Nanban 60% Completed!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long time… Lot of happenings… We were continuously shooting in Europe, Andamans, Coimbatore and Chennai. We’ve finished 60% of the film, we have shot almost all the complicated and difficult outdoor sequences of the film including climax. So far we have edited all the scenes and started dubbing… Again we are going for a long schedule next week at one stretch, and we are going to complete the film. One more good news- Mr. Resul Pookutty is joining again with us for Nanban sound designing.

…When we were shooting at Bharath Engineering College last week, I got a call from Singapore… I thought it must be some relatives or fans… Then I thought may be Rajini sir… Yes… It was him only… I was surprised and happy to hear from him… Ubhayakusalobhari!!! (UBKS)… etc … He was sounding like before… Brisk and energetic… He told he will be back after 45 days taking a complete rest…

He is well!
All Is Well!


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  1. Soman says:

    Thx to Director/Producer Shankar Sir for revolutionising Tamil movies. The quality of effects that he delivers in his movies is awesome. I am sure he can deliver us Tamil movies in line with the movies being done by Hollywood. I hope in the near future he will make films on scientifical/technological/adventurous/historical platform; and I am sure it will be a real time hit…..All the best in his forthcoming ventures….

  2. Suresh R Athreyaa says:

    I am happy to hear from the media reports that you are going to join the hands with Super Star for hattrick. It would be nice if you could kindly confirm the same. I also watch Super Star’s interview in Sun TV on the eve of Diwali. During his interveiw, he shared that 3 stories were shared by Shankar Sir and 2 were shot and one hunch back guy’s story is still pending. He further stated that he is ready to give his call sheet for the sake of Shankar Sir at any time. You may kindly note this point. All the very best.

  3. Suresh says:

    I am happy to hear from the media reports that you are going to join the hands with Super Star for hattrick. It would be nice if you could kindly confirm the same. I also watch Super Star’s interview in Sun TV on the eve of Diwali. During his interveiw, he shared that 3 stories were shared by Shankar Sir and 2 were shot and one hunch back guy’s story is still pending. He further stated that he is ready to give his call sheet for the sake of Shankar Sir at any time. You may kindly note this point. All the very best.

  4. sivakumar says:

    sir you r directed indian-2 dicired

  5. kmr says:

    Sir, any updates pls……….. :(

  6. shankar says:


    Please tell me which is your next movie…. very surprisingly waiting for that.. i would like to know pls pls pls pls


  7. Rajarajan says:

    After almost completing ‘Nanban’, do you have any regrets in opting for a remake film? A frank answer, please…

  8. Jazz says:


    All the best for your movie

  9. K Karthik says:

    Sir…Happy Birthday to you…

    This is true ah sir…

    “The Nanban team celebrated the fact that they had completed shooting successfully with a big bash at Hotel Green Park. The entire cast and crew were present for the event. Vijay, Shankar, Jiiva, Srikanth, Harris Jayaraj were part of the festivities. A spirit of fun and bonhomie pervaded the event.Everybody felt that they had made a good film and were proud of their collective effort. Vijay especially was happy to have worked with Shankar since he had been unable to work with him in the past”

    i got from facebook sir…

  10. SAKTHI ANANTH says:

    sir nega sivaji laum Enthiran laum rajini sir ku introduction la SUPER STAR RAJINI nu name podumpothu special la puthu theme + STYLE la potigala athye mathiri nanban ILLAYATHALAPTHI VIJAY sir kum poduvigala ??? not 1ly for vijay sir jiiva and srikanth kum pottalum nalla irukum

  11. Anand says:

    sir happy birthday sir sorry for the late reply today was my birthday sir

  12. sathish says:

    Muthalvan mari, Indian Mari oru padam venum sir please next movie athu mari unga style motha ulaga cinema parka vaikura mari nadakanum sir.

    another muthalvan pls, yesterday i saw sivaji blackmoney chasing scene with titled “tribute to anna hazzare’s protest” posted by a north indian from USA… parunga evolo reach nu… so please another muthalvan or indian.

    heard u have successfully completed nanban. good luk to you for postproduction process. and all the very very best for next prestigious project.

    everybody’s eye on us i mean u that u are going to announce your next proj. so pls do a pretigious proj the way u did earlier.

    please please update. with new post….. expecting a good proj from you sir

  13. Christopher Palmer says:


    Happy belated birthday….hope u had a blast on the set of Nanban…Chief, just wanna ask you, have u watched Captain America..the new superhero flick, when will you make a film like that with Rajini or Ajith sir…u have already showed Robo1 is Robo2 in the preparation mode now?… i would really love to see u and our Thalaivar or Thala rock together…

    Christopher Palmer (CP)

  14. Kannan S says:

    Hi Sir!
    Belated Happy Birthday Shankar sir :-) :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  15. Chandu says:

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful person called SHANKAR.

  16. telugu fan says:

    belated b’day wishes sir!

  17. Ram G says:

    Happy B’day sir, have a great fun and joy !!!!! :) :):):):):)

  18. Gayathri says:

    Happy b’day shankar sir!!! Juz one thing sir.., Please do consider MAKING films rather than REMAKING!!! (may b after Nanben)

  19. Mohamed Ansari says:

    Wish you a many more happy returns of the day sir

  20. P.VENKAT MURALI says:









  21. Suresh R Athreyaa says:

    Many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday. We, Super Star fans, eagerly awaiting you to join the hands with Super Star
    for a hat trick blockbuster. May God bless you and your family. All the very best.

  22. P.VENKAT MURALI says:









  23. BalaKrishnan says:

    Many more Happy returns of the day Sir…. May god bless you with sucess, wealth and Happiness….

  24. nisha says:

    hello sir a very happy birth day to you and best wishes for nanban hit and how is our hero vijay when it going ot be released pls tell us officially

  25. praveen says:

    I wish u a happy birthday sir

  26. Avinash says:

    Happy Bday Sir!!!

