October Post

Hi Everybody,

‘Endhiran the robot’ film is in theatres now. I couldn’t be in touch with you guys for a long time since I was doing post production, release, theatre rounds and promotional activities till yesterday.

Thanks to everyone all over the world who enjoyed, supported and appreciated the film. Thanks to the press and all medias. I am very happy that the film is appreciated by the critics as well and was given 5 stars in many reviews and 4 – 5 in others. I am delighted with the box-office records south, north and all over the world.

Many stalwarts of the Indian film industry have congratulated me in person & over phone after watching the movie. It’s a wonderful feeling, Aamir Khan after watching the film invited me to his house, appreciated and discussed about the film till early morning with his wife Kiran and Director Rajkumar Hirani.

Hrithik Roshan called & shared his excitement after watching the film. Kamalhassan congratulated by sending flowers to me with a beautiful message.

Kannada director & actor Upendra, Actor Prakasraj and lot of directors, actors and technicians called and conveyed their heartfull appreciation.

The most exciting appreciation came from Director K.Balachandar. He is one who is very successful more than 30 years as a film maker and he is my role model and my initial goal is to achieve atleast 15 years like him in this field. He sent me an appreciation letter which put me in an emotional high. I couldn’t control my tears after reading it. It made me humble & has given me the energy to work even harder. I am attaching his letter here with his permission.



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  1. molly says:

    hi sir,

    congrats for robo. sometimes i enjoy ur movie but i dun like to see spending more money in songs. pls look more for movie without songs n like ur movie in kadhal.Pls dun remake the movie as u do in nanban.3 idiots such a wonderful movie forever.


  2. inaam says:

    not sayng mch..
    pls do more films with rajini and also try with surya once, he is also a good artist..

  3. Chandu says:

    Hello Sir,

    Congratulations on completing 365days of Robo…
    We are celebrating and recalling the last years exitement,thrill, nervesness…. at this time.

    Thanks all who made Shankar Sir’dream come true…

    Shankar Fans club

  4. s.vivek says:

    Hello sir,

    Good evening,

    Dis s vivek from vellore sir. From my childhood days i having seeing ur films. All films are having one good thoughts dats the highlight in ur films. ur anniyan and indian film make a aware in our indian nation. especially to me. u have no limits to touch the sky. my small obligation is nw i am 25yrs old, 6 feet tall with exercise body. I want a one role in your film against corruption sir………. JAI HIND


  5. rafee says:

    dear shankar iam one of your fan.specialy if it is ur film
    i go and whatch film in the theater.i have 1 quetion why u sudenly change the music director from ar to harris.what misunderstand between u and arr?i like u back with arr again.u have to turn back ur succes

    best regards

  6. SAMINATHAN.M says:


  7. Mahendran says:


    Hats off your effort which you made for ROBO.

    Hope u made rajni with nickel in ROBO.One of the scene you made rajni to ran on top of the electrical train. Is it possible?


  8. sathya says:

    Hai sir am great fan of your movie sir.. am to proud that Enthiran was taken by a person in tamilnadu..by a tamilan..
    am wish you to take more wonderful film with big stars..
    in this flim am saw that all the one are worked hard..
    succes are regarded to all of yours hard work sir..

  9. Madhavan says:

    Sir still i’m waiting for ur replay can i start fans club for u y not directors have fans club actors r just coming in screen but a real hero is u sir so why dont i start fans club for u

  10. Sudhakajal says:

    Dear shankar sir,
    sorry ,for late comment sir your eantiran the robo is creat in indian cinema history sir your greate you make to mahesh babu in telugu remake the 3 idiots
    sir we are waiting for your double action hero and director.

  11. Akira Golla says:

    Heartly Congrajulations to whole team of Endhiran For working like powerful robots….


    Dear shankar sir
    your enithran is creating History in indian film journey. sir we waiting for your enithran 2
    plese do that part 2 sir

  13. Sudhakar.Bandhugaon.orissa says:

    Dear shankar sir
    hallo sir i am sudha(sidhu) i am big fan of you in your film premistha sir i want be became a asst. director in your project sir give me one chance plese sir i will try my luck your enithrana is the create the history of indian cinema . so you are the great director in indian cinema
    this is my id
    sudhakajal.kajal@ gmail.com

  14. Madhavan says:

    Sir in ur films i’ll most touching lines r in


    enna mariyea namba nadum nondiya iruku elunche nadakavaipaya thalaiva


    angalam kadamaya merathan langeam ana inga kadamaya seiyavea langeam theysiya orumai padu ingaratheY inga langea thula matum than iruku

    oru indiana adikarathu velakara bomaya irundhalum sari adha pathutu ennala summa iruka mudiyadhu


    in the indoor stadium vikram whole talk is wow


    rich get riches poor get poor


    every moment in that film r very touchable
    sir no one can beat u sir u r the best one sir one day i met of ur ass director in sivaji his name is binny thats most exciting part in my life because i’m eager to see in that time i meet binny sir he shared his experience with urs sir no word to proud u sir i would like to create a fans club of u sir if u insist i’ll sir only the hero have fans club y not director i’ll wait for ur replay sir my mail id is maddy_thinker@yahoo.com

  15. Madhavan says:

    My lovable director shankar sir
    first of all i would like to hug u i’m ur great fan from ur first film onwards
    u and a.r combination is superb sir i’m not sentimental person but when i’m watch ur film u make me cry with happy such a wonderfull direction sir u r the best . Sir i cant tell what my fav film from urs because all ur films r my fav sir . Sir one small request try to take indian or mudhalvan or robo any one of this plz take second part sir i’m eagerly waiting for ur next film nanban
    all is well
    sir with happy tears

  16. gauri vaishampayan says:

    shankar sir
    how r u ?????
    i love love love and love ur movies….they are awesome…
    sir u,rajnikanth sir,rajkumar hirani are my role models
    i dream to be a successful actor like rajnikanth sir and director like u and rajkumar sir….
    i have dream 2 act in ur film with rajnikanth sir….
    can u give me a chance in ur film?????
    i know this sounds funny but its my dream….u see
    sir i saw robot,sivaji at least 100 times…i m not joking
    sir can u convey my msg 2 rajnikanth sir that i love him and his acting…sir plz reply u see it will really hurt me if u don’t…….
    good luck sir

    urs fan
    gauri vaishampayan

  17. vikki says:

    james cameron of tamilnadu …
    future oscar winner…..
    really great amazing thinking …expecting for robot 2,3,4

  18. venkataramanan bv says:

    dear sir,
    sorry for the late comment as i bought the computer recently.
    from gentlemen to endhiran u have given excellent films.
    films like Indian mudalvan anniyan endhiran cant be forgetten.
    i have seen more than 50 times each. still seeing.
    one of the diff.aspect of endhiran is that,making rajini’s fans to forget that rajini is a human being and thinking rajini as a machine.how many knows this disguise.
    fans are cheated beautifully. who can do this except the great shankar and rajini who accepted this.only he can.
    hats of to u both and entire team. I can see the perfection & hard work in every frame. hats of u all.
    there are many many to aprreciate but space not permits and u will not read. that’s my worry.
    if God & u permits i will see u in person.
    my one imp.wish is that i should work with u as associte for atleast one day since i am the winner of best actor from mylapore academy.
    venkat 9444922112

  19. Karthikeyan says:

    Sir, i’m diehard an of RAJNI sir!No other director used thalaivar in such character before,so congrats and please think of ROBO 2!!!!!!!

  20. Yuvaraj.D says:

    Sir, I have already written Enthiran Part 2 Story for First Half of the movie. And yet to write Second Half. If you wish i will tell you the story, but for one condition i want Rajini to play as Hero.

  21. Karunavel says:

    Dear mr. Director S. Shanker
    In Endhiran film scene saw a setup error. at the dining table, the mother said to the Robo Rajini is to make tv on, the robo Rajini cast tv on the floor because you could see the tv is not a real tv is because there was no power cord
    otherwise the film very nicely.

    take care

  22. sadish, kerala trivandrum says:

    ‘Puthiyamanitha’………..enna composition sir,…..fantastic…..fantastic……….

  23. sadish, kerala trivandrum says:

    plz dnt direct remake movie sir…..plzzzzzzzzz……..
    plz dnt direct remake movie sir…..plzzzzzzzzz……..
    plz dnt direct remake movie sir…..plzzzzzzzzz……..
    plz dnt direct remake movie sir…..plzzzzzzzzz……..
    plz dnt direct remake movie sir…..plzzzzzzzzz……..

    Best wishes……

    ‘Puthiyamanitha’, ‘Irumbile oru’song fantastic ………..

  24. uma prakash says:

    READ THIS(pls replay)

    “SULTAN THE WARRIOR” padam eppa relese?
    WE want to see ENDHIRAN part2 …..

  25. Manjusha says:


    one Request
    Pls direct 3 idiots in Tamil!
    Expecting ur next movie soon..

  26. Kamal says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    Wish you a happy new year 2011.

    Please let me know what is the eligibility to act in your movie so that i can prepare for that.


  27. Rajeshwaran says:

    Congrajulations first…

    I have already scene the movie 9 times iam saving the 10th time on 100th day. Iam a fan of thalaivar superstar and mow iam a fan of shankar too.First day i saw the film three times and after that i tool my family members one by one and i didnt watch the movie because i watch my family enjoying the movie it is really a great think. I appreciate the entire team and the un maatchable hardwork done by Mr. shankar in this film hats off to you and all the best to Shankar. I wish you to do more films with thalaivar. Thanks for the oppurtnity to send my comments to you..
    with love

  28. bg manikandan says:

    sir, endhiran is very good film,, its not only a good film but it is a high technology to our tamilnadu.. really great..
    and also super star rajinikanth… great star inthis world.. keep it up…we are waiting for your another movie..with thalaivar rajini combination.. thankyou sir..

  29. Bala says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    I think many would have shared with you with regards to what happened in Singapore during the release of your Magnum Opus Endhiran!

    It created History!
    It made the entire film organisations to turn back back and look at Tamil Movies.

    Cathay Cineplexes which never ran a non- hollywood fim, ran full packed house for Endhiran!

    Many of my chinese and european friends enjoyed the movie and were enthralled by the extraganvanza!
    I’ve already wathed the movie times!

    Just Awesome work, Sir!
    You’ve made all of us, Tamilans, proud!

    Many more to come!

    With warmest regards and pride
    A Singapore born Tamilan

  30. jai says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz no fr remake movie sir..ur the best entertainer with gud news..plz direct surya..as a rasigan surya the blockbuster plus the whole family wil cum 2theatre sir..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  31. jai says:

    plz dnt direct remake movie sir.plus vijay dnt hav the talent in acting in ur direction.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. Manjusha says:

    Dearest Shankar,

    first of all , HATS OFF to u!

    1) Endhiran madiri oru fantastic movie eduthu tamizh cinema va engayo kondu poitinga.. Oru tamizhan idha panirkardhula rombave perumaya iruku Sir !!
    2) Rajiniya romba naal apparam pakka villain a kaatinadhuku.. THANKS!! It was a treat
    3) hats off to u.. for the person u r!!

    Pls continue doing the same amazing good work!

    Pls sir.. 3 idiots neenga direct pannunga tamizh la!!

  33. Ganesh says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    Kudos to you and the Entire Team for Making “The Robot” a Great Movie.

    As everyone asking for Sequel of Enthiran, it would be Great if you work on “Prequel” of Enthiran i.e., from introducing various Mechanical Devices and Finally landing in Robot.


  34. thirumurugan says:

    very happy……… tears are sweet sometimes…….

    you have tasted it……keep on tasting………..

    good luck for your future project sir…………

  35. Rajesh kumar says:

    dear sir i am your fan i like your Enthiran film.And also we are like the film of hero and heroen.This movie is very nice and also its story.

  36. ramprasad says:

    WE HEARD(telugu people) LOTS OF NEWS ABOUT

  37. Biju says:

    Hi sir,
    As i am an Engineer just passed out of college I do know how difficult it is to work under pressure.It is more difficult to do a job under pressure than doing it in normal circumstances.The only thing which makes everyone perform better under stress is self-confidence

    Making an Heavy Budget Movie,with super star,a completely different movie format,some expecting you might fail,some telling the film will not live upto expectations and highly unpredictable audience.I think the pressure on you would have been tremendous. I salute your self-confidence which has blown out everything and still makes us believe that”if we can, we can”

    Only a carbon which has the ability to withstand enormous pressure is eligible to be a Diamond

    You are a Diamond

  38. udayamala says:

    hi sir:

    sir first of all a very big congratulations to u sir, u r the best in creativity, i realy love ur movies so much.
    especially geans robo and boys

    sir its a small request sir: can u pleaseeeeee do a movie for college going students sir
    about 60% of students r wasting there career during course wasting there lifes sir can u please make a movie on these

    about me- i am medical student completed my couse presently doing my internship sir

    i am very much passoinate about acting its my dream coming true to act in ur movie r ur production house sir

    sir please sir can u waste 5 min of ur valuble time to see my pics sir my face book id erolla_udayamala



  39. sajith says:


    endhiran kalakkeetangaa

    graphics amazing,
    so proud that it is an indian film….moreover a tamil film..

    sir ur next project sir??????
    is it the remake of 3 idiots?
    or are the rumours of 500 crore- rajini sir -kamal sir correct????

    sir pls sir pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls reply sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..?????????????????

  40. kavin chanter says:

    hello sir.,,,,,,,,,,,
    The movie is just amazinggggggggggggggggg,

    we want “ENDNIRAN-2″
    we want “ENDNIRAN-2″
    we want “ENDNIRAN-2″
    we want “ENDNIRAN-2″
    we want “ENDNIRAN-2″

    plesae sir
    plesae sir
    plesae sir

  41. murali says:

    robo is great to watch
    why cnn’t u do with chiranjeevi gru

  42. Shyam Janakiraman says:

    hello sir…

    i am an engineering student from kerala and i aspire to become a director like u.. u r a genious and u r my guru..i see ur movie as a bible or an encyclopedia ..u have a special power to connect with the viewers …i see u as my god…i always get astonished the way u handle pressure..u wer put under a magnifying glass during enthiran makin and still u produced a product which is mindblowing… ppl in my coll keep teasin me wid crap rajini sir’s jokes but after enthiran everybody mouth was shut…sir..u r greatest…i hope dat one day i could meet u …

    thank u sir….

  43. Subramanyam says:

    Dear Shankar sir,
    I saw urs all great and good movies its a wonderful,
    now i read about (326) my friends comments……!
    I saw Enthiran movie…… 4 times…..!
    In enthiran film last climax court scene i have 1 confusion plz when u read my comments that time u plz reply me…….! my quetion is – U r introducing 2 ROBOTS, 1 ROBO Rajni sir made and another 1 ROBO villen made…! rajni sir made ROBO allready rajni sir only destroyed (spoiled)……!
    then how to u introduced Rajni sir made ROBO in the climax court scene????? how to u think this type? and y u r not introduce villen made ROBO? I think villen made ROBO Only doing wrong………! plz plz plz plz plz reply me

    I am just 22 years old its my confusion plz clear me
    am waiting for ur reply

  44. Thiyagu says:

    எந்திரன் – சில கவனச்சிதறல்கள்…

    Yesterday night i got a chance to watch Enthiran(7th time in theater) with my roommate .. this time i watched the film very closely.. by that time i noticed some small mistakes/carelessness/editing.. அவற்றுள் சில:
    1. Metro train stunt: சிட்டிக்கு battery low வந்து, அப்புறம் திரும்ப recharge பண்ணி, ஓடி வருவாரு.. அப்போ opposite -ல ஒரு train வரும்.. அது மேலையும் ஏறி round அடிச்சு ஓடுவாரு..அப்போ பார்தீங்கனா, aish இருக்கும் metro ஒரே ஒரு shot -ல மட்டும் Rose கலர்-ல வரும்..
    2. Chitti chasing: நம்ம சிட்டி சனாவ கடத்தி கார்-ல(TN09 BB 11) கூட்டிகிட்டு போகும் போது, chasing -ஓட starting -ல ஒரு accident(அட ரெண்டு காரும் dishum-dishum) ஆகும்.. அப்போ காரோட நம்பர் plate ரெண்டா உடஞ்சி பாதி மட்டும் இருக்கும்.. next shot -ல இருந்து நம்பர் plate, as usual fresh-a இருக்கும்..
    3. Chitti song: பூம் பூம் ரோபோ song -ல, வளைகாப்பு function -ல நம்ம சிட்டி சமையல் பண்ணி முடிச்சதும் ஒரு Red கலர் குடைமிளகாய்-a போட்டு finish பண்ணுவாரு..next shot -ல அது kitchen -ல, எங்கையுமே இருக்காது..

    இவ்வளவு பெரிய படத்துல, சின்ன சின்ன mistakes இருக்குறது சகஜம் தான்.. இருந்தாலும் சொல்லணும்-னு தோணிச்சு.. அதான்..

    Really a great work done by the team.. njoyed d film very much.. hats off to u..

  45. Asif says:

    first day 2nd show.
    second day 2nd show…
    and before i leav india (i m a NRI) again watched once…
    never felt bore..more educative.. more treasure…
    its a magic of shankar… u worth it to all tat KB has mentioned… keep rocking wit more such tamil movies which paves way to address our tamil movies.. as Rehman says.. ella pugalaum iraivanuke…

  46. hemanth says:

    Robo 2.0 is like in alex panidyan in which rajini sir as triple role

  47. NISAR AHAMED says:

    hello sir,
    i am ur fan from karnataka, i have seen robo(telugu) 6 times so far, i think you are the only director who knows what public pulse is regarding films.

    each and every scene in the film goes in such a way that everyone gets excited to watch the next coming scene.

    the way you did screenplay is just fantastic,each and every scene holds excellent background score which tempts auidence hatsoff to ar rahman sir; you wouldn’t have got such a best music for this film without rahman sir only he can…
    being an engineering student i failed to recognize scientific mistakes in the film except one which i dont want to share .you have managed every scene in such a way that a layman as well as scientist can get satisfaction by watching it.
    ENDHIRAN couldn’t have become famous without the legend RAJNI sir,everyone should learn from him what dedication is? regarding their work or tasks, no words in dictionary to praise RAJINI sir…

    roland emmerick could have choosed mr ratnavelu as cinematographer for his film 2012, even james cameron for AVATAR i think he deserves that position…..

    editing plays vital role in sci-fi films if it goes wrong viewer losses the basic concept of the film so thanks to mr antony for best editing.

    the art direction,special effects,choreograph,costume design,fights has made film so much attractive because of which many likes to watch film again and again….

    no one should forget to thank the main person without whom this story doesn’t have created ms.aishwarya rai hats off for her acting and dance…

    SHANKAR SIR is not james cameron or steven spilberg or someone else….

    you are unique,in future sure you will be role model in the film industry.the day will come when hollywood people says to someone over there who has become famous as you are our SHANKAR…..

    ENDHIRAN is not only shankar’s and Rajni’s film.It’s an every INDIAN FILM..

    we INDIANS can do films better than anynoe in this world with crew members consisting of only INDIANS….


    hats off sir ……

  48. karthik says:

    release ur next movie immediately……
    because there is no competition for endhiran….

  49. Thangam Santhosh says:

    Hello Sir,

    Hats-off to Mr.Tamil cinema,sir u deserve this tittle is bcoz u have proved this twice by producing & directing one at cannes festival on screening veyil proving that tamil cinema is one of the best in indian cinema & now by creating enthiran u have again proved that tamil cinema is the BEST in indian cinema.

