Oliver Stone about ENTHIRAN

Hi Friends,
I want to share a glad news with u…. The great film maker and Oscar Winner Oliver Stone has seen ‘Endhiran’ at the Mumbai International Film Festival (MAMI) few days ago & commented on NDTV interview that he enjoyed watching the film and he says its fresh and original. I feel very much honoured that a director of Oliver Stone’s stature has appreciated the film & this is the best encouragement i can get for my future endeavors. Please see the link….


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  1. Gopi Sha says:

    You are the “Role Model” of my career.
    I’m following your thought “Naalaiki seiya vendiya velaya inakey seiyanum”…

  2. Senthil says:

    Sankar sir,
    Can you please take a historical or spritual (Yogi’s) Movie? or Ponniyin Selvan..? I am expecting something different world of movie from you..? Neenga produce pandringala nu kelvi kettu dathinga :-)

  3. kiran says:

    hello, shankar sir…. im doing D.F.Tech. in hyderabad… can i join as your asst. after complete my course ?

  4. balamurugan says:

    endhiran train fight rajini sir aishwarya va kapthra cine fight . kankalankita sir excellent fight .tamil super hero na adhu robo rajini dha si.r. enaku pudicha cines 1. train fight 2.robo feelings vara cine 3.chitti love proposal. enna kodumana robova odachitu kilimanjarof dance panna poidraru adha kastama pochu . evlovo solalam sir ungala pathi book dha podanum i luv shankar sir neenga great genius brilliant etc etc etc . . . . .

  5. Thanigaivelraja says:

    we feel Proud

  6. shan says:

    Sir , is that true that you are joining hands with talaivar again (Super Star Rajnikanth).. ur combinations rocks like anythng. The BOSS is back with the MASS ???

  7. haj says:

    Hi shankar,
    I was shocked to see sharuk khan movie Ra-one that he has lifted lot of scenes from robot. I feel its unethical for SRK to do this.

  8. balaji says:

    sir we are very proud to have a film maker like u in our tamil industry
    iam one of ur fan also ur my great inspiration to enter into the film industry
    always i wanted to become a director like u pls bless me sir
    u r my guru always
    and one doubt pls dont mistake me
    in the chittis aird evaluation scene when professor bhora questions

    unaku manidha uyiroda madhippu ennanu theiyuma?

    and chitti replies
    adhu endha urirnu poruthadhu

    so in this place chittis knows the importance of uriy and also chitti must be knowing the whats is uyirnu otherwise chitti cant reply this answer(its in my point of view pls dont mistake me sir)
    but when dr.vaseegaran teaches chiiti about the human feelings and the life (uyir) chitti asks uyirna enna?

    thats what i cant understand sir pls pls dont mistake me i want to make myself clear onthis thatswhy iam asking this to you sir pls pls pls pls dont mistake me

  9. srinivasan says:

    halo sir,
    i am one of u’r fan.enthiran,muthalvan,kathal,raettai chuzi…………,these all of u’r films shows not only a good director,more than that. waiting for more than enthiran & waiting for u’r great reply, sir.

  10. ajay says:

    Sir,im your great fan.i saw “ENTHIRAN” is amazing.. can u make enthiran another sequal of “enthiran”….

  11. vasanth krishnaa says:

    sir, i am your great fan i loves vijay sir to rock the screens under your direction and 3 idots will be the perfect script for that please don’t drop vijay i request you sir please consider

  12. Dinesh says:

    congratulations sir for the award.who r all the main roles in 3 idiots..plz inform clearly to the people sir..

  13. Prabhakaran M says:

    Dear sir,
    our film “Endhiran” have now got attention worldwide sir,proof for that is in this link http://gizmodo.com/5744805/the-only-sci+fi-movie-you-need-to-watch-for-the-rest-of-your-life#comments
    Just check thier comments Sir.
    Worlwide everyone Likes this film very much,but Many people are not aware of this film sir,Surely if u dub this movie in English and Redistribute it, Definitely it wil b a great success,And ur name wil b reached all over the world, v wil b feeling very proud by ur Efforts………

  14. Santhosh says:

    Respected sir, i am very small fan of u(means there are many fans who more are great even directors are fans for u then i am small fan obviously) i saw enthiran it is a world class movie because no directors in world till now imagined that superb sir. Every movie of urs is liked by every one even i, i like boys very much and i respect enthiran. I am happy that one of ur dream project is compeleted, thanks for the supporter. I read comments sir some fans have said that don’t remake 3 idiots but i think ur decision is right i belive that the story may be same but the screenplay by u will be entirely different and u know only then the film will be successful because maximum people have seen 3 idiots. Sir my ambition to become a director and i have picked some concepts or subject for the story i like to be a creative director like u and if i work under u atleast one film my life will get a meaning plz give me a opportunity plz sir plz sir plz sir plz sir plz sir….. Sir i think the reason y people didn’t recieve enthiran that well as all of ur film is because in all of ur films anything happens serious u show how society reacts and in ur films u don’t show only the characters but u cover up overall societys actions and reactions but in enthiran it is there but not to the extent because the robo does so many things in public and u did not show the publics reactions sir so the viewer come to decision that it is just a film they do not involve in it as they did it for rest of ur films so look no that issue if i am right sir. And i have a wish that my boss(i.e., u sir) should be a oscar winner, i have confidence u will be let god see the rest. Sir plz reply me about my request to work with u and plz bless me to be director. Ur my inspiration sir. Thank u for reading my such big comment with patientence and sorry for wasting ur time. Once again thank u sir plz reply sir….. V.Santhosh 9449974979

  15. sriramsundaram says:

    Melum Melum vetri adaiya valthukkal.

  16. jayaram says:

    Sir which is your next project?

  17. E.senthamizh selvan says:

    sir, please develop out tamil industry over to the world by keeping yourself like this and encouraging other intelligently technoligists in the tamil industry to know everybody like you!!! thank u ,sir….

  18. Purush says:

    Dear Shankar,

    you are the only one director who has good creativity and great thinking in Indian cinema .There are times when only english movies had high end technical concepts. As far as I know you are the only man who broke those barriers and gave importance to all aspects of the movie . I really love watching your movies because each time it is fresh and a new idea. Endhiran is a master class and I always think the next movie after endhiran will be your biggest challenge . I don’t know the technical details of film making but each scene of endhiran movie is unforgettable and the movie was in my dreams for 2 nights after I watched it on the theatre.Finally I really have to appreciate the hard work of the entire team . All the best for your next project.

  19. Veeresh says:

    Sir,iam a big fan of u i hav watched ur all films without fail& i saw robo film in telugu it’s really extrordinary sir& i wish congratulate for d film sucess& award winning all d best 4 ur future projects& i hope u wil get oscar as soon..

  20. srivinocdh says:

    Wats ur next project i heared its starred by stars rajini sir and kamal sir is it true.

  21. Sarjune says:

    Sir I am a great fan of vijay sir pls sir pls consider vijay again for 3 idiots main role pls pls I beg u for this chance pls sir pls pls pls pls pls please sir please………..all vijay fans beg u this chance pls cosider I hope u consider this reply pls sir sir sir sir all vijay fan who love vijay best beg for vijay to u pls make vijay as a part of the movie please sir please sir

  22. Prasad says:

    Congrats on your achievements in Indian Cinema. I enjoyed Enthiran a lot in Sacramento with my family.

    I have never seen SAC’s touch in any of your films. It’s good that you learnt only the art of script writing and innovate the movies in your own style and ideas.

    I have one question about chitti.

    Does Chitti knows swimming?

  23. anjana says:


  24. anjana says:


  25. sai says:




  26. BIBIN PRASAD says:

    Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

  27. Arun says:

    Hi shankar,

    Stills of Rajni n Aishwarya rai going in a bike were seen in magazines…

    What scene was that? Was it deleted? in the editing table

    When are u releasing the director’s cut???


    Dear Shankar Ji,

    One suggestion for your 3 idiots remake project ..i suggest………..

    2. AARYA
    3. JEEVA…..



  29. AB says:

    Came across this on a website. It is made by a fan of yours and thought you might like it :)


  30. Paddu says:

    Hi Shankar Sir this is vijayawada(Andhra Pradesh).Sir im big fan to u sir i like u r movies eg:madhulvan.anniyan,indian sir for u r coming movie im say to u sir all the best

  31. naren says:

    sir why dont you do a movie for ajith he will suit u more next to super star

  32. Vatsan says:

    Hi Sir,

    Our hearty congratulations to you sir..You truly deserve it..
    ..pl keep thinking BIG always sir, it has always been your uniqueness and success formula..We expect more movies like endhiran sir..All the best!!

  33. Damu says:

    Hi Sir,

    congratulation for winning the “Indian of the Year” Award.

    I m ur fan.

    i hav watched all ur films without fail in 1st show.

    I lyk ur screen play of all the movies.

    shall i tell one thing sir after watching the ENTHIRAN I want to giv a title for u that is “Technical dictionary of Film Industry”.

    after the Film “Nanbhan” we r expecting films lyk sivaji,anniyan,indian becoz after seeing this only i know india is a rich country only becoz of black money,bribery,corruption india is look lyk poor…



  34. suriyan says:

    Kudos! This is really great to get accolades from the Hollywood personalities. The reason is they have been seeing a lots of Sci-fi films right from 60′s and if they are telling that ur film is fresh and original, it’s really great. Send ur movie to Oscar. I believe ur team deserve to get an Academy Award.

    Also heard that u r going to do a remake of 3 idiots. After Enthiran, y r u thinking with someone like Vijay. He has lots of years left. Why can’t u try a hat-trick with Rajni itself? He’s in to his 60′s now. We dunno how long he’s gonna act? So try and use the maximum opportunity. If u ask, he’ll definitely agree. He has already told that u r a director with command like KB sir. Also he likes u very much and even now he has told that Enthiran’s victory is only because of ur genius. Please think something big with Rajni itself. If possible, a historical genre. It’ll be a dream come true.

  35. Maruthamsiva says:

    Hai Sir,

    Congrats for Winning the Indian of the Year Award (CNN IBN).


  36. Siva says:

    Congrats on winning the Indian of the Year award, Shankar Sir. VaazhthukkaL.







  38. Azith says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Your choice for Surya is real perfect choice. I was even thinking about this from watching the movie. Box office wise + performance wise = (Shankar + Suriya)(Nanbhan) > 3 idiots No doubt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. anu says:

    sir, enna sir onnumae eluda matingiringa, nalamaaaa ??

  40. senthil nathan says:

    Hello sir,

    Congrats on winning the Indain of the Year award from CNN IBN.

    Please release Enthiran script and technical news in book pattern.

    please sir



  41. BIBIN PRASAD says:

    congrats INDIAN OF THE YEAR…

  42. Ejaz Ahmed says:

    shankar sir please a kind request for u. please dont drop vijay for the 3 idiots remake. please sir. now it is a most wanted film for vijay. u only can give him a hit at this stage now. so please do that project with vijay pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sir

  43. Sheshank says:

    Congrats on winning the Indain of the Year award from CNN IBN. http://www.indianoftheyear.com/
    You truly deserve it. Its nice to see all your hard work being rewared. :)

  44. chan says:

    Dear Mr.Shankar,

    My heartly wishes to you for your dedication to indian cinima. Recently i heard that you are going to remake 3 idiots with vijay in the lead. I really happy with that cast choosen for 3I specially choosing vijay in Amir Role. But later rumours spreading that vijay is out of 3I. No official information from you and production house. Rumours spreading reasons that vijay is facing callsheet problem with 3I, clash on get up change, political preasure,..