  27. k s amarnath says:

    Gentleman-A trendsetter for social awarness films made in big budget.
    Kadhalan- A action romantic entertainer which projected a governor as the villain for the first time
    Indian-A trendsetting film highlighting deep rooted corruption & its impact on common man
    Jeans-A complete musical romance with huge grandeur
    Mudhalvan-A landmark film on politicians & their governance
    & how a comman can make the change
    Boys-A film which proved talent is also enough to achieve our
    dreams & come up in life

    Anniyan-The costliest film as on that date based on a novel concept of Multiple Personality Disorder
    Sivaji THE BOSS-A landmark film which was costliest then & achieved biggest box success
    Enthiran THE ROBOT-First full fledged science fiction film made in India on par with Hollywood standards
    sala+suspension of disbelief=SHANKAR SIR

    Sir I wish u a very happy birthday may god bless u…have a nice wonderful day. I pray god gives u & your family a very happy healthy & safety life…Thank u so much for all the awesome entertainers from Gentleman to Enthiran. With your arrival you just redefined the boudaries of Tamil cinema itself…hats off to your
    hardwork. I know that your success journey will not stop here you
    will surely keep growing bigger & bigger with each movie.
    Hollywood may b having Speilburg & James Cameron but your
    a mixture of both them…as your die hard fan I always love u
    sir…once again thanks for entertaining us…sorry for late wishes I
    was busy in supporting Anna Hazare in Bangalore…wish u a very
    happy birthday and my request is this design for you sir…pls accept
    this photo as my gift s

  28. karthik your's uyeer says:

    MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY…… hav a great Year sir, this year with enthiran hit suma adhiruchilla let this year ends with Nanban HIT NEWS & SUPERSTAR Next movie announcement????

    In behalf off all RAJINI FANS BEST WISHES sir………….

  29. Lakshman says:

    wish u many many more happy returns of the day sir:)

  30. Yohan says:

    Hi sir,
    wish u happy birthday sir,u should long live in the world and do more blockbusters in ur style, we are so eager for d film release sir we need vj and shankar combo for a fresh script like mudhalvan , sivaji mega budget film and increase star power of vijay anna 2 next level in d industry and another question wat do u think about vijay anna as an actor and as a person .
    sir wen is movie and audio release.
    Plz plz plz plz plz reply sir

  31. Selva says:

    Wish you very happy birthday sir..

  32. Vimal says:

    Wish you “Happy Birthday” Sir!

    God Bless you sir!

  33. sasikumar.s says:


  34. Hotsten says:

    Happy Birthday sir :)

  35. Karthik says:

    Happy Birthday Sir!!! All the best for your Future projects!!! May god bless you and your family for a happy and prosperous life!!!
    Ungalai vazhtha vayadillai enaku,aadhalal vanangukiren!!! My dream is to meet u and have autograph from one of India’s best director!!!

  36. Dhanesh says:

    Happy birthday 2 u.

  37. sabarish raja says:

    Happy birthday to Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr : ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):: ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):: ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):): ) : ) :) :) :):):):):): :) :):):):)

  38. SAKTHI ANANTH says:

    sir 1 more request….. vijay sir kojjam pada vaikka muyairchi pannuga sir :P oru song fulla kuda vendam oru song la chinna part….. …. athuvum harris sir music la padunaru na sollave vendam super hit…..
    more expectation about satyan and satyaraj sir bcoz they r carrying a powerful and difficult role n ur NANBAN :D

    phunshuk wangdu ku tamil la enna per sir ???? :P :)

  39. SAKTHI ANANTH says:

    aug 27th my birthday……..
    me too wants ur blessing sir
    bless me sir O.o :) ;)

    …. waiting for ur blessing
    by ur fan….. :( :) :D :P :*

  40. SAKTHI ANANTH says:

    and 1 more think… u 1ly gonna give good market for VIJAY sir in TELEGU industry 3:) :D ……..

    We r expecting more from ur NANBAN…… esspecially some unexpected special shots :D ;) 8)

  41. SAKTHI ANANTH says:

    r u in NANBAN set ????
    hav a blast sir ;)

    vijay sir ah summa vettudathiga mukiyama dance la……. he s d only best dancer n kollywood….

    NANBAN gonna b big box office hit

    BEST WISHES sir………….

    MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY…… hav a great day sir

  42. SAKTHI ANANTH says:

    HaPpY bIrThDaY sIr………

  43. D.Shankar says:

    Happy birthday Shankar Sir!

  44. kmr says:

    Happy birthday & many more happy returns of the day….!!:)

  45. Srinivasan says:

    Hello sir,
    Wish you a very happy birthday.
    BTW, you can reply me as “Same to you” also.
    Mine is also today:)

    Wish you all the very best for all your dreams.

  46. pratheepan says:

    happy bday shankar sir
    hv a blast one
    best wishes for ur nanban
    padam eppo release?

  47. pradeep kumar says:

    happy birthday sir…. my very best wishes for ur health and career… :)

  48. Dr.Nanda Kumar says:

    Happy birthday Shankar Sir:)god bless u :)

  49. Rajesh says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    Wish you a many more Happy Returns of the Day!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Sir.. and wish you all the wishes for Nanban…

  50. Pugazhenthi says:

    Happy birthday anne…
    All the best wishes, you are Tamil cinema’s biggest boon.
    So don’t stop making films with grandeur.
    Hope to see you working with Suriya.
    You’re the best, all the best for NANBAN.

  51. P.VENKAT MURALI says:











    - Your birthday is not only your own
    Celebrational moment to all off us.

    - Thatswhy i prepared a gift for
    you sir. And send it to your office
    it will reach to you.

    - I hope you will do socially good films
    that it helps to change the society.






  52. Thirumurugan says:


    இனிய பிறந்தநாள் நல்வாழ்த்துகள் ஷங்கர் சார் …….


