!!

  432. Raja says:

    Awesome trailer + teaser, waiting for the movie, the songs are already big hit, sun pictures going to make a exclusive trailers and bang the movie, sure movie going to run 1000 days :) , rajini sir style rocking, shankar sir your treat to us is going to be amazing… love you sir for your 10 years hard work….

  433. vivekan says:

    friends pls see with 480p pixels in the youtube tool bar for better quality …. thanks

  434. Srikanth says:

    I glad that I am first to comment. I hope to get a reply from you. Congrats Songs and audio launch were superb. When is the movie releasing ? Dying to look at Super Star. Please say hi to him. I am die hard fan of his. All the best. Love to Thailaivar.

  435. Hari says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    Its a real treat to the eye to watch just the teasers…You are the god of directors…Everyone shud take a leaf out of your book..hats off to you and the whole team of Enthiran…I wish shahrukh watches this movie and regrets his whole life for missing such a jaw breaking movie. Rajini sir is the best and its god’s wish that you both came together again…All the best.

  436. SIVANESH'S sivi - the robot says:

    UBAYAKUSALOBHARI sir,SIR if god comes to oscar award giving function to u for the movie endhiran ,and if i’m asking the question to god ,how u made this legend Dr(director cum doctor).SHANKAR and the success secret of shankar,GOD would say

    this is another my creation,SHANKAR-the man.
    இவருக்கு எல்லாமாதிரியான படமும் எடுக்க தெரியும் (boys,jeans போல youthful energetic movie,anniyan,sivaji போல society reforming movies).நிறைய மொழிகள் தெரியும் ,நிறைய books ,movies படிசிருக்காறு & friends கிட்ட நல்ல மனிதராவும் frienlyyavum இருக்க தெரியும் .இவர உருவாக்க எனக்கும் ,கடவுள் பிரம்மாவுக்கும் பல வருஷம் ஆச்சு .
    இவரு பல புத்திசாலிகளுக்கு சமம் .
    இவரு brain பல vinyanigalukku சமம் ,
    இவரோட principles பல அறிஞர்களுக்கு சமம் .
    இவர் உழைப்பு பல கோடி உழைப்பாளிகளுக்கு சமம் .
    கோடி பேரோட அறிவும் ,திறமையும் இவருக்கு கொடுக்க பட்டிருக்கு .மொத்ததுல he is the man.SHANKAR.

    shankars creativity & hardwork = infinity zetta bytes of hard work

    energy & enthu = 10000000 horse power

    tejas in his eyes = pala flood & led lightkalukku samam

    knowledge & learning = never ending process

    sun pictures co-operation = immediate tera hertz(they financially support u and get u wat all needed as soon as possible)

    ARR & resul pookutty MUSIC – ever running battery(flowing & energy music)

    his body = made up of chips[சாபடுற chips இல்ல,:)] and shteel body (rajini said in sivaji wen drinking குங்கும பூ பால் to become white)

    luck & success = automatically follows (surely world will turn back to this man,SHANKAR)

    and people shouts -its unbelievable,he is really like a super hero (as similar to the trailer,sir)

    then shankar sir says “10 வருஷ கனவு ,3 வருஷ உழைப்பு ,அதுக்கு பலன்கிடசுடுச்சு “(we shall see from september month-sir this dialoguE is similar to the one comes IN sivaji movie when rajini sir says to his lawyer,few minutes before interval)

    sir i think ,this wud b my 40th post,pls reply me sir.i’m ur die hard fan from age 8 and following all ur principles like not accepting bribe.நான் இன்னிக்கு இவ்வளோ patrioticaa இருக்கான அதுக்கு காரணமே நீங்களும் என் geography teacherum தான் .all ur movies r social reforming and great message to society.SO ADVANCE INDEPENDENCE DAY WISHES SIR,AS U R TOO PATRIOTIC & CONCERNED ABOUT INDIA’S DEVELOPMENT.hope i’m the 1ST 1 wishing u for independence day.jai hind,jai ho.