    Credits Apart

    Now critics

    sir we can’t relate your last movie to your previous movie is entirely different but we can relate one common thing from your first movie to enthiran not only your thoughts about our corrupted things in our nation but the type of songs u give is similar in all the movie Ex.Ottakaththai Kattikoo (crowd will be less),Muthalvane,Rendakka,Bellalaka,Vaji Vaji,Arima Arima, i think u can skip this type of songs.

    waiting for the hunchback character to be screened only with rajni sir.

    Sir i am searching for my entry in tamil cinema not as a director but actor so i need your blessing.

    Thank u DOT

  50. Vivek says:

    Enjoying Endhiran…. 6times… still to goo
    Simple woowww
    Waiting for your next project..
    Dont do remakes sir.. Hope they are rumours

  51. roboshasi says:


  52. hemanth says:

    Best of luck of oscar award .

  53. hemanth says:

    Kilimanjaro the words used in this song which language is this is it own words does this have any meaning if so can u please tell me song is good to listen and some mimic portions are realy fabulous

  54. DHARMESH BA says:

    Hello Legend,

    I am not gonna compliment you as u have made a magnum-opus called ENTHIRAN becoz everyone knows that you are good at such kind of scripts.I am going to salute for effort that you have taken to make it technically correct.I am an electrical engineering student who have studied Robotics to an extend.I was amazed by the way you handled robotic terms and logics with perfect blend.Thats how audience expect filmmaker to be.You shall set as an example for all those so called MASALA MOVIE directors.No doubt you an INDIAN CAMERON.Good luck Gentleman!:)

  55. Sajesh R says:


  56. Jay says:

    Excellent movie – you have elevated the thinking of crores of people

  57. xtechkid says:

    Hi there,

    Endhiran was quite entertaining, well executed. I liked the dialogs in the movie especially zeno’s paradox, which puzzles every mathematician. Being a conceptual robotic designer my self i should admit that the artistic compositions and mechanical movements were quiet impressive. Few places logic was missing but that can be accepted as exception when you are making a Movie and its pure entertainment.

    I was thinkin about Project Aiko which is the most complex android robot currently in existance to be the most complex thing, chitti was way beyond todays tech specs. It was designed by Le Trung ( vasigaran in real world ). Microprocessor: LS372 and C7 Board
    Micro Controller: 5-8
    8Gig solid state HD with 4Gig internal memory
    Central Data 1000-1500Gig .. IT’s no match for our Chitti though, he rocks. :)

  58. Palsam says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Watched your Film Enthiran.Was amazed by the execution, which was purely due to perfect planning.Overwhelmed by the Climax as it was fresh and hi-fi climax to Indian Film Industry.

    Thanks to God for making such mighty creations possible in Tamil Cinema.They are possible only if one’s Passion and Profession becomes the same. (Super *, Shankar & ARR).And Best of Luck & Best wishes to Shankar to get continued huge producers for your films, so that we can enjoy your creations as such you dreamt.


  59. Siva Kumar says:

    I have seen all your movies from Gentleman to Robot (in Telugu)
    I still remember how I enjoyed your Bharateeyudu (Indian) and thought is there any better movie than this till date, also thought in Rajahmundry (you shot premikudu, kadhalan, Boys there)it would run for atleast one year as 13 year old kid…I can’t explain how I enjoyed your Gentleman & premikudu in cable later (I was eight year old kid) so didn’t see the movie when it released and how I didnt missed your movies from Oke Okkadu (mudhalvan)first day first show to till date all your movies….
    As a ASPIRING director I always watch movies to observe how director would have conceived that, shot division etc etc….I always try to look into movie even before its release and try to visualise how the movie would be and what could be concept etc…most of the time I am atleast 50% correct of what I think of all films (hindi, telugu, tamil)…this stopped me enjoying movies like I use to do when I was a kid as I am watching movies in completely different perspective these days….
    BUT you are one director in this country whose movies I watch forgetting everything, like a child its not my deliberate attempt, but from Aparichitudu (thats the time I decided that I will become director one day) till date I go to your movies like any other movie to analyse…however I am consistently failing and it is taking third & fourth watch to do the same….for that (keeping child in me alive)….I will become director one day…will meet you and say ONE word that is you’re AWESOME


  60. Anand says:

    Will go straight into the subject…..
    We want you to do rajini’s next film also……
    Film Name should be Endhira Kavalan……………

    Film should deal with a Cop story….But should have Rajini as ROBO…Out and out science fiction.

    Budget…I know it will be very High.

    We have a 5 Crore population in tamilnadu…We will give just 75 Each for the movie. Which is around 375 Crores.

    Please tell ok. will start campaign and get you the budget.

    after you make profit…..Apart from the expenses and your profit, you can give 50% discount on each ticket to all audience who intially gave the capital. Just a coupan/Re coupan will do.

    Best of luck.

    Warm Regards


  61. sai krishna says:

    make more movies with that philosophical touch …
    your friend sai …

  62. Siva says:

    Shankar Sir

    படம் release ஆகி உலகம் முழுவதும் சாதனை படைத்து கொண்டு இருக்கும் இந்த தருவாயில் சுஜாதா சார் பற்றி உங்கள் நினைவுகள், எண்ணங்களை பகிர்ந்து கொள்ளுங்கள்…

    சுஜாதா தாசன், ஷங்கர் நேசன், ரஜினிகாந்த் ரசிகன்


  63. Suryan says:

    are you doing 3i with vijay sir?

  64. MURLI KRISHNA says:

    Dear “SHENKAR”sir you are trying a lot to devlope our country & people to become great,A lot fo thanks to u sir.
    INDIA is great because such agreat people are in this country like you & A R RAHMAN one’s again thainks to.
    “GREAT SHANKER” A Best wishess to you are future.
    “JAI HIND”

  65. KSatheesh says:

    Dear shankar Sir,

    Excellent work sir.I saw all movies in ur film.Fantastic job.totally different stories in such ur all films. Please Iam most himalayan fan of rajini sir.Please take again next movie with rajini.Rajini sir is not a aged person.He is youthful man in job work.Please Please Please sir.

  66. selvam says:

    sir you rocccccccccckkkkkkk

  67. P.VENKATA MURALI says:

    On this cool cool Morning in your sweet sweet room I send a sun to wish u

    Good Morning sir……

    With Love
    Venkat Murali Kanth

  68. Vidyanath says:

    Hello sir, liked robo very much and sir i have a doubt in the song kadal anukkal is that a real location or is that a graphic which made water.


  69. Jagadish says:

    Hi Shankar,
    Congratulations for bringing out an extraordinary movie like enthiran. It was a real visual treat for all of us who have watched this movie. We really enjoyed ur movie, Please direct hollywood movie & make tamilian proud…………

  70. Anandhi JaiPrakash says:

    Billions and billions of THANKS for giving such a wonderful movie for all of us. My 18 months old daughter becomes a “ROBO” while watching your movie. She dances like “CHITTI” for the songs especially for the chitti dance show song. She started humming the “Boom Boom Robo da….” song. She is so young to mail her happiness. So as a mom its my pleasure to share our boundless joy with you.
    We are eagerly awaiting for your next movie..

  71. karthik says:

    as all said the movie was amazzing….but i cant find anything new since all stills and videos were shown in sun tv….

  72. Shankar Sivarajah says:

    The real Star behind Endhiran is withoyt any doubt Shankar :)

  73. Sathish Kannan says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    I really loved the movie. Every one appreciated about the movie i too appreciate the movie but i wanna tell small complaint about the movie. Usually in ur film the song will come at the correct time in correct situation but i think that “Kilimanjaro” song was force fully fit in the movie. Its my personal opinion please dont mistake, as fan of yours i need to tell this, the movie was really superb one.

    Thanks Sathisih

  74. Bijeesh says:

    Hi Shankar,
    Great work, and expecting Endhiran 2 also ..
    Is it true that Endhiran is going to be released in 3D format ?

    Congrats again..

  75. isan says:

    sir,great hasam i cnt blve it 1000 thanks tamilarhalai ulahalavil pesa vaithathuku nanri

  76. alavudeen,s says:

    வாழ்த்துக்கள் ஷங்கர் சார்………….

    தமிழுக்கும் தமிழனுக்கும் நீங்கள் நல்ல பெருமை சேர்த்துள்ளீர்கள்….. நன்றி……

    ரஜினிக்கு மேலும் உச்சம் தேடி தந்து உள்ளீர்கள்……
    ரஹ்மானின் பங்கு உங்களுக்கு மிக பெரிய பக்க பலம்….

  77. pms jayachandran says:

    Following is the break up -


    3 Idiots – 201 crs

    Enthiran – 200 crs in two weeks (including hindi Robot)

    Dabangg- 141 crs


    3 Idiots – 68 crs

    Enthiran – 70 crs already

    Dabangg – 22 crs

    Total India and overseas

    Enthiran – 270 crs

    3 Idiots – 262 crs

    Dabangg – 161 crs

    Salute to the real Boss shankar Sir.

  78. sathish says:


    suntv is producing another movie super star rajini sir with kamal sir combo with whooping 500 crores budget n the director is u nu website la iniku fulla rumoursa iruke is that true. why don’t u update abt ur next movie pls sir we are daily checking for ur updates so plsss

  79. Kuppu says:

    if success ur next project with Rajini& Kamal.. pls dodn’t forget to remix a song “sambo siva sambo (ninaithale inikkum) wish to see both in old getup.

  80. naveen frm pkd kerala says:

    i heard that you are going to direct a film with rajni and kamal,
    and also heard that sun pics is producing the film with a budget of 500 crores,
    is this true sir?
    but please make ENTHIRAN 2 we want that.DOT

  81. Ramanan says:

    why not released in JAPAN?

  82. T.Muralidaran says:


  83. ஒரு ரசிகன் says:

    எந்திரனை இந்திரனாய் ஆக்கியதுன் இயக்கம் – அது
    அற்புதமென செப்புவதில் எனக்கேது தயக்கம்
    உலகெங்கும் எந்திரனின் சாகசங்கள் வியக்கும் – இனி
    வேறேது படம் வந்து எங்களையும் மயக்கும் ?


  84. shiva says:

    Hi shankar your great bcoz the how you made all things proper way like technical wordings in endiran film

    Really your great your great indian director

  85. Prasath says:

    You will never falter for you foresee your movie from the audience’ seat, that probably is what is making every scene of your movie lovable.

    I loved Endhiran so much that I have watched it more than 15 times, now I have lost count for I am watching it every other night. The last time I saw a movie with such craze was for Sivaji, and before that was for Anniyan. My love for your movie dates back to Indian, I was a kid then but I still nudged my parents begging them to take me to the movie and succeeded twice. I was a kid then and I never knew your name but when I recollect all my memories I realize that I have seen all your movies atleast twice in the theaters except Kadhalan.

    It is now I am able to appreciate the craftsmanship and more than that your heart and soul that you put in to your movie. I could see every single drop of blood and sweat that you have shed for this movie.

    With KB’s appreciation note, it is all official now… You are the best director India has ever had.

    I am so happy and proud that I was part of an Era when tamil cinema’s history was rewritten.

    Please don’t let go of Rajni sir for he is the one who can make all your dreams come true.

    All the best sir and keep us entertained.

  86. Bala says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    I wish to give you all credit for the creativity, by each film you keep pushing your creativity to its limits and we all are really amazed. The day is not too far when Oxford dictionary reads the meaning “awe-inspiring” for the word Shankar like “Bangalored” for outsourcing. Youths in our country think you like our spielberg. Keep giving more and to my memory i will say the best film i everywatched that makes me patriotic is your “INDIAN”. Gives us more like this.

    Your Fan

  87. ATUL says:

    we need the Enthiran – 2 The return of Chitti……… we want that … please sir … will you????????????

  88. Inbarajan S says:

    SHANKAR Sir,
    I remember you first dialague …. PANASONIC BRAIN !
    And you are u r proving it every now and then in each movie…

    Thanks for showing my superstar so young, stylish in Sivaji, Endiran…..

    Thanks a ton ! Great effort by you and your team !!


  89. Isan says:

    Sir bst of luck i cnt blieve it yapudi sir ipadi think pandringa padthula robo kita kadavula pathi kekum pothu yana seythavarthan kadavul nu solume anda scene la apudiya udambalam pularichu pochu rajani sir acting suberb yanda neramum oru muthirchi adaintha scientice feel avar muhathula iruku nan yathunayo arachiyalarhala meet pani iruken avangal irunda anda feeling,muhapavam apudiye irundathu sir

  90. megautubian says:

    We want Enthiran Trilogy.
    Come on you can do it wildhorse.
    You got the creativity and you can develop ur dream story more easily than anyone else
    Love to see Shankar and Superstar back again in action.

  91. Jaykumar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a big fan of your movies. In many ways i admire you sir. I became a fan of ur movies since the time of Boys. Later i came to know how u started off in the cine industry. Your growth was extraordinary and exponential. I try to imitate your dedication and hard work in my own work. But no one can equal your level of excellence, magnificence, dedication, quality and bravery. As Balanchander sir mentioned, it requires a strong will and bravery to take on a gigantic challenge. A painter or a sculptor has to be skilled extraordinarily to bring their imagination on the canvas or on the stones. A director however is different. He dreams, imagines, shapes his imaginations, gives life to it and then like a mother nurtures it. I wish I could write more, but I guess no amount of commenting or writing can describe you or your work sir. Hats off! :)


  92. srikanth suravarapu aandhra says:

    hi sir… u did greatjob for people entertainment.. thank you sir…

  93. Anand says:

    Superstar வச்சி ஒரு மெகா விருந்து கொடுத்ததற்கு Creative super டைரக்டர் ஷங்கர் சார்க்கு கோடிக்கணக்கான நன்றிகள்…..

    இந்த படத்தை பத்தி சொல்றதுக்கு கண்டிப்பா இந்த பக்கம் போதாது.
    அதனால கொஞ்சமா சொல்றேன்.

    என்ன சொல்றதுனே தெரியல சார்
    படம்னா இதுதான் படம்…..
    படம் தொடங்கி முடிஞ்சவரைக்கும் சம ஸ்பீட்.
    சூப்பர் கிளாசிக் எண்டர்டெயிண்மெண்ட்…………
    ஒவ்வொரு சீன்லயும் உங்க கடின உழைப்பு தெரியுது சார்.

    உன்மையா சொல்லனும்னா எந்திரன் பாத்த பிறகு, வேற படங்கள போய் பார்க்க பிடிக்கல. எந்திரன் மாதிரி விறுவிறுப்பான நல்ல பேமிலி எண்டர்டெயிண்மெண்ட் படங்கலத்தான் மனசு தேடுது.
    3times பாத்துட்டேன் கண்டிப்பா இன்னும் நிறையவாட்டி பார்ப்பேன்…………

    எந்த சீன முக்கியமா சொல்லறதுன்னே தெரியல.!
    எல்லா சீன்களும் super. அனைத்திலும் பெஸ்ட் எந்திரன் ஒன்லி…………
    சீன் by சீன் கிளைமாக்ஸ் மாதிரி விறுவிறுப்பு…………

    Enthiran : climax of entertainment …………

    தலைவர் superstar கலக்கிடாறு…………
    இதுக்கு முன்னாடி இப்படி ஒரு ரஜினி சார் படத்த பாத்ததில்ல.
    ஹீரோ, காமெடியன், வில்லன்னு பக்காவா வேறுபட்ட நடிப்பினை வெளிப்படுத்தி இருக்காரு…..
    குறிப்பாக சிட்டி & வில்லன் சிட்டி நடிப்பு Extraordinary…………
    சிட்டி கேரக்டர் இன்னும் கண்லையே இருக்கு.
    Superstar நா அது ரஜினி சார் மட்டும்தான்னு மேலும் ஒருமுறை நிருபிசிட்டாறு…………
    அவர் இடத்துக்கு யாரும் வரமுடியாது.

    சுஜாதா சார், நீங்க & கார்கி வசனங்கள் நெஞ்சில ஆழமா பதியுது…..

    மனுஷன் படச்சதுலையே உருப்படியான ரெண்டே விஷயம்
    ஒன்னு Superstar ரஜினி இன்னுன்னு சூப்பர் டைரக்டர் ஷங்கர்…

    எ.ஆர். ரகுமான் சார் இசை உலகத்தரம்…..
    பாடல்கள் அனைத்தும் super ….. (குறிப்பாக ”புதிய மனிதா” மெய்சிலிர்க்க வைக்குது.)

    ரத்னவேலு சார் ஒளிப்பதிவு மிக அருமை…

    சாபுசிரில் சார் கலை பிரம்மாண்டம்…

    வைரமுத்து சார் வரிகள் கருத்து மிக்கது…

    ஐஸ்வர்யா ராய் அழகு & நடனம் சூப்பர்…

    உங்களுக்கு கோடி நன்றிகள் சொன்னாலும் பத்தாது ஷங்கர் சார்.

    இந்தப்படம் இந்திய சினிமாவின் நிலைய உயர்த்திடுச்சி…..
    எந்திரன் ஒரு சரித்திரம்…………
    கண்டிப்பாக இந்தப்படத்தோட ஸ்கிரிப்ட் & திரைகதை அமைப்பு உலக சினிமாவிற்கே சவால் என்று சொன்னால் அது மிகையாகது.

    கருவில் பிறந்த எல்லாம் மரிக்கும்
    அறிவில் பிறந்தது (எந்திரன் படம்) மரிப்பதே இல்லை

    சூப்பர் சூப்பர் சூப்பர் சூப்பர் சூப்பர் சூப்பர் சூப்பர்…………

    Superstar + Super Director = மெகா hit …………

    உங்கள மிஞ்ச நீங்க ஒருவர் மட்டும்தான்.
    மேலும் இதுபோன்ற உலகதர படங்கள் எடுக்க வாழ்த்துக்கள் சார்…………

    - என்றும் உங்கள் ரசிகன் ஆனந்த்
    Thanks thanks thanks so much …………

  94. குணசேகரன் says:

    இந்த படத்தை பார்த்ததும் எனக்குள் ஏற்பத்ட்ட சந்தோஷம் அளவிட முடியாதது.

    மேன்மேலும் வளர வாழ்துக்கள்.

  95. kishore says:

    Sir u can make the perfect blend of movies which can thrill both class and mass audience.i now wonder even robots all over the world might become your fans…….

  96. avnash28 says:

    Enjoyed the movie,awesome presentation, awesome background score,locations were amazing,songs were nice,favourite video was chitti dance showcase, irumbile and kadhal annukal,2.0 background and arima arima at background in climax were so gr8,liked the stylish displaying of SUPERSTAR,can i knw who did it sir?
    Seriously,one actor who deserves it,has got the most stylish presentation next to ur previous movie,sivaji-the boss,chitti was the cutest character ,i have ever seen,movie was so real,while narration,version 2.0 action sequences and train scene was at the best.
    Rajni sir,was so so nice,miracle,i felt after the end of movie,Truly i got more than i expected,
    if possible plz make a sequel,not a must,but u can sir,with even stronger storyline,i hope u will.
    Changed not only the history of indian cinema,but also u changed the boss from mass to class,loving him and u lik anything,aishwarya madam was nicer to see..
    Sir,again u made me wonder,how you think while making movie?
    Take care sir

  97. Parthiban says:

    hi sir……..Iam one of the great fan of you. I like Enthiran very much and your direction.My ambition is to became a director bacause of you. I want to be a assistant for you.If it happened,its my life time achievment

  98. mohamed faizan says:

    hello sankar sir epadi sir ninga ipadilam yosikiiringa enthiran amazing movie fantastic next film 3idioits thaney

  99. Senthil says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have watched the movies 3 times. Great movie better than some Hollywood movies. KB’s letter is also nice and it is very true, but Manirathnam fetched Rajini in to commercial path ?? This is new info, atleast to me.
    I think Rajasekar, SP Muthuraman have contributed a lot in that.
    Anyway, we have really enjoyed the movie. Again the hype was met by you. Only you can do that. Hats off !.
    Best wishes,

  100. Sulfi says:

    Dear Sir,
    lack of words doesn’t permit me to praise u.thanx for giving such a world class movie in tamil language with rajni sir.this movie belogs to u 100%.
    hope to meet u one fine day and tell this to ur ears..i am praying for that…
    take care
    have a great future ahead..

