Hi Nanbans!
Thanks for making it a huge hit. Thanks to all media for the great support.
As I started working on my next script, I couldn’t be in touch with you. So far I have not finalised anyone regarding the next project. Just working on the story.
In between I was answering for Vikatan.

71 Responses to THANKS NANBANS

  1. leo says:

    Dear shankar sir, please do Robo 2 with kamal and rajini. thanks for posting the photos

  2. Naveen says:

    Shankar Next Movie Name ‘I’ Officially Confirmed
    Music: A.R.Rahman

  3. Suresh Kumar S. says:


    thanks to remake the film “3 idiots” in tamil version. I have see your picture daily in my HPC…. thats the reason to write you. it was better thing to change the society in new RIGHT PATH. Hope.. it will continue.

    all the best brother.

    S. Suresh Kumar
    D Designer

  4. Barath says:

    Hello Shankar Sir,
    There is no update from you after very long time. (No reply for comments, ‘recent movies I liked’ is blank for longer time). I hope you will busy with your new script(தேர்தல்).
    Is this true? I thought that the movie name should be Election.(எலெக்க்ஷ”ன்”) :-)
    We all are waiting for your updates.

  5. Muthu says:

    wow next script taa i yaa jolly..
    sir rest tay yeduka maatingala :)
    today watched 3idiots, sir yevalo humor sense sir ungaluku..
    starts from 70kg, tution keesion yeduka poorara, motha naalay mutaiya, gas fill panuraan, karpalika pooriya, paari adaiyalamay theriyama maaritaan.. sir neenga thaan best… kandipaa remake naala than neeinga title song ku helicopter use paniruka maatinga..

    nanban thaan sir best.. Rajkumar Hirani kandipaa santhosa paduvaaru sir

  6. sachin says:

    hi sir,,,,,you r my god of direction…my life time ambition s to touch your hand only once sir…we r expecting a lot from you sir….only one request…you want to d a project with surya or ajith

  7. Suresh R says:

    Dear Sir,

    A couple of months of back i saw a new item about your next project with Kamalhassan (I am huge fan of him). Any update from your side?

  8. Raj says:

    Hello Sir,
    good that you have posted these Pics here,which are viewed by the whole world by now… these are just the samples for your hardwork/creativity/ideas you had alomost a decade before and a nice slap on the face for the ppl who claimed that the Robo script is not yours…..
    hats-off to you sir..
    All the Best..

  9. Jai says:

    Vaseegaran Kamal sir and robot Rajini sir pottu eduthu erunthingana enthan padam eppadi erunthu erukumnu nenaichu paka really supera eruku sir .

    Surya va cechu eppo sir project panna poringa ??

    nenga english movie pnna rishik roshana vechu pannunga sir then u will be listed director in the world sir…..

  10. saravanan says:


  11. sagar says:

    Pls can any one translate the Shankar sir conversation with Vikatan to English.

  12. Sathish kumar says:

    Hi Sir,
    The Interview in Vikatan really awesome. We want you to be more interactive in this site. Pls sir try to interact with the fans atleast once in a month through this.


  13. NAVEEN BG says:

    vanakam sir,

    I don’t know whether you will read this comment!
    Sir, My ambition, aim, goal, everything… is to become a Movie Director… U R my inspiration. there R many.. but, To my mind U comes first!

    I want to join as assistant director with U, Iam living in trivandrum, I have no contacts with film industry people.
    I don’t know how to meet U. If I come to your house with the address provided in your blog, I don’t know whether you will be there, If U whether there, will U let me join.

    All these thing in my mind, giving me a challenge. now iam in Noorul Islam college, Kumaracoil. 1st yr… after my Engg: course I will one day come to U sir.

    becoz of UR inspiration I have created a blog, If UR free visit :

  14. partha says:

    please do a movie with Ajith kumar..the Handsome of tamil cinema.Will be fresh and great.Shankar+Ajith+ARRAHMAN it will rock to the core

  15. karthikeyan says:

    hai sir,

    As usual first choice u always tell the story to rajini sir, Definetly he don’t hesitate this time also, so we are having the confidence that you are going to join the hands with rajini sir only.
    one simple & humble request after two years yera venumanalu vechu padam pannala , aana thalavar rajini eya vechu doubt so please try to convence him for this new venture.
    This time we are not going to wait for diwali(thats yours film release date) this time it will the day when your are going to announce the film with rajini sir thats our diwali

  16. R. Prakash says:

    another treat ahead.

