56 Responses to HEARTILEY BATTERY – Song Making

  1. sara says:

    shankar sir give more movie for us to enjoy coming deepavali.

  2. Nisshu (Malaysia) says:

    Nice movie, wonderfull ;) Dinesh best of luck for u..;)

  3. Vidyasagar says:

    Hi sir. Ur the example of snehithudu film. Ur Great in film directing

  4. dinesh says:

    sir!!!!!!! i’m your fanatic sir ..i wanna become a successfull director !! you are my role model sir,i like your all movies .. i have been following your thoughts i mean you have been saying your thoughts by your movies “be a good citizen”and my small request please make a period film we are eager to see that …

  5. ajith kumar says:

    HI Shankar,
    I like nanban so much please try to direct one more friends film…………..

  6. Vijay veriyan says:

    Sir i am Big fan of Vijay n You… I am happily n eagerly waitin fr dis movie…. U n Vijay sir Rockz…. :-) All zzzzzzz wellll…!

  7. Muthu says:

    sir daily oru thadava yella videosum paathutu irukayen… ur expression @last sama……….

  8. JAYANNTH says:

    Waiting for 12th sir..Wish u and vijay anna happy pongal…ALL IS WELL!!!!

  9. farcy mohamed says:

    vijay luking great in this film after sachein i’m expecting this film to see vijay

  10. Vinothkumar.s says:

    Ilaya thalapathy rocking because of our shankar’s nanban movie! Thalapathy rockz 4ever! V want more thalapathy-shankar’s combination!

  11. SHAN says:

    dear SIR make another movie with Vijya.. Like Mudhalval

  12. vinod says:

    u and thlapathi rocks………………

  13. nirmal says:

    nice work sir…….songs all are well done…thank you sooo much …

  14. azmy says:

    sir u are supperb a best director in cimeas u are one of a kind sir and we all love vijay i hope this combo gonaa the biggest of 2012..and i hope sir u do a moie of ur own script again with VIJAY

  15. aravind says:

    vijay s awesome n do more films wid engal thalapathy in his comercial action style ….

  16. akhil says:

    anna ninga pataya kalaytinka. , . . . . .enuda uyir nanban . . . . .thalapathi vijay anna. . . . . .he z de king of kollywood

  17. Deepan Chakravarthy says:

    All very awesome songs sir…..Asku Laska..what a tune sir….Surely “Nanban” gonna be a big milestone in Vjay Sir’s Career….all the very best sir…Nanban gonna rockkk the whole India soon……

  18. kesavan says:

    make snother film with vijay without remake

  19. Naresh says:

    Songs & trailer r rocking sir… Eagerly awaiting the movie! All the best to u & ‘Nanban’ team :)

  20. dinesh says:

    superb making sir….thanks for sharing…

  21. vijaydeepak says:

    sir,u r always rocking sir….thanks for doing nanban with our thalapathy sir….pls do another movie with our thalapathy but not a remake….pls sir its a request from all vijay fans…..all izz well

  22. izzath says:

    songs is well, trailer is well, and yet the will will be well… and let us wait and say “ALL IS WELL” :)

  23. karthik says:

    really gr8… expecting an another film wid vijay from u sir!!!!!

  24. Pradeep says:

    All IS WELL …Shankar Sir All The best,

  25. udhayakumar says:

    Shankar sir,
    This movie is going to be the turning point in VIJAY anna’s career.eagerly waiting for the movie………….

  26. hussain says:

    all iz well

  27. Manikandan says:

    chance eh illa sir…. hats off to u…. wonderful cinematography… sure hit in your kitty…

  28. priya says:

    sema hit song sirrr… all is well among students….. thanks 4 d song muthu kumar sirr…. its gonna be d massive hit….pongal is well …. all izzzz welll…!!!

  29. santhosh says:

    sir, its awesome we r waiting to enjoy the movie,u r simply superb

  30. Balaji says:

    All the best for nanban, Please do another movie for vijay.

  31. sathish says:

    awesome sir….. making is rocking… wish the movie to be hisgest grosser

  32. bunny says:

    Thalaiva ur grate……

  33. rahulsundar says:

    This is becoming true! Heartiley Battery song will b ahead of ‘all is well song’ of 3 idiots. U proved again the creativity involved for your songs.

  34. Kasi says:

    Shankar Sir..
    Hats off to you…
    You took the Standard of the Tamil cinema to a higher level each and every time…
    Now No doubt its NANBAN………
    ALL IS WELL…..!!
    And THANKS A TON for working with my VIJAY and Used him Well in NANBAN.
    Songs are amazing amazing…….
    More than expected……….@@
    NANBAN wil definitely Break all the Previous BOX OFFICE RECORDS………!!

  35. raj says:

    Sir pls do moviw with vijay again.

  36. Visakh says:

    Super Sir … Shankar+Vijay awesome….rocking combination

  37. honestraj says:

    shankar sir, promtion is a backbone for movies success..so i hope gemini will do promotions lot better & am also expecting interview of nanban team in vijay & sun tv’s

  38. Sridhar says:

    Sir , Making of Heartiley Battery s awesome sir .. Song s made in ur own style and comedy effects in the song s also well made sir .. U rock :)

  39. Sridhar Thirumal says:

    Dear Shankar, I am a great fan of you for last 16 years from 1996 Indian Movie… You are the complete Director. You know others pulse… You are the Creator. You are a artist… I have so much to say about you… I simply love you so much…
    Waiting excitingly to watch Nanban…

  40. Karthi says:

    Shankar Sir,

    At the first glance, I didn’t like Nanban songs as the expectations were like your earlier films. Slowly every song grew and I appreciate and admire your taste sir. Hats off to you especially for the mix of Veena, Violin and Mirudangam in Nalla Nanban Song. I am sure it is your idea as most of your film songs has Mirudangam atleast in one of the song.