  437. vigneshwaran says:


  438. Ramarajan. Madurai says:

    Sir make deleted scene available in DVD version

  439. Narayan says:

    Shankar Sir
    Congrats for the grand success of ENTHIRAN audio.
    ARR has taken special efforts for this film.
    Is any measure taken by the theatres where this film is going to be shown ie improvement in Doloby dts to hear the sound effects accurately (initiation from production house) and ofcourse CG also ?
    Since effort put should not go unseen and unheard.

  440. Madhu says:

    When will you going to release the full trailer.

    With love

  441. Ramarajan. Madurai says:

    Super….super…sir please do premiere in japan, uk, usa. Put japanese sub-title

  442. sathesh says:

    Fantastic work sir. Fever started for all of us to view the movie. Teaser looks awesome. Music is mind-blowing. A sure-shot movie…

  443. riju says:

    super super super super super super….

  444. Siva says:

    Hi Sir,

    Video quality is clean, cool..visual effect will treat for us frm endhiran.

  445. Srinivas Shivraj says:

    Great teasers, Shankar. I wish you all the best for movie’s success. I am waiting for the film’s release as eager as everyone is. Can you please confirm the movie release date?

  446. KARTHIKEYAN Tirupur says:

    i missed out to see them on sun tv

    thank u very much for posting it in u r site

    its rocking

  447. Bijeesh says:

    Shankar sir,
    fantabulous Teasers.. Waiting for the D-Day..

  448. INIYA says:

    By seeing the trailer , I suspect that Rajni Sir playing 3 roles in this movie.
    2.Chitty (Good Robot)- fall in love with Aishwarya Rai
    3.Bad Robot – villain

    Am I right?

  449. Prasath says:

    Hi Shankar anna,
    Teasers are excellent! Can you tell the tentative release date of the movie? Some websites reported that it is Sep 24. Is that true? Pleaseeeeee give a reply. You are one of the very few directors who could go and direct a hollywood film…I didnot know that you can talk in telugu till i saw the audio launch in hyderabad…you are multi talented as always…East or West, Rajini is the best….North or South, Shankar is the best!

  450. Naveendradas Abilash says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,
    I am very proud to be the first to comment on this post. I am thoroughly excited about your promos. . Super Star was looking more and more superb in the promos. Aishwarya Rai, lady Super Star also steals the show. And your technical team seems to be have rendered many wonders in the screen.
    I am sure that with the service from people like you, Thamizh cinema can challenge any other film industry. I am eagerly waiting for the release of the movie. Please be kind enough to release the film as soon as possible. Please inform the release date of the movie in your next post.
    Your die – hard fan,

  451. rajagopal says:

    sir trailer ellam kalakuthu….romba expectations oda wait pannikittu irukom…..trailera paathu kadaya guess panna try panrom…but mudiyala thalaiva…..u rock….im happy to be the first person to comment

    sir one kind request….
    i want to join as your assistant….can u help me sir….how to contact u…when to contact u sir…..

    waiting for your reply sir….all the best for enthiran…it will run until ur next film release

  452. Pavan says:

    chumma adurss, i dont know how much i will spend to watch this movie but if you asked for $100.00 for watching each teaser i would have no doubt spent it without thinking.

  453. basith shaikh says:

    thalaivar is always rocking

  454. basith shaikh says:

    hey shankar.day by day our excitment is getting more &more.pls release the movie soon.we know the month we know the year but stiil the date is missing ( /9/2010) filllllllllllllllllllllll up this date sir.

  455. Thilaag Nair says:

    Congrats to the entire team of Endhiran…
    Thalaivar gonna rock in d movie….

  456. PRAKASH the robot says:

    MAN!WAT A TRAILOR! SHANKAR sir ur great.v r proud that ur born in our tamilnadu.great sir keep it up…waiting for endhiran.

  457. Prasanna says:


    Waiting for the Grand ENTHIRAN Day!

  458. Prasanna says:


    Speed: 1 TERA HERTZ
    Memory:1 ZETTA BYTE

  459. DARWIN says:

    sir i think this is not trailor it is teaser when will be the trailor telecast in television…..

  460. Ganesh. N. says:

    Fantastic Trailer Sir. Thank you. வெற்றி நமதே!