  53. Avinash says:

    Sir pls release the film on Christmas or pongal…Becos Velayutham is getting released on diwali…We dont want a vijay film to clash with another vijay film….

  54. sathish says:

    Sir, why no update / replies from you. hope nanban shooting completed successfully coz we are nearing diwali.

    one humble request all the directors announceing their next movie now [even before release of present movie] so please announce your next project in tamil. is it Kamal sir or other young heros in ur next movie?. why i am asking kamal sir is – in one of your replies you said u r writing a script that’s the reason i asked

  55. kmr says:

    Sir, as u said bfore..please release the movie on diwali sir…pls dont postpond the movie release… :(

  56. Vijay Kannan says:

    இயக்குனர் சங்கர் அவர்களுக்கு என் மனமார்ந்த நன்றியை தெரிவித்து கொள்கிறேன்

    எங்கள் இதய இனிய இளைய தளபதி
    விஜய் அண்ணன் அவர்களுடன் இணைந்த உங்களை வாழ்த்த வயதில்லை வணங்குகிறேன்

    நண்பன் திரைப்படம் வெற்றிபெற எங்கள் மக்கள் இயக்கம் சார்பிலும் திருநெல்வெலி மாவட்ட தலைமை மக்கள் இயக்கம் சார்பிலும் எங்களுடைய வாழ்த்துக்களை தெரிவித்து கொள்கிறேன்

    ,,,, விஜய் கண்ணன் பாளை நகர விஜய் மக்கள் இயக்க தலைவர் ,,,, திருநெல்வேலி

  57. P.VENKAT MURALI says:

    are like
    rainbows .
    your life
    you’ve been
    through a




    Sir !



  58. sva says:

    sir..will u b doin enthiran 2?..plz reply

  59. jagajeevan says:

    ilaiya thalapathy rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………

  60. Pradeep Kumar says:

    sir eppo sir nanban trailer varum?
    when it is planned for release?

  61. praveen says:

    Can NANBAN be defined “STYLISH”????????

  62. Shiva Prakash says:

    BTW i know tamil or not… I watch Nanban. :)

  63. Shiva Prakash says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am ardent fan of yours.

    Generally Remakes wont be felt genuine if origianal movie is watched already. (I watched ghajini in telugu and din’t feel same interest in Hindi Ghajini and same with Munnabhai, Shankar dada (Telugu remake of Munnaibhai) is not so felt good.)
    May be cos of content is know already.
    In that case there will be tremondous pressure is to hold the interest of audience. And here one more point 3 Idiots is biggest hit that almost of the people watched it.

    So how du gonna handle sir…

    to be generic, what makes you to deal with a subject that is already handled very well.

    Awaiting ur reply.. :-)

    Shiva Prakash

  64. subash says:

    Sir , cud release a paper ad of nanban on the occassion of friendship day??
    it will be gr8 if the ad comes on friendship day as the film also emphasizes on friendship

  65. vijaya bhaskar says:

    hi a big fan of you and in future iwould like to join u as a assistant age is only 16.pls reply

  66. manimaran says:

    hi sir .. this is manimaran
    sir one kind request. plz upload the photos of nanban tat include of sathyaraj sir and s.j.surya sir.
    ur die hard fan

  67. Sarath says:

    Sir we are eager and looking forward for d film . I request u 2 do a multi starer film wit vijay and ajith in lead roles and we need vj and shankar combo again for high budget film
    can i expect tis frm u ? Plz reply me

  68. kaveribalan says:

    I think you might have watched this… if not please..

  69. subramani says:

    sir. we r proud to be having such a mass director in tamil cinema.. we have enjoyed endhiran a lot, and we expect more in the film NANBAN starring vijay..all the best for u and NANBAN film……..

  70. ramana says:

    sir,i am great fan of u.if u read dis comment r not.sir do a sraight film in telugu.even i too want become a great diector like u.k bye

  71. Thanoj says:

    Thank You Sir

  72. raja says:

    my lyric for nanban…
    Nanbanae unnai thediyae unnai maravatha unmai maratha tholargal.. kaathal enada nanba unmel kathaal konden natpai..
    ne thaaya thanthaya puriyavillai unnai piriya manamum illai.. manaivi enbaval valkai thunai aanal unnai pirinthal valkaiyae ellai.. kadavul pola parkiren thunilum thurumbilum naam valntha inimai kalangal.. en thedalil kadavulai kanden nee engae en unmai kadavulae..

  73. P.VENKAT MURALI says:

    - I am Venkat Murali

    - I am Studying MCA 2nd Year in JNTU University, Hyderabad.
    -Gentle man , Kaadhalan , Indian , Jeans , Mudhalvan , Nayak , Boys,
    Anniyan ,Sivaji & ENDHIRAN…… There is no need of These 10 movies
    one movie is enough for you because you such a GREAT DIRECTOR .



    SHANKAR SIR ………………



  74. Lakshman says:

    am very excited and very happy and eagerly waiting to see shankar-vijay combo sir..

    This is ur first remake in ur career.. may i know the reason for choosing this script sir.. whether its story line impressed u very much or any other reason sir..

  75. kmr says:

    sir, wne s the audio releasing for nanban… pls reply….. :(

  76. kmr says:

    Sir, pls release a small teaser for nanban….. :)

  77. Mohamed Ansari says:

    Im eagerly waiting to hear that nanban shooting is 100% over and ready to release,every time when im n online i always visit your site for update about nanban,so please update about nanban regularly ths s not possible for u due to ur heavy work but please do it for ur fans,please release songs as soon as possible sir,this is humble request of your fans

  78. suresh manickam says:

    Hi Sir,

    This is first time i saw your website..thanks to ananda vikadan

    And i got rajini sir health status..thank you for sharing

    have a nice day sir

    All are waiting again one big sucess in shankar sir

  79. Gayathri says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am from US. I am one of ur diehard fan. I dont want my director to remake (though it’s not ur story) films. Please do consider MAKING films rather than re-making. I hate re-making. Sorry sir…anyways I cannot accept.