    Really me and fans do not know what is fact whether vijay really out or still in 3I. I am big fan of vijay and you are a legend in direction, i was had so many expectation as many. But after some unknow fact, i was very disappointed.

    I think there should be some political pressure on vijay to pull out of 3I. Please sir you dont give the place to politics in the cinema… And dont change the cast. Fans all waiting a new type of acting from vijay that you are the one who shape up him in new look and acting. Please consider my request.

    Its not by me only… On the behalf of all vijay fan, i request you sir…

  45. Prashanth says:

    Hi Mr.Shankar,
    Enthiran its just awesome. Tell us soon something about 3 idiots remake.

  46. Harish.s says:

    HI sir,
    I saw endiran 5 times it was mind blowing i was thrilled and was proud watching the movie…hats off sir..

    I want to share few ideas what i have in my mind…
    form my childhood i have been inspired by our great tamil king RAJA RAJA CHOLAN..what suprise me is many people of our own country is not aware of our great RRC..
    RRC one of the greatest king ever ruled earth thousands of years ego..

    many of my friends not even aware of our temples,monuments that were built by RRC..

    So sir pls can you make a film of our RAJA RAJA CHOLAN and show the world our history and strength..which will make all tamilians proud..

    Why cant we make films like 300,jodha akbar etc…and make us proud to be a tamilian..you are the only person who is eligiable in india to make such a historic movie..

    pls kindly make a movie about our RAJA RAJA CHOLAN..

  47. SK says:

    Anushka says – “Why don’t u make 3 idoits remake with 3 female heroines in lead?????????? what abt aish, asin and genelia???”

    Lol! Very good idea! Please do another film with Aish! Jeans was 100 days, Enthiran is going to be 200 days and your next hatrick film will complete 300 days.

    Please take it as a challenge and do a very powerful female-oriented film with Aishwarya Rai as the heroine.

    Oh, and congrats on winning the INDIAN of the year award. That was long overdue! :)

  48. Manikandan says:

    Shankar Sir,
    Hi. UBKS. Many Many congrats for being selected by IBN as “Indian of the Year-Entertainment”.
    oru fan-in Mokkai. so tread mill-la odi kitte padinga.. u hv small belly lik us soft(vayir) engineers.;)
    I still remember the day while in college, in Archana theatre(Kovai) looking at the floor marks searching for my seat. Suddenly Mudhalvan title started rolling on the screen. I was taken aback slightly, oru paravasam, oru satisfaction on seeing quality. Antha title graphics composition-la-ye oru thought process irunthuchu-nu enakku appeal aachu ;) That work (whole movie as such till the rolling credits )of yours is my fav, till date. It was an optimally executed product, IMO.
    u r an inspiration even for the after 1990′s release generations.
    nanrigal pala. :)

  49. Jan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Heartiest Congratulations for “Indian of the year 2010″ !!

    :-) )

  50. Prabakar says:

    Hello Shankar, Congratulations for the CNN IBN Indian of the year award to you. Hats off to you despite Rajini Sir, Amir Khan, Salman Khan were on the nominees list. You well deserve more awards.

  51. sabari says:

    Sir,since vijay is out of 3 idiots you can ask for simbu do any of the role in that film as he denied the chance due to vijay acting in that movie so its the time to ask simbu to act….waiting for ur steps taking out…

  52. Dinesh says:

    what’s ur next project? whether our Vijay is acting or not? plz clarify it quickly…plz……

  53. Mahi says:

    Dear sankar sir ple do 3 idiot ple tel the offical news….. daily some persons spred rumers ple do with the vijay, jeeva, and srikanth this is the good combination

  54. Pugal says:

    Dear Shankar sir plz plz plz Confirm the 3idiots-project with our vijay. Certain situations are against him u know… He is very eager to do the project with you…
    We vijay fans waiting a official confirmation of the project with our thalapathi from u….!

  55. Anushka says:

    Hi sir
    Why don’t u make 3 idoits remake with 3 female heroines in lead?????????? what abt aish, asin and genelia???

  56. Sanjeev Ganesh says:

    Dear Mr. Shankar,
    I have no words to say about Enthiran. Already everybody all over the world has praised a lot.
    I want to really appreciate you on the even very small scene, dialogue which you have kept in Enthiran which were awesome.
    Eg., 1. Chitti in conf: Kadavul na yaaru? namala padachavanga. enna padachavar vaseegaran. avar than kadavul.
    2. Chitti appearing as God with swords.
    2. Villain Chitti: Enna thala suthutha sana. ippa suthum paaru.
    3. Black sheep.
    and many more

    There are rumours spreading daily about the tamil remake of 3 idiots. Please confirm whether u r only directing?????? Or is everything rumour since,till now no official confirmation has come from your side. Plz plz plz…….

    If you are really reading all your fans comments say atleast a hi to me plz plz plz…..

    Sanjeev Ganesh

  57. sathish says:


    naan enna thappu paninen

    why u r deleting my comments…

    daily unga site parkurathu kutrama sir…

    sry if i made anything wrong…..

    i know u will delete this also….

    why u r doing this mee….

  58. Arun says:

    Happy to hear that Vijay is out, not that I dont like him but I strongly felt he is not the right choice for the role. I am also hoping u wud rewrite the entire screenplay so as to suit south indian audience.

  59. Prabu says:

    Acting makes a movie to run..but i feel Kamal movie is not running…and rajni movie is running.

    With out content no movie will run even with agressive marketing.Check:Kuselan , baba…..

    Baba too had rajnikanth and agressive marketing.But it failed miserably.Kamal shows the true nature of a tamilian.
    Our ppl never likes good things made by the fellow men.(Excluding K.B Sir and Rajnikanth).

  60. Jan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Congratulations for your projects & all the best 4 ur forthcoming projects!

    V our friends feel that Ajith would be the perfect match for the amir’s role in 3 idiots! Will it be? Eagerly awaiting to know the “Tamil Idiots” Cast Sir….

  61. Krishna says:

    Shankar Sir,
    Pls give a press meet regarding 3iditos rumourr and vijay out of the project phenomenon..

    Vijay fanatic

  62. gleaces says:

    I heard that vijay walked out of 3 idiots remake. Please confirm it sir.
    It can be a blowup for vijay fans. But we have confidence, With whom ever you do this fil. It is gonna be a massive hit.

  63. sathish says:

    Sir oru general doubt,

    wat is red one camera, i curious in knowing it. please

    sir Cloverfield (2008), REC, la use paninatha?

    athu ellame handy cam la shoot panna mari iruku padam parkave interest ila then why now a days every1 starts using it.. coz it supports HD nu frd solluraru athunormal cam support panume why everyone is going for redone cam… please explain if u have time :)

  64. Vatsan says:

    Dear Mr Shankar

    First of all is it really true that you are directing the tamil version of 3 idiots???? Till now no official confirmation from your side sir?? If its true then is Vijay really dropped from the project sir??? We are getting such news sir??Pl clarify…

  65. shalu says:

    sir i think god saved you, anda nadika theriyada SAC paiyaan, tholaipathy .. unga kooda sendu work panna matanu solitanamm, super sir, thala ajithaa edunga, padam pichikitu pogum, avanuku vaithalaa pogum, ajith edutinga sombuvum nadipaan

  66. Kadhir says:

    I’m so glad that you are doing 3 Idiots remake with Harris. Gonna be a trat for us. I loved the original movie. One of my favorties. Please updated us here on your blog!


  67. rajkumar says:

    Today Kamalhasan commented in TOI that Endiran was successful because of marketing and not because of the content. your reaction????

  68. Rajesh says:

    Dear Shankar sir, when u going to do official announcement regarding 3 Idiots ? We are really waiting for that. I’m Illayathalapthy Vijay fan & cant wait to see my thalaivar acting under your direction. Please make it as soon as possible sir. Thank You

  69. A K S says:

    Day after tomorrow your next work in goin on floors…
    Update us with the same…
    Eagerly waiting…

    All the very Best (Dot)

  70. Dr.Ravi FROM U.K says:

    Dear MrShankar
    I amazed seeing the film and i work here in London as an Anaesthetic Consultant. Recently I went for a course called Advanced Trauma and Critical Care, a course meant for retriving patients from roadside, collapsed building, fire etc., In the course one of the Fire officers showed us picture of thermal camera how they use to look for victims or finding people near fire. I did notice in the film where chitti using thermal camera look for camera, I was amazed about your knowledge and execution at the appropriate time. I woul love to meet you in London when you are here. Please reply to this mail.
    Dr.Ravi S
    London, UK

  71. arulselvan says:

    Really the Diwali treat given to the Indian people sir. Thank you very much for giving such a wonderful film like Endhiran.

  72. Saravanan_atps says:

    Enthiran the robo – Its not a film its a science encyclopaedia.

    You can find real scientific reasons behind the scenes of enthiran here…


  73. vignesh kumar.s says:

    really great stuff sir no words 2 express,and i really get frustrated wen some guy`s compare ur work with hollywood U hav worked hard than tat,i saw the making of enthiran which gave me great inspirations.`sir if u are getting oppertuniy to do a hollywood movie u ll do a science fiction movie or a movie like”cast away”????????????

  74. Naveen says:

    Good to get appreciations from the legends of film industry. It always gives energy to the creator, whatever maybe the field he is. Congrats and all the best for your future endeavors. If at all you choose to do a next highest budget film, make a film like Inception. You have the capability of explaining movies like Inception in a very easy manner ( like the examples you used in anniyan to make understand even uneducated people )

  75. Srinivas says:

    Sir, ore oru request…sorry 3 request :)
    1) BAASHA V2.0 – The Real DON ,
    2) MUDHALAVAN V2.0 – The Perfect CM
    3) ENTHIRAN v2.0 – Robovatar.
    indha 3 padathayum thalaivara vechu edunga sir…

  76. Srinivas says:

    //Director Shankar Reply:
    November 4th, 2010 at 6:53 AM

    ask dat “one day” to come soon sabin…..

    apdinnaa 1200 Cr kum story and hero ready aa vechurukkeenga..super sir…hero yaara irukka mudiyum.. hatrik dhaan :)

    “Shankar koopta eppavenum naalum dates kudukka ready – SuperStar Rajnikanth ”

    thalaivara ipdi sollavecha ore director neenga dhaan sir :) attakasam…

  77. shriram says:

    I’m a die hard fan of you…..i watched Indian and Mudhalvan more than 50 times,literally….
    all i wanna know is “is you next movie a remake of 3idiots with Vijay in lead…!!”plz reply…plzplzplz….

  78. sadar says:

    Hi Sir
    this is 5th time am asking u plz release a book or website on details of robo making it will help us

  79. thirumurugan says:

    i dont know about him …………….

    Enthiran film is very nice…………….

  80. joji jose says:

    hi sir.am from kerala.am a great fan of you.happy to hear this and you diserve it.all the best for your future projects.sir i hav a request if possible please give me a oppurtunity to act in your movie because act one movie of you is equal to 100000 movie.plz sir accept my request.

  81. anjana says:


  82. siva says:

    Hi shankar sir, liked the mosquito scene and kalabavan mani scene. 4th time i watched in devi at that time i found some psychology fact behind those scenes.

    1)MOSQUITO SCENE: (a)even robo can put its all efforts to finish a task for its girl friend if it has love feelings.
    (b)Girls never change bcos if chitti is human , sana will say go and bring the moon or some great task that what human can’t do.

    but she can’t say to a human bring the mosquito which bites me!.
    bcos human will lie by bring some mosquito says this only bites you!

    here she thought millions of mosquitoes and chitti wont find it and says the truth ” sorry sana, i cant find out that mosquito” and surrender for her. This what a woman want.
    But all you know that chitti used mosquito mode and bring back the rengusky.

