NANBAN TV Promo “ASKU LASKA” – 20 Secs

7 Responses to NANBAN TV Promo “ASKU LASKA” – 20 Secs

  1. senthilmurugan says:

    Super song…
    Super voice…
    Thanks for U & Harris

  2. N.P.Shree Hari says:

    Mr.Shankar is jiant and his son NANBAN is mater in jiant

  3. KD says:

    something special..

  4. Thirumurugan says:

    Happy pongal sir…&PongALL IS WELL…
    I watched Nanban in sundar theatre(poonamale)…
    I wil watch 2(atleast 1) more times in theatre & keep nanban(shankar sir) at first….
    Earlier record
    1. Kavalan(2)
    Now watching Enthiran n Sun tv,.(4m mobile)…..

  5. krishna says:

    superb song


    super sir telugu mp3. audio nanban release date confirm plz sir

  7. ராஹுல் says:

    ஹாய் ஸார் ஆல் இஸ் வெல்

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