  17. balasubramanian says:

    sir enagu moonu padam veenum. Neenga sonna mathiri INDIA – 2 with Super Star Rajni Robot -2 with Milky way hero kamal sir and one more film with both the stars together and ponniyin selven also. It is yr fan’s (fanatic) request.

    With love

  18. kamal says:

    hi. shankar sir ,
    my dhronacharya! i m ur ekalayvan sprinkling my words,my first one to you, i taking ur films as lessons where ur range move from 0 to 100 in a each film for the viewvers,showing a grassy lancape , wet muddy hut to mettallic gadgets. i m admiring your creativity of making random appallam in gentelman to square shaped omlet in endhiran each and every single shot with carfully handled eventhough some can’t be justified at the running time of the film.and also ur “indian thatha”, and “pugaar petti” “black money ceasing” is being revolving in the society.all the best for next implement for a social cause.
    for me,thamks for screwing my creativity dot(.) to a comma(,)….studied multimedia and film making after finishing my engineering in i m handling a small ad firm.
    sir, please do a film like gladiator,troy where the script
    of our thamizh historic epic can make huge impression in are the only boat to carry a our historical story intrestingly to the world.
    hoping for a huge announcement.
    your ekalayvan

  19. hemanth z1 says:

    hi shankar,tamil ilayathalapathy vijay in tamil, mega power star ram charan tej in jagadeka veerudu athilokha sundari music-a r rahman, direction-shankar chiranjeevi son chiranjeevi, tamil chiranjeevi


    Dear Shankar sir,
    Well done for nanban. though you have the potentiality to take 3 idiots of your own style, you accepted the genuinity in the original and made with minor change that too in songs. some may criticize but a leading big director doing like this should love the good movies and should be honest. that is u.
    cons : 1. Heroine should have been a better choice.
    2. also, vijay not changed in accent, modulation, look, in ur films also. The thuru thuru and kurumbu look in amirkhan’s is missing in vijay. he should have done better or another choice may be taken.
    Overall ur devoted work had been rewarded .
    Hats of
    Ever ur fan
    venkat 9444922112

  21. chithamparam says:

    check my article abt shankar and super star

    நான் வேணா கமல்கிட்ட பேசவா?
    ஒப்பிட முடியாத இரு சகாப்தங்கள்-ஒரு ஒப்பீடு

  22. Meyappan says:

    Superstar+Kamal Haasan+Shankar+AR Rahman…….= Enthiran part 2 or Indian part 2…….make it possible….

  23. Ravindran says:

    Today NANBAN reaches 50days……….

  24. Prasath says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,
    Please do Indian 2 or Mudhalvan 2 with Superstar Rajini. Your combination rocks for sure and waiting for the next milestone.! God bless….

  25. Prabhu says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,
    Please do Once again with superstar Rajini sir….your combo is superb…Indain2 will be better choice for Rajini sir…All the best for new script…

    Thanks to Mr.Indian and Mr.Mudhalvan…

  26. Thirumurugan says: leading Tamil cinema::No:1 kuda sollalam) has released the latest rankings for Tamil Cine industries (such as for Directors,Music Directors, Actors, Actress ,powerful persons,etc ) ……

    Shankar Sir got first rank for directors ………

    Click this link :

    NOTE : It is not only based on fan following but too considering
    1.Current trade value
    2.Hits Since 2002 ( Last 10 years )
    3.Future Projects

    For More Details follow this step:
    2.Behindwoods Rankings
    3.Top 20 tamil film director

    Shankar is also one of them in Powerful Persons Category…..

    NOTE : In Considering Powerful persons category
    Shankar sir, Rahman sir , Director Mani Rathnam , Superstar Rajnikanth , Ulanagayagan Kamalhassan Ivanga ellarome Powerful Cine industrist ….ellorume 1st place once irundhavanga than…..all are no:1 only ,,,,rankingla apa apa seasons changes irukum…

    Shankar sir “ENTHIRAN”dream helpfulla irundhu kashtama situation la ishtapattu(rasichu) padam produce pannuna Mr.Kalanidhi Maran avargal…(Shankar sir padam epudiyum successful paniduvaru adhu vera vishyam..)