    2) KALABAVAN MANI SSCENE: In this scene you saw that vasi looks dull that he thinks about chitti and sana says “enaku kudathan kashtama irunduchu, but just forgot it, chitti illana yenna? athu madri 100 robo neenga seiyalaam” but now also vasi dont get out of car and thinks deeply. after that kalabavan mani came and you know the escapade of vasi and sana from him. then they laughed.

    Here the psychology fact is when kalabavan mani grab sana hand, she says ” ippo citti irundha nalla irukum, ivana adichurupaan” vasi ” ippo yen chittiya nyabaga paduthura?” see, now the actual thinker of chitti is sana only, vasi thinks about his project only. and when they escaped they laughed bcos of their true thought revealed that sana still remember chitti and vasi still fears chitti overcome for sana.

    I hope this what psychology fact behind those scenes. hats off sir!

  83. Jey-uk says:

    pls celebratre grandly enthiran scuccess when it become 100th day….

  84. change says:

    Hi sir, till nw i watchd endhiran 3 times great movie sir.. hats off 2 u nd ur whole team gr8 effort… nd i herd that ure next project wil be 3 idiots remake with vijay. gud choice sir..aftr completing 3 idiots. pls do any other big budget nd different movie with vijay sir…pls…bcaus we have 2 c a new vijay without his usual movies..bcaus ure the only director who can reveal the real talents hiding in every actor.nd best wishes fr al ur future projects..

  85. gleaces says:

    Your work on endhiran was mind blowing sir… When i saw . the making of endhiran .. I realised that even “james cameroon” would have not put the effort put by YOU.

    And I would like to know a small thing sir..
    It has been rumoured that.. you have planned for a 500cr budget movie with kamal sir and Rajini sir..
    Is it true sir…??

  86. lakshmAN says:

    In the logo of ENTHIRAN / ROBO, d background color is GREEN..

    is there any specialty for choosing that color …?????

    ( I think for VisualFX v use a GREEN or BLUE background color, is that d reason)

  87. Selva Kumar says:

    I hate people saying Shankar as James Cameroon of India.

    James Cameroon is Shankar of Hollywood..

    Correct ah?

  88. vijay fan says:

    hello sir ,
    after 3idiots please direct a dance based script with vijay sir….he has very good dancing and singing potential.If u direct a movie like this we can shine in world class like ENDIRAN.

  89. ssramu says:

    sir,how come you came to know about all the scientific facts related to robotics….did you go through various books

  90. ssramu says:

    sir,good afternoon. which is your most favourite film of yours and fav film other than that of yours films?

  91. sabarish raja says:

    hello sir padatha pathi yevlo sonalum pathathu super sir mass katitega…………..sir because of you enthiran mass kamichuruchu….enaku konjam karunai kati unga photograph oda autograph kuduthegana nanum konjam scene kamichupen sir plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plz : ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (: ( : ( : ( : ( : (
    by your die hard fan

  92. lalith says:

    really happy abt the 50th day of movie…. and continue till 500th day….

  93. lalith says:

    hi sir…….. u really deserve such comments from mr.oliver…..reply me sir….

  94. sethu says:

    Title i heard is Nanban………Is it true sir?? who is the third idiot sir??

  95. Suthan says:

    Any plan of releasing Enthiran on Blu-ray?

  96. Arunkumar says:

    what is the purpose of the lightning scene in the movie ?

  97. Ramprasad says:

    Respected sir….
    There also one buzz that in ANDHRAPRADESH ,SHANKAR and MAHESH GOING TOGETHER THAT TOO “3-idiots remake”.
    If it is ,this wil be the blockbuster of 77 years of telugu industry.
    Sssss,then all people feel like this “why because it is legends combination,this unforgettable to us even after 200 years”
    waiting for ur reply

  98. venki says:

    Hello sir,

    How you doing? i saw the movie its been incredible and fascinating one. I need a favor for me and also to the people. You have to do a historical movie please prepare a script soon. why because the new generation knows only the latest trends we should see the past the ancient history. Chola emperor the example

  99. Deepika says:

    Hi shankar,

    I watch malayalam, tamil,hindi, telugu, kannada and english movies frequently …. and i have to tell you that i have not seen such an intellectual filmmaker in any of the languages like the way u are(this is from my heart) ofcourse i am not an Oscar winner oliver stone but still u can also take my comments into consideration ;) … this is not only fr your endhiran but for all the films you have directed… from the journey of ur gentelman to Endhiran… the way u think and take a movie is really fabulous…

    Came to know that u r doing a remake of 3 idiots… is it true ?? please confirm …onnu naa solli aganum neenge 3 idiots edutha adhu parthu Aamir khan kandippa nambalum ippadi hindile eduthiruklamnu feel pannuvange… this is going to happen… i am eagerly waiting for that day …

  100. sathish says:


    Next movie is 3 idiots remake? is it movie remake or inspiration of the original book remake?

    title? 3 idiots in tamil. can’t guess how to tell attractively in tamil.. may be u can… that y u r no 1 director in india.

    sir rajini sir kamal sir combo unmaiya neenga direct pana poratha new varuthe unmaiya?

  101. lakshmAN says:


    I request 2 things….


    Telugu movie MAGADHEERA made with a budget of 40crores is released in BD.
    so a movie like ROBO DESERVES A LOT THAN THAT…..

    2. I’m not gonna ask what ur next movie is…

    but when will u announce the Project. Is it this YEAR or the NEXT…???

  102. ramU says:

    శoకర్ గారు మీరు తెలుగు లొ ఎప్పుదు సినిమా చెస్తారు అని మా తెలుగు ప్రజలు అ౦దరు ఎదురు చూస్తన్నారు sir

    you have replied “CHEYYALANI UNDI” once… for a comment.

    all the whole tollywood is waiting for a telugu film from u sir……

    Hope it’l come soon………. n Rock………

  103. Ernest says:

    Dear Sir
    Endhiran is a wonderful movie. I am sure u feel like Dr Vasi about creating endhiran, Oh yes you shd after all its your creation. I see you as a proud mother concieving Endhiran 10 years before and being pregnant and carrying the burden all by yourself for 2 full years and finally delivering to be seen and appreciated by the world.Ofcourse Sun pic has been the good Hospital and Kalanidhi Sir a very good doctor who helped you deliver this child.Needless to say that Rajini Sir walked this child to wherever he is now.Congrats. God Bless your work…..

  104. Shiva says:

    After Two decades, ROBOTs will makke a movie on Director Shankar!! :-)

    You deserve it sir!!

  105. Harish says:

    Indian James Cameron, kindly reply for my previous post please sir….

  106. J says:

    Wow sir thank you very much for taking time and replying for my comment, thanks alot.

  107. Harish says:

    Sir kindly let me know if my thoughts are right… Kindly reply just yes or no please…

    Enthiran (The Robot) the movie that is traveling in 1 Terra Hertz all over the world, breaking all possible records for Indian movie over the globe. When I saw the movie for first time I just felt the movie when is made visually beautiful, be it Chitti or locations or Fight scenes. Many said that movie won’t do good in B and C Centers but the movie seems to grab money from all centers and classes of society ruthlessly…

    Only after seeing the movie repetitively I realized the movie is based on Man and God’s relationship, no no no its God and Man’s relationship. In the movie Chitti is asked “Does God exist in the world” he replies “Yenna padaichadhu Dr vasi appo kadavul irukaru (Dr Vasi created me and hence yes God does Exist)” I don’t know how many Theists shed tears as Ash sheds for that scene. This beautiful line conveys that Chitti considers Dr Vasi as God.

    While chitti’s body is being made the lyrics says – “Ella Uyirikum Nanmaiyaiiru Endha Nilayilum Unmaiyaiiru” (Be Polite to all humans be truth at all times)This is what was told to Adam by God as per Christianity. Not just for Adam but also to Noah and Moses… I guess same is told in Bible, Quran and Bhagavath Geetha too .

    Dr Vasi creates Chitti just as a Human but with no feelings and hence Chitti even fails to lie in exam hall and hence Ash lands in trouble. Right after that scene Chitti says that “Manidhargal thannai kaapathika poi sollunga nu kelvi paten” (Human lie to save themselves) …. These lines talk about God who gave the power of lying to man but Man uses it for his selfish needs. While Chitti is still not given power of lying by his God and hence he couldn’t lie.

    The scene where Dr Vasi loses his temper and chops down Chitti’s body into pieces, though Chitti has emotions to get angry and power to destroy Dr Vasi yet he blinds abides to the pain given by his God. TRUE MEANING OF BLIND FAITH ON GOD.

    “Robo Robo Panmozhikal Katraalum
    En Thanthai Mozhi
    Tamil Allava! (I might be master of all languages but my father’s language is Tamil)

    Robo Robo
    Pala Kandam Venralum
    En Karthavukku
    Adimai Allava!” (I might have capacity to change this whole world or many more worlds but I still abide to my God)

    These lyrics talks about how one has to abide to God regardless how much ever powerful he is. Though his God commits mistake and smashes him yet the Chitti patiently conceives pain. Blind faith to God is taught in Christianity, Islam and Hinduism too.

    Now Bohra installs Red Destruction chip to Chitti, what happens to a Man when he is given emotions, greediness, selfishness and Power is what is done by Evil Chitti. Evil Chitti has ultimate power, he destroys everything for his selfish needs just like how we see many humans destroying many natural resources with his power for one’s selfish needs. At that mind set Evil Chitti doesn’t even listen to his God Dr Vasi in Virtual phone call, he says “Yenna yaralayum allika mudiyadhu”(No one can destroy me”) Just like how Atheists of this country talk.

    At last Chitti is asked to dismantle, Chitti beautifully compares the Red Destruction chip to evil thoughts of Humans, he says that he mis-used the rights that was given by his God and apologizes his God Dr Vasi saying that he had crossed the limits and rules of his God Dr Vasi. And says “neenga dhan yen kadavul, ungalukey naan drogam nenaichiten, Vidhigala mirunadhu thapu” (You are my God, but selfishly I lied you and cheated you for my personal needs, it confess that it’s a sin to cross your rules) and “am feeling good Doctor” for the his mistakes & he deserves the punishment, takes his head off – DOT. What Chitti does is Confession of his sins to his God. Every Human’s climax is the same regardless one likes it or not…

    At the Museum the girl asks why was it dismantled – Chitti says “Naan sindhika arambichiten”(I started to think and I realized my mistakes). Immediately the Back Ground Music goes “PUDHIYA MANIDHA BHOOMIKU VAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” (Oh New Human come down to earth or Oh new human when will you come to earth?) Does this purpose of Back Ground Music here needs any explanation? Left to humans to think over…. Hats off to introduce such a concept in Indian Cinema by Director Shankar

    What a way to show how a man is supposed to abide to God’s rules! Thanks to Thalaivar Shankar.

    Circulate this email to all Indian Movie lovers over the globe….. Let the world know that it’s an Indian who directed such a beautiful movie with a divine concept.
    Hats off to you SHANKAR

    Kindly reply just yes or no please…

  108. mithiran says:

    Dear sir,
    firstly, my hearty congrats to you sir. u deserved it and rajini sir is amazing. feel proud after seeing this film. i felt happy i saw the preview of this movie in UK but i really missed enjoyment like burning crackers, pal abishygam and rush etc..in the first day…really disappointed.

    but even feel proud sir, even british people wondering is this tamil film. they’re wondering its like a hollywood film. i specially thank you because u descried so many technical terms like ultra transmission, neural scheme etc etc, this helps to promote our field to everybody in our country.

    here after no one call INDIA as only bollywood, because there is tamil industry.