  101. DR. S.RAVI UK says:

    We really enjoyed with our family in London watching Enthiran
    Ravi S Uk

  102. Neevan says:

    Hi Sir, is it true that a 7 minute 3D sequence is being added to the current edit and gonna be re-released? Wat abt the news on Endhiran being dubbed in English?

  103. sabarish says:

    hai shankar sir

    Padam super sir oru oru frame kagavm padam pakanum sir….nega India’s SHANKAR.james camron America’s SHANKAR…..You r Precious to us sir….Proud to be an your Fan sir…

    yours Die Hard Fan

  104. ramU says:

    I can say Nothing except this…

    :-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
    :-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
    :-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-)


  105. T.Shankarsuresh says:

    what to Say. you are second to none

  106. VINOTH says:


  107. Naveendradas Abilash says:

    The best movie I have watched in mu life is presented by you, the best director of world class indian cinemas.
    Salute for your great work sir.

  108. Paul Jude says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,
    I never dreamt to see such a Thalaivar…..
    U deserve to be the No.1 Director in India….

    My hearty wishes for all your projects…..

    A Request…

    We want Endhiran Part-2 in 3D with Thalaivar Only…..
    (I Expect INNOCENT CHITTI Vs EVIL CHITTI in the sequel)

    Please dont make us to wait for a very long period…..

    Paul Jude

  109. Madan says:

    Hello Sir,
    Great Work done…I Saw Enthiran 7 times now and still be watching again…Thalaiver’s acting is superb…my request for u is to do Enthiran-2…Thanks in Advance…Dot…

  110. Vidhya Shankar says:

    Saw the movie for the third time in PVR Bangalore and a elderly woman was sitting next to me along with her husband. I understood that she had watched the movie 4 times already with her son and other relatives and this time brought her husband to witness the grand spectacle on the screen. It was a full house on a Monday morning despite the ticket price being very high in Bangalore. No other film in PVR except Endhiran has been priced at 200rs for a morning show.

    She was giving a running commentary right through for her husband and unfortunately I couldn’t find an empty seat to move away from her. It indeed was really frustrating. Anyways, I pray for a beautiful girl to come and sit next to me when I watch the movie again tomorrow :-(

    How tough it is for you to make this movie reach a wide range of audience from a villager in Usilampatti to a billionaire in USA. You may have a reason to include Karunaas as a scientist in the film. I would be keen to know what exactly was in your mind when you added Karunaas in the cast.

  111. Muruga says:


    You are the only one who can make the dream movie of all Tamilians… sorry all Indians now …Rajini & Kamal acting together in a SCIFI movie..It is my dream movie..Please make it happen..My dream can only come thru you…

    This generation of people dont even know how fantastic the movie will be if Rajini and kamal are acting together….

    I have already seen 3 idiots two times…For your capacity, you may want to do another shankar style movie starring Rajini+Kamal+Aishwarya+Sushmita Sen….May be Julia Roberts or Sandra bullock in guest role…

    I know you will make it in 3D…

    I suggest “NO 3 idiots” as I expect large than life movie from you…

    If you make 3 idiots in Tamil, it may create new thought process for the next generation.. But finish it quick within 3 months and go for my dream project…


  112. Anand Chitti says:

    Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!
    Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!Pls do Enthiran-2 with Rajini Sir pls pls!!!!

  113. Ramesh says:

    Saw Enthiran 8 times all in theatres. Really amazing movie and excited me everytime i watched it and felt watching like first time.Gr8 imagination sir.Really hats off to you.The most thing is that u blend the sci-fi theme with our culture and u succeeded in it.I have one more thing to tell to you.We Superstar Fans definitely need Enthiran-2.It’ll be much bigger and have a much wider reach on par with hollywood flicks.The world has just turned our sides and is looking as where did this come from?A regional film industry that too with a language spoken by 6 crore people has this much to attract the globe.All the credit goes to Thalaivar and u and Sujatha sir.So this could happen again in a bigger way.Go for the sequel. I’m posting it coz we don’t have any medium to share this with thalaivar like u have(u r blog).Hope u consider it.

  114. Jagadish says:

    Shankar, Great work. I have watched the movie many times. every time I sit I will try to find any major logic issues but cant see anything major. Absolute brilliance in technical screenplay and direction.

    I have a question, many Super Star fans ponder about this. The scene where lightning strikes chitti. Was that scene meant for a purpose? We cant relate the hidden meaning behind it.

    And we want ENTHIRAN 2

  115. Suryanarayan says:

    Hi Shankar sir,

    I was absolutely amazed With Endhiran… great work.

    Here are some ideas for Enthiran sequel.

    IDEA 1:

    story starts in 2050

    The world is in crisis ..china ,ind,pakistan,US, England,Israel and many other countries are involved in 3rd world war..

    india is the most affected one and we were targetted by china and pakistan..

    US played double game and they have backstabbed us and they have given nearly 1000 robots to china and pak to attack india ..coz ind is in a verge of becoming a super power so they want to completely destroy india…

    the movie starts with a war were indian army faces a tough task to protect the country when the enemy country attacks us with nuclear weapons and other missiles..but we were running out of stocks and here comes the new weapons the robots created by US.. we couldnt control these robots as they have the capacity to defuse the bombs with their system…

    whole of indian scientist is working hard to find a solution for this.. but no one will find a solution for this… the only solution is to find a robot which is 100 times advanced than these robots.. but they dont have the time and knowledge to do this..and finally they will break their egos and think abt one man ..and he is one of the scientist, who is the grand child of dr . vasikaran..

    flashback.. due to his superior knowledge.. the other scientists will plan an incident to break his reputation and which will eventually throw him out of NIRD…

    so all the scientis will seek the hero scientis help and with the help of books written by dr vasikaran they will transform chitti to 2.0..

    here comes chitti and they will create many robots with the help of chiit.. and here comes the robotic war..

    climax .. as every one knows ind wins..

    IDEA 2:

    In 2029, U.S! where american army realized that their skynet a computerised military program capture all systems in the defense field of america and trying to attack russia, china and india. here we show in india in 2030 in the museum chitti was taken by some burglers. army was alarmed and searching for chitti. the group which was stolen the chitti was a rebel group lead by a man called jeeva (superstar)son of Dr.vasigaran. he was a well educated like his father eventhough he jobless bcos there was no food cultivation in india, everywhere IT companies occupy the lands and jeeva not accepted a top post in AIRD and fighting the corporate companies to take land for farmers to re establish the cultivation lands with the help of robo chitti. Now we synchronise the skynet attack and chitti back in form. chitti explained the effects of somalia and over computerisation of america which lead to destruction of mankind to the mass . now every IT guys stand behind CHITTI and fight the corporate companies. now military hunting the revolutionary groups and try to destroy chitti. At that same time skynet launches it robotic attack in INDIA. chitti capture some of the robos to reprogram it to CR 2, CR3…. CR 500! now all the CR500 robots crush the corporate companies and made the cultivation lands for farmers. IN the climax CHITTI leaves to america evryone including jeeva asked chitti to stay but CHITTI smiled and say ” manithargaluku udavathaan ennai kadavul padachaaru(Dr.vasigaran) and flys with some robos to U.S!

  116. varulchelvan says:

    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2

  117. Kannan says:

    Sir, I’ve already seen the Endhiran movie more than 10 times. Still i wanted to see. Its really an International movie made from India especially from Tamil Legends (Shank sir, Rajini Sir, AR Rahman sir).
    Expecting Endhiran part 2, 3 and so on.
    Keep Rocking Sir!!!
    You made us proud to be an Indian.
    Thanks Sir.

  118. mallikarjun reddy says:

    i am from andhra sir, i like you so much sir… and i think you won’t talk much sir… seeing you i feel proud sir…!!! my philosophy ” “you should not talk, but your work should talk” that is SHANMUGAM SHANKAR”… your are idol…HATS OFF to you sir…

  119. R.Saravanan says:

    Dear Shankar,

    Enthiran ROCKS.

    I have already watched the movie 4 times.
    You have made Indian Film Industry to proud.

  120. vivekanandan says:

    No words to say.

    “Shankar” You are Great…

  121. manimaran says:

    hi sir. v know this all already tat this much appreciation ll come nu… my only thinking wen i seeing this film is u oly . not other anybody,
    thank u very much sir.
    ur die hard fan manimaran

  122. Sivakumar says:


    Please listen to american radio

    Tamil manakuthugo…. i m enthralled…

    salute to you sir for u made Tamil reaching al over the world

  123. sandeep kumar k.n says:

    hi sir………

    its sandeep i watched endhiran 3 times….this film is a history mindblowing sir……..u rocks sir…….i thrilled every seconds of endhiran scenes..climax is awesome sir……..ur indian james kamaroon………..one request sir u don’t miss understand u dont take 3 idiots in tamil .we want u from new ideas and new stories sir……….its a request………best wishes sir…….

    from : kerala

  124. ARUJUNA says:


  125. komal says:

    Thanks for the movie, big thanks to sun pictures who had the confidence on superstar and shankar, we hope many more big movies will come. Who is the black sheep meeehhhhhh
    chitti 2.0, thalaivar enna acting, you took us 25 years back, the collections .. well the whole world knows is bcos of thalaivar, have you seen the whole hall rise up and shout when the title rolls that is superstar, thanks for showing the powers of the man, enna acting, hats off to your graphics imagination.

    thanks again to sun tv, vazgaa thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  126. jahir hussain says:

    sir, is robot-2 possible with rajini sir again?

  127. Stalin says:

    Congrats and great job done sir.

    I eagerly look forward for the sequel………….

  128. pandu says:

    my dear director,
    I like the enthiran,chitti rajni and his hairstyle verymuch.I wish to get sucess for your upcoming films to break the record among the bollywoob and hollywood.no one equals to your direction and imagination. Advance happy deepavali .
    neenga innum neraiya padangal endukkanum .

  129. G Elayaprabu says:

    Hello Sir,

    I already watched two times in theater sir. its awesome sir. we are really waiting for Enthiran -2.


  130. Sakthivel says:

    Dear Sir,

    Endhiran is amazing movie, Really fanastic,

    What is your next project?


  131. Nagendra Shenoy says:

    There are lots of mistakes in 3 Idiots;Please rectify these in your Tamil Remake.
    1. Suicide attempted Sharman is taken to Fortis Hospital but at that time (1998) there is no Fortis Hospital as it is later founded in the year 2001.
    2. When Chatur’s Speech is going then the notice broad Displays Teacher’s Day Instead of Teachers’ Day( Irony here to Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan a Tamilan in memory of this Day is Celebrated ).
    3. Suicide attempted Sharman is taken to Fortis Hospital Aamir Connect him to his Family Using Laptop with wireless Airtel Broadband (Pen dive)in the year 1998 itself But it is a Latest Development (2004)
    4.In Such a Great Institution Called ICE has no rules regarding Sitting Arrangeent and Dress Code (1 Student wear Kurta (Sharman) another T-Shirt and frequntly Changing their Sitting Place as 3 Drunken appear in Last Row early morning after peeing in front of Dean’s House latenight but they sit in the first row When the song All is well Starts.
    5. Sharman drops lid of the urn (Ash Bowl of Javed Jafri’s Father)in Toilet but in the next scene Urn appears with lid.
    6. 3 Idiots is heavily driven from Oscar won Hollywood Film Goodwill Hunting (Will Hunting the Genius- Aamir Khan )(Silent Bob-The Silencer -Chatur )
    7.All is wll song having Same theme of the song Urvashi Take it easy Policy of Humse Hai Mukabla or Kadhalan.
    8.Itching the Gaand Scene in All is Well is Irony to Prabhudeva’s Urvashi Song.
    9. Finaly it is a Battle Between North Indians and Tamilans.
    (Aaryans And Dravidian)Hidden Meaning of few Sentences :-
    Chatur born in Uganda = Tamilans are as black as Uganda People.
    Chatur Studied in Podicherry only place in TN where hindi is Spoken littlebit(Others dont know hindi).
    10. They defamed the Sanskrit Shloka in which our Holy Epics are written.(In Chatur’s Speach Climax ) (Tamilans believe Sankrit as their mother Language
    but north Indians Believe in Urdu and Bengali as Great Lauguage than Sanskrit (Hindi alphabet is copy of Sankrit or Devanagari Lipi and Shankar requently used Sankrit Shlokas in Anniyal or Aparichit)
    11. Check the model of Karina Kapoor’s Scooter It is to be suitable to be new at that time 1998. (Kinetic Honda in stead of New Mahindra Nova 2008 Model)
    12. Tha Words ‘Chatur’ ‘Ramalingam’ is irony to Shankar himself Shankar the Ace director (Chatur Nirdeshak) and Shankar’s Ramanuj in Anniyan or Aparichit.

  132. Mohamed says:

    Great movie….in singapore even the Chinese people watched and helled at the screen when superstar appeared…..we just need the the enthiran 2.0 with superstar only…..i know there is something u left a message in the end of the movie….Invisible Material Xian guahan most people would not notice that but myself saw the movie 5 times and noticed in the first time…..hope u have already made a script or there is an idea abt the sequel….expecting the sequel within 3 to 4 yrs…..but u have very less time since our superstar getting old plz do not ignore him he can still act till age 70…and more…

  133. Ashok says:

    We are proud to have a director like you in india.

  134. sethu says:

    Hi sir,

    Nothing wrong in doing a remake…But shankar’s touch must be there and all indian cinema lovers must say that story and screenplay of your film is better than the hindi 3 idiots..That is in ur hands and i am damn sure that u will prove it..

  135. Vinod Kumar P V says:

    Hello Sir,

    I write on behalf of a group of fans in Bangalore. the film was a rocking success.

    Could you confirm the reports on the remake of 3 idiots??



  136. Thirunavukarasu says:

    Dear Shankar,

    I came to know of your blog and that Kamal had sent flowers to you through Behindwoods.com

    I was so thrilled. I hope you will one day pull off another impossible dream of Tamil cinema fans. Seeing Rajni & Kamal together in the same frame.

    Congrats on the great success.


  137. Harish says:

    Sir I still didnt get reply from you for my explaination of Enthiran – Relationship between man and god … :(

  138. August says:

    Its feels happy and great to see that “you made your DESIRE to become true”. You become as an icon in Youth’s heart.

    What you have did is not just a movie called “Endhiran”, you have showed this world that how to achieve one’s goal even if there are lots of barriers and troubles.

    After many world leaders, scholars, teachers, you become my great inspiration. You triggered my thoughts like an impulse when I saw Endhiran. With great respect and love I thank you Shankar sir.

  139. L.Kumaresan says:


    Is there any specific reason for not touching Stereoscopy for Endiran? And do you have any plan for working in stereoscopy in feature? not in age old anaglyph, something in polarized.

  140. L.Kumaresan says:

    Nice work, Shankar sir!

    Expecting sequel! I know, it will be hard and you wont prefer creating same genre again. But only few indian directors/producers dare to do this big dream.
    So please, dream big and do more of this kind. (Preferably Endiran v2.0)

    This diwali will be more fun, celebrating with Endiran!
    Happy Diwali!


  141. R.Sasikumar says:

    Hello Shankar Sir,

    Your film Enthiran looking like Kadotkatchadu of teluku film.Anyhow Enthiran is a good attemt. Its amazing film.
    You proved again your are the best creator and film maker in the country. As a tamilan we are proud of you.

    Enthiran created lot of expectations of your next film.


  142. Bala.S says:

    Hi Sir…

    My heartful congrats for whole endhiran team.
    After thalapathi, Im seeing rajini’s powerful character without style.
    Gr8 … Awesome… Super and there is no DOT for ur creativity:)

    We want endhiran sequel.. or atleast endhiran special edition in 3D.. (like avatar spl)…
    Please sir, in 3D it will b tooooooooooo gud…

  143. Suresh says:

    Hello Shankar,

    Once again you proved that your the real super star of directors, I bet with my friend before movie released I am not sure whether Endhiran will make recover money for Rajni(I am big fan of Rajni, but I have personally seen how BABA did it so fans no offense accept the facts…)but will def. make for Shankar movie. You proved that, I like Rajni especially in two scenes Robooooo and Black Sheep… Rajni rocks… my 3yr old son whenever he sees the trailer starts saying Robooooo…

    Ok to be your honest fan I really didn’t like two songs Kadhal Anukul and Kilmo.. they could have been choreographed better and also with some Rajni speedo style in it… Other than it was complete package…

    Best Wishes to all your future project I like your message in every movie…

    Suresh – USA

  144. Avinash Amarnath says:

    Shankar sir

    Firstly, it is nice to see your blog and provide a comments section. It really helps for viewers to give a feedback.

    Congratulations on Endhiran. It was an amazing ‘experience’ like you had quoted during the audio release.

    But I have one feedback regarding your last 3 movies (Endhiran, Sivaji and Anniyan). I know that songs drive revenue for the movies success. But I still felt there was one song (though they were well composed) too many in each of the movies (Iyengar Vettu in Anniyan, Vaaji Vaaji in Sivaji and Arima Arima in Endhiran). Somehow feel the songs were added intentional and hence slows down the pace of the movie.

    Hope my feedback helps you

    Thank you

  145. Anil Kumar says:


  146. Ramesh says:

    Sir is it true that enthiran will be shown in a enlgish version in 3D?
    plz answer
    i cant stop talkin abt enthiran iz so AWESOMEEEE.

  147. Sathish(Muthalvan) says:


    Why no updates

    Pls update abt ur next project sir. now the whole world is watching u and Endhirakanth sir abt ur both next movies.

    Happy Dusheera, Srasvathi pooja and ayutha pooja to u and chitti….

    Advanced Robovali ( Version 2.0) to u….

  148. Prasanth says:

    Hi sir

    Its your big fan from france, saw the film two times, i have never seen crowd like this in a theatre in france, thank you sir for giving us a film in hollywood standard, your team deserve a lot of oscars


  149. Shankar says:

    A malayali was sitting next to me watching Enthiran in Audi 1, PVR Bangalore and I saw him astonished right through. That is the success and every Tamilian can be proud now that we have a film and a director who can take it to world standards.

    Every shot was painstakingly done though there are quite a few cliches typical of your film. I’m amazed, thrilled, proud and excited that I’ve watched a Tamil film like Endhiran.

    Good luck to your next film and wish you continue to give us the best entertainment in years to come.

  150. Ephraim Selvakumar says:

    Hello Shankar,

    Its been pleasure to have you on our ship Carnival Paradise looking forward to meet you today I am from Tirunelveli.

    Housekeeping Manager

  151. narayanan says:

    shankar sir,

    in your recent post, you mentioned that kamal hassan congradulated you by sending flowers with a beautiful message.

    can you please tell us what is that message?
    did he mention ,he saw enthiran?
    i am in the top of the excitement.


  152. narayanan says:

    dear shankar sir,

    i sincerely urge you to send enthiran to national film awards selection committie asap.

    enthiran deserves many awards…
    your movie lover

    narayan-dubai(watched already 4 times in dubai-galleria cinema)

  153. saravana says:

    Endhiran is top class, DOT. :-)

    You don’t dare to dream. Your imaginations are limit less. And you are able to bring it to the screens & make the audience to like it. Each an every words in KB’s appreciation are great and true. Wish u more courage & luck to do more projects like this.