  461. arun says:

    it would be great to know, in which countries are Enthiran released in Europe. I am specifically looking forward to know about England, Scotland and Sweden. Thanks !

  462. Santhiya says:

    Its just getting started. Can’t wait to watch the full movie.

  463. SG Shankar says:

    mind blowing, mr.Shankar

  464. Santosh says:

    IT’s really amazing, thanks you very very much. THALIVAR rocks, would love to see it in 1080p HD, please sir.

  465. T.Muralidaran says:


    From gentle man to Eandhiran Each films got in innovative with the individuality as the people thinking by all times & all age peoples have thems of heart merged with your script.my thinking is here u wil reach with in 5 years HOLLYWOOD MOVIES WORLD.Shankar Sir after endhiran movie release we are called as ur name “HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR SHANKAR ” & you will enter to world film directors lists.i am cordially wishing U ALL THE VERY BEST & yours film message will have get strongly & pratical human based as reached to all.Thank you Sir. “WORLD FAMOUS CINE FILIMS OF RED CARPET with the UNIQUE KING AS OSCAR LONG TIME HOLDING THE WEIGHTED ONETHINGS FOR OURS SHANKAR SIR. thank you & all the best.


  466. T.Muralidaran says:


    Vosionnary have been winned & I think ur next movie is hollywood film as the producer SUN PICTURES.Indian film director will enter the hollywood film worlds & as ideas to be share with them selves. All The Best.


  467. Srihari S says:

    First to comment :-) . Endhiran Rocks. I am looking forward to watch the movie first day first show. First time in my life I will watching a movie like this.

    All the best Shankar Sir.

  468. SSMugam says:

    Trailer ellam kalakkal…..Shankar Sir, release Eppo? Aaluku oru date solli kuzhapraanga…

  469. Prabu R says:

    can you please release the “Endhiran” trailers in HD version[720p & 1080p] through apple website… This will be the first tamil movie to be feature in apple “trailers” site. and it will be the first tamil movie to release trailers in HD…… please make our tamil cinema to step in to new trend.. please initiate it through “Endhiran”… please reply

  470. R, Prakash says:


    You are your real competitor sir

    “PLEASE REPLY this important question”

    If you are setting your movie as the benchmark , is it not HIGHLY DIFFICULT TO beat your own movies, when you are doing your next project?

    How are you managing the situation?


    Trailers rock..
    sana enaku venum.dot.
    september 3rd release?
    in hollywood films,tey tell the release date b4 3 months..
    but why its not possible in tamil films sir??
    i have posted 3 comments..2 got deleted..
    dont delete tis 1 also..manasula patatha eluthiruken..

  472. kaveri balan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,
    Endhiran truly looks international quality. Do u have any idea of dubbing in English language. I am expecting subtitle for the movies, because for Sivaji movie my american friends were not able to understand the movie, thought they enjoyed the Rajini style in the movie.

    Waiting for the movie

  473. Robot says:


    Thanks for providing high quality teasers.

  474. Jey says:

    Does the movie gonna be released in sep 24th sir? according to some media report. If the movie release on sep 10th it will be great its holiday weekend. good luck sir waiting for the release date

  475. IMRANKHAN says:

    Trailers are Awesome

  476. Shanmuga says:

    Superb sir! can feel your teams effort.. Amazing.. going to rock..All the best

  477. avnashmurugan says:

    yeah lucky again to comment first,sir thanks a lot,, for posting much clear and great quality videos , i luv u as king of innovation in movies, and also thanks for saying hi,in my previous post,one tiny question, How r u feeling right now,, tensed or happy with things going?
    I guess u would be proud after u must have heard the first reaction about the movie..
    Keepin my fingers crossed desperately waiting for the movie,,

  478. Naveen Varadarajan says:

    So now after creating a ‘Robotic’ World, we welcome you again to the ‘IDIOTIC’ world.

    Shankar sir – Film Industry ka BAAP :P

  479. Iam Rajini Fan says:

    Wonderful Sir… waiting eagerly……..

