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  1. kalai says:

    hai sir, your’s 1st film is my favorate film. because my thalaivar goundamani is combined with you. now u taking a best film. i love u and vikram. he is a best actor like kamal. all the best boss

  2. thirumoorthy says:

    vikram sir’s 50th film definately it will should made to get national award for vikram.then no one can justify the vikram’s role in prev movie

  3. rsaran says:

    Please make another movie like Indian, Anniyan.

    I believe, This type movies can develop our india.

    Sir, Please do this for our poor people, Please

  4. Saravanan says:

    Hi Shankar, One suggestion, can you ask your IT team to add Like/Unlike under each post similar to Facebook, I can see you are responding randomly (i respect your hectic schedule & spending time on this) but many times we feel lik you missed some of the intresting comments from your fans. If not for any induvidual atleast if you can respond for the more like voted comments, we feel happy that you too active with us..i hope the purpose of this site is for that.

    I liked many comments mentioned above but not sure how to show it to all.

    Just my opinion hope you will think about it..

  5. Mj says:

    Hi sir…

    We want one more poster of “I”…. release it atleast for diwalI….

  6. Santhosh says:

    Hi Sir,

    plssss provide us some update on “I” film….We r very eager to know sumthg abt I….plsss sir…

  7. sandeep gubba says:

    Waiting for some more interesting points from you, to listen sir…… please come up with. sir…………….!!

  8. lakshman says:

    Hi Shankar sir, i want to meet you for some descurtion regarding Aug 15 2013. i want to see all the process of the film I Being with you. i have passion to-wards films.

  9. shankar says:

    tnpsc syllabus orezhuthu oru mozhi… ‘i’ means beauty , leader etc…. i think u also tried to clear tnpsc exams in ur past sir… i saw arjun sir preparing for this in muthalvan……

  10. Karthik Krishnan says:

    Hello Shankar,
    Happy Teacher’s day. I’ve learnt a lot from your movies. Is the telugu title confirmed as ‘Manoharadu’? It has been couple of months, Please update about the happenings…

  11. dinesh says:

    nanum ungala mathiri thaan vithiyasama pannanum.athu thaan enagu pidikkum.
    dinesh kumar k

  12. dinesh says:

    sir unga assistance director aganumna enna sir pannanum .vithiyasama panna ungalukku podikkum .athanala thaan unga kitta seranum nenaikkaran.

  13. dinesh says:

    india vin number 1 director .

  14. dinesh says:

    unga address t-nagar.saliegarama sir

  15. dinesh says:

    reply pannunga sir

  16. dinesh says:

    education qualification dme-diploma mechanical engg.”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"
    dinesh kumar.k

  17. dinesh says:

    sir arjun sir vachi innum oru paddam pannunga sir pls
    dinesh kumar.k

  18. Karthik Krishnan says:

    It has been a long time… Pleaseeee update

  19. Yajju says:

    Sir, what is ur educational qualification?

  20. karthikeyan says:

    sir..in life i hav struggled a lot but today i am in a proper position because i have been inspired by 2 people frm tamil industry on hard work n dedication comes success and thats you and vikram sir..vry happy to c u guys getting back..this is chiyaan sir’s 50th film sir..so pls hav a small AV at the beginning of the movie with all his characters coming in 1 minute video sir as you can only creatively try something new in that sir…his 50TH film and ur ‘I’ film will create super records..all the best

  21. SKManoj says:

    Shankar.. You can take tamil cinema to NEXT big level.
    Me and Many of my friends are your fans!!

    If possible, You DIRECT a film in HOLLYWOOD and surely, it will a big HIT in US too!

    It is possible!!

  22. Manimaran says:

    We expect a low budget rom-com-thriller genre movie with Santhanam,Vimal,Sivakarthikeyan.We anticipate some surprise elements in the movie.Throughout the movie there must be suspense mixed with comedy.Audience cannot predict the characters initially..like that.
    Now-a-days, movies of this type will have more audience.

    Thanks for reading my mail.

  23. puviyarasan says:

    Hi sir i means king,guru,beauty and also include vikram’s 50th movie am i correct sir.

  24. k.d.sivakumar................................ says:

    sir innum oru thadava arjun sir vachi padam edunga sir ……

  25. ChittiSrini says:


    Oru Aasai :)

    I padathula Super Star Rajni oru powerful atleast 10 mins guest appearance irundhaa semaya irukkum sir…

    Neenga Ketta Thalaivar NO solla maataar..
    Try Pannunga Sir pls :)

    Waiting for My Most Fav ( Thalaivar & Shankar ) movie SIVAJI 3D :) sakthi elllam ondru Serndhaale, Sorgam varum indha man Mele !!!

  26. mani says:

    belated birthday wishes shankar… May God bless u and have a wonderful year ahead…

  27. SUNDAR says:

    shankar Anna neenga enthiran film la kadavul irukarnu supera solliruppinga adhe mathiri I film la sollunga na plz

  28. Barath says:

    ஷங்கர் சார் அவர்களுக்கு,
    என் இனிய பிறந்த நாள் நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!


  29. kolanginathan.p says:

    ungala na kandipa meet panniyae aganum , athu eppanu than theriyala.intha I movie a world class a eadunga.intha movie OSCAR award vangiyae aganum.na kadavul kita veandurean thalaiva.

  30. kathir says:

    When you start ponniyin selvan film? I want to work with you in ponniyin selvan film and i’d like to learn film direction with your help…that’s my aim & dream, please give me a idea…
    I have completed my B.Tech IT, i am waiting for your reply

    - Kathir.

  31. kathir says:

    Sir, Is it Adventure film?

    -> Kathir <-

  32. kathir says:

    பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் சார்.