  154. rajagopal says:

    sir do you really spend time on reading all these comments eh sir……

    if so say me one hi sir….and reply me sir

  155. Jeyasaravanan says:

    Hi Shankar,

    We want Endhiran-2 :)

    Hope you can come up with an awesome story.
    Also need one hell of an intro for SuperStar:)

  156. thalamalai says:

    Congratulations sir…

    I have already asked a question here
    (wether Enthiran can be enjoyed by all class of people, including uneducated)

    You answered through the film sir. Thank you sir.

    And as Fan I expect ENTHIRAN-Part 2 …

    Jai ho to all your TEAM sir


  157. Selva says:

    Thanks a lot for providing an excellant movie with our Super Star…May be it is expecting too much but i would love you to work on thalaivar’s next movie as well…



  158. Prabu says:

    Hallo Mr Creator,

    Tis content contains lot of my emotions along with my tears, — I m a great lover of cinema. always want my own tamil cinema to raise his head on top before others. I was eagerly waiting for the day, ya it happend on 1st of oct 2010. ROBOT I wound rather call it as an ultimate in terms of creation, style, emotions and notes. This movie is the best ever made entertainer of world cinema. I still wonder how you imagined so beautifully and so grand. But no surprise its bcoz u are the best and grandest creator of Indian cinema. I have seen the movie 6 times (ofcorse in cinema hall) still something attracts me to enter the hall again. TWO BEST THING YOU MADE FOR THIS MOVIE IS 1. TO CREATE Such a fabulous script, and the other 2.(importantly) to cast SUPERSTAR. WOW RAJINI– itz the best movie interms of you performance, style, emotion, comedy, action, even your walk, look, smile and meheeeeee….. wow wow wow. NO one can beat this most admired hero of the world. on behalf of rajini sir, his fans including me and movie lovers–I thank u very much Mr Shankar for such a creation and hard work.
    Now I m in singapore–I got the sweetest opportunity of watching premire show at 8pm on 3oth September.After that I saw in different theatres last one was at Cathay orchard-here an interesting thing hapnd. you know about 40 Europeans entered the hall at in front filling the rows. At the end all 40 + myself got up and gave applouse for your creation. I was very emotional at those moments, I literally cried. Thankyou Mr creator for ENDHIRAN/ROBOT/CHITI 1.0 / CHITI 2.0. I am expecting one more,,,, that too with rajini sir (the best performers the movie world has).

    an INDIAN— Prabu

  159. BALA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I like the film very much… None other than u can take this film with this much of knowledge and courage… Really fantastic film But i personally miss was the rajini style… I thought you could make us to seem him with more and more style… Its my personal feeling.

  160. ArdentShankarFan says:

    Heartfelt congratulations on Endhiran success, I liked all your movies except Shivaji, that was not Shankar’s movie even though it was not bad. But with Robo( Telugu) you got me back to your fan base. You are amazing,You are excellent, mind blowing and you made whole South Indian film industry proud at the international level.I had a dream of working as an assistant director to you. I felt the second half was dragged little bit but it was not bad at all since there were no boring scenes.You must have worked really hard.You made whole India stand up and watch your movie. In US people were ready to sit on the steps(after they ran out of all seats) to watch your film in my City . How many directors can get that following like you?.I watched ROBO with my family , they loved the film. I think you should direct a Hindi movie soon.I spoke to my co-workers in US, they all say the same thing that you are untouchable and unreachable commercial movie maker. There is no body who can come close to you in commercial movies, they can only dream.I am watching Endhiran in Tamil next weekend in US again since I also understand Tamil.I salute to your dedication and sincerity sir.YOU ARE A TRUE ROCK STAR DIRECTOR.May God bless you with good health and happy family. We want to see more and more quality movies like ROBO, Indian , Anniyan and Okke okkadu.

  161. arulraj says:

    endhiran wass superb……………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  162. arulraj says:

    when is 3 idiots shooting starts we are the ardent fans of vijay and you sir make the update about this film sir

  163. Karthik says:

    Hi sir, My review after watching it in Hindi as i was in Ahmedabad.
    Robot(Hindi) – Shankars best… creativity at its height.. I think this man has compromised a lot in graphics of some of the scenes to give a fantabulous climax due to money constraints….This concept requires huge money than they put in….I felt Rajini justified his role… but thalivar impact wasnt there. it was entirely Shankars movie… visually i was too much involved that i forgot its Music director was ARR…Shankar rocks… Aish is pretty…Rajini old…ARR unnoticed…Now i really wonder what his next movie would be…. Tamil cinema reaches its peak with this rocket launcher from Shankar…. Awaiting to watch it in Tamil to have the nativity feel of it…

    I am doing MS in Robotics in IIIT hyd… So this was a special movie for me. :)
    Hope you deliver the same feast in upcoming years to the indian audience.

    Thanks for this opportunity

  164. Ajithkumar says:

    Hello Shankar ji,

    Hats off.. an amazing experience.. I just kept posting one comment here.. that is to have subtitles to shows in the US and the other overseas market..

    I happened to watch the movie in Orlando as well as in Jersey City. No English movie has ever come close in getting such a reception, it was simply the best experience that any NRI would get. Their biggest star, their biggest heroine, their biggest music director and above all the magician shankar.

    However, you could have done away with a couple of scenes like the mosquito scene.

    That apart.. the movie is stunning.. When people say that enthiran is inspired from bicentennial man or I Robot I get so pissed off. Either they have not seen those movies or Enthiran.

    The movies soul is indian, but feel is hollywood. Amazing, I cannot stop praising you.

    P.S: but I am really sad, that you are going for a remake, don’t you think that there are many directors to do remakes. I will not put you in the same bracket as James Cameroon, he has always done movies that have no depth but just great budget and visuals. You have proved yourself and the most versatile director.. some one who made genres like Kadalan and Boys as well as movies like indian and mudhalvan and also sci fi in Robot.. I wish you touch new genres and achieve greater heights as a film maker. Please don’t go for a remake..

  165. Shajahan says:

    Hi Mr Shankar,

    Thanks for giving a wonderful movie. After Thalapathy, Mannan and Annamalai this is the only Rajini movie which attracted me at first viewing. Of course others liked too but watching second or third time only.

    I am very much happy with the whole movie but i am little upset on Rajini’s dance for Arima and Irumble songs. The dance movement for Rajini was very slow and i know you made it purposely as the Robo can’t dance like usual Rajini. Rajini can fight in train in fast mode and definately robo can dance in better manner. For Arima song, Rajini don’t need to dance but his stylish walk, look, expression, etc can be improved to make it even better!

    Just a humble thoughts!

  166. Solai says:

    Shankar Sir –

    Congratulations!!!. Fantastic Movie… Running packed shows in all over US. You are the only director – never disappointed me and all fans in last 17yrs. Thalaivar Kalkitaru and kalavachetega padathula…..


  167. Saravana says:

    Really enjoyed the movie….different movie from shankar

    Take it to the heights



  168. Nachiketh says:

    Dear Thiru Shankar,

    Your films succeed because you make the audience the real King of the show. Every single shot is a feast for the eyes and the ears. Without any doubt, you are the “Dan Brown” of the Tamil film industry. Just like Da Vinci code, you always make the audience anxious for the next twist in the tale. There is not a single boring moment in your films. That is your real achievement.

    Best Regards,

  169. Raghav says:

    You have said about a Datawarehousing Concept which is used in IT industry. You delivered it in such a way even a common man can understand. No one could have better explained

    you considered telephone directory is a database

    when chitti was asked to retreive details of a Name “Bhajan lal”

    As this is not a ‘Primary key’(unique data in telephone directory)

    Chitti takes sometime to narrow down to telephone number.

    BUT when chitti was given Primary Key (Telephone number)

    Chitti gives the answer right away.

    You have explained Datawarehousing and data retrival process sir.

    Brilliant sir. Hats off.

  170. Madhu Kumar Reddy says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    I loved all your films and i became a fan of you after watching sivaji and endhiran i can’t comment. Your’e mind of god and your’e thinking is different.

    Please i request you to do another movie with our Stylish and super star Rajnikanth.

    Please it is my humble request

  171. Harish says:

    Sir hats off to your creativity for taking a movie on relationship between Man and God…. Kindly confirm if my thinking is right…

    HERE WE GO……….

    Enthiran the movie that is travelling in 1 Terra Hertz all over the world, breaking all possible records for Indian movie over the globe. When I saw the movie for first time I just felt the movie when is made visually beautiful, be it Chitti or Ash or Fight scenes. Many said that movie wont do good in B and C entres but the movie seems to grab money from all centres and classes of society ruthlessly…

    Only after seeing the movie repeatitively I realized the movie is based on Man and God’s relationship, no no its God and Man’s relationship. In the movie Chitti is asked about God’s existence he replies “Yenna padaichadhu Dr vasi appo kadavul irukaru” I dont know how many Theists shed tears as Ash sheds for that scene. This beautiful line conveys that Chitti considers Dr Vasi as God.

    While chitti’s body is being made the lyrics says – “Ella Uyirikum Nanmaiyaiiru Endha Nilayilum Unmaiyaiiru” This is what was told to Adam by God as per Christianity. Not just for Adam but also to Noah and Moses… I guess same is told in Quran too but not sure in Geetha as I dont know about Geetha.

    Dr Vasi creates Chitti just as a Human with no feelings and hence Chitti even fails to lie in exam hall and hence ash lands in trouble. Right after that scene Chitti says that “Manidhargal thannai kaapathika poi sollunga nu kelvi paten” …. These lines talk about God who gave the power of lying to man but Man uses it for his selfish needs. While Chitti is still not given power of lying by his God and hence he couldnt lie.

    The scene where Dr Vasi loses his temper and chops down Chitti’s body into pieces, though Chitti has emotions to get angry and power to destroy Dr Vasi yet he blinds abides to the pain given by his God. TRUE MEANING OF BLIND FAITH ON GOD.

    Robo Robo Panmozhikal Katraalum
    En Thanthai Mozhi
    Tamil Allava!

    Robo Robo
    Pala Kandam Venralum
    En Karthavukku
    Adimai Allava!

    Though his God commits mistake and smashes him yet the Chitti patiently concieves pain. Blind faith to God is taught in Christianity, Islam and Hindusim too.

    Now Bohra installs Red Destruction chip to Chitti, what happens to a Man when he is given emotions, greedyness, selfishness and Power is what is done by Evil Chitti. Evil Chitti has ultimate power, he destorys everything for his selfish needs just like how we see many humans destroying many natural resources with his power for one’s selfish needs.At that mind set Evil chitti doesnt even listen to his God Dr Vasi in Virtual phone call, he says “No one can destory me” Just like how Atheists talk

    Atlast chitti is asked to dismantle, Chitti beautifully compares the Red Destruction chip to evil thoughts of Humans and apologises his God Dr Vasi saying that he had crossed the limits and rules of his God Dr Vasi. And says “neenga dhan yen kadavul, ungalukey naan drogam nenaichiten, Vidhigala mirunadhu thapu” and “am feeling good Doctor” for the his mistakes & he deserves the punishment, takes his head off – DOT. Every Human’s climax is the same…

    At the Musuem the girl asks why was it dismantled – Chitti says “Naan sindhika arambichiten”.Immediately the BGM goes “PUDHIYA MANIDHA BHOOMIKU VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” Does this purpose of BGM here needs any explaination? Left to humans to think over….

    What a way to show how a man is supposed to abide to God’s rules! Thanks to Thlaiavar Shankar.

  172. vishnu says:

    shankar sir neenghe periye allu sir.

  173. thiru says:

    Hi Sir, I’m from Malaysia. as u knw, Here gt lot of Malay and Chinese fan’s for Rajini sir.Last time, they were so excited to watch Sivaji in original CD and joking sayid that ” this man(rajini sir) really cannot die or even get a scratch in fight”. When asked Y u guy’s like rajini, they sayed–> “don’t knw just love to see him fighting and flaunting his costumes and styles. As tamil movies hv less promotion to Malay communities compared to Bollywood movies I hope if this movie comes with Malay subtitles they can really enjoy it. Last time they were some SHIJAVI movie cd’s( Maybe pirate copies) gt MALAY subtitle’s and my MALAY frenz promoting themselves the movie in some social network websites. Hope u can do something. gud luck!!!

  174. Mr. x says:


    it’s a wonderful movie! till now i watched it for more than 5 times. i really like it! the songs are really good! but i heard some people saying there’s no story expansion and some says this isn’t rajini movie cause no introduction song and no punch dialog. but for me, its gud. technically gud….

  175. Ramesh says:

    Really enjoyed the movie even though found some flaws in the script. It made my jaws drop. “Awesome!!” to wrap it up in one word. Kindly share ur experiences or the fun/pressure you felt before & after the movie release.
    Hope you be in touch with us via this blog in future also..

  176. Bala says:

    Hi Mr.Shankar,
    First & foremost my heartiest wishes for the Mega Success of Endhiran, Everyone has spoken a lot about the actors, technicians, yourself etc, but according to me hats of to you to for coming out with such a brilliant concept & successfully executing it, one thing still makes me wonder a man who had the vision of such a story 10 years back and has created records with the same 10 years later, when movie makers are suffering to even make a decent movie today. Your creativity is outstanding, I have seen your movies from day one and surprised to see the creativity that you use for that period which is actually futuristic, people many a time have the wrong concept that you send very lavishly on making movies but let me remind them look at the content, message and point out one movie which has made the producer or distributor cry, not possible, also we all talk about hollywood movies and compare them with ours so why do not they compare the cost and grandeur. Coming to Endhiran it was rightly said it is an experience which I do not see coming anywhere in the near future, what a way the movie has been shot, people please do not compare with hollywood or any wood because such a finish has never been told, written or shot, it is original. With this movie Mr Shankar has broken the regional barrier of north south etc. Looking forward to more such experiences from our BEST DIRECTOR IN INDIA and ONE AMONG THE FOREIGN LANGUAGES. Make your success stories continue with a comma and not a full stop

  177. M.Manoj Kumar says:

    hi shankar sir,

    i require even more of enthiran experience.

    so,pls release enthiran OST soundtrack & making of enthiran & deleted scenes..like how hollywood does..DOT

    wat about ENTHIRAN 3D..?

    Task Incomplete…
    Command Not Received….
    Waiting 4 ur Approval…

  178. Sridhar Ponnada says:

    Shankar sir…

    It’s a splendid experience watching ROBO on the first day in Prasadz IMAX(big screen).Your thought, imagination was beyond our expectations. Great work sir… thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to all the cast n crew for giving us such an extraordinary film. specially to Rajni sir who has shown great variations in all 3 shades. especially 3rd character Chitti version 2.0(Awesome acting). Also felt Editing is best among all your films.
    I don’t say dislike but second half action episode is monotonous – heavy chase and blasts(very similar to your previous movies). But rest of the movie is awesome..awesome…awesome.

  179. Srikanth says:


    Why not a hatrick with Rajini Sir ?

  180. Sethu says:

    Superb commercial movie!!! oru scenela kuda oru chinna pisuru ilaama kalakiteenga!!!!!!Shankar-the boss is again proved!!

    I think u still compromise for your budget..Hollywood films are produced around 600-700 crores….next time we ask u to you do film with columbia or century fox and make a film with complete latest technologies like avatar or terminator!!! If this happens, may be cameroon and spielburg can be compared with you in future rather now comparing u with them..I say this as I feel tamilanoda moolaiku elayae kedayaathu!!!

  181. Aditya Sharma says:

    Vanakkam Sir,

    I’m so happy for the accolades you are getting all around the world,it’s all your hardwork and effort, I bow to your creativity,excellency and courage in completing masterpieces like Endhiran.

    On personal note, I really adore the technical details that you carefully planned in the movie script, in fact giving us some new directions and possibilities in inventing humanoid andoroids. Well done and may God bless all your ventures.

    Aditya Sharma
    Smart Technology and Robotics

  182. JEGATHEESAN says:




  183. JEGATHEESAN says:



  184. sam says:

    vanakkam sir,

    First of all, i would like to thank you so much for showing the entire world that an INDIAN is capable of directing such a phenomenal movie…i bow upon you and salute you for your extreme imagination, your personal touch in selecting your entire crew units in developing and delivering such a mass scaled movie!!!!! and undeniably you are the James Cameron of South Cinema Industry oh should i say…the entire TAMIL CINEMA INDUSTRY!!!!!

    p/s-looking forward for your next movie.(sam-on behalf of people from Malaysia)

  185. nandakumar says:

    HI Shankar sir…
    First thank u for giving this awesome film to our thalaivar… I’m from pondicherry. First time i’m hearing in a dvd shop tat people saying tat endiran is a film tat to be watched in theatre. Its all because of u sir.. U have made people to watch film in theatre..Finally thanks to SRK because if he would hav accepted we might hav not seen our thalaivar in this new style… Pls try for enthiran- 2

  186. Muthu says:

    Sir – i saw endhiran 10+ times n like d train fight and thalaivar dialouge “என்ன டா சிட்டி இப்புடி பான்னிட” n “கடவுள் இருகாரு ” – apologize 4 d type error


    if u dont mistake me shall i ask a doubt – “did u didn’t get enough funds to achieve ur dream sir, bcoz in Irumbile Oru Idhayam ” song we didn’t see director shankar’s set n in Arima Arima song not much CG perfection – last fight CG too


    bcoz u r incomparable with other directors, so only i ask dis questions, dont mistake me sir

  187. anbarasan says:

    endhiran padathai patri solle varthai illai………….

  188. Madhu says:

    Hi Shanker Sir,
    This is the kind of film that the indian film industry needs. This klnd of a film was a dream for every indian, we were not sure if india can produce films of hollywood standards, but it happened today by your movie “endhiran” . Now i feel that we can make films more than hollywood standards. You proved it
    Very proud of you sir.

  189. azhmath says:

    thalaiva kalakkita po….., excellent project shankar again u rocked , my point of view is if 2oth century fox , columbia or universal pictures produce for your future projects sure u will b in the list of speilberg , roland emmerich or james cameron…sure it will happen….hard work always have given a victory.wish u all the best …ne kalakku thalaiva…

  190. Raghav says:

    I have always said this. Now im saying this in your blog Sir

    Mani Ratnam is “Martin Scorsese” of India
    Bala is ” Steven Speilberg” of India


    You Shankar Sir “James cameroon” of India

    Keep doing the good work for true cinema lover.

    Congratulations on Enthiran. We miss Sujatha Ayya

  191. Deepan says:

    Hello Sir,

    First I wanna thank and congrats to you and your team for the unbelievable hard-work and creativity. Special thanks to Rajini sir who compromised himself to do a story without a heroism knot and for the dedication he showed to his work. He supported you as a new comer artist and he co-operated with you for each and every scene. In this age(28) I am not able to climb the steps( 3 floors) easily. But at his age he is doing a unbelievable stunts and wonderful and tough scenes. Rajini really ungalukku innum vaiyasu aagala sir.. :-) )

    Camera : Randy did a wonderful and dedication work towards this movie, I read in a weekly magazine that he has created document about worked in this film that took more than 1200 pages.. this is what we call hardwork and he has the reference book like,so that the new comers can refer that. Nice job Randy… You are the person who showed the movie very well in its outcome thru ur lens :-) Want to praise u more,,.. but searching for words…

    Music : Thank sir for giving us the different intro song in our superstar movie..without lots or instruments and group dancers and color powders.. its a decent song that apt for the story line… I think ur voice is really suits Rajini sir very well…. Irumbiley song audio and video mind blowing. And in the Climax… U have touched our heart without any music and decided to have SPB sir’s Voice as a background and titled as a film by sankar,, its a nice touch.. and words also.. Karvil pirantha ellam marikkum arivil piranthathu maripathey illai….. its true….

