Nanban – Location Hunt & Music Sitting

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  1. Ragunathan says:

    Sir, Nanban Superb sir.

    indhu varai vijay padam adigama pathadhu ila, pakavum pudikadhu(2002 – 2011).Vijay enaku indha padatha patha piragu avar mela mariyadhai varudhu, romba pudikudhu.

    Thanks Shankar sir….

    Thalaivaaaaaa (Shankar) You Are Great!!!!!

  2. arun.n says:

    hi sir, i very like in nanban i was see on theater …
    i was study on film industry its my dream….
    all is well

  3. suriya says:

    Hello sir,

    can we expect your great cg work on nanban movie?

  4. RANJITH says:

    Dear Sir,






  5. Ramprabakar says:


    My best wish’s for nanban……….:)

  6. shanmugaraja says:

    hi shankar sir,

    nanban padathuku aduthu unga project ? sir

    aduthu S picture la enna padam panreenga director,hero yar panranga?

  7. murali ராம் says:

    hi sir, this is first visit in site and this my fist commnt to u!!! i hope u would reply for this ty sir

  8. s.karthikeyan says:

    hello sir how are you i am very great fan of u i never miss your film last endhiran u make a mile stone direction for tamil movie we will wait for ur picture nanban.

  9. sankar says:

    hai shankar,
    i am from kumbakonam
    which place your native
    near on kumbakonam
    umaiyalpuram or any other village

  10. Shyam says:

    Hello Shankar, I saw a actress who is expecting, is it going to be the same climax like 3 idiots, will it suit Tamil audience?
    Anyways I am your die hard fan, U are the one in our generation to represent tamil cinema to world class, All the best and Big cheers.

  11. Venkatesh says:

    waiting for the audio…

  12. Venkatesh says:

    Sir you replaced ARR with harris in Nanban…
    Is harris satisfying you in every aspects?
    When will be the audio launch???
    Waiting for your reply from 27/08/2011…:)

  13. bala says:

    Always Hope You And Vijay Join In Many Films……….

  14. Danny says:

    Sir, muna maadhiree gentleman,indian, aniyan maadhiree oru super subject panunga sir. I think u r the best in those kinda story lines. Good Luck


    hi sir all the best for your good try all time i pray to your success i like to work with you

  16. RAVIKUMAR says:

    hi sir.ela unnaru.nanban stills bagunnai.

  17. RAVIKUMAR says:

    hi sir how r u.mee cinema eppudu release chetaru i wait for this picture.

  18. RAVIKUMAR says:

    hi sir how r u.mee cinema eppudu release avutunda ani wait chestunnanu.oka chinna korika.wil smith chesina hanckok lanti cinema meeru future lo teestarani asha padutunnanu.

  19. MRK says:


    Gladiator, 300 typela.. tamilnaattai base panni neega oru padam pannina nalla irukkum… you only can bring much perfection for that type of historical movies. I heard about Chera,Chozha and Pandias, but don’t know about the war,battle fields and war strategies of them. Neenga kandippa antha mathiri padam onnu pannanum sir.

  20. Rajani Kumar says:

    how you have got the story of robo and idea behind to devalop the story to screen play.
    did u make any home work before this project

  21. L.Gokulraj says:

    hello sir…, i want to become a director. you are my inspiration sir. so i am expecting some tips from u.

  22. Ravish says:

    hi sir,
    heard that u came 2 dehradun for nanban’s shooting,i live in mussoorie but was not in town when u all came.Is there any scenes left 2 be screened at dehradun?plzz do reply…
    your die hard fan

  23. anvesh says:

    good evening sir

    Can you do the MOVIE with the Arjun again,
    I Want to see the combination again

  24. s k iyer says:

    hi, i wont say im a die hard fan of yours. but enjoyed all your works(except jeans) i eagarly wait for your movies (may be this is called die hard!)

    my first thought about this movie was “why should he remake a hindi movie” (sorry for being so open) but i will certainly watch this movie.

    i wish you and your team all the best.

  25. Naresh says:

    Hello sir,
    I watched vaishali(eeram) movie. It was mind blowing. Every shot in the movie is very well planned and executed.
    Thank you for producing such a wonderful movie.
    Convey my wishes to arivazhagan sir and the cast..Especially cinematography was excellent…..
    Looking for more movies in your combination…
    I wish you all the best for your future projects..