    Mr.Kalanidhi Maran said :
    Sila peru class padam pannuvanga , Sila peru Mass padam pannuvanga , Ana Classum – Massum sendhu Panradhu Shankar Sir mattum than ….Nama elaraiyum vida Avar, Shankar sir rombave rasichu iruparu— Oru rasigana irundhadhunala than avarala ipadi pesa mudinchi iruku……

    Super Padatha “ENTHIRAN” ISHTAPATTU produce pannuna Mr.Kalanidhi Maran was also among the powerful person (This time he got 1st place) ..( Tamil Padam Worldwide Hit …SO TAMIL + ENGLISH)

    Hi S(h)ank(k)ar-(u) (thambi) sir…

    Nice Interview I have read that fully….

    Today is February 29th (Leap Year day)
    I dont know why this day is not celebrated in higher level ( since it is coming 1ce in 4 years )….

    Lets us celebrate this Day with Shankar Sir’s INDIAN …(Ellarukum Pidicha scene )

    Manisha (ICE) : Feb 30 Kalyanamu solitu pora …

    KamalHassan ( Chandru) : ILA(bodylanguage) ….,32mmm Thedi ,,,,Avvalu muttala neeyu…. Feburalyla 30-dhunu edhavadhu thedi unnda…..

    Ellaru Madhirium nanum yemandhu poitaen indha scene la Sir….

    Superb Sir….

    To Shankar Sir :
    1. I will send 2 things in Ask me column Sir soon(within this week) … read it Sir…..
    2.Filmography (In Profile) Nanbana update Pannunga sir…..
    3.Nanban Dialogue TV Promola oru comment Pani irukaen Sir..

    *I watched *Nanban# 3 times (higher for me)in theatre#
    1.Sundhar Theatre — Poonamalle ,Chennai,
    2.Samy Theatre — Mannargudi , Thiruvarur,
    3.Sathyam Cinemas (Screen : Sathyam) — Royapettah , Chennai…

    Have a Nice day Sir…

  27. shaaja says:

    Hi sir How are you really nanban superb movie sir but plz dont do remake films yet again sir we want to see you as a Kingmaker not remaker plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plzplz plz plz plz plz plz sirrrrrrr

  28. a.k.rinesh says:

    nanban was a joyful ride as i can see in the film itself.
    but what i think is that shankar sir… you could have made a bigger hit if you make the movie in your style as the movie nanban reflects “3 Idiots” not a film by shankar….

  29. venkatesh says:

    Hi sir… Long time no see…;)
    You proved yourself in Nanban sir…
    And my one and only request is Pls create THALA-THALAPATHI Combo… We know its a difficult task… But definetly u can… All the best for ur next block buster…
    take care sir…

  30. Anbu(cbe) says:

    Hi sir… thanks for bb movie nanban :)

    i want shankar-vijay fresh script pls…

  31. Yathriga says:

    Dear shankar

    DONOT “”REMAKE”" AGAIN FOREVER. our director has to make films rather than remaking. it’s like dubbing film for me. Please make some historical films. Like others said, ponniyin selvan is an excellant choice. People like you ONLY can direct “ponniyin selvan”. dont use top actors for ponniyin selvan. you may introduce new comers so eveything would be fresh. And also we are expecting shankar+illayaraja combo and if it is historic…raja sir will do magics..:) hope u will read this post atleast:(

  32. Murali Ganesh says:

    fan frm Kerala

    i cnt read tamil——ii can speak tamil very well

    eglish translation of above article kedakuma??:P

  33. Murali Ganesh says:

    Thnk u sooooooo much sir for t classy Nanban

    A movie which has given Vijay anna lot of new fans-wat u said in audio function was 100% true

    A complete new dimension for Vijay

    Really wud like to see Vijay n Shankar join again in a frsh Shankar script—cant imagine t hype for tat—t hype will b 3-4 times tat of Nanban

    Once again thnk u sir

  34. Barath says:

    ஷங்கர் சார்,
    உங்களோட அடுத்த திரைப்படத்த பத்தி ஒரு சின்ன Guess!
    Please say YES or NO.
    Name: தலைவன்
    Actor: கமல்ஹாசன்
    Actress: கத்ரீனா கைப்
    Guest Appearance: ஜாக்கிஜான்
    Music: A.R.ரஹ்மான்
    Production: ஆஸ்கார் films
    Camera: நீரவ்ஷா
    Story, Screen Play, Dialogue, Director : One & Only ஷங்கர்
    Am I right? atleast 50%?