    Art : Sabu sir,, is it set ? i dont belive… its so natural,, no body can feel anywhere it will be the set… do more tamil films and give us a brand and grand art work like this in ur all movies…Thank u…

    Stunt : Really appreciate Peter for his hardwork and dedication… even he got multiple fracture.. Do not leave him Shankar sir utilize his skills even more in ur future projects… Bravo,,, I must salute for ur fearless work.. to u and ur team and also to all the stunt artist in the world,, their lifes like walking on the knife, should know how to walk without kill ourself… God be with u all forever…

    Dialogues : combo of hitech and pamaratamil… easily understandable to everyone… especially the climax dialogue,,, with the comedy he starts unga kita irukkurathu en kita illa nu sonninga ,, athu vantha thu naala enna aachu pathingala …… nice trick started with comedy and ended with tearful social message and its true,, we all people who living a worst life with lots of anger, jealous , cunning etc…

    Rajini sir : enna than neeinga superstar aa irunthalum,, ippadi oru simple intro accept pani kitathu .. Shankar sir mela neeinga vaichu iruntha nambikaiya kaatu thu and unga work mela neeinga vaichu irukka aanavam illa tha alagai kaatu thu,… till now India watched u and here after the world will watch u,, so do good roles hereafter( because people will easily criticize u by compare with enthiran role in ur next project) who is the black sheep scene la theater adhiriduchu ponga,… enna acting and what a villan sirippu… nice homework sir.. We should learn to work by seeing u and ur working style,,, and to be simple.. Thats the main reason for me to be ur big fan sir what a simplicity sir nobody even myself wont be this much simple if im like u as a guy can reach the sky… but u r very very cool and calm and you wont even take anything to ur mind.. thats really cool sir… style style than ponga sir…

    Finally Shankar sir : How confident u starred the movie with intro of Vasee making robo in his lab that too in the very first shot.. its like hitting the bulls eye( vera engaiyum pogama,, matterku vantha thu,,story!! ) Heroism illama hero voda fans aa super aa handle pani irukkinga,, especially antha kovil thiruvila scene la Sir ella weapons yum vaichu oru pose OMG,,, i immediately clapped my hands without my knowledge… this is what a super director for a super star…nice thinking… Title song eppadi varum enga varum nu ninaichen,, but the movie started with the song from the title was a nice thinking.. and scene by scene the song was suits very well while the development of the robo,,, also the climax the movie ending with the song lines.. nice director’s touch…

    Wish : Do 3idiots with Vijay and make him to believe he can do different roles.. many interviews he is like it wont suits him,, but he should do it and prove it.. i am great fan of Vijay too.. I hope my wish wont hurt anyone and pointed anyother artist… its purely to Vijay and from his die hard fan,, Do not stop with 3idiots.. do more films with Vijay sir… we want stylish Vijay on screen soon..

    Thanks for giving us this space to share our feelings,,,,

    With love,


  192. Raghav says:

    Hello Shankar Sir,

    I have seen 6 times already and going again this weekend. Its for 2 reasons

    1. Im not able to get enough of Rajini.
    2. You have done so much in every frame i get new things every time i see sir.

    Every Tamil cinema fan has become like dry sand though the drought. Thanks for giving life through this movie.

    a Tamil cinema fan

  193. Balamurali M says:

    Hi Shankar,
    What about Endhiran 3d?We want to see 3d too.Amazing Screenplay,etc.
    Gr8 Salute to your work.Wonderful experience for us.
    If i wants to work under you what i need to do?I dont need any salary.

  194. sabarish raja says:

    hi shankar sir yena padam sir chance se illa kalakitega hollywood thothu pochu sir unga kita oru oru frame la unga hard work theriuthu sir……..congrats 1000 hands off too u thalaaa….oru request ipadi oru block buster movie panitu remake film panathiiga sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  195. ARUN MP says:



  196. Ganesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hearty congratulations for the success of the movie. But let me first tell you how I saw the movie. I am from chennai but now living in Germany. To see the movie in Hannover city, I woke up 4am (it was sooo cold) to take a train at 5am, travelled 5 hours and paid twice the normal ticket price to see the movie. But the movie was completely worth all this and i would have happily done it once more to see the movie again. We’ve heard so many ppl in the film industry talk about that movies that changed tamil cinema. I am happy now to see such a movie now in our times which would not only change tamil cinema but indian cinema as a whole. You are talking about the rating for this movie but we are sure that the ratings of future movies would not be from 1-5 but from 1-Endhiran. More than the story, the cast, the graphics and Rajni sir’s acting which were all mind blowing, I was really amazed by your attention to details. Whenever I had any doubts about how such a thing could happen in any of the scenes, just a bit of thinking would give me the answer and for this I really am amazed at your imagination. But my only concern is why is that when the robot was created, it seems all the 3 basic rules for robots were not followed. It would have been logical to show that the 3 rules were overridden by the bad guy which makes the robot bad.

    Hope you would give us more movies like this and wishing you the very best.


  197. sethu says:

    In tamil films, you are the only man who give films which makes all audiences to watch technically & commercially. I do watch movies in VCD/DVd..But I watch your films only in theatres because whether the movie is good or bad, in your films only, screening will be good, music will be good and u will give strong message…ella directorsum soluvanga..ithana kodi selavu panomnu…but unga padathula matum thaan aana selavu screenla theriyum audience bayapadra alavuku!! atha VCD/DVDla paakurathu yaarukume manasu irukaathu!!!

    Heard next movie is with my thalaivar vijay!! Give a new dimension to him and his career!! The last movie i liked is pokkiri!! Intro,punch, kuthu songsnu as usualaa panidatheenga!!! Hope u use his dance in different way..All the best!!!

  198. deepak says:

    sir first of all i appreciate you for giving such a wonderful movie.I’m great fan of Superstar and i have enjoyed each and every moment of Enthiran.In the climax many people missed Chitti Badly dat was the only thing i got dissapointed but overall the Movie was Amazing.Especially the Chitti Ver2.0 rocks!!! we are expecting more form your next movie..Thank you sir…

  199. sarathy says:

    hi shankar
    nice to know that u are about to direct vijay in new script

    please consider endhiran 2 : marupiravi

    cause we will miss chitti very much

    please give him another life

  200. Kadhir says:

    Movie is ROCKING… I’m hoping 3 Idiots will be good also. Shankar-Harris combo gonna rock!! Please choose Vijay-Jeeva-Madhavan & Tamanna.

  201. Thiru & Mathi says:

    Dear Shankar

    My Hearty congratulations for giving such a fantabulous movie. We enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Though I am a severe fan of Rajini Sir, I enjoyed the movie to the core with out any of his regular actions.

    I assure that, it would be a real milestone in his life.

    Without any hesitation I can say that, “You have taken the Indian Cinema to the Hollywood level”.

    Congrats again and best wishes for you and the “Endhiran” team.

    Expecting 3 Idiots in Tamil at the earliest. :-)

  202. Ramachandran says:

    shankar anna u rock…u gave pride to our tamil industry….and also u create lateral thinking and every people.. hats offf to u

  203. shivaraj says:

    thanq sir for u enthiran im proud to be a rajni fan meheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  204. Gorgy Rethinam says:

    love u shanker sir..u full filed our expectation…awesome creativity..ROBOT stared to magnetize kids,I seen ROBOT first day in gandhinagar,Gujrat. 1 october its strength only about 30 but now,after one week its running houseful here..
    Hearty wishes for Enthiran success..

  205. வடிவேலன் says:

    எந்திரன் இப்பொழுது அனைவரின் வாயிலும் நுழையும் மந்திரச் சொல் ஆயிற்று இதற்கு காரணம் பத்து வருட கனவை மூன்று வருட உழைப்பில் காட்டியிருக்கிறுக்கீர்கள். உங்கள் நால்வர் கூட்டணி மிகவும் அருமையான கலைப்படைப்பை தந்திருக்கிறீர்கள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் விரைவில் எந்திரன் இரண்டாம் பாகத்திற்கான வேலைகளை தொடங்குங்கள். எந்திரன் இரண்டாம் பாகம் உண்டு அல்லவா நண்பரே விடை அளியுங்கள் எந்திரன் இரண்டாம் பாகம் வேண்டும் கட்டாயம் வாழ்க வளமுடன்

  206. Kannathasan Dubai says:

    Hi Sir,

    How are you ?.
    I want know your address sir .. Because i wants to send some books to you….

    Do you have any idea about taking film about PEACE.
    Please take movie about this concept ..”WORLD PEACE THROUGH INDIVIDUAL PEACE” … If you take movie like this with the combination of Rajini Sir… It will reach all over the world and its very useful for present life for all human beings …

    Wish you and your family a very good health,long life,prosperity,wisdom and peace .. VAZHGA VALAMUDAN!!!

    Please send your contact address to this mail : kanna.athi@gmail.com

    Best Regards,

  207. Karthik says:

    I used to watch lots of films right from 1980′s 1970′s hits in english,tamil,hindi…..i have watched films acted by prominanent personalities like James Stewart,Alfred Hitchcock,di caprio,dilip kumar,shivaji,mgr,kamal etc…,[This aspect of watching film came into me when i started liking kamalhasaan] but when ever i see western film and compare with tamil i miss elements missing on the basis of technology……As tamilan i wanted it to be achieved …..but now after seeing ENDHIRAN i feel that it is not far away! and we have achieved some what[This humbleness is due to...make you work even harder! to achieve that:)]……Congratulations Shankar!

  208. soumya says:

    watched your robot……truely hollywood lyk experience

  209. Vazeer - Kuwait says:

    நண்பர்களே….! உங்களுக்கு தெரியுமா குவைத்தில் எந்திரன் 30 செப் 2010 க்கு வெளியானது அந்த நாளிலிருந்து இரண்டு வாரம் வரை தினசரி 6 காட்சிகளாக இருந்தது. அப்படி இருந்தும் கூட்டம் குறைந்த பாடில்லை… இன்று முதல் 4 காட்சிகளாக வெற்றி கரமாக மூன்றாவது வாரம்.. இது மிகப் பெரிய விஷயம்… அது மட்டுமா….? குவைத் டாப் 10ல் எந்திரன் முதலிடம் அய்யா …. லிங்கை கிளிக் செய்து தெரிந்து கொள்ளவும்…. இது எந்த ஒரு இந்திய படத்துக்கும் குவைத்தில் கிடைக்காத பாக்கியம்… இப்போ புரியுதா தி ரியல் பாஸ் யாருன்னு…? சும்மா அதிருதில்ல….???? பை த வே…. நாளை வெள்ளிக்கிழமை 5 : 30 க்கு நான் திரும்ப “சிட்டி”யின் குரும்பை பார்க்க செல்கிறேன்… வரீங்களா…? கெட் ரெடி போகஸ்…. DOT!


    பாஸுக்கு பின்னாடி இருக்கிற ஷங்கர் என்கிற பிக் பாஸுக்கு கோடான கோடி நன்றிகள்…. ஷங்கர்ஜி இந்த செய்தியை சன் குழுமத்துக்கு தெரிவித்து அவங்களோட பத்திரிகை மற்றும் தொலைக்காட்சியில் வெளியிட ஆவன செய்யுமாறு வேண்டுகிறேன்… செய்தியை தெரிவித்தவர் குவைத்திலிருந்து அப்துல் வசீர் என்றும் குறிப்பிடுமாறு பணிவுடன் வேண்டுகிறேன். நன்றி…

  210. Ajithan says:

    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2
    We Want Enthiran part 2

  211. Kriparam Mannaraj says:

    Congrats ! rajni and shankar magic has taken over my self. i am proud about the fact that i live in the same era as you guys. i am a huge rajni fan. I have watched the movie 8 times already. Will go for a few more shows.

    I have a request !. can you please post Mr.Kamal haasan’ msg here as well like Mr.KB’. it would be really great coz he is another great whose views I would love to know.
    thanks – hope to see the msg soon !

  212. Anil Kumar says:

    CHITTI SHIRTS ?????????

  213. Anil Kumar says:


    hello sir how r u ?? watched endhiran three times not feeling bored at all….. ENJOYED EACH AND EVERY MOMENT OF THE MOVIE

    Also how abt making chitti into cartoon character i think it will be a HUGE hit among childrens like superman, he-man, spiderman, batman…..

    chitti could be a indian super hero …….

  214. Anil Kumar says:


    hello sir how r u ?? watched endhiran three times not feeling bored at all,,, hmm but i want to say something and u have to take it in a positive way well speaking about endhiran the first half was fantastic , the second half disappointed me coz it reminded me many hollywood movies ,, y to copy others wen u hav grt creativit !!!!

    Also how abt making chitti into cartoon character i think it will be a hit among childrens like superman, he-man, spiderman, batman…..

    chitti could be a indian super hero…….. since sun tv has a cartoon channel named chutti tv they can air episodes of chitti(the robot) cartoon episodes…..

  215. Venkat says:

    wowww….beautiful….india cinema’vuku kidaicha rendey pokisham…Onnu Rajini…Inonnu Shankar…

    Shankar Ji – Ithu eppadi iruku!!!

    please post this and let shankar see this & reply..


  216. Jai says:

    ROBO is super hit!! Hatsoff to you.
    So when are you planing for your dream animated movie with TOMATO as hero. I’m following you and your interviews,articles from your first film onwards, you can never escape from me!! ha..ha..!
    I’m very excited to see an animated film from you.
    All the best!!

  217. devraj says:

    Excellent work by the entire team, and especially you for giving a Fantastic experience called Enthiran.Fantastic acting by Rajini sir.I personally think there should be a part2 for this , say in 2-3 years from now, obviously it would need a strong story line.

  218. Dali says:

    You deserve it.
    The movie is going gr8 in Sri Lanka.

  219. வாகீசன் says:

    Dear Shankar,

    We felt ( It s really a feel ) Endhiran with family and friends in Stuttgart,Germany. Unfortunately we got opportunity to be with Endhiran for only one time. I am missing my BOSS. I strongly believe that I can again feel Endhiran at my Native place குடியாத்தம் or in Bangalore where I am working, during April 2011.

    Many movies, while trying to say some thing extraordinary, failed to control audiences with a strong story line, But You did it like your previous movies.

    வள்ளுவன் , பாரதி மற்றும் அம்பேத்கர் வார்த்தைகளின் அர்த்தமாக நீங்கள் உள்ளீர். A perfect ( professional ) managing director.

    இறுதி காட்சியில் சிட்டி பேசுவதுடன் ஒரு நொடிக்கு எழுந்து நின்று ஒரே ஒரு ஸ்டைல் செய்திருந்தால் , WOW, I feel that It could have made most excited .



  220. Rajendran says:

    Hello Sir,

    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..
    We need enthiran sequel………..


  221. Prahash says:

    Namma Shankar sir ah, Namma KB sir paratti eluthinatha padikkumbothu, naama kastapattu eluthina maths exam result 100% vantha mathiri irunthuchu sir.

  222. Gokul says:

    you have given us a privilege to watch a different Rajni movie. You both should do more and more movies. Only you can give another HIT with our thalaivar!

  223. Mohammed Ameen says:

    Dear Sir,

    I saw endhiran 4 times till now . u had done something great which indian film industry cant even imagine . U r our indian James cameroon . Very proud of u sir

    Best of luck for your future sir



  224. murali says:

    enthiran part2varuma sir

  225. sampath says:

    sir really awesome job done by you..its gr8 of seeing your..pl do a film for vijay and pick him up…

  226. Kumaresan says:

    Dear sir,

    This is the first science fiction film which can understand by all centers(a,b,c) of the people. Rajni prove he is super star. Thanks for give a such film like endhiran.

  227. Riju says:

    What to say?? how i can congratulate you?
    Hats off to you ….U r my Inspiration sir
    all d bst for your cming projects!!
    and enthiran is absolutely a ravishing experience to us ,sir

  228. vijay says:

    amazing job !!! m very proud to be a tamilian…this movie is historic!! pls do a sequel sir!! m sure SUN PICTURES will produce it after the humongous success of ENDHIRAN….EN ENDHIRAN IVAN AMARAN!!

  229. surya says:

    Hello Sir,

    Endhiran has made a mark and made the whole India look back and wonder who made such a big movie and made all tamilians prowd.

    India has been doing wonders recently in each and every field, be it the recent CWG games or IT or Finance and all other fields. If India has won gold medal in CWG ..then you have won us a GoldMedal in the film industry. I dont know much about movie making..but for all these two years whole India has been watching your efforts and hard work to make this movie..

    After watching you.. we youngsters feel that we should also do such kind of big things in our respective fields.

    You are our our role model in discipline, sincerity, and hard work.

    Please take a good rest and free your mind for some time..

    All the best sir,

  230. Chaitanyya S Deshpande says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,
    After Nayak, and Aparichit, and Shivaji… when Robot hit the screens, It was really like a dream come true for your die heart fan like me. Sir, I am a journalist in Maharashtra, and I want to interview you some day. It’s my dream. I hope, it will come true very soon.
    Robot is really great!!!!!
    You are GreatessT!

  231. Kamal says:

    Dear Shankar sir,

    I would like to congratulate you, thalaivar and your whole team for the success of Enthiran. We (group of 35 people) watched the movie in Washington DC.
    Please take a look at the photos here…

  232. Rajesh P.N. says:

    Film of the century…Hats off sir. You proved once again that failure can never near for a smart worker. I don’t know how long I should wait for this kind of film again?

    I hope god will not let us wait for a long….:)

    Hats off to Everyone…especially to Rajini sir.

  233. krishnakumar says:

    Hi shankar, My brother name is the same.. But i feel more honoured when i say ur name as i respect your knowledge & i love my brother……

    I like your film ,,I want you to show the real world where knowledge leaks to abroad & hence indians bcame weak,I request you to make a film of very ordinary individual how he fails when he really interest to be loyal & interested & sincere to his family & nation . i do felt those things in real life..make the way of next generation with you creativity..hats off for enthiren..thanks

  234. sivakumar says:

    Dearmost shanker,

    u missed Superstar in one day CM Story, yet achieved his highness @ ROBO..

    இந்தச் செயலை, இப்படி இவன் முடித்துக் கொடுப்பான்’ என்று ஆராய்ந்து அந்தச் செயலை அவனிடம் விட்டுவிட வேண்டும் (சுஜாதா உரை)

    I wish to touch you, Superstar and sujatha( Virtually) at least once in my life time…

  235. krishnakumar says:

    i dont know wen i m going to get the reply from u sir,but wen i do it will the happiest moment to me…

  236. krishnakumar says:

    hi sir its me krishna,sir i have read about u that u born n poor family, worked hard and now u r 1 of the legends of the indian cinema..congrats sir.i m very proud & excited when i think that i m also living n the same era u r living..pls say hello to me sir…


  237. krishnakumar says:

    sir after watching any of ur social concerned movies i will be feeling the effect for 1week to 1month…i luv ur movies like gentleman,indian,mudhalvan,anniyan,shivaji..these films clearly makes d youth to think a lot about our soceity & surroundings..i, on behalf of my youngsters wants u 2 make such genre of movies..

  238. krishnakumar says:

    sir i tried to the comments written to u but its taking so much time and i got tired ater reading 20 comments.i dont know how u r replying for all the comments eventhough u dont have time & u r busy most of the time..this itself shows u r hard worker..pls say hi krishna sir plsssssssss

  239. Maheswaran says:

    Hi Shankar,

    I really admire your efforts, From rani anna nagar to this stage it is remarkable hardship. I always wonder why the so much craze with tamils on films and, why they want to enter into tamil film industry. you have answered.