  109. Vivek Fx says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    Endhiran Simple Word la Masssssssssssss B-)

    Shankar Sir u r King Maker :)

  110. ramU says:


    Hello world…

    I’m Shankar… the FILM MAKER.

    Speed : UnStoppable. Memory: UnExpectable.


    My mother tongue is TAMIL… I have Fans allover the WORLD, I too like people allover the World.

    CREATIVITY is programmed to me…. The Results are AMAZING.

    I’v learnt a lot, but I don’t know what is a FLOP.

    I’m here to make my COUNTRY PROUD n Satisfy all those who believe in me.



    A small gift for my ARDENT FAN on the ROBOT 50 DAYS CELEBRATIONS.


  111. lakshmAN says:

    Hi FRIEND….

    What is your favorite movie other than GEANS(watch d spelling, its not JEANS)..????


  112. udayamala says:

    good evening sir:
    sir first of all a very big congratulations to u sir, u r the best in creativity, i realy love ur movies so much.
    especially geans robo and boys
    sir its a samll request sir: can u pleaseeeeee do a movie for college going student sir
    about 60% of students r wasting there career during course wasting there lifes sir can u please make amovie on these

    about me- i am medical student completed my couse presently doing my internship sir

    i am very much passoinate about acting its my dream coming true to act in ur movie r ur production house sir

    i should not dream somuch i know sir
    because a girl of 22yrs without any background cant get any offer normally only how can it

    sir please sir can u waste 5 min of ur valuble to see my pics sir my face book id erolla_udayamala@yahoo.com

  113. Jagdheesh says:

    Shankar Sir, I have a few questions to ask to you!

    1) I have observed that some form of nudity or other is featured is most of your movies(Kaadhalan, Indian, Boys, Endhiran, Mudhalvan to name a few). While I appreciate the fact that all these scenes have been carefully made with no sexual connotation what so ever, I would also like to know if it is some kind of sentiment you are following(like Rajni Sir’s Snake Sentiment or Kubrick’s Bathroom Sentiment).

    2) What according to you is the best way for a person to learn the art of filmmaking? Do you think one has to go to a film school compulsorily in order to learn the trade?

    3) How does a director assemble his team for a mega budget movie like Endhiran?

    4) How does a person who is really interested in film-making approach his favourite director to ask for an opportunity to work under him in a project? :P

    Excuse me for being too verbose. I would be really grateful if you could provide me some answers. Thanks for giving us a beautiful movie like Endhiran and Thanks in advance for your answers… Prepaid Thanks, So you have to give me answers ;) )

  114. Bala says:

    Sir any plans for doing a full length comedy movie??After futuristic Endhiran,do u have plans for a historical extravangaza??

  115. Mr G says:

    Gooddd night bro…:)
    Did you notice a scene in Uthamabuthiran? where they will mention your name :)
    Mass Brother ninga

  116. Murali says:

    Hi Shankar,

    Most of the science fiction movies will have part-2 , part-3.. (Like Terminator etc).

    Do you have any plan for Enthiran-2 (Part 2) ?
    It will be really nice. :)

  117. Gobi says:


    Lets get over from Enthiran’s success. I believe the next film you will be doing is remake of 3 Idiots. It would be wonderful to collobrate with Crazy Mohan sir for the dialogue part. His sense of humor is second to none. Anyway this is just a suggestion. Besides that,it would be nice if Surya can act in one of your movie in future. He is an extremely hardwoking actor and willing to change his image for the character sake. It would be ideal for you to experiment new things with this guy. Last but not least, ARR gives his best work when he is working with directors like you and Mani sir. Please continue working with him. Thanks if you consider this ideas in future.

  118. sathish says:


    Vaali Sir and the function pathi update panunga sir..

  119. Prabu says:


  120. A K S says:

    We wonder, what your next destination will be? – The Moon…

    Best wishes,
    Arun Kumaar.S

  121. Mr G says:

    Goodnight wishes for the Director Superstar with Two minute Spot Kavithai ;-)

    Vaarathin Ealu Naatkalum kashtapattu Ulaipathu, Edarku?

    Santhoshathirkum, Nimmathikum…

    Adhai, sulabamaga tharuvathu ungal padam :)

    Adikadi vendum Santhosamum, Nimmathiyum…

    (I know it’s not so good kavithai as your vairamuthu’s :( will try better in future, just started writing :p )

  122. Ramesh ELango - bangalore says:

    heloo sir… i have a small question to be asked… when chitti 2.0 makes the clone.. one of the clone enters army weapons godown to capture the truck with weapons.. the army man at that point almost resembles u.. is that u or a person looking like u..

    with regards,


  123. Srinivasan V says:

    Hello sir,

    Saw endiran. The movie was very nice.
    Beyond expectations, the movie satisfied people of all
    Your growth between the movies are highly immeasurable.

    Still few scenes of the movie are expecting reply from
    your side
    1. Why the intro of Rajni sir is not made massive?
    Audience went silent when Rajnikanth appears on the
    2. You always use the latest graphics technology in a
    song of your movie. I couldn’t pick the song of
    Endhiran where such technology is imposed since
    graphics is used all round the movie? Is it
    Chitti dance.
    3. Why didn’t a style nor a punch placed for Rajni?
    Placing trendy style and dialogue for super star
    is not a new for you.
    These are just questions that expects clarification and not comments.

    Expecting reply.

  124. samson says:

    There will definitely be more good comments from even bigger directors when they see this movie. Why don’t you trim the movie to about 90 minutes and release it in English, worldwide? Making of Endhiran was an eye opener on the effort you and your team had put. I enjoyed the movie more after seeing making of endhiran. Wish you all the best for many more great movies.

  125. Pradeep says:

    my heartly Congratulations sir………
    sir we got a news that your are going to make a movie of 500 crore starring SUPERSTAR and ULAGA NAYAGAN…… is that true?
    Do u have any plans for this kind of project?

    awaiting your reply sir ……..

  126. giri says:

    hello sir…
    u came in a military man role for 2 secs…
    am i correct??
    reply plssssssss sir

  127. rathish says:

    superb sir…

  128. Prasanna says:

    Hey guys anyone noticed our Shankar acted in endhiran one scene…
    **You came in a military role for 2 seconds am i correct sir…**

  129. I am your fain says:

    After watching Endhiran making, I was quite moved with the amount of hard work you guys put in.I have no words to describe how I felt. It needs lot of appreciation. I saw your acting for emotional scenes, you are amazing as an actor too. I think lot of Indian movies fail with lack of bound script and planning.Your biggest strength is your solid bound script and solid planning before shooting.How much time do you spend again on planning?.I see your signature in every frame and shot. I get high by watching your camera angles , it perfectly compliments the mood of the scene.You are one of the few directors who uses perfect shots to perfect scenes .How long does it take you to write a script typically?.Do you write down your camera angles and position pattern before shooting?. Please answer my question.I am one of your biggest fans from Andhra.

  130. Kameshwaran says:

    Dont miss this because of u, we are proud Balleliakka
    watch dis link..
    this is for you

  131. Jaykumar Ravi says:

    Hello sir,

    Endhiran is a film that has created new domains for the cinema industry to explore. The computer graphics in this film are something new for our Indian audience and it has come out really great sir! Perhaps, this will mark the start of computer graphics study as an important course or even as a prospective career for youngsters out there in India.

    I’m a game programmer and totally into computer graphics and visuals. I have explored a variety of articles in the internet that integrate game technology in movies sir. One of them is Bullet Physics Engine, a technology that was used the in 2012 movie. Another company called Pixelux Entertainment are working on a graphics/physics engine that can simulate real world environments better than present conventional graphics technologies.

    You are the only one capable of exploiting these technologies for Indian cinema to the fullest.I’m honored to share this little information with you Sir. I hope one day I can learn lots from you if at all we meet. :) Waiting for that day :)


  132. R.Subramaniam says:

    Hello Sir,

    Hearty Congratulations for the great sucess of Endhiran.
    Best wishes for your team members.

    I am happy that I came in this film for few seconds!
    It is really thrilling for me!

    Thank you so much.



    மதிப்பிற்குரிய டைரக்டர் சங்கர் அவர்களுக்கு,


    எந்திரனின் பிரமாண்ட வெற்றிக்கு வாழ்த்துக்கள்!.

    தங்கள் குழுவினருக்கும் தங்களுக்கும் மனம் நிறைந்த பாராட்டுகள்!

    படத்தில் சில வினாடிகள்(!) நானும் இடம் பெற்றிருக்கிறேன் என்பதில் மிகவும் மகிழ்ச்சியடைகிறேன்.

    மனம் நிறைந்த நன்றி!



  133. Robo Venkatesh says:

    Honestly speaking if someother actor sharukhan kamalhassan or ajit acted enthiran i dont think the film would have reached that mass. with hardwork of rajini and his millions of fans this film reached biggest gross collection in Indian cinema. I can assure no other actor will replace rajinikanth position or his mass appeal in tamil cinema

  134. AraZu says:

    Dear Shankar sir,

    The planning and execution of this project is simply awesome. We cannot see this type of perfect planning and execution in any of the industries including the IT industry.

    Thanks. You are really awesome. :-) :-)

    We need MORE from you. Hollywood people nama padatha vayapolandhu pakanum sir. I know you will achieve it.

  135. Panneer selvam says:

    dear shankar sir
    really a awesome work in Endhiran
    i felt that u could not sleep for the past two year
    how u have managed to be like that
    because for even a promotion interview we are feared and
    we could not have sleep for a week
    Pls tell how to be very cool in life like u
    are u will be like us
    comment on this

    bye sir

  136. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Sir,

    First of all i have thanks to the great LEGEND as Oliver stones.
    Oliver stones words is most & must appreciated & hats off to RAJINI Sir,

    All the best for your next venture.

    Thank you.


  137. A K S says:

    Making was wonderful…

    “see i’ll do it slowly… ”
    “ba’yapp’padaaatheeenga… yap yap…”
    “in yup it should go inside…”

    Amazed with the way Enthiran was made…

    ‘படைப்பின் உச்சம்’, personified…

  138. Mr G says:

    Superstar Shankar :-)
    Good night Brother :-)

  139. kabilan says:

    the person who acted with foreigners as agent SHAH is “SABU CYRIL” sir.correct sir????????????????. please pannunga sir.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  140. Senthil Subramaniyam says:

    Hello Shankar anna,
    How are you… My heartfelt congrats to the grand success of Endhiran(Our Chitti)… Its just the began of the celebration… Praying for OSCARs for ur work(the whole team)… Rajini Sir and A.R.Rahman Sir did their job to perfection… What a team to work and lead with… My special thanks to SUN pictures…. Saw the movie twice sir…
    My self also having few questions..
    1) The Scene in THE PARK saloon.. Chitti scans the telephone directory and answers to the question.. In that for the third question, the person with “NAIL HAIR” says his number as 44433321 (last two digits not sure) and Chitti answers his name… My doubt is Chitti scans a BSNL directory.. All BSNL number starts with “2″???

    2) Two one is while rescuing people from fire… Chitti ran and Saved all the people… Even though Chitti is resistant to heat upto 1000 degree.. the heat on the metal will be there… how could people catch robot with that heat… Whether titanium withstands that much heat!!!

    3) Third question… In scenes with Villan Chitti, i felt robot features missing in chitti… Body language and that metal sound were missing…

    Kindly reply anna… I am learning a lot with your films na…

    All the best for ur next project…
    My Sincere thanks to all the technical crew worked for Endhiran…

    Convey my hi to Anni and ur children…
    Take care….