    But NANBAN will be a sure blockbuster:)

    Best wishes.

  80. P.VENKAT MURALI says:





  81. P.VENKAT MURALI says:


    Iam Venkata Murali

    - Iam Studying MCA 2nd Year in JNTU University ( Hyderabad ).

    - Every man have dreams and goals in their Life . I have one GOAL in my life.

    - I Want you blessing to reach my GOAL in this year.

    - TO DAY MY 22ND BIRTHDAY I NEED HEARTFUL BLESSINGS FROM YOU SIR………………………………………………………………………………..



  82. kmr says:

    Sir, at the starting stage of the movie many news came that a photoshoot has been taken in that vijay’s getup has been changed…., bt later many things happend vijay was out of the project then once again he joined the crew….pls confirm wether any photoshoot is taken if so pls upload that photoshoot pictures also……. :)

  83. Pradeep says:

    When is the release?

  84. P.VENKAT MURALI says:


    - Iam Venkat Murali.

    - Iam Studying MCA 2nd year in JNTU University ( Hyderabad ).

    - Every man have dreams , goals and in their LIFE . I have one GOAL in my life.

    - I want you blessing to reach my GOAL in this year.

    - “JULY 20″ MY 22nd BIRTHDAY . I WANT HEARTFUL BLESSINGS SIR…………………………………………………………………………………………


  85. sathish says:


    final schedule mudichavudane unga website update panunga sir … pls post more stills. songs epo release avum sir. update us pls

  86. Charlz says:

    Great stills sir…V r still in the heat of endhiran…
    Anticipating the Return of Chitti…v want Endhiran 2…

  87. Pradeep says:

    First of all I dint like “Shankar” remaking. But deep in my mind I highly trust you will never ever disappoint your fans. UBKS.
    Btw, oru naal ungalukku kudai pudikkira velai kedaikkuma? I saw in the uploaded pics…
    Love you!!!

  88. Santhosh says:

    Hai Sir
    Wishes U all Success……
    Waiting For Nanban dot
    Ellaam Nalam

  89. Santhosh says:

    Hai Sir
    U R the Great Director and Always Do the Great Job’s……
    I Like u Very Much and U R Movies…..I Never miss u r movies at any any time…
    Wishes U all Sucess dot

  90. sathish says:


  91. Shankar says:

    Hello sir we are all expecting your next movie with the combo of rajni and kamal. Please think of a powerful story like anniyan,indian. It should be a cop story. And name it as “NARAN”

  92. Antony Rajesh says:

    Sir, Adv wishes for Hit..

  93. aditya says:

    sir…so far u hav never disappointed the audience…and i relly thing u wil never do that…u films and songs wil always top the charts…Nanban’s pics r luking really xciting…i really think it will beat f original verson in all respects…
    sir i want 2 ask u whether yout next project is a sequel to d film INDIAN??…i had read it in a magazine…dats y i’m asking u…hope u will reply sir…many want 2 knw dat

  94. Ram Balaji Subbaiyan says:

    “Thappu enna bannian size ah small,medium,large nu athoda vilaivugala paaruga ellam extra large thaan!!!”Are you missing the presence of your “script doctor” late Mr.Sujatha sir???In a script like Nanban dialogues would have a stronger influence ,who is penning the dialogues???am awaiting to see ur reply for this question sir

  95. vijay rithik says:

    i m a great fan of U.. nothin s IMPOSSIBLE for U..

    waitin for d film…!!

  96. farhan says:


    v r all eargerly waiting for this movie in telugu, we are very fond of your movies sir. please consider straight telugu movie with maheshbabu as ‘vampire’ just like Hollydwood film ‘TWILIGHT’

  97. MSK says:

    Hai shankar sir we are die hard VIJAY fans we have small request .
    In our NANBAN movie song dance very difficult ,hard, super steps give to VIJAY.
    we want one news “ VIJAY is one of the super dancer in world wide at all the news papers “ etharkaka vijay kaal (leg) udaithalkuda paravaellai . athu ungalal mattum than mudium so please please do this sir…. And all wish to our NANBAN team..
    —kaneer sindum NANBANAI kankalil vai – kaneer varamal parthu kollum NANBANAI ithaiyathil vai…. please reply about this message…

  98. MSK says:

    hai sir wish u all sucess for NANBAN team……..

  99. rajan says:

    Wish u all d best………….

  100. Subramaniam says:

    Hello Sir,

    Happy to see an update from you regarding Nanban and about Rajni sir. I’m eagerly awaiting for the release of the movie. Really, this will be a different project for you, since India knows what the story is. I believe there will be a Shankar’s touch to the movie, which will make the Bollywood watch it once again. Thank you.

  101. Vinoth says:

    Hi Sir,

    V all r waiting for ur combination with Vijay.
    As a great and proud fan of u very eagerly waiting for music and movie release of Nanban.

    Vinoth K

  102. DrRavi S says:

    Dear Director Shankar Sir
    I am keen to meet you when you are in London. Will you mail me if you find time Please, you have not replied to my previous postings sir.
    Dr.Ravi S

  103. Balaji says:

    sir, u and illayathalapathy vijay join one more film….

    all the best thalapathy and shankar team….

  104. SUDHARSHAN.M says:

    Hi sir…dis is sudharshan…doing engineering…and im interested in music so much….i’ve been composing few songs sir… is my blog id….i’ve posted my tunes in dis blog sir….when u have time pls hear my tunes sir…dis is my humble request….
    I hav a question sir…..wen is ur next film under ur production???….vil u giv chances for new comers who have some stuff though they lack technical training???…
    if im disturbing pls do ignore sir…..thank you…. hoping to get a reply….. :)

  105. robin says:

    sir please make a film with surya…

  106. robin says:

    waiting for the movie and its audio release…

  107. manimaran says:

    sir really nice to see the photos.
    one small request .
    plz put the photos like we have to save in our system.