    Btw i too from film industry family, but opted a different profession.

  240. binoy mambully says:

    sir , super really superb…naan palakkad aanu..bt nw thrissur..naan ninatchathu thrissur le endhiran kku fans koncham thhan irukkum endru ninaithen …aanaal ingeyum super hit aa oduthu..
    ippadiyum padam edukka mudiyuma endru aadi kekkranga sir…

    kerala vle top aa oditturikku…
    ivalvu perfection hollywood le koode irukkathu endru thaan solldrathu…
    thnx thanku vry mch…

  241. VignaRj says:

    sir ENDHIRAN awsomeeeeeee….saw so many times even 1 day b4 ma exam…OMG….how can i stop watching endhiran????

  242. harish says:

    shankar sir.


    I am your big Fan sir. I watched all your movies from Gentleman days. I watch your movies n times. Just for you sir.

    Your Endiran was a delight. Anytime, i watch your movie, i look for your “Famous Shankar Touch” – Civic responsibility. I was wondering how you will touch that subject this in this movie.

    I was delighted to see
    (1) When a guy tried to spit in the train, Chitti runs over his face.
    (2) When Traffic police asks bribe, he slices his hand.

    Its your touch. I liked it. Thanks for giving us a nice futuristic movie. Kudos sir.

  243. Aravind.R says:

    sir,enthiran is not only a milestone in your career ,its a milestone for indian cinema.We proud the director like you here.We expect more from you

  244. kiran says:

    sir with ur kind permission i would like to know how do u do ur home work before u give a final shape to concept u choose.what priorities come to ur mind before u put scenes on the paper.

  245. kiran says:

    i could not turn my attention while i was watching movie.i hardly do that becoz i view movies with critical appreciation,being an upcoming filmmaker.sir,one thing i can say frm my core heart,u r the pride of india. i dont find any other words more than that.wish u all the best sir.

  246. Vijay.R says:

    எந்திரன் தமிழ் சினிமாவின் மந்திரன்…dot

  247. Sivaprakasam says:

    Sir,this movie can changed our industry as After Endhiran & Before Endhiran period dot

  248. Maheshwaran says:

    Hi Shankar, Genuine congrats on endhiran. You proved to the world what you are made of and also why an ordinary looking actor is called RAJNIKANTH- The DEMI GOD. Superstar has proved he is no less than the great Kamalhasan. You have climbed great heights with this movie and I request you to not to do the 3 idiots remake. It will be a big letdown. Your next film should be a big hindi film with someone like amir khan or Ranbir Kapoor. But you should continue doing tamil films in between.

    Think about it THINK ABOUT IT

  249. Siva says:

    Dear Shankar Sir

    Excellent letter by K B Sir for a stellar master piece by our magnum opus story teller. I really admire and respect this gesture of K B Sir writing a letter to every director after he sees a great movie – truly exemplary again.

    I am so proud to be an Indian, seeing India take leaps and bounds in just not IT industry around the world, but in something that has more reach and we have a rich heritage in. We had great epics when the other parts of the world didn’t even come into existence – so the great imaginers and creators that we are – getting due visibility around the world, and Shankar Sir – you are one of the very important few that gets India these laurels. You are and will be a treasured son of Mother India. Best wishes !

    My quicky tweety review of Enthiran: Tech-tastic, plot-cellent, effects-ilicious, action-some, especially version 2.0 rocks.



  250. V.Vijay Anand Sriram says:

    Dear Shankar


    To Define ROBOT in a nutshell

    R- Revolutionary – has definitely taken India Cinema forward
    O- Optimistic about Science and technological advancement
    B- Beautiful with all ingredients for a commercial success
    O- Outstanding in all aspects
    T- Truly a movie that deserves OSCAR in many categories

    With LOVE

    V.Vijay Anand Sriram
    Executive Director
    RIPE Group

  251. kalyan says:

    I was virtually in tears when I read KB’s letter. So was I when I listened to the dialouges of Sujatha in the movie.

    Endhiran has indeed taken Indian film making to a greater heights.

    KB has wonderfully echoed my family’s reactions when Chitti dismantled himself. And most importantly when he signs off with a ‘DOT’ gesture.

    It was a fitting finish showing Chitti again after 20 years in a sci-fi museum and the glee in the face of the little girl watching Chitti !

    All the best to all your future endeavours and keep flying our Indian flag high Shankar !


  252. Ramanan says:

    did thalaivar dance for chitti dance showcase, awesome or u have mixed with body double ???

  253. Aravind Chan says:

    Sir thanks for giving such an Awesome Film . in sivaji you came in song then why din’t act endhiran . i expected you came for atleast one scene but you didn’t Sir . anyway once again i thank u for giving awesome film and make us proud . we love sir

  254. Jey-uk says:


  255. naren says:

    your imagination is awesome ( One-day CM, now robot..i like very much) and execution of screenplay is so great…

  256. Murali says:

    Hi Shankar,

    First of all thanks a lot for giving such wonderfull movie choosing Super star with the Lead Role.

    I had seen this movie already 3 times.

    Super Star was looking Very Good in Movie
    Aishwarya Rai Stunned with her Performance

    Rahaman BGM Socre was Daam Good, I could not able to notice those wonder BGM in the First Time watching, but i can able to feel the music in the seond time watching.

    Puthya Manitha My Fav Thanks to ARR & SPB

    You are One of the Best Indian Director.

    Hope to see much much more wonderfull creation from you

    Thank You

  257. Surendiran says:

    Hi Sir,
    Awesome FILM!!!!

    You made our GOD Super star Rajni to reach next level..Let him do some other script.Please write one script like “Mudhalvan”..This time Sir wont deny…

    We need it…We want our GOD to rule Tamil Nadu:-)…

  258. Sridhar visvanath says:

    Only thing I dont like about Endhiran is its length …
    it is too short…I wanted it to be never ending…My appetite for Rajini and Shankar is voracious…

    Thalaiva…ithellam sequel edukkanum…pannuveengalaa…

  259. vivekan says:

    shankar sir…
    my heart ful congrajulations to give us a very :) :) wonderful movie :) :) :)

  260. razick says:

    Sir Endhiran is rocking the world. obviously no doubt.. its rocking.. sir announced u r next project officially sir,

    We are very keen to hear that message.. sir who are all the technicians you are enroll with your forthcoming project (3 IDIOTS).

    Sir please prefer ARR as a music scoring. He is the one & only great person to fulfill your requirements, that’s the good combination too ever seen such a Tamil film industry.

    Please announce officially sir, Please don’t ignore your great musician for your forthcoming projects.. thanks for your consideration..

  261. Rajan says:

    Shankar Sir !!! Hats off to u !!! You have made India proud with Enthiran :) Every morning i spend one hour reading about the news Enthiran is making across the globe … All the appreciation you’ve been getting is “Chumma trailer dhan sir, main padam innum sila varshangalil paarpikongo” You are very capable of reaching greater heights..All the very best !!! We are very happy and blessed to be part of this era where we have seen 2 movies from the greatest combination of Shankar – Rajini – Rehman … Keep the good stuff goin…

  262. Jayaram R says:


    This was the best time to start Movie merchandising in India.
    Robo toys, figurines. They tried it for Gajini. But here since we have a Superhero and someone who is worshipped i’m sure that it will sell like hotcakes!!!

    Jai Ho!!

  263. Harish Rathnaala says:

    Shankar sir,

    Please give a serious thought for a possible Endhiran sequel. Narrayya scope irrukku sir!!


  264. Prasath says:

    உங்களின் கற்பனை திறன் மற்றும் SuperStar இன் கடின உழைப்பு ஒவ்வொரு காட்சியிலும் தெரிகிறது …எந்திரன் உங்களின் படைப்பின் உச்சம்!

    SuperStar ஐ தவிர யார் நடித்திருந்தாலும் ரோபோ ஒரு பொம்மையாகவே தெரிந்திருக்கும் …ஆனால் அதற்கு உயிர் கொடுத்தது ரஜினி தான்..அதே போல சங்கரை தவிர யார் இயக்கி இருந்தாலும் இந்த அளவு வெற்றி பெற்றி இருக்காது ..
    உங்கள் இருவரால் ஒவ்வொரு தமிழனும் பெருமை படும் தருணம் இது..

    எந்திரன் படைத்து கொண்டிருக்கும் சாதனைகள் உலகிற்கு புதுசு …

    தமிழ் சினிமா படைத்ததிலயே உருப்பிடியான ரெண்டே விஷயம் ஒன்று SuperStar மற்றொன்று சங்கர்

    எனக்கு Enthiran 2 வேண்டும் DOT

    இதற்கு முன் SuperStar இன் நடிப்பை குறை கூறியவர்களுக்கெல்லாம் மே மே மே …..

    நாங்கள் எந்திரன் 2 க்கு கதை ஆலோசனை ஆரம்பித்து விட்டோம் …Get ready folks

    எனக்கு தெரிந்தவரை படத்தின் Credits யை பெரும்பாலனவர்கள் உட்கார்ந்து பார்த்தது இதுவாகதான் இருக்கும் ….நம்முடைய பேரும் அதில் வருமா என ஒவ்வொருவரையும் ஏங்க வைத்துவிட்டது..

    கண்டிப்பாக எந்திரன் 2 பண்ணுங்க sir … Pleaseeeeeeee
    give a reply sir!

  265. karthikeyan.G.M says:




  266. RajiniRasigan says:

    Please make 3D movie with Rajini, u r the best one to do it. In our lifetime we want to see it, with full of COLORFUL Graphics & styles… Aiyyo kollringa… Also, we need ENTHIRAN Part 2… Dot.

  267. ArdentShankarFan says:

    I must say that I started paying attention to “direction-screenplay” title in the movies only with your movies. Your movies are all truly inspiring. I was quite moved with all your movies. How can you think out of the box like that and yet commercial?. I must say in Andhra, you have a fan following on par with any big star in Telugu and may be more.No wonder chiranjeevi requested you to make a movie with him.I was doubtful initially about Robo doing well in villages since people from village cannot follow it. You made it so easy to understand for a common man,where most directors fail with big star cast. I saw box office collections in villages in Andhra and I was quite surprised with results that no other film would have done that kind of business if it were made by another director. I was truly impressed with how you molded the Chitti’s character. The scene that moved me is “Chitti answering to the assessment question “Does god exist?” I did not expect that question and quite surprised with the answer which is “Who is god, my creater is my god” and absolute placement of interlude music which doubled the impact. Although I am from Andhra, I know lot about Sujatha who is co-writer for you. I think you both create good scripts.Too sad that he died. May his soul rest in peace. Ofcourse you are visionary a film like this,would not have been happened if you had not dreamed in years. Chitti asking rhetorical question to it’s creator while the creator breaking chitti in to pieces and Chitti’s dismantling scenes. Train episode and fire accident..are all my favorites. I like Rajinikanth too and I have been fan of him from a long time..I am glad that you did not sacrifice the script for his image this time.YOU HAVE MORE FAN BASE IN ANDHRA than in any part of the country. Please keep doing good movies like these..Lot of Telugu stars want to work with you..don’t fall in to trap of their image and continue to make good movies. You rock ..I think you are not too far from getting in to the list of top Bollywood league. I want to you see in par with Mani ratnam and RGV. You three are my favorites. I must say you are unique and no body has ever thought like you did when it comes to movies.. We want to see you making good movies , sensible movies and entertaining movies. I want to see you making a low budget movie too and just to prove that you can do that too. ANDHRA people loves you.

    Please don’t remake three idiots and I think a director of your caliber should not be making a remake movie. You deserve some rest and come up with a fresh concept. What is your next movie?. Who do you think is a good actor in Telugu?. Do you have any plans making a direct Telugu movie?. Also work with Aamir khan , he is the best when it comes to making a character lively and close to people. Any plans in making a Bollywood movie.

  268. sagar says:

    sir you are the best director i admire…
    your works are entirely different from ordinary..
    thanx for the master piece ENTHIRAN, whic is buzzing in ppl minds..

    i have request:- please keep posting ur updates atleast once in a week pls.

  269. Sasikumar says:

    Dear Shankar sir,

    This is Sasikumar from Kuwait.

    First of all our congratulation for the Enthiran success, it is an unbelievable experience watching Enthiran. We don’t think any other director can think or make move in Hollywood range, good thinking sir. We really proud of you sir, you make all over the world to look after you. Defiantly you can direct a Hollywood movie soon and make a history in Indian cinema. Once again you are with A.R Rahman is amazing….. And all the awards for 2010 are belongs to you.

    After watching Enthiran now every one is thinking what else Shankar can do bigger then enthiarnnnnnnnnnnnn. We all are looking for your next project…………

    We wish you best of luck for your future life and get more and more success.

    Best Regards from,
    Sasi, Gopi, Vishnu, Rumu, Saravanan, sudhan, Ramanan.

  270. S.Prasad says:

    You are the real Endhiran…from 1993 gentleman to Endhiran 2010 you grow and evolved Indian cinema especially Tamil cinema into border of hollywood..and now u are knocking the doors of hollywood..you are making the world to look not at u but at your finest quality in movie making…Hat’s off u sir..of course this appraisal would be equal t the one u received from KB sir..but this one is from deep inside my heart that u had planted the seed back in 1993


  271. Srinivas says:

    Hi Shankar Sir!!!

    First my heartiest Congratulation for making such an huge film with meeting all class people expectations, you cast all start in the best way, Rajni sir is mind blowing with his performance as Bharathiraja sir said you have used every resources you had with which is inevitable

    You deserve all praise from all class of people

    Shankar the BOSS :-)

  272. lakshmAN says:

    hi shankar this is my 4 th comment to this post…



    I jst need ur ACKNOWLEDGMENT sir…

    PLEASE REPLR ME by saying
    It will be ONE my LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT sir …


    urs truly

  273. kamalanathan says:

    hai sir,

  274. LG Saravanan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Movie was too good.. I am continuously seeing the movie from October 1 onwards.. Nearly more than 10 times in 10 days.. Sir I want to meet you and I want to share my feelings about Endhiran. Please Sir Atleast I want to take a autograph from you..

    What about your next project?.

    Saravanan. LG

  275. Dass Duraisamy says:

    Climax Chitti dismantling himself (I forgot that i had to use ‘itself’) is out of the world! After seeing that, I am sure that if you were given an opportunity in Hollywood (means tons of money) you are there to conquer the whole world (not exaggerating)! What an imagination and a perfect execution! Hats off to you and your team!

    Also, I thank you for bringing our beloved old Rajini style in Chitti v2.0. Especially the ‘black sheep mehhh scene’ :-) Only after the scene was over i realized that I was clapping non-stop throughout the scene! Perfect Rajini Style! Well done!

    Dot. Oh Wait, please come back with Chitti v3.0 – this time with more red chips!!!!

  276. Arun says:

    Hi Sir,

    Endhiran ‘ai patri pesa vaarthaigal illai… Miga arumai…

    Climax… nenjil aazhamaai(pasumarathu aani pola) pathinthathu…

    Robot evaluation scene was fantastic… Paradox, Hyothetical qn, fibonacci, prime, most importantly,
    “Naatakurunji la aarambichu huseri poiteenga…”
    No words…

    Was very much moved when chitti says ‘Kadavul irukiraar’ and Vassi comes and hugs him. It made many throats to lump.

    Best Wishes for ur future endeavours…
    May success be yours…

  277. Arun says:

    Shankar Fans : Naangal ellorum, Endhiran marupadi marupadi paakrom !! Engalukku Endhiran 2.0 venum !!

    Shankar : Idhuku per thaan ‘Aarvam’…

    Shankar Fans : You can do this Shanky… Neenga virumbra cinema kaaga ida nichayam pannanum… Iduku per thaan ‘Paasam’…

    Shankar : ‘Smiling’, Hopefully…

    Shankar Fans: Engaluku 2.0 venum DOT…

  278. ramya says:

    first of al hats off to u and ur entire crew shankar sir. Enthiran is awesome sir. Rajni sir can only suit ths role. U found a gem(rajni sir) congrats sir

  279. Sathish(Muthalvan) says:

    Sir Audio Release la rajini sir pesum pothu Aish oru scene la makeup ilama varanga nu sonnarla… athu entha scene sir?

    17 vati theatre’ theatre ah parthum still i am thinking sir.. so please tell sir….

  280. Neevan says:

    Hi Shankar Sir, Pls reveal to us what will be your next project? Is it 3 Idiots remake with Vijay and Harris Jeyaraj?

  281. Mohanasundaram says:

    Sankar sir movie chance ye illa… Really enjoyed each and every moment with full excitement….

    Ellaraiyum santhosa paduthirukinga, ithuku mela enna venum engaluku… really hatsoff to u…

    Oru DIWALI festival mathiri evalo excitment… really no one can make like this…

    We r expecting “Endhiran Returns”… Really it ll be rocking….

    Mohanasundaram A

  282. respondvignesh says:

    Hi Shankar,

    My Hearty Congratulations for Robo’s smashing hit all over the World.

    After watching ‘Wall Street: Money never sleeps’ I felt there is no such movie in India regarding Share Market and Money. You are the only director in India who gives very informative movies (like multiple personality disorder, black money, etc….). Before watching these movies, we never know what these things are. Can you please take a movie on share market and educate us?? It is an untouched story line in India. Only one movie was made in India till now about the markets but it did not come to lime light. It would be great if the hero is Vijay or a multi starrer.

    Hope u read my post and explore this new genre which is completely new to Indian Cinema like Robo….

    Thank You.
    Hoping for ur reply

  283. barith says:

    hai sir your film was very intellgent your 10years aimbition was succesfully through MR.KALANITHI MARAN and i was sawthe film very cleverable and you against you mest take the film in high bedget

  284. Kumaresan Gnanasekaran says:

    Dear Sir,
    I Enjoyed the movie very well. This is the first science-fiction which can understand by all kinds of people. KB Sir correctly said that u are the “Indian James Camero”. Rajini Sir Played his role in all fields like sentiments,comedy and villian. Once again we can saw the “Pathinaru vayathinela paratta”. Rahman sir proved that he is an oscar award. We are waiting for your annoucement about your next project.

    your’s faithfully
    Kumaresan G

  285. Hezed says:

    Dear Shankar,
    Might be a Negative comment, but on “Sivaji”.. When I saw “Sivaji”, I felt that, its not a Shankar Movie and i felt bad that Rajini missed “Muthalvan”.

    But this time, with “Robot” – you rocked.. This movie got the Magical touch from Shankar.. I like the Movie.. Only you can direct this kind of movies.. People say its a copy of Bicentrial Man, Iron Man, etc.. So what? But ROBOT is completely a Tamil Movie, produced / directed / casted by Tamil..

    Hats off to you and your team.. You proved it again and I cant imagine what you have to do beat this record.. Hope you have a script ready?? ;)


  286. darshan says:

    mehhhhhhhhhhhhh, mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh rockin imagination
    we need a sequel plsssssssssssssssssssssssssss confirm and take ur own time to do it………………………………

  287. guna says:

    sir ENDHIRAN is ur best till now, why not u make a endhiran sequel n make it a best, i expect u do the sequel…………pls

  288. kabilan says:

    proud of u sir.u made tamilians really proud sir

  289. suri says:

    enhiran maruvadi varanum ,sequel kandippa engalikki neenga katanum, plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  290. suriyan says:


  291. Karthikeyan Gandhinathan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    Definitely the entire Endhiran crew rocked. I am currently residing in London. I made all the white people to watch the trailer and created much hype. One of my colleagues who is a Pakistani by descent had taken his entire family to watch the movie. Yet another Gana friend had seen it. Yetho ennala mudincha Marketing for thalaivar’s movie :-) God bless you. Expecting more from you with Vijay in “3 Rascals”.