  35. karthic says:

    East or west shankar vs rajini Combo is the best.
    yaru ena sonalu no compramise it is only one rajini thalivaaaaaaaaaa

  36. rajesh says:

    enga thalaivar kamal sir kooda sernthu pannunga

  37. krishna says:

    ulaganayagan kooda pannunga, chumma athirum

  38. vinod says:

    superstar – better n best in chitti 2.0 char….

  39. jerenus says:

    hi director,
    i like the way you have answered the questions in vikadan. it was extroadinary way that i haven’t seen in any other Tamil cinema related person.
    last time i was commenting on your post when you were going to do Nanban, and i was not happy and advised you not to do it. but now i regret, nanban was great compared to other remakes. thank you for giving me one think to think about and i will try to do it in my life too. (saying hello to everyone you know without a fear)
    from a Rajini fan

  40. Srinivasan says:

    Dear Shankar…WRT S Film film production house…i believe we don’t expect shankar to be a producer. He has to concentrate on full time direction only, my humble though is production is for producer direction is for director. we Expect Shankar should be a director to give massive Tamil movies to make the world audience to look at Indian cinematographer. Production can be done by X,Y,Z business people.. but successful direction can be done by you only. i believe being a director you are earning deserving $$$. You can refer to those X,Y,Z to produce good movies of the script you come across from deserving people who you think fit. But you being director concentrate $$$ then your creativity cannot shine reflects in cinematography.

    wrt., Sujatha loss to tamil film industry., how we are going to fill such a wonderful screenplay writer., Hope anybody of similar talents you have replaced, which we may be known after ages only.

  41. Vijay Kumar Rajasundaram says:

    hi shankarji..i like one image a lot which you are with Kamalji(Indian grandpa;))

  42. naveen says:

    Is this real news?….r ugoing to direct ponniyin selvan…with lead roles vjay anna,vikram anna,vishal anna….yes means when will u direct….please give official and good news shankar sir as soon as possible..

  43. bharath says:

    sir pls do ponniyan selvan with thalapathy as Vandiyathevan..and vikram as karikalan

  44. Arun says:

    sir… thala ya vechu padam pannunga :)

  45. vISHWANATH says:


  46. vISHWANATH says:

    sir..pls VIKRAM SIR oda padam pannunga…electrifying COMBO adhaan..mathadhellam waste…Vikram um neengalum vera maadhiri chumma adhurum sir..ROCK ON..:)

  47. Pradeep says:

    Sme rumours are spreading u r directing ponniyin selvan

  48. Rajasekar S says:

    sir we will be glad if you are going to do “Ponniyin selvan”, if you are going to do please remember my casting that I am mentioning here sir
    2)Ponniyin selvan-Ajith
    3)Karikalan-Vishal or vikram
    If vijay and ajith are the cast ,then definitely you can have a budget of 150 crores ,as individually they can bring 100 crores,so if they joined 200 crores is possible, so the budget is a feasible one! do reply sir ,expecting a reply from you!

  49. Prakash says:

    Hi sir…. Thanks for giving a smashing hit for… We Vijay Anna fans want you to direct our thalapathy in your fresh script in the near future…

    ALL IS WELL !!!!

  50. Barath says:

    Sir, we are early waiting for Shankar + Iliyaraja.
    Is this Possible?
    All is well.

  51. manikandan says:

    hello sir nanban movie massive hit .i m vijay anna fan i want you to do one orginal your style movie with vijay…..

