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Friday, August 26th, 2011

Hi Everyone,
…….ha… we’ve successfully completed 98.8888% of the film, and the rest 1.1112% is one song and a quarter of another song, will be shot in the first week of September.

I feel ‘Nanban’ has shaped out very well in all aspects… The highlight of the film will be its characters and the excellent performances of the artists in it. Its going to be a treat watching Vijay, Jeeva, Sathyaraj, Srikanth, Sathyan, Illeana altogether… every scene is edited and dubbed till date.

Vijay throwed a wonderful party for the completion of the film and it was so nice that all the artists and technicians of the film gathered; it was a very very relaxing evening full of jolly talks, dance, fun, laughter etc.

Thanks to everyone who wished me on my birthday. My wife threw a surprise party, and it was another wonderful day. Vijay, Vikram, Jeeva, Sathyaraj, Srikanth, K.V.Anand, Lingusamy, Randy, A.M.Rathnam, Harris and Antony were there, surprisingly Superstar called me and wished, and made my day.

I started working on the final edit of the film for the background score and rushing Harris to complete the songs for the audio release.

Anna Hazare’s dream is
every ‘INDIAN’s dream!
Hope this dream comes true!

C U Soon!