  141. sudhakar says:

    Hi sir,

    one question about the film.Why the ROBOT ‘Rajni’ is wearing the ‘cooling glass’ from starting of the movie to the end of the movie?

  142. sethu says:

    Hi Sir,

    I read in net that vijay and jeeva has been finalised and u are searching for third hero…I would suggest prasanna for the third role who is a talented actor…

  143. Sridhar Ponnada says:


    Read in a renouned news paper,ROBO(Telugu) has become mega blockbuster hit of the year in terms of revenue generated.
    Still going strong all over Andhra Pradesh.
    Very happy hearing this news and hence sharing with you.

    - Sri.

  144. sangaran says:

    sir well done sir for the movie enthiran…
    sir the world is expecting for u the enthiran part 2 : the return of chitti ..? in tamil cinema there is less movie made for the seqeul…? wil you made enthiran part 2 sir..???

  145. vinoth raj says:

    great sir.

  146. Karthik says:

    Dear shankar sir, I have one doubt sir…. what is the inner meaning behind the lightning scene? Please clarify that scene sir… Many of my friends are saying different reasons for that scene.. But I could nt get to a conclusion… Please reply me sir…

  147. suresh says:

    i want to join u as ur assistant in ur next project……..i likw u very much…….please confirm about 3 idiots remake sir…..waiting fr ur reply……….plsssssss reply me sir……..

  148. Santhosh says:

    I feel really proud to have you in India. Every time i see your movies right from Kaadhalan to Endhiran, i always enjoyed the social message and your deep thoughts and expectations about this society and our country. In fact it totally reflects the thoughts and expectations of every citizen of this country to get rid of black money, to have a CM like Arjun in Mudhalvan, to have a corrution free country like you portrayed in INDIAN, giving proper importance to life while crossing teen age in BOYZ. It is all a dream of every citizen of this country. I consider Endhiran as your magnum opus and there will no movie ever will be made in near future like the one you did now. I have a long time wish to see the combo of SHANKAR+REHMAN+RAJNI+KAMAL. Surprise us with a project which is unbelievable with this combo by displaying the importance of friendship. I hope this will come true. If you are capable of connecting Rajni sir with Endhiran movie, i do not think it is impossible to get Rajni, Kamal together. It is possible to you big time shanker ji. I truly respect your efforts in all your movies.

    Any one can direct a movie, but there is only one SHANKAR
    Any one can act, but there is only one RAJNI….

    Eagerly expecting you to create another miracle thru associating RAJNI and Kamal.

    Kudos………..Keep going to create miracles………
    My hearty wishes….
    Endhiran ROCKS……

  149. Anand Chitti says:

    Dear Sir, we plead U to make a sequel to Enthiran.,

    we want ENTHIRAN-2 DOT we want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOTwe want ENTHIRAN-2 DOT

  150. ISRATH says:

    I am from Sri Lanka, We love u sir. Shankar Sir, U r great sir, in enthiran each and every frame oru chinna logic um pilaikavae illa sir, superb sir.

    and 1 more thing sir, wht abt the 3idiots, rumors everywhere. pls reply the fact sir.

    Sir pls reply.

  151. ஆர்.கோபி, துபாய் says:

    டைரக்டர் ஷங்கர் அவர்களே….

    உங்களுக்கு கிடைத்த ஆலிவர் ஸ்டோன் பாராட்டு எங்களுக்கே கிடைத்த மாதிரி ஒரு சந்தோஷம்…

    உங்களிடம் இரண்டே இரண்டு கேள்விகள்…

    1) 2010 ஆண்டிற்கான ஆஸ்கர் விருதுக்கான எண்ட்ரி முடிந்த நிலையில், “எந்திரன்” படத்தை ஆஸ்கருக்கு அனுப்ப, உங்களுக்கு ஆமீர் கான் ஏதோ உபாயம் சொன்னதாக பத்திரிக்கையில் படித்தேன்… உண்மையா? ஆமென்றால் எந்திரன் 2010 ஆண்டிற்கான ஆஸ்கர் போட்டிக்கு அனுப்பப்பட்டு விட்டதா?

    2) தங்களின் அடுத்த படம் என்னவென்று முடிவு செய்யப்பட்டு விட்டதா? ஆம் என்றால் படத்தின் பெயர் என்ன, யார் ஹீரோ?

  152. Kreshna says:

    Hello Shankar Sir please answer this.
    I saw Making of Endhiran. I really liked it. It was exciting as the movie. I liked the way you acted out like the Robot when you were telling them how you actually wanted. And was shocked you brought everyone to the rubbish place to shoot. Only you can think of all this.

    But one question, you mentioned you approached few CGI companies to do the climax but they backed off. Why? Is it so difficult? Or expensive? I mean its so hard to believe that hollywood FX Studios which is capable of Star Wars, Transformers, 2012 and Avatar actually turned down a movie like Endhiran.Why?
    What exactly happen? Mind telling us!!!

    One request!
    Please make another movie with Rajini. Only you can show Rajini in unique story lines.

  153. selvakumar subbiah says:


  154. SCP says:


    Its great that you do lot of research and give attention to minute details. The creation of hand, leg movements of robo, the first word spoken by robo “Hello World”, the first traditional program any computer student will learn. I admire your screenplay, direction.

    What is your next project sir?

    Also if possible can you please write a blog on your early life as assistant director, how you fought the rough path to become a successful director as it will greatly inspire your fans.

    Appreciate your hard work and GOD bless you.

  155. karthik says:

    eppa arasiyaluku vareenga…
    enga vote ungaluku thaan…
    2011 neenga thaan cm….

  156. Sivasubramanian says:

    Shankar Sir

    All are expecting you would do Hollywood movie in future.
    May I know your comment on it..

  157. Mr G says:

    Bro, nan 3 days uh website pathutu irken, when will you approve comments and reply nu,

    But ninga enku reply panve ila :-( :-(:-(:-(:-(

    Do reply me, I wanna show that to my family, friends :-p …

    Please nan gethu kaatanum, reply to me brother :(

  158. Jayendar says:

    Hello sir,
    My Humble question “Neenga Epa Hero va nadipinga”…
    I saw the enthiran making in sun tv,neenga oru seen
    nalla nadchi katniga,entha seen na Chitti bohra kitta i want to live, i want to love, I love sana that seen neenga supera nadchi katniga.Rajni sir sonnaru neenga who’s that black sheep scene super nadchi katninga nu sonaru.SO epa neenga Hero va nadpinga reply pannunga sir!!!

    Bye sir!! Reply pannunga!!

  159. Karthi says:

    Please do your next movie with Aishwarya! You’re both very hardworking and talented and complement each other beautifully.

    If possible a low-budget woman-oriented movie with Aish? Please please please, sir! :)

  160. Shyam says:

    Do u like Rajni sir?How much?

  161. sethu says:

    Hi sir,

    How is ur vacation?? when are you coming back??

  162. Karthik says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,
    Thanks for making a wonderful movie with our superstar….. Enjoyed everyscene in Endhiran…

  163. Vikram says:

    hi mr.shankar…

    when will you direct your dream movie???? அழகிய குயிலே????

    you’ve tried matching hollywood standards through CG, Animation, sci-fi,etc. I guess this is the right moment for having a 180 degree twist and going towards movies like those of Mr.Mahendran.
    I know you wanted to make movies like him… I guess i read that in a book which shared moments from your life before you took up acting (like setting up a fire cracker shop, returning with a friend all the way from thirupathi by a bicyle , ending up with blisters in your legs)
    I love most of your movies and will love them more if you start making movies you love. You’ve made producers become multi millionaires so far. now it’s time for you to give an academy award winning foreign language movie, a movie which becomes a smash hit even without a single CG, Animation special effects in it… I know you can. it is about when you will to do it… Please please please please direct one movie (அழகிய குயிலே) like the one you wanted to make before GENTLEMAN.. I want you to reap praises from writers in India. I don’t want my favourite director to be branded and type cast as one who makes big budgeted commercial flicks… i wish you lend your ears to this request from one of your million fans…


  164. rasigan says:

    sir.. are u really into the remake of 3 idiots or it is just a gossip.. have u finalise the main cast


  165. DHARMESH BA says:

    In the movie called BACK TO THE FUTURE2 the characters fly to 2015 where they show us flying cars and all those stuffz but now we are in 2011 (almost) but nothing has happened like that.You have shown us the Chitti in 2009 and 2030 which is also bit difficult in reality.Filmmakers are always great ahead the real world.We(Real World people) are bit lagging to cope up your creative and achieve your thoughts.We wish you make more technical films and amaze us once for all.(PS:My VIT University is shown beautifully.I had pic with you when u came to see the locations in our hostels that will now be pic of a life time.Thanks Sir)

  166. reagan fernando says:

    sir shanker !

    great movie i saw the movie in tamil & hindi in kuwait , some of the kuwaity people saw the movie in hindi with arabic subtitle , they love the movie, it was a great experience , after a small gap we all still waiting for one more si-fiction movie in 2013 , sir but make in tamil same as ROBOT , let the world watch TAMIL movie . love u sir!

  167. J says:

    Hi Shankar,
    This is mu third time writing to you, actually after seeing that u r responding to most of the comments.
    Just have a question or u can say that doubt.
    1.In the movie (Enthiran) on the scne Chitti drives the car and fails to apply brake and the car hits the divider and the right front side gets crushed, but the very next scene when he drives u to THE PARK the car look nice, did u miss that or ?.
    Actually i dont want anyone saying this as a goof, as i really know the amount of effort u and ur team taken for the movie.
    Waiting for ur reply.

  168. kadhir says:

    In wikipedia if you type director shankar it says that your next project after “3 idiots” is a 500 crore project casting rajini and kamal together and under the banner of sun pictures…i really dont know wither this is rumour or real…it will be good if you bring kamal and rajini together…

  169. mathan says:

    happy deepawali sir!

  170. Ramesh says:

    Most of the cult classics were destroyed by making sequels & prequels..
    I think u like taking challenges.
    Thinking of Endhiran-2 then??

  171. Abhishek says:

    Sir, I am one of your biggest fans. I’ve always been surprised by each movie of yours. I have a suggestion sir.. why don’t you upload your scripts online once the movie is released ? Lot of famous hollywood directors like Christopher Nolan(Another favorite of mine) upload their scripts once the movie is completed. We would love to know more about your working style :) This is just a suggestion sir.
    I would be the happiest person to see a reply :)


  172. Anushka says:

    hi sir
    which movie is more close to your heart????????????

    Plz reply

  173. Bala says:

    Kudos Shankar sir!!! you have made Tamil Cinema proud :) .. am sure u will either do hollywood movies in future or take Tamil cinema to hollywood range. I think we ppl as a whole miss SUJATHA sir :(

    Expecting more such stuff from you :) .. ALL THE BEST

  174. Harisha S says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    I liked endhiran movie when I first watched it but after seeing the making of endhiran,I have fallen in love with Endhiran movie..
    Hats off to the complete Endhiran team.
    Great work..God bless you all
    Jai Hind

  175. Rajah Durant says:

    First of all , thank you so much for inspiring young teenagers to write and make films of a genre that is unusual to Tamil cinema … ‘Science fiction’ !
    It was wonderful seeing the way the shots were being executed from the Pre-vis and the amount of hard-work behind the final output(i was so surprised on how much you and your crew worked for a shot that lasted for just 20-25 secs of a montage)
    Lovely creativity, perfect commonsense were small things i admired after watching the film for the third time.