  26. shankar says:

    Dear sir,
    I am one of your eager fann… have you change any seen or any songs suituation of NANBAN compare with hindi version….

    when can we see next post… please reply meee….

  27. Gowri shankar says:

    I’m a die hard fan of urs sir.. padathukaga wait pannitrukan… will vijay sport any new get up sir….? can v c a new vijay?
    Is the still with vijay spikes

  28. Aditya B.K says:

    sir 1st of all all d ver best to nanban…
    i jst wanna ask u whether u r next film is a sequel to INDIAN???…i jst read that in a magazine..pls reply sir…hope u will…

  29. bhupathy says:

    haii shankar sir,
    i am ur hard fan.. i like al ur movies from starting… i like very much your recent combintn with our thalapathy, bcaz i am like him very much…. i expecting more result from this NANBAN movie.

    can u plz tel me wil u do any other projects with our thalapathy except nanban… PLZ REPLY ME SIR.????????

    this is a thousand million dollar doubt from my side.

  30. Sheik says:

    We all know atleast 50% about you as a DIRECTOR….

    Tell us about your family and about your children what they doing?

    As a father you should have some dreams on your children… Tell us how they want to be in future! :)

  31. charlz says:

    I’m extremely happy that Endhiran has won two national awards…

    Hearty wishes from ur ardent fan….

  32. charlz says:

    I’m a die hard fan of urs sir.. padathukaga wait pannitrukan… will vijay sport any new get up sir….? can v c a new vijay?
    Is the still with vijay spikes true?

  33. vignesh says:

    nice images.

  34. kishore says:

    pls answer this humbly request sir….

    pls sir neenga kandipa Endiran 2 pananun,athula nanga romba aavala irukom,idu ungalal mattum than mudium pls sir next technical treat kodunga….

  35. natarajan says:

    i am crazy about u sir…..atleast u come single scene in ur flm sivajila bayangarama pn pesitu keela thookipoduveenga…but robotla i mis u sir…..

  36. guruprasath says:

    Shankar sir,

    It’s new to everybody, why you turned towards re-make film? why can’t you continue with your unique style?

  37. Rakesh Babu says:

    I am a die hard fan of our moviez who is eagerly waiting for Nanban release..But Sir can i know is it possible for a part2 version of Indian movie bcz our current nation situation demands such a spectacle movie…Eagerly waiting for ur reply Sir…

  38. Harirao says:

    Please can you share the working experience with paramahamsha?

  39. Vikram Venkatesan says:

    who is your roll model or mentor sir?


  40. Vikram Venkatesan says:

    Hello sir,
    indian is a movie, i went first to see in theater in my childhood days. I saw anniyan 25 times.each and every dialogue is awesome.i saw enthiran in devi theater 1st day 1 st show thala.what a film! super movie!. I am eagerly waiting for Nanban movie. May i know what is next movie from S pictures?.

    Thanks & kind regards,

  41. P. VENKATA MURALI says:





  42. Krishna says:

    Sir – I’m a die hard fan of Shankar-Rahman combo. But not sure why it dint took off for Nanban. Your next project will be with him or Harris?

  43. Manjesh says:

    Hi Shankar Anna,

    Unga films yellam romba ennaku piikum..Ungaloda film la neenga sollura message pathu follow pannieruken for ex: anniyan movie la traffic rules obey pannurathu.. Appuram Vijay Sir oda fan naan..kavalan vijay sir different aa parthom..Athupola namba “Nanban” layudm different character aa varuvarunu ethirparkeren.. Hindi original version 3idiots film yennum pakkala..Chance kedaichathu But unga version movie ya pathutu pakkalamnu romba excitement aa eruken…

    All The Best ***$H@NK@R*** Anna..Waiting for ur reply anna………………………

    Thanks & Regards

  44. vinodh shankar says:

    sir…why dont you create an official page…in facebook…?it would be great..:-)

  45. Shanmugha Sundhar Ram says:

    i personally pray that both the combinations go well…
    (Jeez…i exp A.Arjun..could have made his entry… :D )

    u being the specialists of CHARACTERISATIONS….
    expecting ur version of 3 idiots …

  46. Shanmugha Sundhar Ram says:

    sir..y din u try another combination like ,”vijay ,mahesh n allu arjun”,(OR)”Vijay,al.arjun,and somebody else…?”
    …could’ve been sensible in both language aspects
    ,a decent mutual intro’s ,for the heros …in both telugu n tamil,industries,,
    simultaneously ur job bcomes not that hectic n tedious for two individual shoots….
    May be ur right in terms of dates-issues and characterisation ….making it to audience’choice….rather if done as one project n then dub ‘them…