  108. SRIRAM STUNNER says:

    nanban is gonna rox the screen……hope the nanban team as done its best ..especially my star VIJAY…….good luck..its gonna b a gr8 film in our hearts…special thx to shankar sir for such a gr8 film :) hope everyone will gets a award for there effect

  109. gopi says:

    hi a big fan of working in IBM ,KOLKATA.even the bengali people and some of my frnds in noida,gurgawn wanted to know WHO IS THE DIRECTOR OF ROBOT?..they askd me abt u..i said ur name and i had shown ur photo’s to them.they really wondered ABOUT ur SIMPLICITY..AT THAT TIME I PROUDLY SAID THEM THAT SHANKAR IS FROM MY STATE..TAMIL NADU..ALSO I WANT TO SAY ONE NEWS ABT U..I GOT THIS NEWS IN A MAGAZINE..tamilcinema vil vetri tholvi irundume bhadikadha irandu per 1..SUPER STAR “RAJNI KANTH” AND DIRECTOR..SHANKAR…IT S 100% TRUE…U R A INSPIRATION TO MANY PEOPLE..KEEP DOING FILMS REGULARLY..AM SURE THAT NANBAN WILL GIVE DIFFERENT STYLE TO TAMIL CINEMA..MY WISH IS shankar sir..please do one hollywood movie as soon as possible…please..then THALAIVARA KETADHA SOLUNGA..V R PRAYING FOR SUPERSTAR ..THALAIVAR WILL ROCK SOON IN RANAAAAA… THANK U SIR..

  110. sangavi says:

    U r a great director i like u very much but why u are insisting ur characters in the film as brhamins

  111. P.VENKAT MURALI says:





  112. kaja says:


  113. jey_uk says:

    thanks for news about rajini sir.. :-) wish u best of luck..

  114. jey_uk says:

    thanks for news about rajini sir.. :-)

  115. AJAYY krishna says:

    i like direction,in direction ilove sankar sir’s direction,becoz his toughts,aims, are very high , its not comparatable with the tolly or tamil that much i like sir do ur creativity own and become a oscar award winner. thanks forr giving opurtunity like this.

  116. barathu en Peru!! says:

    Shankar Sir,
    We are expecting an excellent Farewell song from “Nanban” Like Below!!! (On the Graduation Day)

    பசுமை நிறைந்த நினைவுகளே!!!
    பாடித் திரிந்த பறவைகளே!!! (1963 – 1995)
    முஸ்தபா!! முஸ்தபா!! Don’t Worry முஸ்தபா!!
    காலம் நம் தோழன் முஸ்தபா!! (1996 – 2011)

    A Best Friendship Song From Nanban (2011 – Forever)

    Please Sir!! Please Sir!! Please Sir!!
    - Ur Boys

  117. barathu en Peru!! says:

    என்னம்மா கண்ணு!!! சௌக்கியமா????
    ஷங்கர் சார், நம்ம அல்வா ஹீரோ சத்யராஜ் சார் படத்த காட்டுங்க!!!
    Please Sir!! Please Sir!! Please Sir!!
    -Ur Boys

  118. LG Saravanan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I met you and I took a photo with you when Nanban Movie Shooting… Great Day in my life.. I never forgot that day..
    Thank you so much and thanks for sharing all your experiences.

    Last Year Enthiravali….

    This Year Nanbavali…

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saravanan LG
    gsaransmedia p ltd

  119. vignesh says:

    Sir is the one photo in flyover the one in GN Chetty Road?

  120. Sivakumar says:

    Hello sir,
    Ubayakushalobari..I respect all ur films…My fav is ur film gentleman,anniyan and endhiran and other msg for youth films..The way u stressed out the point of bringing out d black money out is current situation of india, expecially after indian thatha anna hazare..
    why do u go to foreign just for shooting a song..though u choose beautiful locations be it lens loyz or adhisayam like…ur very creative..Many have never explored India…Explore the beauty of India in ur songs..Along with black money make films strssing on right to education for children and “how to protect our monuments”….
    Thanks for entertaining us by ur films..but reduce outdoor and plan for indoor shooting(India)…

  121. praveen says:

    Awsome sir Awsome………sir show our vijay in a very very diffrent look,hair style,coustume,environment influnceing his look,etc etc etc……i have 3 questions for u plz replay sir
    1> what AMIR KHAN replied when u choose to remake 3 idiots?
    2> Will u invite him for AUDIO RELEASE of NANBAN?
    3> No doubt u will have massive hype in bollywood market do you have any plans to switch over to bollywood for next movie?…..plz plz plz replay sir.

  122. Suresh R Athreyaa says:

    Thanks for the update.

    We, Super Star fans, are eagerly awaiting you to hit a hattrick blockbuster with Super Star. Whenever you are free, Super Star will be busy and if Super Star is free, you will be very busy. In the end, 14 years passed away – 1992 to 2005 (Shooting time of Gentleman to beginning stage of Sivaji The Boss). I am your fan also and like your films and saw all your films in theatre. May I request you to kindly respond and action this out.

  123. Maruthamsiva says:

    Sir, thank you thank you thank you very much for your update about our thalaivar SUPER STAR

  124. Deenadayalan says:

    I’m big fan of you sir, i have awaiting for nanban movie. super hit movie of the year 2011 to nanban film. no one touch with us… God bless hole entire team.

  125. navakanth says:

    hi sir….iam fan of vijay annan ilike ur movies so much…iam waiting for ur movie..thanks ra sir for doing movie with vijay ….all de best for ur team sir….