    I am 18 years of age, residing in Ashok nagar, Madras. Im pursuing my degree in B.Arch and am trying to work as a technician of ‘Any’ kind for films. My interest for cinema be it Hollywood or Tamil cinema has made me learn unconsciously the techniques,resources,directory etc . You are the first and only person i am approaching for, i feel i should only approach people whose works have really moved and inspired me to think out of the box…
    I got this courage to approach you(though im very young) only after seeing the age-difference of only 5 to 6 years with your existing assistants like Mr.Atlee kumar, Mr.Dinesh Krishnan ,Mr.Aju , Mr.vijay anand , Mr.Yuvaraj and others…

    Mail me a reply if i am lucky enough to attend a interview/chat(if you would like to know more about or encourage my interest) in your free time at your office sir. I’ll treat you for a cup of coffee :)
    Live long and prosper

  176. Jayendar says:

    Dear shankar sir,
    I saw the enthiran movie more than 10 times in the theatre,You not only make the tamilan’s to proud,You make all the indian’s to proud by taking this “ENTHIRAN” film..

    Sir my humble request to you, Plz do ur next project with Super star RAJNI sir.Rajni sir is also told that u told 3 scripts. Two scripts is completed successfully,so plz do Hat-trick film sir!!!!!

    In Enthiran my favourite dialogue is “kadhalnu vantha evana irunthalum nutu kalandi irumbanga, Pathingala kalandi iruchi”.

    Surely Enthiran will win OSCAR Awards!!!

    Thank u Sir….

  177. vino says:

    unexpected one……..

  178. Yuvaraj says:

    I have watched the movie 3 times. It grows on you every time you see it. There are new things you notice every time you watch it. Its a monumental achievement. Congrats! The hard work shows.

    How about doing an Epic movie based on Mahabharatham or Ramayanam something similar to Lord of the Rings? You can do it and only you can bring the grand scale to these stories require.

    I know I am recommending a story that happened 5000 years(?) ago to someone who thinks a lot about the future! It will be nice break ;)

    Anyhow all the very best to all your future Projects! Enjoy the success, you deserve every ounce of it.


  179. S.Makesh says:

    Oliver Stone’s praise is far better than KB who has not produced anything worthwhile
    after 1992 when india started opening up. For the story/songs/sentiment etc you
    would have got feedback from lot of local director’s and anyway you don’t require since you are the best entertainer in India. But as a sci fi movie, most of them are only viewer feedback just like mine since they haven’t done it themselves. To know how good you are you should show this to Lucas,Cameron, Spielberg, Carpenter and get their feedback. For the budget you had, it was a phenomenal job and especially after seeing “making of endhiran” my respect for you has exponentially grown.

  180. Mr G says:

    Do one small favour brother,
    Rajini said as you will do Meeehhh Meeehhh,

    please please we would like to see it, couldn’t control eagerness and overcurious now.

    Do it in some interview or in your next movie :)


    Then one more request :) DO TAMIL MOVIE OR GO TO HOLLYWOOD and Make Indians proud…

    BUT PLEASE DONT DO BOLLYWOOD MOVIES…. Avangala paathale pudikala, we are so possessive about it.

  181. Mr G says:

    then padam release agra vara MOVIE ANNOUNCEMENT POSTER PAATHUTU irupen brother

    You are my Role Model brother :)

    Adutha Movie la Gnani’nu, Lollu sabha manohar ku per vachu,
    avan mandailye kotra matri scene vainga :) :):):):)

    Swat Katz matri script la thala thalapathy vachu panunga :)
    Ungala la matum than mudium :)


  182. Mr G says:

    I am eagerly waiting for your next movie announcement Brother :) :):):):)

    Ninga unga movie ya official la newspaper la with movie poster la announce panrapalam, it will be like festival :) :):):)

    So brother, sikram unga next movie ya announce pannunga :)


    But athuku munadi nala rest edunga [:p]
    nalla thungunga [:D]
    3 years tiredness pona apram Getha endrichu vaanga [:)]

    YOu are the best ever director brother :)
    Really proud to have you in my city :)

  183. Mr G says:

    Shankaaaaaaaaaaarrrr Brother :) :):):):):)

    Your smile is so so so so so so good in Enthiran Making…
    The scene which rajini will turn to you in military get up, with acid spilled skin make up… The way you smile is SUPERB bro :)

    The way you teach to the actors and explaining to the animators are awesome… I hope you will act in a strong role in upcoming movies of yours.

    You have lot of potentials shankar Ji :) :):):)

    You could have acted in Vaseegaran Role :-(
    Please come before screen and do some magic as you did behind screen[:)]

  184. Suresh says:

    Sir neenga 3 idiots panathinga sir, athai yaru venam panalam its a copy paste. But we expect another mind blowing movie sir. But we can understand that you need a break to spend time with family, software la laptop a katikitu kadumaiya 3 masam 6 masam ulachale family oda time spend pana mudiyama pogum. Neenga enthiranae muchu kartha ulachu irukinga pala varushama take ur time sir but relax panikalam nu 3 idiots remake mattam venam sir!

    Unga padangal indian parthu theatre vitu vanthu lancham vanguravana ellam adikanum vangavum kodukavum kudathunu sema impact athae follow vum pani irukan 99%.

    Unga padam boys appadiye enga youth days nothing wrong. Pasanga na appadi than AV vimarsam podatha pothu avanga booke thuki ernchi 2 varusam padikala karanam unmaiyai sonna ethuka marukuthu pasanga enna ramyanama pesuvanga appadi pesinangunu sonna athu sema reel..

    Unga Anniyan parthu , Enga thalaivar sivaji parthu eppadi thalaivarin thanambikai ellam sema boost even we know cinema is not life, cinema is made from life :-)

    Enthiran parthu thukkam potchu sir! 9 vatti avathar parthan yena nan cinema rasigan. Enthiran 17 Vatti parthu irukan Noida la Hindi la parthu nanbargal ellam sema film nu solum pothu tamilna indian na romba perumai paduran

    Thalaivarin anbum, adakanum, unga ellaroda ulaipum ethunai kodi koduthalum kasu kaga ithu varathu ullarthama nesichu muchi vidura kalaingarlae ungali pola oru kalangainai irukavae ennai thaiyar paduthi kolkiran.

  185. Suresh says:

    Sir Making of Endhiran parthu aluthutaen what an work, oru project manager mathiri professional a meeting, clear requirements, visualization, ippadi professional a industry a mathina ungaluku ethunai kodana kodi nandri sonnalum thagum.

    Enna ulaipu sir oru oru dept assistant la irunthu ellarum. Shankar sir unga acting unga passion, unga dream thukkam food, sleep ellame cinema thanu therinthathu eppadi patta makaloda kuttani seithu avargalin thiramaiyai miga sirappaga use seithu athil vettriyum kandu ellarukum oru sema boost koduthu irukinga

    Enga thalaivar patta kasthaathai parthu aluthu vittan in that mould athuvum oru pasia vangama ithu passion that too surrendering to the director.

    Enga thalaivarai alagai, nadikavaithu valavaithu, kadasi climax la en kulanthai yen pa robo oru toy frd a irukalam la ethupa dismantle panuchu nu orae alugai ennai uluki pottathu

    thalaivarai kai kalai vetum pothu thalaivar reaction award enna sir ithu than ulaga acting aluthu vittaen

    Pixar studios ellam film layum oru unaruvu kalantha animation irukum karanam technology is nothing without human emotions

    Neenga enthiran la appadi oru emotional elements a eduthukitu technology dream come true va paninathu

    Thalaivar nenaithal dupe poda solli compel seithu irukalam neegalum ok nu solli irupinga but he has given his most intha vayasula athai eppadi nikuraru enna team work sir!

    oru oru kala aduki iniku oru malaikottaiyae katti irukinga

    Really hats off sir.

    We luv u a lot


  186. sabarish raja says:

    Hi sir i saw the making of Enthiran sir really i wonder about Enthiran(shankar).When i am watching the movie i judge your effort but when i saw the making your hard work and effort over ruled my judgment.No words to say about your hard work.
    I totally inspired about Two things In making of Enthiran

    1.Imitation of Robot In the scene “Help panuga professor na valanum” you imitate that 100percent like an Robo your are mass sir

    2.That sub-woofer voice sir Wowwwwwwwwww chance less

    after watching making of Enthiran you created an Endless thought about you sir……and my heart and brain are disturbed to watch other movie after watching making of Enthiran..End of the program you said “After watching making of enthiran you will get a new feel”

    Thats 200% true I got an feel like When Chitti gets Kiss from aish After getting the Human feelings as like I got an new feel……..Hats off too u Sir DOT

  187. selvakumar subbiah says:

    shankar sir in one word i wish 2 describe u is ur a genius..sir i beg u sir plz do one more movie with rajini sir..shankar+rajini+ARR….there is nothing in this world 2 beat this combination..rajini sir in sun tv interview 2 said when ever shankar sir calls i will go 2 do his film..sir plz onbehalf of crores and crores of rajini sir am asking sir plz consider sir..take care of health sir

  188. Murali Sundaram says:

    Great! You made us proud. Original , Very Fresh……

  189. kppradeep says:

    We all have seen Enthiran at least thrice and cannot have enough of Rajini sir.Thank you very much. Our Super star said he will give dates to you any time. Also he revealed you have told him three stories(Sivaji/Enthiran and one with Hunch back).
    Rajini has sacrificed so much to make your dream come true and can you do another movie with Rajini sir. This is not to take the credit away from you but to emphasize that Rajini need not do all these things at this age or for his status
    Common Shankar sir we want one more movie with Rajini sir


    i am studyin in sweden and we saw d movie travelling 300km from my place..

    i spent nearly 5000 inr for seeing dis movie in stockholm for both travel expense and ticket,its all bec of two reasons, shankar and rajini ..

    we feel its really worth spending dat much after seein d movie ..

    movie is mindblowing .. even swedish people with us appreciated about d movie .. we feel proud at dat time bec of u ..

    we, our indians, glowing and growing in all d fields including cinema ..
    great work shankar ..

  191. karthik says:

    Thank u for giving a standard film in tamil.Yesterday i saw the interview of super star in sun tv,in that he told”whenever shankar calls me to do a film,i will go with him and wont even think for a minute,i have that much confidence on him”

    Any plan to do movie with our superstar again?

  192. Sankara Narayanan S says:

    Hi Sir,

    At the outset I want to say very big Thank you for making wonderful movie SCI-Fi movie in Tamil. I saw the “Making of Robot” in Sun TV yesterday, it was interesting, excited and thrilling experience for me and my whole family.. I would say it was very big Treat for me. I didn’t move away from my seat and I was closely watching each and every frame of “Making of Robot”. It was awesome real time experience and I saw the great Team work put on by your whole Team.

    When I saw “Making of Endhiran” I ask myself questions that How “SHANKAR” has managed and carried the whole Team did he learnt these management techniques by experience or reading.

    Basically I do hand painting and flash animation. I am eager to learn CG but due to family commitment I couldn’t able to do it. After watching these CG and realtime experience on the Movie. I plan to do it and motivated me a lot..

    Great Team Work to your whole Team. Cheers!!

    Sankar S

  193. sathish says:

    expecting a good Adventure movie thalaivaaaaaaa…..

    i never forget my frds saying endhiran climax while that giant robot chasing police cars…. ‘india la epadi oru padama’ nu …. same word to be come for all ur forthcoming movies. so please don’t take any normal subjects sir pls.

    sir next movie pathi announcement epo varum athuvachi sollunga…

    sir rajini sir diwali aniku pesum pothu shankar robo,sivaji, n another story sonar nu sonnare athu adventure or action movie…

    sir we all watched ur speech in making of endhiran n also voice modelation from u now we realise who make vikram to speak like that nu…. u r genius !!!