  480. chandru says:

    dear shankar sir .. telugu superstar speaked about u lot and lot.. why u are not taking film with him sir.???

  481. Raghavendran says:

    Hello sir,

    I watched the function on sun tv.It was awesome. Really a milestone in tamil cinema.
    My only worry is that there was very less or almost no mention about Writer Sujatha sir in the function. I request you to share his work on the film in your blog.
    All the best for the film. Sure it’s gonna be a massive hit.

  482. sapna says:

    1.Almost 7 minutes of movie in teaser.. I hope you’ve kept some twist in theatres – like the batman movie, maybe you can show possibility of the robo still being alive – preparing for part 2…This movie has reached hollywood levels- it should also have a part 2!!

    2. This November Manmohan singh coming to malaysia to launch little India, STalin has said that Chennai and kuala lumpur are being made twin cities…If Endhiran runs more than 100 days (IF film starts september and Manmohan singh comes in November), would you consider having big 100 Day celebration with Manmohan singh as guest of honour? Make sure this time you hold it in a big stadium- make sure kamal and aishwarya rai/Amitabh show up & Last but least ask ARR to have a mini concert (small version of his US concert) for the malaysian fans!! – lots of ticket will be sold for live event like this, people from singapore, brunei, USA, UK will all come – also could help Endhiran revenue since nowadays Illegal downloads is reducing movie and music business (of coures later can also live telecast the malaysian 100 day celebration in sun tv live (followed by 100 day celbrations in chennai/bombay/hyderabad?

    What do you think Shankar sir?

  483. Madhan says:

    Hi Sir…

    Absolutely rocking trailors.. sir..

    When is the release of ENTHIRAN …sir .. we cant control our hype and expectation .. tell the release date soon sir…

  484. Prabhu says:

    Hello Sir,
    My expectations didn’t go vain,
    Songs are Rocking
    A.R.R. Sir always rocks more in your combination
    Thanks for the wonderful songs
    And thanks in advance for the wonderful movie which is going to make kollywood stand along hollywood.

  485. mathan says:


  486. Prasanth says:

    dear shankar sir when u are planning to show the trailers in television….pls reply ..thanks..excellent job sir..trailers very nice..good

  487. Vas says:

    Hello Shankar Sir,
    I’m highly excited about this movie.Trailers are awesome!!!

    My role model used to say,”Only winners write history”.You surely are writing one in this movie.

    I understand that this movie not only boosts the audience’s expectation but also the economy in some ways by creating jobs to many people etc.Good work, Sir!

    All the best and keep rocking !!!

  488. manikandan says:

    wat to say sir fabulous fabulous fabulous fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very happy happy sir……
    waiting for chtti actionsir..
    pls say chitti sir:)
    thalaivar fan..

  489. ullas says:

    hai shankar sir, am from kerala, a fan of yours…..hope that the film will be your best…..all the best for u….good luck…

  490. Prabu R says:

    Can you please promote these teaser in HD quality [720p and 1080p]version through sites like ***.apple.com/trailers

  491. Suresh says:

    thank you so much for this teaser sir… expecting to see the “real” teaser soon on big screen!!! can’t wait!!! :D

  492. Venkkatesh says:

    What is the release date of Endhiran? Is it getting released in Pune…

  493. gokul says:

    Grt shankar sir… When is the release sir….

  494. Maruthamsiva says:

    Sir, Thank you very very much to update this in your site. In your block we can view it clearly. Thank you sir.


  495. Elango says:

    Cool trailers. Nicely edited trailer and 100% awesome trailer. Very much thrilled to watch the movie.

  496. Sutheswaran Naidu says:

    please release the teasers and all other videos related to Enthiran in HD sir…

  497. rajeev.g says:

    sir….jus wanna thank u for presenting our super star in an awesome way….he is rockin…waitin to c him on big screen..n sir one more thing…….U R A GENIUS…HATS OFF TO U SIR…..

  498. David A says:

    Sir plz tell the release date

    we r eagerly waiting for this movie..