  47. Santosh says:

    sir,,, can u pls share me that foto in which u r walking alone with having ur coat on left hand

  48. Santosh says:


    u r lookin great in which u r walking alone with holding ur coat on ur left hand
    it was a great foto….i lik it

  49. srikanth says:

    sir, once come to IIT MADRAS..!wat more do u need in a engineering student life…!it’s the most beautiful campus in india(atleast)

  50. martin says:

    hi sir,
    will there be any changes in the tamil movie or is it a scene to scene dub

  51. G.Elayaprabu says:

    Hello sir,

    We are very much waited for ur next movie. We are really proud about ur direction and ur films.One day me and my friend had a discussion about the casting of nanban. I was really worried abut the role by vijay. Because vijay is romantic and action hero. But in this it is some thing he need to underplay. when we discussed this my friend commented on this “director na irukura thiramaiya mattu velia konduvantha pothathu ,he should mould actor to his characters” . Hope you will do that. I like vijay to dance some hip hop. when is Enthiran 2 shooting starts.

    Endrum anbudan.

  52. sonu says:

    sir i will come to chennai next week. r u there in chennai? i want to meet u

  53. Vivek Fx says:

    Shankar Sir Awesome…Official paper ad sema sir…Unga creativity epavum great…Hindi ah vida Tamil la semaya irukkum sir..All d best….Again New script Vijay+Shankar Combo varanum sir….plz :) All is well sir

  54. mukilan says:

    make vijay look cool both in appearance and also in his acting style .make this film as landmark in his career.give vj good westeRN dance moves:-o

  55. Jagadeesan Chellan says:

    Nice to see vijay working with you for the first time.
    I think this movie will be a “best in class benchmark film” for other actors. This period is very critical in vijay acting graph as well and i sincerely thank you for choosing engal thalapathy vijay in your nanban movie.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vijay Fan.

  56. Anand says:

    Hello shankar sir
    Photos are very nice ! waiting for nanban release!
    Great to see you with vijay..

    Nnaban release by diwali?
    Wish u & ur team a big sucess of this film & good luck for future projects.

  57. Ramanjan says:

    you should be very careful at music.I feel music is vital role for enjoying movie.try to appear this film totally different from hindi version.visit IIT campuses ,shotting there because every student aim to study in those campuses.please sir this movie will touch my heart.take care at iliyana because she may mistake during action.I felt the chemistry between rajini and shriya was some exect bad.there would have been another heroine in shivaji.
    i have been your big fan and your well wisher.all the best .

  58. vignesh says:

    sir is there any get up change for our thalapathy in d film..
    Its d question of millions of his fans.. For this question you oly ll b able 2 give the answer answer sir.. Please sir..
    Sir when d next schedule starts?

  59. rakesh says:

    how many songs composed still now… when is audio release.. there is any chance to ar rahman to release audio cd…. pls reply sir……….. i beg u………. plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…….

  60. karthik shankar uyeer says:

    shankar sir,

    really i can say iam one of your dieeeeeee hard fan of your films & i have posted so many comments but till date there is no reply , no problem sir , if u really wants to make india proud please please in behalf of all your die hard fans i request u to be do enthiran-2 enthiran-2 enthiran-2 & that should be the last film of RAJINI SIR / my uyer SHANKAR SIR Combination no one should forget till our souls remains , @LEAST PLASE REPLY YES / NO

  61. manimaran says:

    sir thank u very much for posted my comment and for ur reply sir.
    am really so happy sir…..
    am so happy
    ur die hard fan

  62. ramesh- elango- bangalore says:

    hi shankar sir.. one more village movie from Ramarajan… a village based movie with ur touch… a movie to better the rural mind… with a painful song from Rahman ..

    May be a
    ” Hi-Tech Village story by ” – Director Shankar

  63. Haridu Hussain says:

    why have not tiedup with arrahman for nanban

  64. Madhan Varman says:

    Sir as some news spreads over the internet that there’s a possibility of ENDHIRAN – 2 with same team including our demi-god Super Star going to strike again . , heared that u too working with scripts.,

    Plz tel uz how far the news are a real fact., we want some declarations from u sr.. PLZ REPLY me Sr …,

    or plz personally mail me if u r considering secrecy of the project…..*(ragasiyam paadhugaka padum sr believe me)*
    – by ur ultimate fan

  65. srini kalidas says:

    padam eppadi sir vandhuruku?
    audio launch eppa sir ?
    enga thalapathikum-Aamir khankum enna difference sir?????