    Karthikeyan G

  292. Dr.Ananth says:

    Congrats and wishing you more and more success in your fantastic career. As you have said in the ‘beautiful people’ interview( watched it in Rajinifans.com), I would like you to give a soft and beautiful movie with Rajini again ( although you r not old, Rajini would give up larger than life movies soon, which would be hard to digest, but going to happen). That movie should win more awards. Because having worked with Rajini for around 5 years, you would know what he wants from now. It should not be cameo role for Rajini, but movies like Mullum Malarum.

  293. gmkr says:

    Awesome Movie Mr Shankar. I was able to watch it in germany :) Cool.

    Also i just noticed that the film is online on the internet in one of the tamil websites

    tamilpeek.com chk it out & if possible pls take action

  294. Vignesh says:

    Great success for Endhiran. Im a die hard fan of RAJINI sir. Right from my childhood he is real hero for me. After many years u had given him the best opportunity to act. our super star had great success in his commercial films but there is not enough opportunity to express his talent and importance is given to commercial aspects. I really enjoyed his performance in Endhiran both as “Chitti” as well as “Vaseegaran”. He had proved his talent that he can do any character at his best.I have a request for u sir,please give us “ENDHIRAN-PART 2″.U have the ultimate creativity power and made all of us proud. Continue this for our tamil films sir.(If u have time please reply me sir.)

  295. dr suneel says:

    dear shankarji
    first , my hearty congratulations for you and entire team for making the movie as original as it could have been.the visual imagination is just out of the box, and i just think how happy sujatha sir would have been on seeing the movie.

    coming to thalaivar:) oh my god ! the dormant actor in thalaivar has been unleashed, sheer magnetism combined with great acting skills, just awesome:) the evil chitti and the innocence in the first half oh my god just great.
    loved bgm of arr:) especially in the entire 2nd half. randy:) special accolades to him.
    i dont know what you are going to do next, but think about a sequel please, with the same combo in 3d..

  296. Jayaram says:

    This is India’s answer to James Cameron…We are 26 years behind Hollywood…But as superstar says ‘Latea vanthalum latestaa varuvean’….Hats off to you and the team in kicking off this new face of Indian Cinema….Jai Ho!!!

  297. abdullah says:

    wow shankar sir endiran is excellent movie i m really proud of u………….

  298. Saravanan V says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    I’m from Bangalore. I watched Endhiran 2 times. it was really an experience.. Mindblowing film.. you have utilised rajini fully in the film… rajini simply rocks. especially the blacksheep scene meeehhhhhhh.. awesome performance…iam a great fan of your film.. I loved anniyan and shivaji alot…
    great work…
    waiting for next project…


  299. S. Amudhan says:

    No words to praise you after reading KB Sir’s letter. As a Rajini Fan, I would simply thank you for giving a landmark movie for the Superstar. Wonder, what scale of movie you will do the next movie after this blockbuster!!!

  300. Vamshi Krishna(bfa) says:

    Hi Sir.

  301. murali says:

    thanks for the great movie sir…………..you gave good scope for thalaivar to show his acting talents……..that last 45 min is great sir…………:) waiting for your next movie sir…………

  302. Surace says:

    Shankar anna

    for “3 IDIOTS” (3 RASCALS)

    Please it must be


    please anna make the characterisation strong. I hope neenga thaan itha padikareengnu.

    My frenz told me that your assisstant will oly reply. Please show this to shankar anna. please.

  303. suresh says:

    Dear Shankar,

    Hope that you will be reading this comment.

    First of all with tears in eyes thanks a million to a creator who has taken our thalaivar to the greatest level in world cinema?

    I watched the first day first show @ 4.50 am in Albert, Saw 2nd time in Satyam. Only few had tickets one guy came with tickets nearly 30 surrounded him, I chased him with the bike and finally got the tickets in a row for 500rs and we friends watched in Satyam 2nd time.

    Now I am in Naiad, Went and saw the Hindi version, never got tickets its full here. North Indian friends are enjoying it and could not get the tickets man. We are happy.

    I took my family to Tamil version in Noida Spice Cinemas. Wow What a Movie I am watching it 3rd time could not control my emotions orae whistel and claps. My 1.5 yrs daughter singing robo da robo da

    I am a hard core rajini fan seen all his recent films first day first show from batcha…

    I am a creator got a chance to work with gautam as asst but now into software field. Will surely direct a film one day.Proud to say its a directors film with only our thalaivar would have done it.

    We have not seen any super star with such a simple introduction. Its like we waited for the sixer and it came every ball when robot started and even when chiti became evil with red chip ha ha ha thats full of crackers…

    What an acting by thalaivar mayyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee robooooooooo

    Few were telling there is no puch lines ha ha those guys are trying to portarit as rajini fans and telling wrong things..

    We know what punch means….

    Thalivar’s dot is now my official professional puch :-)

    Roboooooo, mayyeeeeee wow each and every dialogue is a punch in this film

    Great film making. Even having best in world can become a disaster if captain doesn’t know what to get from them.
    You are clear, clever and know what you are doing. Great Man! Nothing to say

    We have not seen thalaivar like this … What an action, what a romance what a emotional, finally i cried when robo dismantles itself… When Dr breaks robo …

    Thaliva ungale eppadi ithunai nal marachitangle

    We appreciate u being strict in Dr vassegaran charcter. Esp avaru adichi iruntha that would have been normal film, he is a scientist he cant fight. Good thalaiva

    Dear Shankar, I am 28 years and my kid is 1.5 we both were enjoying thalivar film… What a movie man!

    Could not sleep! What an acting! what a music ! 1.2 1.3 1.4 2.0 bgnd music. Special effects for each and every turn we can hear a robo sound. Good. First time i could not seen anyone apart form thalaivar

    Second time when i watched wow how beautiful aish is !!!!
    Each frame is cool but our thalaivar is more smarter than aish :-)

    Robo rocks in a work

    Using CG and Animatronics is not simple. You have derived what you want clearly.

    A Man of Gem

    I have seen you once during boys shooting. Love to you meet you sir!

    Thanks once again for making a path breaking film which is hot across India.


  304. Ajay.V says:

    Enthiran was rather an experience,and no silly comedy scenes dis time,very nice and awaiting a sequel of ENDHIRAN…

  305. ANUSHKA says:

    hay sir
    when will the songs of robot come on TV??????? Want to the song KILLIMANJARO again and again/……

  306. ANUSHKA says:

    Namshkar sir
    congrats………ur(sorry, our) ROBOT is rockstar. i like the style of superstar. hay sir, What is the meaning of CHITTI???????????????????????????? LOVE UR ALL MOVIES but specially JEANS. it was masterpiece.

    best of luck for future.

  307. A Elumalai says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Nanga(tamil peoples) ethirpartha padiye kalakkiteenga, Enthiran parthen enna oru hard work, enga college (VIT)la padam shoot pannum podu parkamudiyala but padam parthu migavum santhosha patten, kalakkunga thalaiva


  308. yathoothkaari says:

    Hi Mr.Shankar,

    A tough and compliated job well executed !!.I feel sad that Mr.Sujatha Rangarajan is not with us to watch this movie.Im sure he would have really loved it.

    I`m quite exicted that you are planning to remake “3-Idiots” in Tamil.I think its a great choice.The message which that movie conveys has to reach the public in our parts of the country(I hope you know what i mean!!).In the Hindhi version, Amir played “wangudu” who comes from some where in north-eastern india.I hope we could see the protogaonist of the tamil version coming from an area which is remote to Tamilnadu,but which has lot of tamils(May be northern srilanka).These are only suggestions.I hope you are in the same page.

    Also try promoting the idea of live recording(No dubbing please,Just to make sure that,the whole scene looks more real).

    All the best!!!!

  309. yathoothkaari says:

    Hi Mr.Shankar,

  310. RajiniRasigan says:

    Today watched the movie, excellent, each frame u r visible behind Rajini. Kadhal Anukkal Song Location wonderful, while watching song, i made Rajini & Asish to make a swimming love scene with imaginations. Irumbila song with graphics imaginations is toooooo gooood. butterflies inside chitti Heart excellent. Just felt that songs started one sec early, before making audience ready for it. Dailogues are totally new & unexpected deliveries, chanceless.. raised the bar on all areas.. Step by step creation/making robo to humaniod, is too brilliant, before going to film, i was thinking how shankar will tell about feelings, angryness, cheating, love & kaalavarathu, womens favourite dialogue of “i was thinking u as Brother/Friend”… But all my questions have answers in movie, esp Sex … beautiful. Long live Shankar & Rajini… wish Sun pictures take more pictures with people like u.

  311. Rik says:

    Loved Endhiran.
    Aishwarya has never been so beautiful!

  312. Aravind .p.b says:


    how r u?hope vil be happy!!!
    i hav no words to type sir .sir i’m a very big fan of you
    but i’m very small boy to Congrats yo sir.i hav seen the
    movie 7times till 2day and i’m goin 2morrow also i hav a
    task of seeing this movie atlest 20 times bcoz ther r
    that manythings to be noticed in the movie.it is even
    bigger then hollywood movies.it is more understandable then
    artificial intelligence.only yo can make tis kind of movies
    India.sir my aim is to become a film maker you r my role
    model i like yo a lot

    sir liked and enjoyed the movie very much.i thing tis is
    oly sci-fi movie which can be understood by every one.
    whenever i see a hollywood movies like
    avatar,2012,inception,spiderman,and other big movies
    i had dream that when i vil be watching tis kind of movie
    in tamil but now my long time dream was full filled by
    yo.yo r the one always upgrad our tamil cinema everytime.

    i like chitti very much and tis is oly sci-fi as many
    humors and chitti is the only android robot who can make us laugh and also fear. i liked tat train fight it was the sequence were
    i find the movie is going to be a big hit and
    before the interval those scenes where really mindblowing
    and emotional.and 2nd half starts wit romance and
    disappointment for chitti.from there the movie is
    unbelievable and moves wit stunning visuals ever seen
    before in Indian cinema.the transformation of robot into
    many different shapes are unseen in world cinema the bgm
    was superb.the last 5mins chitti made me to cry came
    out wit tears.

    sir u r awesome,mindblowing,extraordinary,ect ect..
    thanks for making Indian cinema proud and
    economically sound.


    SIR NO DOT TILL TILL YO REPLAY ME pls plssssssssssssssssss replay

  313. Neeraj Krishna says:

    Dear Shah,

    I am a hardcore fan of Rajni from my childhood.

    You have take rajni and his charisma to a new level. Hats off to you. I see you in all the frames of Endhiran and ofcourse thalaivar has rocked in all the frames as well. Hats off to your creativity and hope to see many more films of yours.

    Love to see a sequel to Endhiran soon.

    Thanks for this wonderful entertainer.


  314. Natarajan says:

    Dear Shankar Sir:

    Hats off to you!!! ..You did it again!!.
    Thanks for sharing பாலசந்தர் சார்’s letter….இந்த லெட்டரில் பெய்து முடித்த ஆலங்கட்டி மழை ..பெய்யத்தொடங்கிய… நிற்கப் போகாத அடைமழையை உச்சி முகர்ந்தது போல உணர்ச்சிகள் தன கையில் கொடியேந்தி நிற்கின்றன…
    கனவுகளின் உண்டியல் நிரம்பியே நிற்கும் நீலகண்டர்…வேலெடுத்து வேட்டைக்குக் கிளம்பிய வேலவனை வாழ்த்துகிறார்!

    ஒரு கோடிப்பூக்களை , ஒரே கையால் ஒரே நொடியில்… ஒரே புள்ளியை நோக்கி.. வீச முடிகிறது உங்களால் மட்டுமே..நீங்கள் ஜெயிக்கப்பிறந்தவர்..ஏனெனில் உழைக்கத் தெரிந்தவர்…

    வானம் என்றவுடன்
    அண்ணாந்து பார்த்து
    வாய்பொத்தி நின்றுவிடும்
    சராசரி சம்சாரியாக நின்றுவிடாமல்
    மேகத்தைச் சிக்கெடுத்து…
    மின்னலைச் சுரம்பிரித்து..
    புயலின் புதுத்தாவணி பார்த்து..
    மழைத்துளியின் தொப்புள்கொடி தேடி
    அலைந்து அலைந்து
    அலைபாய்ந்து ..
    கண்டு விண்டு ..
    எல்லோர் கண்ணுக்கும்
    எவரெஸ்ட் கலைஞனே!
    தமிழ் தலை நிமிர்கிறது!
    உலகம் தலை வணங்குகிறது!
    வாகைப் பூக்கள்
    வந்துகொண்டே இருக்கட்டும்!

    Shankar sir ..there is no other go ..you have to walk to the height of fame and prudence..that’s your fate ..Because you are the one,who came here to just think only at its best possible way and deliver ..We all will be waving our fingers ,which would be pouring love..love..

    P.S:I read your vimarsanam on “Kadalorak kuruvigal by Balakumaran” and then on ..started having that chapters you mentioned on my dressing table..

    Let Bhagwan gives you a very good and happy life as ever…

    Ever loving yours
    Natarajan Mariappan
    Yogi Ramsuratkumara Jayagururaaya!

  315. saravanan says:

    am from sinagapore

    Endhiran rocks..as our thalaivar told..it was an experiance..

    pls do another film with superstar..(energetic,stylish ,nd classic movie)better than sivaji and endhiran..

  316. அண்ணாமலையான் says:

    ஷங்கர் சார்.. எப்பவும் போல உங்க டீம் வொர்க் பிரமாதமா அமைஞ்சிருக்கு.. வாழ்த்துக்கள்.. நீங்க அடுத்ததா என்ன படம் செய்ய போறீங்கன்னு ஆவலோட காத்துக்கிட்டுருக்கோம்.. சீக்ரமா உங்க அடுத்த பதிவுல சொன்னா சந்தோஷமா இருக்கும்…

  317. ganesh says:

    hello shankar,

    I wonder why should go to cinema hall and watch with no logic and thought process… This rule is not applicable for few directors across india.. One such person you… This movie really had all blends of taste…which certainly makes people to think this can happen in machine developed human being… You knowledge on the latest technologies very good… you have made people to think

    Really amazing movie… Expecting some more… science as subject

  318. Simple Sundar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Today i watched the movie for 6th time with my friends. (This time in Albert theatre).

    What a movie… what a movie… Hats off to you sir.

    You have extracted the maximum from our thalaivar, Superstar Rajinikanth. What an electrifying performance by our thalaivar.

    The whole theatre enjoyed the movie including many kids. Most of them were family audie3nces.

    The movie is rewriting box-office history of Indian Cinema.

    You would have expected the sure success of this movie. Did you expect that it would become such a blockbuster all over the country including overseas?

  319. Samson says:

    After such a big hit, your next film will have unprecedented expectations. How are you going to satisfy your fans? We are waiting eagerly for your next project. Please do not do remakes. We want only original ones from you. Enthiran was so original with not even one scene which reminded any Hollywood movie. Hats off.

  320. PARAMASIVAM.RM says:


  321. PARAMASIVAM.RM says:

    good evening shanker sir myself paramasivam .rm pursuing my mba in happy valley business school coimbatore. really wonderful project endhiran (robot) film . super sir good job . i need to meet you sir . at this generation you expressed a wonderful project .

  322. Selva Kumar says:

    Nice Moive… I enjoyed it with my family and friends.

    Congrats …

    Who is the Black Sheep? Mehhhhhh Mehhhhhh

  323. satya says:

    we want Endhiran 2.0 DOT

  324. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have cordially thanks to my GURUSIR as him of GURUNATHAR & The LEGEND in the indian film industries as “”" K.B. Sir. as called “Kaatchiin Bramma”. ( The creativity of the cini film ).

    I am an deep, Depth in divine person & As i have given below facts in my lifes.

    1. SUJATHA SIR : i am a great fan of him all novels.

    2. RAJINI SIR ( Guru Sir ): i am a great fan of him all DIVINE WAYS.


    Thank you sir & All the best.

    Samburna Wishes By.


  325. Subash says:

    Shankar sir.. Padam ithu varai 4 times paathuten.. innum Chennai ku vandhu Sathyam PVR effect la paakanum.. Chanceless movie.. Someone told Enthiran coming in 3D.. Boss pls apdi yethathu idea irunda please implement it.. Fans are full support for u.. Thalaivara seekiram marupadi paakanum pola iruku.. Wooooooooooooooooooo

  326. Arun says:

    Dear Shankar sir
    thanks for giving such clean entertainer . already watched 3 times…surely will watch n number of times.. chanceless movies..again nice to see thalivar in a special way.

    do u have any plans to convert in to 3D atleast few scenes of the movie

  327. M. Arunachalam says:

    Dear Director Shankar,

    Your Endhiran/Robot is, according to me, THE BEST Entertainment movie I have ever seen from an Indian film-maker so far. You have surely taken Indian cinema to the next level and given the confidence to both producers & film makers to think creatively and think big. Kudos to you.

    You have brought out the best in Thalaivar which probably was lying dormant for a couple of decades. This is the best performance of Superstar Rajinikanth till date, according to me. What a wonderful differentiation in body language, voice modulation he has brought to the 3 roles played by him. I don’t think any other actor would have suited to such challenging roles. Kudos to Superstar as well as to you.

    I have a request to you. Hope you will consider it.

    When the official DVD of Endhiran/Robot is released, can you please include the following in it, apart from the movie itself?

    1. Director’s commentary (similar to what Rajkumar Hirani did for 3 Idiots);
    2. Making of Endhiran
    3. Cut scenes.

    Congratulations once again for making the Biggest Blockbuster of a movie in India.

    With Luv,

    Arun, Bangalore.

    P.S.: I have already seen Endhiran 4 times and each time my interest and concentration in the movie keeps increasing. As of now, I am planning to watch it at least 10 times.

  328. V.S.KUMAR SISHTA says:

    Hi Shankar Sir (GOD OF INDIAN CINEMA). I repeat what Lakshmana has told in his comments “I AM TOO SMALL TO COMMENT”. But Sir, YOU, K.BALACHANDER SIR AND MANIRATNAM SIR ARE MY HEROES. YOU THREE ARE MY INSPIRATION. By now, you would have received loads of accoloades from all over the world for ‘Endhiran’. Its definetly a PLEASANT Experience for us. I am really crying with JOY after reading K.Balachander Sirs letter appreciating your work which I am sure cannot be matched by anyone else. Thanks for publishing it. In my opinion, YOU HAVE WON MORE THAN AN OSCAR AWARD BY GETTING APPRECIATION FROM K.BALACHANDER SIR WHO IS THE LIVING LEGEND OF INDIAN CINEMA. GOD BLESS YOU SIR….KEEP GOING. WE ARE WITH YOU. THANK YOU.

  329. GokulNath.B.K says:

    Robo sir,

    Super movie sir…
    U showed our thalaiver in a new style…
    Whats is ur next project sir..
    Are u gonna re-make 3Idiots in tamil sir??
    Thats a very good try sir.
    But give the 3 idiots film as a brand new story sir..
    Not as the Hindi version… We want something new..

    Sir if u are going to direct theis 3idiots film, I will suggest u a nice title for the movie sir.

    3 Idiots– Hindi

    Moondru Thavarugal (or)
    Moondru Thiravam (or)
    Moondru Munnodigal (or)
    Moondru Manithargal (or)
    Moondru Paathaigal (or)
    Moondru Payanangal


    Sir if u like & choose anyone of the above title for your movie i will be happy sir.. Very happy sir….