  126. SAM says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,

    I am writing after a very long time and happy to see your post…Nice to see All is Well from you…Initially, I was bit disappointed when you started this project. I do not want you to do some remake but after seeing the stills, I can see your unique trademark and a curiosity is rising slowly with expectations just like your other earlier films…so am sure, Nanban would be a Shankar’s film with some new locations and theme.

    Thank you for sharing the experience with Rajni Sir…I would request you to please start some fresh project (lighter one without much physical stress) with Rajni Sir after Nanban…

    Wish you and your entire crew of Nanban a very “All the Best”..

  127. srini says:

    what is name of vijay character in this NANBAN???? we already know that in hindi that is “RANCHO”

  128. vicky says:

    மிகவும் ஆவலுடன் எங்கள் நண்பனை எதிர்பார்த்துக்கொண்டு இருக்கிறோம் :) இயக்குனர் சங்கர் சார்கு எனது மனமார்ந்த வாழ்த்துக்கள் :)

  129. A.Kishore says:

    I would like to congragulate you on Endhiran receiving the awards in 3 categories at the IIFA awards

  130. venkat says:

    awsm !!

  131. jOhN fRaNcIs says:

    hye sir.. how are u? after Nanban? Team With A.R.Rahman?
    any idea for Shankar’s Next???
    have u see latest any film? u fav movie latestly?

  132. BJ says:

    All the best sir …Sure u gonna ROCK…again and again..

  133. Prasath says:

    Hi Shankar sir,
    Thanks for updating about thalaivar’s health…. please do robo 2 with thalaivar in advanced story line which happens in 2050. I am preparing a script for that(compressing objects from one planet to another using nano atom concept —lot of problems with new inventions… climax : changing earth backwards by 100 years …:) Your ideas are marvellous as before…keep rocking….

    Long live rajini sir…………God bless….


  134. Suresh says:

    Shankar Sir, Thanks for the update and importantly news about our SS. Thank u sir. We have did a short film called O4P Oruku Nalu Peru. I was part of the team behind scenes. We have worked Hard. Its a film by Ganesh Kumar who did 536 movie. Its a very good message told in an entertaining way. We previewed in AVM Preview and first time in history 4 shows were full 450 people watched it. Then we made 4 Shows Paid shows in bangalore Multiplex 50RS per ticket and it was also houseful. People loved the movie. We would like you to see the movie and give us a chance for our team to interact with you all. Currently i am in Atlanta will be back soon sir. Eager to Meet you with our Team. We love your movies thats how O4P is too. Looking forward to hear your comments about it. I ll keep on checking for your reply :-)

    Atlanta Georgia

  135. S.V.S.KUMAR says:

    Very nice of you Sir. It was heartening and glad to know that our Thalaivar has called you from Singapore. It was more happy to know that you had in fact guessed that it might be Rajani Sir. Thats why you are such a Great Director!!! Your imaginative skills and its execution are awesome.
    One small request Sir. You were just seen in a scene in a song in Sivaji Movie. Please Sir…….. Please Sir…………, we want more of SHANKAR, THE ACTOR. Hope you will not disappoint us. Thank You Sir and Good luck.!!

  136. kaja says:

    vijay is the superstar

  137. sudeep says:

    hello sir i wud like to knw whether nanban dubbing in telugu please reply me sir i wan 2 see my thalivar vijay in telugu version too

  138. PradapRaj says:

    Thanks for the great update about Super Star Rajinikanth. if he himself is calling you and updating you about his health means this itself telling about your power.Anyway as a Rajinikanth fan,as Vijay fan and as a Shankar fan, We always want to get double happy,means Shankar-Rajini movie or Shankar-Vijay movie.

  139. Dhanesh says:

    Good post sir.
    Sir please do a movie in hollywood,i know you rock.and make indians proud.just give me a reply in complication in not doing the hollywood flick.

  140. srenath says:

    shankar sir plz do with vijay sir fresh story NANBAN WILL BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YR

  141. anne says:

    After reading yr message,I hope yr next project with Rajini sir.Break all the rumers about him sir!. we want to see him,younger, fresher than ever before with your combo again!plz sir…, plz sir…, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez sir! talk to him! make us happy once again!.

  142. Arun says:

    Mr.Sathyaraj oda photos and getup eppo reveal panna poreenga?
    Why not now ? I want to know the reason.
    Why, Why, Why ? (In Gentleman Senthil ‘s tone)

    Ithu rijeeeted nu neenga Gentleman Koundamani style la repli panidaatheenga…

  143. dilip kumar says:

    nice sir.
    its happy to hear that resul pookutty s back..!!

  144. vijay says:

    hi sir..thanks 4 ur uploads..pls upload mr.satyaraj working stills.
    actor santhanam is the best choice for Omi Vaidya character.
    all the very best to nanban crew..ALL IS WELL.

  145. Karthick says:

    Sir, i have a friend name Punitha and she needs to have a chance in your flim, she looks like iyeswarya(said by her).

    please give her chance.

  146. santu says:

    hi sir thanks for uploding the still..its really nice….my question is will u direct vijay again…nt in any remake films…plz sir….

  147. Deva says:

    superb locations the music is gona rock

  148. T.Muralidaran says:

    Dear Shankar ji,


    As my Brain think as have been searching as the equal as one step go ahead in top word as THANKS, Becoz as Ur replyd me as about my GURU as RAJINI Sir Healths as It was an Extremly cheer in my lifes.

    I will never forget the First I met YOU the great Sunday 26-06-2011 @ 1 am in TAJ Cormandal hotel in Chennai. it was a nice moments Sir.

    The NANBAN movies stills are looking very interested & Ur NANBAN movie will set the new Comic trend in South Indian film Industries.

    Thanks by Coadially,


  149. AJ says:

    Wow ..Wow ..wooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Eagerlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy waiting for the film to be completed ..

    THALAPATHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY u rock .. Wud be really happy if , THALAPTHY in the warrior costume is maximised , so we can get to c a better view :)
    Anyways , keeps us thrilled …



  150. Kiran.T.D. says:

    there are already lot of expectations for the movie as vijay-shankar combo was most expected nxt to rajini-shankar combo.all vijay fans are looking forward & having lot of faith in this film.we r sure that u ll take vijay anna to the nxt level.

    we need to see a film with “vijay-shankar-rahman” combo. v all be happy if it is a fresh revolutionary script(like mudhalvan,Indian).

    in all ur movies there will some scenes related to science and that field.u would have used it for some to make the scenes interesting(like butterfly flying inside the pen from the film indian and love meter in anniyan,prabhu deva turning into god in khadhalan).we are expecting lot of such scenes in nanban as the story revolves around science and engg.

  151. Karthikeyan L says:

    Hi sir.Am u r fan.I like all ur movies.All the films with different concepts.Really u r the legend of this Kollywood.I like Mudhalvan,sivaji,especially ENTHIRAN most.I will be very eager to see any song from ur movie due to ur presentation of that song. Now u r doing film with our thalapathy..very happy and waiting for the release…..

  152. Ashwin says:

    Its very nice sir.. nice locations..

  153. Manoj says:

    Really Superb Stills :)

    Vijay Rawkx :) Thanx a lot shankar sir !! :)

  154. karthik your's uyeer says:

    What a SURPRISE to her that rajini sir has called u after jaya/ kalaigar/fans/Shankar every where this news is rooming i think you have a very special place in rajini sir heart,we fans are very much jealous on u sir, what a great friends u both are.
    I think u have made a sript ready for him like anniyan as per ur earlier mail confirmation.
    I have posted so many comments but till date there is no reply , no problem sir , if u really wants to make ur fans / rajinifans happy i request u to be do ENTHIRAN -2 / new anniyan script Which is badly needed to again prove our TAMIL FILM INDUSTRY IS THE BEST & that should be the last film of RAJINI SIR / my uyer SHANKAR SIR Combination no one should forget till there soul Lost , ATLEAST PLASE PLEASE PLEASE REPLY as “YES (or)smile logo”, SO that we understand that you are going to make ur fans / rajini fans to sleep better than ever.

    i think ALL IS WELL, all the best for NANBAN Team.especially to my uyer shankar sir

    yours uyer

  155. Charan says:

    Hi sir, i like ur style of direction, especialy d themes that creates social awareness…we knw nanban wil b a block buster!…pictures r really nice…vijay is looking very fresh & smart…d casting is brilliant, especialy jeeva (as raju rastogi)…have u made any changes in d script?…when wil u release d audio?…2 make it in another language, people, culture…there should be stufs dat match their wavelength too…we knw u can handle it brilliantly sir…we just want dis movie 2 be ur best ever. We r eagerly waiting 4 d release! Best wishes shanker sir!

  156. Pradeep says:

    Nice locations

  157. Manigandan says:

    Thanks for the New Photos Sir,

    I am eagerly waiting for the movie, Vijay sir is looking so so cute in this movie.

    indha movie Deepavaliku Release pannunga Sir

  158. Midhun says:

    thanks a lot sir………… is gonna rock for sure………

  159. anee samira says:

    Nice photos sir.i can see the golden touch of shankar sir.

  160. Prasanth says:

    Anna very nice still na…when audio &film release na?plz reply…

  161. karthic says:

    sir ur really taking tamil cinema above the world and im a very terrific fan of u and pls make a movie with ilayathalapathi vijay sir ….pls a kind request.

  162. Frizee says:

    Hi sir.. great updates.. We’re expecting you to direct a movie with Ajith sir.. that’s the wish of Ajith fans.. please consider our wishes and direct Ajith’s next film after Billa2.. thanks a lot :)

  163. saleem anbu says:

    Hello sir…
    Nice info for our super star sir..

    sir when u again work with Ulaganayagan, padma shree Kamal ji sir. we are wait for next movie with kamal ji sir.

  164. Dinesh says:

    Happy news that 60% completed.. waiting for the film sir.. And additional happy news from u that Rajini sir is alright now.. My best wishes to Rajini sir, you, Ilayathalapathy Vijay and to the whole team sir.. VIJAY is looking too young and Cute.. :)

  165. Balaji says:

    sir one request for your’s……
    Pls U have own scrip for my thalapathi vijay combo……
    Pls sir…….(I have die hard fan for U and Vijay)

  166. sai srinivasan says:

    amazing still 14th one…
    other than that i like u sitting behind bike… and u explaining in hospital scene…

    other scenes are dittos from main make :( : ( :(

    expecting atleast shankar granduer songs

  167. subash says:

    much awaiting for de release sir…………

  168. Fazil says:

    Nice pics… eagerly waiting for nanban
    sir do another film with vijay with your own script like indian and mudhalvan.

  169. Thirumurugan says:

    Shankar sir……

    you have selected an excellent movie…..

    The movie “3 idiots” is very nice(watched in hindi)…….

    Its born for you…it should never be a step down career for must be STEP UP(ALL IS WELL) career…….when someone question someone as” Which is your favorite remake movie? ” the answer should definetly be” SHANKAR ‘s NANBAN “….Keep in mind sir…

    The people had understand this concept now …”that remaking 1 or 2 movies is not wrong …….but remaking every movie is definitely wrong”…..this has happened only bcoz of U…ya its true sir….i should only thanks the movie “3 idiots” not “U”….

    When i watched for the 2nd ,3rd,.etc time(3-idiots)….I used to think how Shankar sir will handle this scene,,,how he wil work here,,what type of schedule he plans…everything scene by scene….I am learning from you a lot sir ….really ….