  66. piyush chauhan says:

    hello sir you are a great man iam watching movies from 12 years

  67. Dinesh says:

    Shankar Sir,
    ur suggestion about vijay sir
    and are u enjoy with the nanban team?

  68. Sundar says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    I just want to ask u one personal question.
    I am very good in writing stories with good creativity. I feel my stories have the capability of taking our tamil cinema to next level. I wish to see my stories as movies in silver screen. Is there any story writing department where i can register my stories. What should i do to make my dream come true possible? Please help me!

  69. Sundar says:

    Hi Shankar Sir,

    How much is the budget for this movie?

    We Vijay fans are hoping to see u both doing many more films together in future.

  70. vishnu says:

    shankar sir official news paper nanban AD eppo release agum sir?

  71. santu says:

    nice sir

  72. smaiitm says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    It is great to see you reply and keep the folks posted.

    Is is possible to share when next schedule for NANBAN is planned for? And where?

    All the best to you and the team.


  73. Dr Ravi S says:

    Dear Shankar Sir
    I would like to meet you when you come to London next time. Please keep posted on your travel itinary.
    Please reply

  74. Nirmal Kumar says:


    What is your voice on ‘Jan Lokpal Bill’ and Anna Hazare???

    How you are going to support Anna Hazare??


  75. Kamlesh says:

    Shankar Sir,,

    Plz say one HI to Kamlesh (Me) & Your team..

  76. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Shankar Ji,

    what did you have feel about SUPER STAR DIVINE WAYS?.







  77. Sandeep Prasanna says:

    Sir Vijay epdi irukar. U know him since long. But under your direction how is he? And moreover we see vijay mostly without much changes in mannerism & style. A humble request. Can you tell us whether he would have a separate look / style in this movie. Surukkama ketta vijay ah entha vithathulayaavathu vithyasa paduthirukkingla??

  78. suresh vishwa says:

    hi shankar,

    this is a very cool and nice project. expecting to see on theatres soon.. sir, five point someone(fps) book kandipa padichurupeenga nu nenakiren.. padam unga style la irukuma illa vijay style la irukuma ? illa 3 idiots/fps style ah?

    Suresh Vi.

  79. respondvignesh says:

    Hi Shankar sir,

    How is the chemistry between the new pair Vijay and Illeana??

  80. sagar says:

    HI SIR ,Here u’r telugu fans r also waiting for 3 idiot remake,,,,will u dub this in telugu also r will u plan to remake in telugu also

  81. Prabu says:

    Sir ur making style look very good.Actually i am harrish fan .So lot of thanks for u

  82. sabarish says:

    hai sir 3rd foto gethu sir mass kattriaga………..enthiran 2 confirmed ahh sir………..expectations starts now it self sirrr

  83. viswa says:

    hi sir, when you are direct with tollywood heros..all andhrapradesh people are waiting for that……

  84. Venkat says:

    Hai sir, one request is tht make the things to be real in d film. Make new variety scripts with vijay like friends, Unnalea Unnalea, Siva Manasula Shakthi. Will it happen? I’m waiting to see d new artists joined wit u in tis movie. Thnk U…..!!!!!

  85. G V N Prasad says:

    Hi sir,
    Why u r remaking again the 3idiots movie, It already seen by all. In every of u r releasing movie I have so much of curiosity and anxiety like what kind of story with message Sankar sir going to tell us with his mark of direction. For this movie I don’t have this because I know the story. From my side one request for u kindly accept “please don’t take any remake movies”.

  86. sai srinivasan says:

    shankar sir match pathengala?
    pasanga thee ya velayaduranga

  87. vignesh says:

    sir wats ur opinion about superstars RANA………rep;y pls sir……………

  88. Udhay says:

    Hi Sir,
    Expecting To watch my NanBaN VJ. I dont know why lot of fans are requesting u to do especially a fresh scripts with Vj. As an actor, acting in a remake movie is the REAL TOUGH TASK rather than acting in fresh scripts(as here its called like this). But i dont know about how it ll be for technicians like director, camera man etc. Whats ur opinion sir ?