  194. raja adityan says:

    Hi shanker sir,
    enthiran is technically superb.I am expecting movies like xxx.mission impossible,nfs,death race to be made in tamil venture.
    I have confidence that u can make this types of movies in future.

  195. ஆர்.கோபி, துபாய் says:

    Dear Shankar ji…

    Heard that Mr.Aamir Khan has advised you on sending ENTHIRAN to OSCAR Award nomination as the official entry is closed ..

    Is it true? Please let us know….

  196. Stanson says:

    Hi sir, Im Stano from Sri lanka.Im really proud of you for Oliver stone’s compliment.I saw making of enthiran in SUN TV.
    It was amazing to see the effort that you and your team have taken.Only Shankar can do it I was a science student.and Im a fan of the word “SCIENCE”.you have fullfiled my thurst by this movie.No doubt about it… the new era has started in tamil cinema…Tamilan endru perumaipada vaithathatku nandri…

  197. Sharmiladevi.S says:

    Hi Shankar sir,

    Congratulations sir:-)Proud to have you in India sir:-) the way you frame the scenes will always be extra ordinary in your films…I really loved the scene when chitti’s love is expressed by bringing the mosquito to sana…It showed ur creativity in taking a unique scene to express a robot’s love…hats off to ur amazing creativity sir:-)Wish you a gr8 success in your henceforth projects.

  198. Ramesh Venkateshan says:

    Hats off sir, your are now in the league of greats like Sachin Tendulkar and AR Rehaman making Indians proud. Wish you many more success in all your future endeavors.

    Watched the making of Enthiran yesterday, i was amazed with the technology used in making of the movie..no doubt Enthiran would be the stepping stone for Indian Sci-fic movies in years to come.

    After seeing all the hardwork your team has put especially of Superstar’s I have now started liking the movie much more than before. I had watched it thrice and would would watch it a couple of times more now:)

    As Rajini sir quoted in the interview..this movie couldn’t have made without the planning and execution of Shankar and Sun pictures so again a big salute to you and your team sir.

    Eagerly waiting for your next movie.
    Yours Sincerely, Ramesh.

  199. Agathiyan says:

    Sir, great work….. Tat too after seeing the making of Endhiran , You are simply mind blowing sir… I am not even qualified to appreciate “U”…. Each and Every small and big things in the film is simply marvelous and only you can beat you… Hats off….

  200. Neevan says:

    Sir please include the making of the film in the DVD and Blueray releases as well! Would love to have these precious moments for life!

  201. J says:

    Hi Shankar,
    This is mu third time writing to you, actually after seeing that u r responding to most of the comments.
    Just have a question or u can say that doubt.
    1.In the movie (Enthiran) on the scne Chitti drives the car and fails to apply brake and the car hits the divider and the right front side gets crushed, but the very next scene when he drives u to THE PARK the car look nice, did u miss that or ?.
    Actually i dont want anyone saying this as a goof, as i really know the amount of effort u and ur team taken for the movie.
    Waiting for ur reply.

  202. kavya says:

    sir after a very long time i enjoyed every scene of a movie.. that is endhiran..hats off sir!! wonderful making.

  203. sethu says:

    I know you are gonna work for three idiots…One small request….In Hindi version, message about present educational system was told in lighter mode to society..I request you to show that message strongly as shown in mudalvan, indian, gentlemen…It would make great impact for tamil audience and to our soceity..

  204. Ernest says:

    Wow thats amazing entering, Dear Shankar you just rock. The words fresh and Original coming from an Oscar winner is an award already won from hollywood side. Am sure with this we will win Oscar very soon.

  205. anu says:

    Sir i hope you will do one more film with the BOSS which will be bigger than Endhiran

  206. Radha says:

    You truly deserve Shankar sir. Oliver stone appreciation is just a start i would say. Oscar auditorium adhirum naal vegu tholaivil illai.. BTB, wish you a very happy Deepavali.

  207. Sameer says:

    Shankar sir is it true you are going to be taking up a remake which is 3i with vijay in lead?

  208. VENKATA MURALI says:


    Great News sir.

    - I Saw endhiran movie 8 times.

    -After seeing ENDHIRAN movie i want to share my happiness with you . thats why i searched 3 days in many shopping malls at Hyderabad for a gift which suits you and send it to your office. now iam feeling very happy sir ……

    - “” The world tollest Architecture is ‘EIFEEL TOWER ‘. Now with endhiran movie it is proved the world number one Director with of EIFEEL TOWER Shankar sir my Heartful Greating ………….

    With Love
    (Andhra Pradesh).

  209. BIBIN PRASAD says:

    congrats sir, u really deserve tat honour..pl announce ur next project…???

  210. ramU says:

    hi Shankar sir


  211. lakshmAN says:

    Ha great to expect a reply frm u sir….
    u’v replied me THRICE……

    I’m sad that I cant’ watch ROBO now fr almost 4 weeks as my SEMESTER exams r going on…..
    I’v watchd ROBO 5 times

    evry time when I think of it I feel sad that I cant watch ROBO for 4 weeks my eyes r filled with tears when I think of CHITTI DISMANTLE scene….

    any how after exams I’l catch d movie in cinemas TWICE a WEEK…..

    very proud that U n I r an “INDIAN”

    May God bless u n ur family members……

    all the best for ur every step that ur gonna make as they catch others attention…..

    with love

  212. sabarish raja says:

    happy diwali sir……

  213. Anushka says:

    Hello sir

    HAPPY DIPAWALI………………..

  214. Maruthamsiva says:

    Happy Diwali Folks (To whole Endhiran Team)


  215. Thamizh says:

    Sir Great work Endhiran.
    I am a medicine graduate.Seen all ur movies.In every movie u dealt with some aspect of medicine or medical education.
    In Gentleman about medical education.Still now the same condition prevailing in most private colleges for this noble medicine.
    In Endhiran that Magnesium sulphate regimen and old methods of delivery not practised now.Eventhough our field improved upto the level of robotic surgery for cancers not a robot conducting delivery.But u used it aesthetically.Wish it may happen in future .
    In Anniyan,the multiple personality disorder.In this condition one character doesn’t know the existence of other one..But in climax shot of vikram n prakash raj the transformation is nice but in reality not like that.We cant do everything true in cinema.
    But i like the theme Of Anniyan.”A change in society starts from a common man but not with blaming others or Government”.Best theme of all ur films.
    Sir i wish u all success n touch new horizons.
    I wish to know do u really aspire to learn Medicine in ur childhood.
    Sir if possible do a medical thriller which i have not seen in tamil movies so for.
    Congrats for all ur success Sir.

  216. Karthikeyan Periyasamy says:

    I like the end credits music for the movie “The Lost World -Jurassic Park 2″ so i happen to see the end credits completely whenever i saw the movie. What was amazing is that the different level of team involved in that movie, a separate team for dinosaur eyes, separate team for car stunts, separate team for Animations, several assistant directors in different units, what a lengthy end credits for an 1 1/2 hours movie, wondered when this will happen in India.

    “Endhiran” does it, i saw it for 8 times so far, only twice the end credits was screened completely, I was totally amazed on looking at how many teams are involved in this movie….. Hats of to organize such teams, including screenplay and direction, i can imagine how much dedication, passion involvement and hard work you put on……… Simply hats off sir……..

    Basically i am a mechanical engineer(heard u r also) , the most difficult part in making such robot is the leg-balancing for standing and walking. You have shown the Robot falls while walking, in the initial scene……lovely

    Japan is the hot spot for robots, they are pioneers in it. you have shown the Japanese web pages in Dr’s computer……. amazing

    I love these small small realism facts………Gr8 work sir.

    Looks like you have ended it with a scope for Sequel………. what’s in your mind sir?

    Here in pune, my hindi friends saw the movie and giving comments like “masth movie”, “acha movie”

    All the best for your future projects too……

    Eagerly waiting for your next announcement………..

  217. raj says:

    Can we expect a MOB movie from u sir? plz replay atleast for one mail sir…

  218. ஆர்.கோபி, துபாய் says:

    டைரக்டர் ஷங்கர் அவர்களே….

    உங்களுக்கு கிடைத்த ஆலிவர் ஸ்டோன் பாராட்டு எங்களுக்கே கிடைத்த மாதிரி ஒரு சந்தோஷம்…

    உங்களிடம் இரண்டே இரண்டு கேள்விகள்…

    1) 2010 ஆண்டிற்கான ஆஸ்கர் விருதுக்கான எண்ட்ரி முடிந்த நிலையில், “எந்திரன்” படத்தை ஆஸ்கருக்கு அனுப்ப, உங்களுக்கு ஆமீர் கான் ஏதோ உபாயம் சொன்னதாக பத்திரிக்கையில் படித்தேன்… உண்மையா? ஆமென்றால் எந்திரன் 2010 ஆண்டிற்கான ஆஸ்கர் போட்டிக்கு அனுப்பப்பட்டு விட்டதா?

    2) ஞானி, சாரு நிவேதிதா போன்றோர் இந்த படத்தை எதிர்மறையாக விமர்சனம் செய்ததை படித்தீர்களா? ஆமென்றால், உங்கள் மனதில் என்ன தோன்றியது?

  219. SANTHOSH says:

    sir… this is making us really proud… u r making nation proud with your excellent work.. i wish all success for u…. thanks for giving us such a wonderfull movie…. hats off to u sir

  220. Kreshna says:

    Sir, Hindi movies most of them are doing a sequel even if its a average grosser or an hit but Endhiran has been declared a blockbuster unitedly by all including overseas.Plus i think you could have explored chitti’s love for sana even more. It was a bit quick that chitti fell for Sana so quickly after couple of kisses.Please do a sequel sir and Explore more on chitti or robo.

    Our tamil cinema is not new to sequels. Kamal has done before, remember? Kalyanaraman followed by Japanil Kalyanaraman.

  221. Kubendran says:


    Try to submit for Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 2010.

    All the best.


  222. Vineeth.KP says:

    Me also looking for Chitti 2.0 upgraded theme musiq.
    Its really superb.
    Frm where can i get tat……..?

  223. CHITTY RAVI says:

    hi sir ur robot movie superb thala……..all the best for ur future project. please you will take ENTHIRAN-2……
    u will definitly do sir….
    do the bet

  224. sai srinivasan says:

    saar… Mr. oliver stone vida neengalam periyaa aala varuveenga at the end of career…endhiran is fresh and AWESOME…
    standing ovation for showing Super Star as normal scientist with intro void punch and punching flying scenes songs etc…u succeeded in achieving intelligent audiences!!
    ore oru constrain namma cinema ku budget(coz of viewership)
    athunala anga anga graphics realistic ah illa…. as srinivasan said… graphics realistic ah venum na inum selavagum… but its a great attempt…
    and this is my 8th post and 8th time i am pleading u not to take up remakes and move out of tamil industry when u have fresh and virgin plots that hasnt been explored in cine industry by some directors…
    3idiots lam vendam sir… nanga unga kitendhu fresh youthful (love -less masala-less cinema) ethir paakarom… something of inception gerene that should make ppl think deep then start with endhiran 2 or any scifi film …i know there are nearly no producers who could fund for such a masala less script.. but i wish u to do something like that ….as a shankar fan we want u to elevate u r self by creating movies that makes other industry beg for remake rights… namma kita ena sir illa??? ethuku sir holly bolly remake ku ponum?? unga pinadi 6 kodi tamil plus 4 kodi telugu ppl irukom sir… summa adhira vidunga… neenga endha padam eduthalum 5 times pathuduven…
    MAKE OUR FANS INTELLIGENT……..KINDLY SAVE TAMIL CINEMA from stardom,mass,fight,kuthu and AWEful romance flicks

  225. Selva Kumar says:

    is any Hollywood Director greater than Shankar? No way….