    Thanks u Sir
    u Rock

  499. sriram says:

    Hi Shankar sir,
    I did an analysis( if not a complete one, a simple one) of enthiran trailer. I came to some conclusions. You can find it published in


    I just want to know whether I was right by atleast 5% because I can’t wait for the movie. The movie is making me do such things!!!

  500. K. Rajesh says:

    Mindblowing Shankar Sir. Superstar is at his best. Recently i saw a documentary film in Fox movies on the making of Terminator showing how James Cameron worked his way in getting the movie at its best. I can see the same passion in you. I hope you will release a full edition of such a documentary on Endhiran’s 100th Day.

    Though the trailers give positive vibes i am little bit apprehensive on the success of the film. I pray to God that it will be accepted by everyone and the efforts of each and every one is justified.

    wish you good luck!!!!

  501. raju says:

    Sir Teaserslam marana massa irukku sir..proud to be ur fan sir..idhuku apram robot base panni neraya sci fi movies vandahalum adhukulam asthivaaraama indha movie irukum sir..

    idhu teasersna…main trailer eppo sir varum…..eppo theatrela trailera paakalam???

  502. vivekan says:

    sir enthiran movie end la last , making of the movie iruka sir atha parka romba asaiya iruku sir :)
    sir intha trailer posting ku rasigargal sarabaga romba thanks sir,
    ana itha vida HQ high quality (high definition ) la parka ellarukum asaiya iruku sir :)
    thank you sir , will u post atleast one trailer in HD sir high definition :) will u plssss sir…

    by vivekan

  503. vivekan says:

    sir enthiran movie end la last , making of the movie iruka sir atha parka romba asaiya iruku sir :)
    sir intha trailer posting ku rasigargal sarabaga romba thanks sir,
    ana itha vida HQ high quality (high definition ) la parka ellarukum asaiya iruku sir :)
    thank you sir , will u post atleast one trailer in HD sir high definition :) will u plssss sir
    by vivekan

  504. Karthik Ragunath says:

    Teaser 4 was amazing….seeing Thalaivar doing the drift in car by himself at this age….I was dumb-struck….Everyone is waiting eagerly for the movie :)

    Congrats to you and your entire Team for having completed this mammoth project within 3 years

  505. karthik says:

    what a film. all time sensation

  506. vivekan says:

    shankar sir ungaluku thalai vananguhiren ,, thanks a lot for trailer in HQ sir… enaku kaium odala kalum odala sir, eppa enga super star movie ya theatre la parpen nu iruku, sir movie world full ha ethana screen la release aguthu ? sir, entha country la lam release aguthu sir plsssssssssss answer pannunga sir ?

    thanks by

  507. Srikanth says:


    When is it releasing?? Can we expect it on sept 3rd?


  508. Sheshank says:

    Awesome! Congrats on a well done job!
    So, Shankar Sir, Are you planning to do 3 idiots in tamil?

  509. Vishal says:

    Wanted to see all the teasers in HD 1080p :(

    Cannot wait to see Aish in her new avatar!

    And please release the movie on Sept 17th, so that it doesn’t clash with any big Bollywood movie otherwise the Hindi collections would be affected! :(

  510. vivekan says:

    thalaivaaaa u are great super star :) ungal pugal ulagam muluvathu paravatum :)

  511. vivekan says:

    hiya thank u shankar sir, the trailer is rocking, engal super star will rock the whole world,, movie ya parka en friends ellaraium kootitu poven :) hiya its thrilling to mee thanks shankar sir

    by vivekan

  512. manish says:

    yippie am d first 1 to comment ……..
    sir d trailers r amazing thalaivar rocks….:)Am from bangalore i wish RAJNI sir n you a very best of luck from all d kannadigas……n sir pls do reply it would mean a lot,hopefully u have shown rajni sir well….

  513. karthik says:

    Thank u very much sir.

    one humble request,
    Pls upload the full size robo still(wic is displayed in the front of cd booklet) with good pixels,we want to make banners soon.

  514. Maddy says:

    GR8 GR8 GR8
    I feel im in Future…
    way to go….

  515. Badri says:

    Superb trailers sir..when is the movie releasing? is it on september 3rd?

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