  89. udhaya says:

    Dear Shankar,

    I am ardent fan of vijay i m happy that u r directing a film wid him but i want u to direct a fresh film of ur own script.will it happen???nd how vijy s behaving n ur sets no update about him ????

  90. Balaji says:

    Hi Sir,

    We, Vijay fans, are extremely happy that the dream combo Shankar-Vijay has come true. But on the other side, we badly want you to join hands again wit Vijay for a fresh commercial script. You yourself has mentioned on may occasions that Vijay was considered to do “Mudhalvan” after Superstar and also many people have asked on when you are going to direct Vijay. We would be delightful to see you both in a Mass cum Society Oriented film. Its a long time dream for every Vijay fan to see him in a Brand-new stylish look in a film which has a strong story-line yet commercial and you are the one who can make this happen. Just my two cents, on behalf of all Vijay fans.

    Being a Superstar fan as well, i am almost sleepless upon hearing that Endhiran – II might kick off in the near future. Want to see Chitti 2.0′s heroisms again. Please let us know Sir.

  91. Vishwa Nagendran says:

    Dear Shankar,
    I am your ardent fan. I grew up with seeing ur movies.
    Right from Gentleman to Endhiran.
    All your movies are musical hits too ..:)
    I have a separate gallery of your movies.:)
    I wanna meet you and convey my wishes in person.
    Please please help me in that :)

  92. Arun says:


  93. jOhN fRaNcIs says:

    wow.. awesome.. cool.. All is Well.. huhuhu.. God Bless All..

  94. MANIMARAN says:

    sir y refuse my comment. am only posted the first comment in this .but even a single comment wasnt published.
    its k . thank u very much
    ur die hard fan

  95. ROOPESH KUMAR says:

    Hi Shankar,
    I Have always waited for your films eagerly. And the same goes for Nanban. I loved 3 Idiots and am sure that you would come out with a much better fare. Though not a Vijay fan, i feel Vijay was the right choice. His mass appeal has not been extracted properly by certain directors, who infact have spoiled it by making certain rubbish movies. Hope he has come to know that. All the best for your film

  96. JJJ says:

    the first two location is in central London near chinatown.
    it would be nice if you going to take songs here in london

  97. Sankar says:

    Hello Shankar,
    It’s me Sankar from Brussels, Belgium. From Kadalan, I am watching your movies at-least more than 5 times.
    I am very much interested and awaiting for Nanban to watch it in Europe.
    Endiran got released by Ayngaran in Roosendaal. Thanks for the excellent movie.
    I am also from CPT’2002. You rocks…

    > The first song in 3-id original version is heart touching one. Will that be in your style like “Indiraiyo Ival”?

    Please let me know if you have any plans to visit Europe for location hunt.

    Thanks for your reply.

  98. anbu says:

    photos are so nice,sir…. and can you work with vijay again in some different script like thriller based…???????

  99. sabin mathew says:

    Cool pictures…
    We are hearing lot of rumors about Robot-2. Is it true?
    We are eagerly waiting for it. If it happens it will Indian cinema to world level.

  100. kumar says:

    dear sankar sir
    Nanban has to be made much much better than Hindi its a humble request to the great director of our time.we all know the style of your film making but this is the special film with our thalabathy.please sir make tamil film history by doing your magic with this star studded selection of crews and techs.
    all the best to our most admired director in India
    kumar =====London

  101. Thamizhanban says:

    anna neenga kalakuringa……..

  102. dhanasekaran says:

    wat is the difference between 3idiots and nanban??????
    u would not take the film as such!!!!!! i expected so>

  103. Anushka says:

    Hi sir………..why don’t u make a movie on envirnment or sports????? And i wanna see the pair of Aish n Surya….. best of luck^^^^

  104. கடைக்குட்டி “அராஃபத்” says:

    மத்த ரீமேக் படம் மாதிரி இல்ல.. மொழி புரியாட்டியும் எல்லா மக்களும் பாத்து ரசிச்ச படம் இது..

    ஸ்டில்ஸ் எல்லாம் பாத்தா (பாத்த வரைக்கும்…) அந்த படத்த அப்பிடியே தமிழ் படுத்துற மாதிரி இருக்கு..

    என்ன மாதிரி ஷங்கர் ரசிகன் என்ன எதிர்பார்ப்போட வரணும் ??