  41. AdithRitvik says:

    shankar sir, i,m awaiting u to see the mass film of 2012

  42. Thirumurugan says:

    HEARTILEY BATTERY was an excellent song with greater lyrics…..

    * Director : Shankar
    * Music : Harris Jeyaraj
    * Singers : Hemachandran, Mukesh
    * Lyrics : Na Muthukumar

    Heartiley battery, charge-u thaan ALL IS WELL
    thozhviya? tension-ah? sollidu, ALL IS WELL (2)

    Tight-aaga life-ae aanaalum , loose-aaga nee maaru ..
    Vavvaalai pole nee vaazhndhaal
    boomi endrume thongum thottam,

    Canteen vadayile noolai kandaal, ALL IS WELL.
    Noolai kondu vaa pattam viduvom …
    Maasa kadaisiyil kingsum theerndhaal, ALL IS WELL
    thundu beediyil natpai korpom.. (Heatiley Battery ….)

    Yelae vella sokka, kaiyil enna book-ah ?
    hey zoo ketta cook ah? scene podadhe

    Yelae makka makka, maggaa addikumm maanga?
    otha kaalu kokkah, ne marka kothi nogaadhe..

    Moochu muttum padam ellam soda goliya…
    ne load mela load yetha moola lorry-ya?

    moolyathaan moota kattu,
    follow your heat-u beat-u root-u tu-tu

    Topper enbathaal hero illai- ALL IS WELL
    topic maarinaal avanum zero –(ELLAM NALAM)
    Joker enbathaal zero illai – ALL IS WELL
    seat-u kattile neethaan hero …………(Heartiley Battery ..)

    Neeyum kooda brahm-ah, table desk-ah dammaa..
    maathi kuthu gumma, tune podamma

    students enna yamma
    cell kulla sim-ah?..pooti vaikalaama?
    naam escape aagi povoma

    Bathroom thaapal illai endral, paatu paadenda
    oru TMS-ah Jesudaas-ah aavom vaayenda
    moolyathaan mootta kattu
    follow your heart-u beat-u root-u tu-tu

    Bathroom-u kul paambum vanthaal, All IS WELL
    thervil vaangiya muttai neetu

    Beeru adichuthaan thoppai pottaal ALL IS WELL
    Neeyum aagalaam police aetu….

    Heartiley battery, charge-u thaan ALL IS WELL
    thozhviya? tension-ah? sollidu, ALL IS WELL (2)

    Tight-aaga life-ae aanaalum , loose-aaga nee maaru ..
    Vavvaalai pole nee vaazhndhaal
    boomi endrume thongum thottam,

    Canteen vadayile noolai kandaal, ALL IS WELL.
    Noolai kondu vaa pattam viduvom …
    Maasa kadaisiyil kingsum theerndhaal, ALL IS WELL
    thundu beediyil natpai korpom..

    SHANKAR SIR’S NANBAN going to be a blockbuster worldwide……

  43. ANISH says:

    “yae ya ya yaa ye ye ” BGM in trailer is copied from the movie “KALKI”

    in “irukaanaa” song a bit is copied from “Azhagiya Tamil Magan song-valayapatti”

    An awesome trailer than 3idiots really rocking!!!! ASkka Laska is the “SONG OF THE YEAR”


  44. Seenu says:

    Hello Sir,
    Just now seen your Nanban heartla battery song making clip, i liked your reaction at the end of the clip. What a director with great humour sense

  45. Lakshman says:

    shankar sir unga reaction atlast superb.. really so funny.. that is highlight in this making video :D

  46. guna says:

    SHANKAR sir really superb audio and trailer thank u give a massive movie to our vijay this goes rockz all credit goes only uuuuuuuuuuu with your die hard fan


  47. P.VENKATA MURALI says:

    My advanched wishes to you for NANBAN success. I Hope it should create a big box office hit and trust it will bring all attention to Tamil cinima industry.








  48. abhijith says:

    intha pongal nammak semma collection da machi

  49. Kadhir says:

    Sir. Songs are amazing. Harris has done a minblowing job. He deserves to be the music director of your next film too!

  50. dharmendira says:

    A winner all the way. Good variety all through the album from Harris Jeyaraj and ample scope for festivities in the theater when Nanban scorches screens for Pongal. Harris Jeyaraj continues his envious winning streak with another sure-shot.

  51. Deepak Vaidhya says:

    Shankar Sir, Your Great! I Love your movies. Your the Best Indian Director.

  52. rangarajan.s says:


    Shankar sir i pray to god that yours upcoming Nanban film
    make a massive hit of 2012 and let it break the collection
    record 3idiots.and by side small suggestion or idea to you
    please remake the Billa2 or Indian2 with Rajini sir and
    music with A.R.Rahaman
    thanking you by
    your fan

  53. Rengarajan says:

    Boss.. you are rocking…..Expecting lot from you.
    I belive, Aamir khan will ask to Direct 3 idiots II in hindi Edition.

    All the best.

  54. Murali Ramanan says:

    Excellent ! Looking forward for this Movie !

  55. Mithran says:

    Shankar sir ,pls dont release nanban movie under sunpictures and pls release the movie in kasi theatre,varadharaja theatre,vidhya becuz our house is nearer to these theaters thankz All Is Well

  56. Kumar says:


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