    1 important thing sir…”i am not having any problem(kavalai)….I know that this movie will be a block-buster,,,,i too know about Shankar & his movies ……just think me as a boost (an additional support)….
    I AM 100% sure that Shankar is the best ever director in film industry…..k va….((Sorry for speak against ur reply…hope u never mind this sir….))…

    COOOOooooolllll sir……


    i am really should thank you for shooting some shots in Triplicane(highly familiar for me)(especially near ratna cafe….the shooted spot is at a approximate distance of 50m from my peripa house)…..Thanks a lot…..

    But my Bad luck…i was in mannargudi(native) at that time……Anyhow i have missed …..But happy sir ….

    I liked the picture of U in scooty…..superb……


  170. Aravind says:

    thanks a lot for sharing the pictures shankar sir.

    Expecting more…

    You are doing a great job….
    Vijay anna…all the best :)
    Vetri Nichayam :)

  171. krisHNA says:


  172. kris says:


  173. NAGRAJ says:

    Nanban is going to rock
    Ilayathalapthi vijay is ever charming young handsome cute great nice attractive
    On seeing the stills i feel the Film will be great and a treat for the public and a a good entertainer
    you are always enthusiastic,run after victory, achievement,success and so is mass superstar vijay
    I wish you all the best nanban a great success

  174. murali.... says:

    hi…sir..i am vijay fan….its a good sign for vijat to join with you….stills itself rocking…

  175. vignesh says:

    very nice to see these pics sir and we vijay fans are eagerly waiting for this movie..we believe this movie will take him to the next level..and one question sir (believing u will reply)will this combo (vijay & shankar) will rejoin for a fresh script in feature:)

  176. vijay says:

    shankar sir i’m from srilanka
    nanban defenetly blockbuster of this year
    plz do a fresh film with vijay anna
    can u?

  177. Vimal says:

    Nice and Wonderful….Thank you very much sir…Best of luck

  178. vishnu m joshi says:

    awesome stills sir…super pics..liked it very much..hope d 3 idiots magic will repeat in tamil too..really happy to see our vijay anna working with you..really happy abt it..can u say how much days shoot will be left for vijay anna..

    & we fans really expecting the combo of vijay anna & you in a direct film too

  179. Pradeep says:

    Hope it ll be a big turning poing of everyone in this flim

  180. Sridhar says:

    Awesome pics :) Thanks 4 the Pics sir…

  181. Boss says:

    Sir, pls make another movie with vijay.

  182. lohith says:

    superb still sir…..HATS OFF TO U SIR

  183. sathish says:


    Firstly thanks for the update (that too about rajini too). vijay sir recent interview on his b’day praised u as ‘India;s steven’s spielberg’ n also nanban gonna be one of the best in his career. really u deserve it sir. congrats n best wishes for nanban super duper hit.

    Sir audio launch epo? unga next project pathi neriya rumors like u r doing project with kamal sir. is it true??

    stills are rocking i am sure this will be diff thaan original but one humble req next time please do ur original scripts sir which no 1 can’t think like you.

    today in my office 2 clients from USA (truly american’s) after my introduction they asked first question is ‘ROBO movie is tamil right? we saw it !!!’i am really proud to be ur fan sir.

    sir promotions epo sir start avum. like endhiran do promo diff thaan others. all de best again for this nanban.

    eppadikku ungal thivira rasigan (uyir muchu ulla varai) Sathish.

  184. shweta says:

    I am waiting for this movie eagerly and I am not at all in a mood of comparing the performers from both the film.As a north Indian I know what aamir’s role meant to each student up here but as a diehard Vijay fan I want him to put up an exceptional performance on screen and make us all proud.

  185. Suhail says:

    Hoping to have a superhit movie from VJ-Shanker combo. VJ Rocks

  186. gokul says:

    sir NANBAN expectation high bcoz of u only nd one n only u…….,…..not bcoz of actors sir………….

  187. Harish says:

    sir please make a romantic film with vijay :) v all expecting this from you both….All the best for ur project :)

  188. narmathan says:

    wow,,,, nice sir.

  189. raja says:

    sir i’m waiting for movie

  190. Ramesh says:

    I wait this film..vijay rockz..

  191. guru says:

    sir make any other new film in ur own script with vijay as hero….

  192. Avinash says:

    Have u introduced any new scenes which are different from the 3 idiots movie in NANBAN to suit tamil audiences??

  193. hero says:

    Sir though Nanban is a remake,it will be ultimate when u direct it in your style.And now,will u direct vijay for a fresh new project????

  194. SriramFx says:

    Wow stills look awsome vijay Smile so cute, movie gonna rock the youth hearts :)

  195. prakash says:

    sir thank you for given info abt thalaiver rajni. sir pls ur next movie must be with rajni sir. we want hattrick blockbuster.

  196. Divyapriya says:

    Sir!!! I have always been a great fan of urs!!! I have always been highly impressed by u!!!
    I tooo want 2 become a Great succesful director like u!!
    very soon I will finish my B.Tech in CSE …. right now I’m studying in Delhi…
    My father thinks Film Industry is not suitable 4 girls!!
    But I seriously want 2 b a Director!!!
    what shall I do now???
    Will u pls. make me ur assistant director??? ( Then only my Dad may agree)….. please sir…
    – a humble request frm 1 of ur greatest fans…

  197. rajasekar says:

    sir will u do a film with vijay again?????????????and how will u compare vijay with aamir khan

  198. Mahesh says:

    Thanks Very Much for the Wonderful Update, Sir.

    Like you have said, All Is Well.

    All the best to you and the team.

    Looking forward to the release of the Movie.

    Best Regards & Wishes

  199. gokul says:

    sir make film next with rajinkanth,.,……..all r expecting only ur combo……………..

  200. sakthi says:

    hai sir
    i m waiting to watch your movie
    you are legent

  201. Vineeth.KP says:

    Waitng 4 d mov…..

    When wil b Musiq release????

  202. jegan ebi says:

    nice sir………….

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