    உங்க எலிமெண்ட் என்ன இருக்கும் படத்துல????

  105. pbk says:

    Shanker Sir,

    I’m a great fan of you and Vijay. I was waiting for this combination for so long. I like hindi version of this movie a lot. I hope your version will be much much better than the original. However as a vijay fan , we’re expecting more movies in future with Vijay. (on ur script)

    Last but not least we gonna miss you and AR combo. But we love Harris too. Its gonna be a music of the year!!

    All the very best Sir!! YOU ROCK!!

    Share more pictures sir!

  106. Dinesh says:

    nice photos sir, But what about 4th one is it statue or real man ????

  107. Rahul says:

    sir is it real of making endiran 2???????????

  108. Dharani says:

    Sir pictures are great…..update some pictures of satyaraj..
    when shall we expect this film to hit the screen????

  109. MEGHA SAI says:

    wat abt remake of idiots in telugu??

  110. sheikvijay says:

    all iz well same remake tone an….illa….new version’a
    better go with new tune…..

    waiting for SATHYARAJ sir….photo and getup…

    all the best

  111. balaji says:

    hello sir,

    many of my frenz comment much about vijay….as not a versatile actor….. yet i like u r guts and faith u kept on vijay… and the crew was superb selection sir…
    i m a big fan of urs ….. now u r photos too ….. nice to view u much in photos now….

    can i know some approxi date of release of nanban sir?

  112. Prasath says:

    Hi Shankar,
    Are you in london? if yes, please tell the location, we would like to meet you…i am very much aspiring to meet..event it is for 5 minutes..pleaseeeeeeeeeee…..Enthiran2 is confirmed ?

  113. Vishal says:

    Great pictures. Love you for your passion.

    By the way, sir, will you want to do a female oriented movie with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan?

    It’s just a request. I want you to do it next!

  114. Selva says:

    are the rumors about Enthiran 2 true?


  115. Guru says:

    sir photos awesome.. pls post some vijay-sathyaraj fotos.. pls do some new script with thalapathi..

  116. mathan says:

    sir super pics sir ……………………………………………….shankarrockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  117. spyke says:

    which place is this

  118. gprs says:

    Sir I’m A gr8 fan of ur Movies & my all tym fav actor is VJ… waiting to C nanban.. sir pls do any new script with Vj like Mudhalvan & Sivaji.. VJ is d best person to giv advices to youngsters like us

  119. kannan says:

    really nice photos sir and i want to ask a small question? sir
    wht is name of vijay charecter sir

  120. sathish says:

    Sir Pattasu Kellapputhu ella photos, Sir 3 idiots padam usual remake style la irukuma ila Shankar’s BRAND ulla oru padama ?

    Sir All is well song epadi varum nu tha ellarum ethiru parkirarkal… all is well or ellam nallam ?

    Sir today i read an article about surya in his speech he mensioned ur name as a one of the director who like to work with. is that posssible in future.

    Sir Sujatha sir ku replacement yaru nanban la dialogues ? balakumaran?

    Sir nanban diwali release ku ready agiruma?

  121. Zaheer Hussain says:

    nice photos…….

  122. Kamlesh says:

    Sir Kalakureenga poanga.. All the best for “NANBAN”.

    Take Care,


  123. Rajah says:

    hi sir, you are very good director in India…… i expect that Nanpan is better than Hindi 3 idiots

  124. vinu says:

    thanks for sharing…………. waiting for more update

  125. vinu says:


  126. Ganesh says:

    i am waiting for this movie

  127. lohith says:

    superb sir……

  128. sai srinivasan says:

    fotos excellent…. with muqabula nu oru photo poturukeenga la,… athu enna?
    endhiran 2 confirmed A?

  129. LG Saravanan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am very much fan of yours.. I have met Mr. Jayakumar Sir. He told me “Endhiran II ” will come soon…. We are all eagerly waiting to see more updates from you.. All the best.

    Thanks & Regards
    Saravanan LG

  130. Chandra says:

    Shankar Sir, which country are these locations in?

  131. pearl says:

    dear sir,

    try to come to australia sir,we are in melbourne, we will show you some place whic will be exterior and you may love it and us it for thalapathi nanban…we are here to support you fully

    eg: lime stone rocks, lake entrance, great ocean road etc

  132. Thirumurugan says:

    super sir…….

    photos la romba alagave irukinga……pinringa Indian……

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