    Shankar > Everything ;)

    So these are jujube…

    Keep on your Good Work Going…

  226. harish says:

    congrats sir . . .

  227. Vineeth.KP says:

    Sir pls confirm 3 idiots remake & also abt Rajini-Kamal Movie…………….
    All r exitcd to knw abt tat……….

  228. Vineeth.KP says:

    Tats really great.
    U surely seserve it Sir……………………….
    Endhiran is jst amazng…………..

  229. Vijay says:

    Hi shankar

    it is amazing and unbelievable that you have come up with a fresh creativity ( like dragon ball, robotic drill, snake and a gaint) at the end of the film.

    It is very difficult to come up with such ideas without getting inspiration from western style robotic sci-fi movies( film makers of i,Robot, Terminator movies never thought abt such idea of materilaizing a robo into variaous forms )

    Somethings had come up really well, like u have depicted a battery-powered robo,( in the first half i thought, why hv you not made the energy source as nuclear ) and justified it or used it well as a base for building up scenes like chitti falling out of the train and recharging using the railway current and also in the climax, robos recharging from car batteries. A common term like battery will reach out to the audience more than anything like ‘nuclear’

    I wish you should do a sequel. Best Wishes.


  230. dez says:

    hi sir

    i luved d film .hat off to ur genius….. the villan rajini in the movie is done excentlly well.i loved it…..plz sir try to do the 2nd SEQUEL…AND IS D MOVIE RELESING IN 3D…..PLZ REPLY SIR,,,M EAGERLY WAITING



  231. dineash says:

    enthiran superb

  232. sabin mathew says:


    One day when I become reach I will give you Rs 1200cr. You have the caliber to make a better movie than Avatar. All the best.

  233. sathish says:

    congrats Sir, u deserved this. already NDTV reporter tweeted on first day of endhiran release. good new experience – by popular NDTV reporters and producers.

    Oscar la nominate agiruku nu news varuthe unmaiya? why don’t sun pictures promote like slumdog millionaire movie to oscar

    Sir next film ???????? we are all dying to see hatrick with u and superstar a mass film….

    sir tweeter la kuda shankar nu iruke athuvum neengala ila fake? please conform coz its spreading in social networking sites….

    sir kamal sir + rajini sir + shankar sir combo true? pls conform sir.

  234. Kay says:

    sir plz confirm soon abt 3Idiots sir.
    we Vijay fans r dyin to c Vijay in ur direction.. plz make a official announcement sir

  235. binoy mambully says:

    ivar direction panna film ethu sir..?
    eppaddennaalum neenga periya aalu thaan sir..
    congracts sir..

  236. sravan kumar says:

    sir how are you i am very pleased to send comment for we waited with lots of suspension for couple of years about your robo sir . at the time of watchingthe movie i lost my sadness and suspension , i am very xcited at the time of watching movie. in some parts of first half water is dropped from my eye that much hard work and effort done by your self to this movie its really milestone for our indian film industries sir i am very graet fan for you i want to meet you sir there is a lot of collection with me about you sir SHANKAR SIRRAJINI KANTH SIR<A R REHMAN sir is the most wonderful combinations we expecting lot of films behalfs of you sir.every movie done by you is very very superb and extra ordinary sir.if once i will meet you means i will become slavery for you sir.really you are asome sir yours movies is very very (there is no word to define that gratness of you sir)that much heart touching person of you to ussir.
    yours respectively
    sravan kumar

  237. Isan says:

    Congratulation sir your wll take osgar award

  238. Arul Jegan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Congratulations and we are very proud to say, we belongs to your mother land. We are very thank ful to give our Super star 2 Block busters in 3 years. Sir, why cant you think about an JAMES BOND movie with our Super Star. Only you can deserve that too. Its all Rajini fans dream that our Thalaivar should act ina JAMES BOND movie.

    Kindly think about this and we expect the anouncement regarding this in the next any Endhiran function.

    Thank you very much and waiting to see more movies with our Super Star.

    With regards,

    Arul Jegan

  239. Sundar says:

    You and Your Team deserves much more laurels …

    There is a quote “TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More”
    Not only endhiran team but also the public who made the film such a huge success …

    Wish u all the best


  240. INIYAA says:

    Dear Anna ..

    Waiting for.. ENTHIRAN SEQUAL and a HATTRICK with RAJINI.


  241. INIYAA says:

    Dear Anna,

    Where to get chitti2.0 theme music (1.1 …) without the background vehicle sound and ?


  242. INIYAA says:

    Dear Anna,

    You and Enthiran Team deserve this.


  243. Kowshika says:

    Hii…shanker sir hw r u???:)Im ur great fan i luv all ur movies :) chance yae illa thala!!! ENTHIRAN MASS sir…. All the best for ur upcoming project.. Wish yo all success!! :) Plz reply fr ma post sir waiting for tat plzzzzz :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( plzzzzz sir reply mudiayala!!!!…. :(

  244. Anushka says:

    Today nov 1, just say HAPPY B’DAY TO Aish.

  245. Anushka says:

    hi sir,
    you deserve it. its like hollywood movie. your whole team deserve.
    i have listened that BOYS is going to be dubbed in hindi.
    very nice and plz just dub your all movies in hindi.
    and plz tell me what is the meaning of CHITTI????????????


  246. jegan says:

    Dear sir,
    great.there s a rumour that u r going to do a 500
    crore project with rajini n kamal.is it true sir

  247. Mohan Prakash says:

    Hi Shankar sir,
    You are really great and you got the right appreciation from the right person.
    I like you from the day when I was kid. In one of the old movie you say ” Idu saadaarana moolai illa, Panasonic moolai”. I following you right from the begining. You are proving that every now and then.
    And yet again.

    Any way, Great movie to watch.Congrats.
    Looking for more surprises from you in the future again.
    God bless you.
    Hope the team do some more projects.

    All the best.
    Mohan Prakash

  248. sagar says:

    I’m one of your BIG FAN,ROBO is awesome.WE are some more films
    on science fiction

  249. Harish Rathnaala says:

    Congrats, Shankar sir!! Please consider Enthiran part 2..there’s great potential…

  250. Vivian Richards says:

    Hi Mr. Shankar,

    Kudos! This is really great to get accolades from the Hollywood personalities. The reason is they have been seeing a lots of Sci-fi films right from 60′s and if they are telling that ur film is fresh and original, it’s really great. Send ur movie to Oscar. I believe ur team deserve to get an Academy Award.

    Also heard that u r going to do a remake of 3 idiots. After Enthiran, y r u thinking with someone like Vijay. He has lots of years left. Why can’t u try a hat-trick with Rajni itself? He’s in to his 60′s now. We dunno how long he’s gonna act? So try and use the maximum opportunity. If u ask, he’ll definitely agree. He has already told that u r a director with command like KB sir. Also he likes u very much and even now he has told that Enthiran’s victory is only because of ur genius. Please think something big with Rajni itself. If possible, a historical genre. It’ll be a dream come true.

  251. narayanan says:

    dear sir,

    i am from dubai and i dont know how many times ,saw enthiran in dubai.
    we all proud of you sir.
    after a long time , a tamil movie mesmorised me.
    you definitely doing enthiran-2 and that also with only our beloved superstar.
    may the almighty bless you.

  252. Rahumathullah says:


    It is the foretell for your future award for Enthiran

    Like ‘yanai varum pinnae
    Mani osai varum munnae’

  253. sunder says:

    Hi Sir,

    Many congratulations…and wish you success in your future endeavours. Hoping to see a world class cinema from you in the future too..God bless


  254. Prasath says:

    Highlight the words “Fresh and Original”. Kudos Sir, you did it.

    Now, please think again before you do a remake of the 3-idiots. Remakes are for the people who can’t thing big. On the other hand you seem to be a knowledge powerhouse. So please O please don’t limit your scopes, you are worth a trillion and you’d be better off without doing a remake.

    Think again…


  255. sabarish raja says:

    sir padam chanceeh ilaa thar maru..yepadi thaan ipadi ellam think panergalo…i m proud to be ur fan sir….awaiting for ur next own story movie…sir

    na yepadi comment pana reply panuveega sir:(:(

  256. ranjit simha s. says:


  257. P.VENKATA MURALI says:


    - Iam VENKATA MURALI ( Andhra Pradesh ).

    - I Saw Endhiran Movie 8 Times ( Tamil 4 times + Telugu 3 times + Hindi 1time )


    - Iam feeling very happy after seeing this Great News.

    - And i wishing you To get like this Apperiations from So many honourble Persons…………


    VENKATA MURALI KANTH. (Studying MCA in JNTU University, HYD)

  258. chithamparam says:

    We also proud for Endhiran(As a Tamilan)

  259. G Elayaprabu says:

    Talent is appreciated . This may be ur hollywood gateway sir. i like to see ur hollywood movie soon sir.
    Endrum anpudan

  260. M. Arunachalam says:

    Congratulations Sir.

  261. Pratheep(call me Pradeep LOL) says:

    Hi sir!

    I’m one of your BIG FAN, I live in France and I watched Enthiran. Wonderful!
    I loved the acting of Rajni, especially Chitti 2.0 (meheheheheheh LOL). Aishwarya Rai was beautiful, I have no words to describe her beauty. The story is excellent.I loved the BGM and songs. I cried when Chitti dismantled himself(LOL) and Graphics were just WAW. The film was like Spielberg film’s. BRAVO for the whole team!


    P.S: Plz Reply me ^^

  262. Ramesh says:

    Please provide info regarding ur nex projects..

  263. PRABAKAR says:

    Sir, Congratulations. You must screen this movie to West you deserve many awards.

  264. natessan says:

    you deserve this ….. Shankar …. Enthiran is surely going to amass many oscar awards …….
    Best Actor (SUPER STAR)
    Best Director
    Best Music Director
    Best Heroine and many more……

    I am sure about this.

  265. Shree says:

    Sir, congratulations! I really loved the movie; in some ways, I would even say that it is superior to some of Stone’s work

    Sir, I have a question. I’m very much interested in joining the film community, mainly as a script writer. How would you say I can do this? I know a lot of people have this ambition, but I would appreciate if someone of your stature can guide. Plz reply!!

  266. PRABHAKARAN says:

    Awesome comment from Oliver Stone… All the credit goes to you and you only…. Miles to go shankar…. All the very best. proud to have you in Tamil Industry….. Don’t forgot Tamil Industry even you direct Hollywood movies in future…..

  267. ravi says:

    u make indian film industry proud

  268. Maruthamsiva says:

    Sir, We are proud about this. Thank you Mr. Oliver Stone. Sir, Surely you will get Oscar for this film.


  269. Ramya says:

    I am sure thats a moment of real pride for you ! We are proud of you in turn :)

  270. Aaryan66 says:


  271. R. Prakash says:

    Real honour from a great work from a right person. Dear shankar sir, you will scale new heights and will win oscar one day. Still now i remember your reply with a simple single word “DO” for my earlier post. Because of the recognition given to my script for my son arjun in kalakka povadhu yaaru and BECAUSE OF THE ENTHUSIASM I GOT FROM YOUR REPLY , I stating writing a full length comedy sir..

    You are really a role model

  272. Sankar says:

    Nice to hear sir. . Congrats and best wishes for your future films…

  273. Raghav says:

    good news sir.. can u give us a mafia like film ? I really liked the 2mins when Bohra goest to meet the arms dealer… I was wondering u wud be the best person to do such a movie full length…

  274. Narayan says:

    Shankar Sir,

    This compliment is for ur team’s hardwork.
    This may make u to think for ENTHIRAN-2 or any other science fiction project in future.

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