  52. Pradeep says:

    Thank u for maked a nice film without any loss frm hindi
    nanban rules…

  53. Barath says:

    Kamal Sir Robo Pics are Super! Preethi Zinda is the perfect choice! Please share more pics!
    I like so much your answer to AV question. Especially Indian-part 2 with Rajini, Robo-Part 2 with Kamal. Best Idea!
    Please tell us your next movie name. Atleast a hint! (Please don’t say that ‘Last letter is ‘ன்’ :-) )
    பரத் No..No.. பரத’ன்’

  54. Murugu says:

    I want a pukka racy action movie from you. And want you to direct your own script with Vijay later :)

  55. Rama chandran says:

    All is well
    We want ponniyn selvan from you

  56. Darknight says:

    Thanks for directing Vijay sir. Thanks for an amazing movie. Please do a movie with Vijay again. Hope it’s ponniyan Selvan.

    I have been a huge fan of your films.
    I will be doing my masters in the USA in few months and jeans songs are what I listen daily :) I love traveling and thanks to you for inspiring me to travel. It’s all because of one song, poovukul olindhirukum. Thank you :)

  57. Ramkumar says:

    shankar sir you are the midass touch of tamil cinema. we want you to direct our thalapathy in your story which should be a signature of tamil cinema to the world. so please direct our thalapathy in your next film……. our hearty thanks for nanban

  58. MANOJ says:

    hi sir..
    hw r u??….very nice interview sir..nanban tera hit..then wat s ur next project sir??..Again with Ilaya thalapathy Vijay anna sir??…pls do with our vijay anna again pls sir..pls reply sir..

  59. Karthick says:

    We are also Thankful to u for giving such a wonderful movie :) On behalf of OVFC( Orkut Vijay fans) Thanks to u :) It would be great if U and Vijay joins again that too in a typical Vijay-Shankar Commercial formula :)

  60. Sai says:

    Awesome Dir Shankar..
    loved asku laska magic ;) that song got me my first love in life!!!

    Robot Kamal :) pretty cool !!! wish this project took real!!!
    want you to work with only top actors(Endhiran/Indian) or total new faces(Boys)

    you have grown as a dominant director in Tamil Cinema.. we would love to treasure you forever!!!
    shocked to S Pictures backed up from production… is S pictures dead already..?? would like to atleast see music albums form S Pictures… as a die hard fan i would love to see u r words atleast once a week .. take care..

  61. venky says:

    sir , ur direction s awesome …please do a movie with vijay once again with your own script …

  62. Vishnu m joshi says:

    Thanks alot sir for such a wonderful film.. you showed our Thalapathy in a new dimension..:)

    Thanks alot..Expecting another straight film with Vijay anna soon for a fresh script..hope you will do it sir.. waiting for dat film.. a Vijay fan from kerala..:)

  63. Shukur says:

    dear sir, i am directors fan, kindly update “recent movie U like” ( otherwise i will never see any movies) thx :-)

  64. A Fan says:

    Thank You Sir……..

    Its a surprise treat for us to see Robo Kamal….

    And Sir , if you have any plan of doing Enthiran 2.. then make a story of 2 Robos…. U know who are the 2 Robos….
    We want Rajini and Kamal in a move movie again before they retire.. And sir only u can make that… and It will create History in Indian Cinema for sure…

    Thanks Again…….

  65. Bharat KV says:

    wow… wow… I was looking for these pictures for a very longtime… Thanks for sharing.

    Hightime You & Kamal sir should join hands… Just these photoshoot pictures are so electrifying… Looking forward to your next creation :)

  66. Hemanth says:

    Boss engira baskaran. hello, mike testing 1 2 3 nanbenda, pada pada, kanna 420

  67. battula hemanth says:

    hi sir …photos are very interesting …my mind imagining whole endhiran movie replacing rajni with kamal….u said also went to the floors with sharuk …please post robo movie pics of kamal sir and sharuk khan….please….


  68. Sharan says:

    Since now only you have shared that Our Superstar liked Indian more than Muthalavn. Whether it is anything related to current script development…?
    Whether it is Indian2 with Superstar.
    If it is so, we are excited!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  69. jOhN fRaNcIs says:

    Sir.. when we can know.. Dir Shankar next? and also any upcoming in S production movie??? let us know.. :)
    God Bless All..

  70. hemanth says:

    I am sharing it who is the actress sir is it prety zinda

  71. arun says:

    superb interview sir & all the best for u r next project sir can u do a movie with vijay again because u have used him very well in this film.i think if u do a full length commercial film with all the ingredients in your style it will be worth for it pleas reply me for this question sir please???????????????????????????????????????????

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