  330. Arun(stockholm) says:

    Hi sir,

    Movie was awesome. I watched it 2 times here. It was a great treat for all of our Thalaivar Fans…definitely you should do Endhiran-2…chitti character was amazing…congrats and thanks for giving us such a great and epic movie

  331. sai srinivasan says:

    this is sai from texas(dallas)
    bowing to u for a tremendous film…
    movie released here with 25 dollar ticket pricing and i grabbed the show luckily…
    hats off for the technical extravaganza…
    last snake scenes were awesome….
    last CGI where rajni wud turn out to be big demon posing style resting hands on a building (awesome imagination) shown a bit of hurry up animations but still with just 33 million USD directing a scifi film is marvellous…

    fans kind request
    u have emerged as superstar of directors… whatsoever whom so ever deny…. we have heard from u r cnbc interview that you listened to ideas of wellwishers while mudhalvan and dropped azhagiye kuyile (planned to do after retirement :) )
    now as a wellwisher i would say ,kindly dont remake anyfilm when you have energy to make films that can do wonders…

    i have a doubt…epadi than kaadhal anukkal song location kandupidichinga? verithanama iruku location!!!
    i think u have a special swat team for song location finding itself :)

  332. Balaji K says:

    I would like to see Director Shankar make a James Bond style super spy thriller with Super Star Rajini next…Ithu Yeppadi Irukku? Yubba!

  333. Senthil kumar says:

    already i watched enthiran 4 times in a week….superb movie…chanceles….sir i hv a request(from all rajni fans), pls do the second part of enthiran…..also pls release this enthiran in 3-d too:)

  334. Sathish(Muthalvan) says:

    Belated Robovali to you and EndhiraKanth Sir too..,

    Sir its nice to see your update after looong time. Sir Balachandar sir’s comment about u is fabulous sir….

    Rajini sir 6 hours our box la irunthutu makeup kaga iruntharu for 2 mins shot nu functionla ella sonanga athu enna sir….

    Animatronics na enna sir. last scene la chitti pesite kai kaal ella remove panurathu epadi sir… i know its not a graphics… athu tha animatronicsa?

    sequel iruka nu ella media vum kekuthu endhiranuku… endhiran US la compete panna ipo padame ila vera oru bollywood movie collection is not equl to endhiran car parking collection nu ella reports…. patta kellaputhu… unga dream project vetri sir….

    Sir ellorum collections tha pesuranga but nan movie la irukara chinna shots pathi yosikiren ithu enaku ‘Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” movie la irunthu athu ku aduthu Endhiran tha sir… amai oru paradox athuvum puriyala 17 vati pathuten theatres laye nan parkatha theatre ila inga….

    Once again my Hearty Wishes to you and Crew…..

  335. arju says:

    no words to describe ur awesome effort sir…..

    if we see u anywhr we want to perform paal abishegam on u sir…we missd it in kasi theatre wen u came…

  336. Kubendran says:

    Hi Sir,

    We are all started Diwali celebration with aarathi pooja before screening endhiran (Premiere Show) 30-Sept-2010 at 7:30pm.(Atlanta – USA)

    The movie was excellant and never before seen thalaiver performence . Seeing thalaiver in a non-protagonist role after a long time was amazing. I was reminded of his early movies Moondru mugam, Nettrikan and 16 vaiyathinile .

    Hats off to u and ur team…!

    Click Below link,



  337. saran says:

    hello world ( u r my world)

    Naan Oru Rassigan ( shankar Rasigan)

    Speed – Can catch ur activity within 5th minute it posted in UDDL(Internet)

    Memmory – All good points u shared is recalled in all worst circumstance ( we learn good lesson but we forget when we succeed & fail again,,lessons learnt from u is unforgettable) happy for that memmory..

    Mera pithru/thanthai Mozhi – “DO” – “SEI” – “KARO” the one u taught us..it dosent required a language..bse ullagthilirukum ella mozhi makkalukum ithu porunthum…

    Ennaka ella kazhaikalum theriathu – ANNA ELLAKAZHAIKALAYUM KATHUKITU PANDRA (SHANKARA) THERIUM so ennakum therium,,,

    Luv U

  338. Ramya says:

    Hi Shankar Sir.. I watched Endiran Movie 4 times in Theatres all were Packed Hall..
    I appreciate your Creativity as well as Strong Efforts and Hard work You have put on Movie. Really Liked each and every frame of it sir..
    Hats off sir..
    And Kindly One more Request sir.. Please DIRECT 3IDIOTS TAMIL REMAKE WITH ILAYATHALAPATHY VIJAY sir.. Please sir. He suits well For Amir role than any others sir. I feel You with Vijay and Harris combo would make the Best sir..
    Please Do consider sir.. We are Waiting for Your 3idiots Tamil remake With Vijay sir and Harris sir..
    Ramya(Canada) .

  339. arunan says:

    Shankar sir, though i didnt praise much about ur films or ur skills in my earlier post, my only word of praise is ” Ur Efforts, Focus & team work” wth ur Team & colleagues, will put even the best multi national companies to shame! Hats off to ur dedication, u deserve this!

  340. arunan says:

    KB sir’s letter reveals his humility and the passion he stll has for good movies. Shankar JI, i was bowled to see the ‘vintage bad rajni’ groomed none other than by our KB sir. yes people wll call u spielberg or cameroon or scorocesse, but, my ONLY Reqst SHANKAR SIR, pls dont LEAVE india or tamil films for sake of GREENER PASTURES! Please…. An ardent fan of good fillms and a die hard fan of thalaivar!

  341. R. Prakash says:

    Extremely excellent movie sir

  342. Shivaram says:

    Dear Shankar Sir!
    Million Salutes to you!Enthiran is a huge experience! I have no words to crown your achievement and I am just ineffable, KB sir has spoken his heart out and we all feel the same. Your imaginations and creativity are beyond horizons, which is duley complimented by your 3 D’s (Determination, Dedication and Duty)which just stuns anyone and Enthiran is an eye opener not only to film stalwarts but also scientists who work in this field. Heartiest congrats Sir and you will keep soaring high!
    I live in USA and couldn’t resist watching it in minneapolis theater’s more than once. You literally drive the crowd to the theater and what a performance by Rajini Sir! Awe Inspiring! Every second is entertaining!Once again we all bow to your conviction,intelligence,creativity and executing style and thanks to SUN Pictures! You have lived up more than their (anyone’s) expectations!

    Sir, to be honest only at one point in the movie I felt discomfort as a Scientist! I wanted to highlight it here as normal audience won’t mind, but a scientist might! At one scene when Danny asks Chitti about his neural schema etc Rajini says about Patents and the possibility of misusing him. Having said that, as a scientist I expected that when he broke chitti after failing in military evaluations, he would at least attempt to delete his system memory, take off his processors and inactivate his neural schema (so none downlaods it for misuse) before putting him in an ordinary roadside dumpster!But I was schoked to see that! Although I realize that, it was the story next half to mis use, my imaginations went in a way that, Ranjini might have asked Santhanam & Karunas to remove Chitti’s memory, processors, inactivate his neural schema etc before dumping him, but they won’t do intentionally as he always scolds him, to point out that Rajini as a Scientist keeps up to his mark to uphold confidential work which was a product of his 10 yrs of his life! This is the only point I really felt otherwise, the movie is a just a miracle! Congratulations sir!~

    Shivaram (Oct 10,2010)

  343. Sundar says:

    Congrats for creating yet another legendary film…
    Few Bullet points
    Scene in the conference: A person from audience will sing Ahaa Ahaa and ask Chitti “idhu enna ragam ??” Reply from chitti reminded me of Sujatha Sir…

    No words to express the Hospital scene…. The moment chitti takes the baby out and says “welcome”, it welcomed tears from the audience…

    After a Roller coaster ride, touching words from Chitti made the audience give a standing ovation, to You, sir… and you deserve it !

    Thanks for presenting such a nice film .(Dot)
    Best Wishes…


  344. Rajini FAN says:

    Sir is there a sequel for Enthiran…

    B cause greatest movies as Enthiran cannot be only once it has come again and again…The Whole INDIA CAME TO KNOW ABOUT 2 stalwarts RAJINI AND SHANKAR>>>

  345. Kannathasan Dubai says:

    Hi Sir,

    Congratulations sir.
    Film is very good and wonderful .There is no words to express.
    Here in Dubai,film is going good. Already i saw two times …Houseful shows going on…..

    Please do somemore projects with our thalaivar ..We want to see our thalaivar in different characters like in Sivaji,Enthiran..

    Please take rest and refresh your mind … Give your next movie more than Enthiran or equal to Enthiran.

    Wish you a very good,long life,enough wealth,wisdom and peace. – Vazhga Valamudan!!!


  346. Thiyagarajan says:

    Dear Shanker sir,

    This is Thiyagarajan from singapore. Working in a software company. I remembered your first movie why I watched? My father name also sankaran. (He passed away 2 months before on aug 13).

    After saw gentleman I used to see your filims continuously, I can say your the only director knowing the pulse of audience. This filim opens a door to many young directors in the industry.

    Whenever I see your filims i think this is your height. Thats all you cannt make a filim better than this. But everytime you surprise me with your imagination, verstality, hardwork and dedication towards your work.

    Rajini sir is my guru in all aspects. But, I saw my guru in different dimension in this filim. I wish all of your crew to make a wonderful entertain filim and made the cine industry to be proved in the world areana.

    Im not sure whether this comment will publish or u reply for my comment. But, im so happy to convey my heartful message to you. God bless u and ur family.

  347. santhosh says:

    Dear shankar sir,

    Endhiran movie i watched yesterday with my daughter(10 moths old)in Doha Qatar,movie is excellent hatsoff to you for directing a wonderful tamil movie,i read newspaper your next movie is 3 rascal remake of 3 idiots, better you direct your own script sir, nice apprecitation from Legend K.Balachandar, all the best for future assignment

  348. Srinivas says:

    Hi Shankar sir,
    Congratulations for bringing out an extraordinary movie like enthiran. It was a real visual treat for all of us who have watched this movie.One small request pls post us with the information on the records this film has made and also the records it going to make in coming weeks.So that everyone one of us will be aware and assured that the records this movie make are all real as it comes from reliable source like yours.All the best for your future endeavors sir.Keep rocking sir.

  349. Daniel says:

    Dear shankar,
    ………First of all…….CONGRATZ….on a BATTLE well fought and WON ………I have no words to appreciate the team work……

    The movie disturbed me a lot………because….I still cant believe how the greatest superstar sacrificed his heroism, punch dialogues, political dialogues, INTRO SONG just to take this movie to INTERNATIONAL standard…………….My respect towards him has been amplified 100 times…….

    ………Chitti can never be forgotten…………
    ……Chitti ver 2.0 is like a wild dinosaur in my mind…..
    ……..Vaseegaran was soo realistic as a normal human with all emotions…………………Sana was also soo real……..

    Ver 2.0′s acting is uncomparable to even Rajni sir’s previous villian roles.

    I loved the bgm……especially the one when sana tells chitti that she loves vasee and not him……………

    My heart became soo heavy when chitti dismantled himself……..and his speech during that time filled my eyes with tear…………………………


    …..Even though we cant, we’ll still try to take that red chip out of our hearts………………………………



  350. Mr G says:

    Enga Ilaya Thalabathy Vijay kuda epa movie pana poringa :(
    Mudiyala :( sikram pannunga :( :(:(

    Give him a movie like Shivaji first, then Enthiran :)

  351. karthik says:

    what a film sir. hands off 2 u

  352. Mr G says:

    Shankar sir, ungala matum epdi creative’uh yosika mudiuthu :-( … I like your braveness ji,you are rocking… How to think creative like you? I need your reply DOT….. ;)

  353. Pradeep says:

    I am a Huge fan of ur films and SUPERSTAR, Endhiran was a mind blowing Tamil movie i have ever seen sir,Thank you for giving us the fantabulus experience sir, I read the letter of balachander sir which yo have displayed, He is right sir. you are the james cameron of the East.

    enaku oru chinna doubt, Endhiran v2.0 [part 2] varumaa? any plans?

    i bring these words from my heart….
    “neenga illaina tamil cinemaa……. meaahhhhh taan…….
    Bring more and more exciting stories sir

    once again Thank you sir

    Your’s faithfully FANS :) . All the very best for ur next project sir…

  354. lakshmAN says:

    sir am I LUCKY that a A TOP DIRECTOR in INDIA REPLIES for his ARDENT FAN who feels very Proud to say that DIRECTOR SHANKAR REPLIED TO ME…..????

    I cant compliment a movie like ROBO….

    Expected that it is a SHANKAR film and when I watched it I’v Doubted wether it is an INDIAN FILM… VisualFX are not less than HOLLYWOOD FILM n every thing is AMAZING MIND BLOWING etc., etc., etc.,

    I’m not a great personality like BALACHANDER sir to praise u



    all the best for ur next project which is again gonna be A FILM BY SHANKAR….

    Thats what I can say about u, because I’m too small to compliment a Director like U…..

    waitng for ur next movie….

    with love n affection

  355. Bupesh says:

    We need Enthiran Version 2.0 DOT

  356. norish (malaysia) says:

    hi sir.. enthiran movie absolutely awesome sir.. no words to discibe this.. amazing.. sir, one request.. plz do a film with ajith sir.. he is a good actor.. he will definately suit 4 u sir.. he is talented actor in kollywood… hope u will do a film with ajith in future.. thz sir..

  357. Maddy says:

    Dear shankar sir…
    Endhiran is doin its best in Sri Lanka…
    totally crowd till date and hindi one also screening…

    did u like my gift?

    please reply sir…
    if nt forum then to my personal mail….

  358. Vikramathitan says:

    Hi director shankar,

    Endhiran is a Tamil film that I had never seen before!!Great fights scenes and songs with Indian culture. Superstar Rajni sir rocks watching him is mind blowing experience. I loved the movie very much. I enjoyed every scene in the film especially the scene “chitti” dismantles himself.A.R Rahman sir music was wonderful and awesome. He is the man that can makes all generation to dance to his music. As Director K.Balachandar said you are Tamil cinemas James Cameron and
    Endhiran is Avatar. Finally, thanks for such a great film sir..Thx

  359. vamshikrishna says:

    Hi Sir.
    Excellent movie sir.
    Thank you sir.

  360. lakshmana says:

    sir I’m too small to COMPLIMENT on a FILM AN DIRECTOR LIKE U n ROBO..
    I’m from ANDHRA n a big fan of urs…


    what is the word used by RAJINI SIR IN ROBO..

    is it DOT or some other…??????

    when I’v finished watching ROBO and Hired an Auto after some time..
    he AUTO DRIVER SAID…” brother I’v watched robo Its jst MIND BLOWING… I’v to watch it again in the EVENING..”"

    Every on here is INTERESTED in watching ROBO than a STRAIGHT TELUGU FILM…

    Thanx for presenting a HOLLYWOOD FILM..





  361. ramu says:

    SS RAJAMOULI the DIRECTOR OF MAGADHEERA complimented SHANKAR in his twitter account like this


    sir congratulation on the success of ROBO, I’v watched robo 4 times till now….

    u r the one who made whole INDIAN FILM INDUSTRY PROUD…

    SIR u almost all kinds of movies except


    waiting for those



    urs truly

  362. RAM & LAKSHMAN ( Jeans) says:

    sir we’v watched ROBO 4 times till now and cant think how many times we’l watch it…
    we r very small to COMPLIMENT a movie like ROBO which is making whole India Proud…


    JUST WANT TO SHARE A SIMPLE EXPERIENCE WITH YOU SHANKAR when APARICHITUDU released at that time only we came to know abt you sir…

    when APARICHITUDU is releasing our ELDER BROTHER brought a ADVERTISEMENT in THE HINDU of movie release n said… “brothers v hav to watch it definitely , bcoz it is a SHANKAR FILM”

    n he took us to theater on the 2nd day nd v r very exited abt movie…

    we r small kids that we donk know even the HERO who is VIKRAM…

    there r three CHARECTERS in Aparichitudu
    and at the INTERVAL SHOT v’v asked my brother “are those three One..???”

    my brother replied “THAT IS SHANKAR FILM …..”

    nd v’v watched d movie in theaters 3 times(till thn v’vnt watched a movie more thn once}


    nxt SHIVAJI 4 times…

    now ROBO… at least 10 times…..


  363. Narayanan says:

    Massive work, huge imaginations,spellbinding graphics,

  364. GOKUL says:

    sir endhiran is an amazing movie…it was an experience…..cograts sir….wat about ur next film sir?? pls say abt ur next film very soon sir……

  365. Narayanan says:

    Sir! i liked the movie the second time,great.


    Dear Shankar sir,

    I am from Malaysia..i watched the movie 3 times already. Its even the first tamil movie to be played in Gold Class cinema (GSC) in Malysia. Thanks for providing and giving us a entertaining movie sir Rajini sir at his best!!. On behalf of me please say thanks to the whole team of Endhiran for giving us such a awesome film in an indian Cinema.

    Another thing sir is there a sequel to Endhiran?? please reply me sir i never got any reply from u since u started blogging…please sir.


    Chirstopher Palmer. (Malaysia)

  367. Manzzz.90@gmail.com says:

    Sir whom do you think tat s after mgr nd rajini as vasool vetayans of tamil cinema vijay or ajith:)

  368. லாரன்ஸ் says:

    மடிசார் கட்டிய வீட்டின் மூத்த பாட்டியும், துறு துறுவென ஒரு இடத்தில் நிற்க கஷ்டப்படும் பேரனும் எந்திரன் காண ஒரு மணி நேரம் முன்னதாய் வந்து திரையரங்க வாயிலில் ஆவலாய் நிற்கும் காட்சி என்னை பரவசப்படுத்தியது.

    குடும்பத்தில் உள்ள அனைவரும் குதூகலிக்கும் வண்ணம் ஒரு கிளின் பேமிலி எண்டர்டெயிண்மெண்ட் கொடுத்த உங்களுக்கு நன்றி.

    இது பாமரர்களுக்கு ஒரு கிளாஸ். டேட்டாபேஸில் டிஸ்கிரிட் சர்ச், வைல்கார்ட் சர்ச்சை இதைவிட எளிதாய் விளக்க முடியாது. தத்துவம், தொழில் நுட்பம், பொழுதுபோக்கு, நகைச்சுவை என எல்லா பரிமாணங்களிலும் மிளிர்ந்த ஒரு மேஜிக் பார்மூலா எந்திரனின் தனிச் சிறப்பு.

    என்ன தவம் செய்தோம்… இங்கிவனை நாம் பெறவே என்ன தவம் செய்தோம்… கலக்குங்க சார், ஆல் த பெஸ்ட்….

  369. Manzzz.90@gmail.com says:

    Sir your s pictures s doing a great job sir.. Giving a awesome opportunity to young directors:) its a dream come true:) sir..for the younger ones:) movies lik kaadhal :) and kaloori and veyil shows a different village atmosphere wit a gud story pinned in it.! And eeram mind blowing technical aspects sir.. Salute to you sir.. No one in this times are lik this:) jus thy concentrate on their development but your jus opposite sir :) you give opportunities:) on behalf of all your assist directors:) i thank you sir.. Shall i call you as my bro sir..

  370. லாரன்ஸ் says:

    கேபி போன்ற ஒரு மேதையின் பார்வை, சராசரி ரசிகனாய் மகிழ்ந்து, உள்ளத்தில் வந்த நேர்மையான வாசகங்கள் கடிதம் எழுதிய பாங்கு தங்களை மட்டும் அல்ல எங்களையும் கவர்ந்தது.

    உங்கள் வெற்றிப் பயணம் தொடர மனம் நிறைந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள்.



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