  33. Vysakh says:

    Sir is this film based on england

  34. Vysakh says:

    Belated birthday wishes…..all the very best for ur movie I

  35. Vysakh says:

    shankar sir can u publish the latest still from the movie I……

  36. Lakshmana says:

    Many Happy Returns of the day Shankar… God Bless n
    May every movie U make will b a big treat for audience and a Proud film of India…


  37. R.MURALY says:

    wish u a happy birthday
    from srilanka

  38. Vimal says:

    Wish you happy birthday shaker sir! …

  39. SatheeshKumar P says:

    Dear Sir,

    !!! Wish you a Happy BirthDay !!!

    Note: I have attended a Personal Interview for Asst.Director for “Endhiran” movie in 2007. But I was unable to join fully with you as my dad stopped me to not enter into film side.
    Now I have completed my M.Tech in Electronics and working in Robert BOSCH as an Automobile Software Engineer.

    Thing is still I am unable to forget the film mania. Film caused me to enter into cinefield is “MUDALVAN”.Still my heart wishes to enter into film side to become a Movie Director!!!But time will tell, Sir!
    Kind Humble Request: If there is any vacancy for Asst.Director , External Asst.Director [free-of-cost]or anyother field there, kindly call me for an Interview.I’d like to learn Direction-craft practically. Thank you , Sir!

    Warm Regards,
    SatheeshKumar P

  40. Thanoj says:

    Thalaivanukku en manamarntha piranthanaal nal vazhthukkal

  41. கணேசன் நா says:

    பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் சார்.

  42. Sathish (Muthalvan) says:

    Happy birthday Muthalva, Indiane, Endhirane, Vasikara

  43. Chandu says:

    many more Happy returns of the Day

    We Wish the team “I” a great sucess “ALL THE VERY BEST”

    Shankar’s Fans Club,

  44. Chandu says:

    Hello Sir,


  45. Bharat KV says:

    And here’s a fan-poster which we made for “I”…
    Thought you might like it

  46. Bharat KV says:

    Wishing you Many Happy Returns of the Day and Best wishes to “I”… Here’s a fan-made greeting from “Rahman Times”

    We adore you a lot :)

  47. Ram Vivek says:

    ….Many Happy Birthday Wishes Sir….

    I hope that ALL great wishes from your fans will come true including mine.

    Keep on Rocking!!! Sir

    Yours true fan
    Ram Vivek

  48. P .VENKATA MURALI says:











    - Your birthday is not only your own
    Celebrational moment to all off us.

    - Thatswhy i prepared a gift for
    you sir. And send it to your office
    it will reach to you.

    - I hope you will do socially good films
    that it helps to change the society…..
















  49. jOhN fRaNcIs says:

    Sir.. Piranthanaal Vaathugal.. God Bless u :)

  50. akhil says:

    im akhil frm andhra.right now im studying in chennai.
    i follow every film of yours.
    im very much intsrd in hair styling & opting fashion wears.the thing is in every film of urs thr would be a song with dramatic hair styles & dressing which is very similar 2 my way of thinking wer in “aska laska” about a small portion & “anniyan” or “aparichithudu”-”nokia nokia” song. i can do better if any sort of chance is given. wating for ur reply sir

  51. Ravi says:

    Hi Shankar sir,

    Many more Happy returns of the day.


  52. KATHIR says:

    கண்ணில் காண்பதெல்லாம் நனவென்று நம்பாதே…
    காணாத கனவுகளும் நனவாகிப் போகலாம்…
    நிகழ்கால நிழலில் மட்டும் ஓய்வெடுக்க எண்ணாதே…
    எதிர்கால மர நிழலில், இறந்த காலத் தென்றல் காற்றின் இதமான அரவணைப்பில் சுகமாக ஓய்வெடு…

    கண்களை மூடித் திறக்குமுன், உன் கற்பனையைத் திறந்துவிடு..

    பூக்களின் வாசனையை நுகர்வது தவறல்ல…அதிலுள்ள முட்களின் வேதனையையும் புரிந்துகொள்..
    புன்னகையே வாழ்க்கையல்ல..பூகம்பமும் வரும்; புரிந்துகொள்…

    நீ விதைத்ததை நீயே அறுவடை செய்வாய்;
    அன்று கொள்ளாவிடினும் நின்றாவது கொள்ளும்..
    மாற்றான் துயரம் மற்றுமல்ல; மதுவும்; ஏன் மாதுவும் கூட…

    மற்றவன் கண்களில் தெரிவது கண்ணீரென்று மட்டும் எண்ணாதே,
    அது விஷமாகவோ; கேலியாகவோ; ஏன் உனக்கெனவே செய்த புதை குளியாகவும் இருக்கலாம்….
    இது “நீ”..
    உனக்கென ஒரு பாதை..
    உனக்கென ஒரு பயணம்..
    உன்னோடு சில பயணிகள்..
    தேர்வு உன் கையில்…

    இது நீ “பிறந்த நாள்” அல்ல..
    உன்னை நன்கு ஒரு முறை “உணர்ந்த நாள்” ஆயின்…
    உன்னை எண்ணிப் பூரிப்பாதில் நானும் ஒருவன்

    பல்லாண்டு காலம் வாழ்க…
    பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்..

  53. senthil nathan says:

    gentleman ” ஐ ” ooruvakiyavanum neeyea ..
    indian ” ஐ ” ooruvakiyavanum neeyea ..
    enthiran “ஐ ” ooruvakiyavanum neeyea…
    indianvin “ஐ”-yai ooruvakka irrukkum ungalukku..

    இனிய பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

  54. M.Bhuvaneshraj says:

    Hai sir

    I pray for u ( my god lifelong u give good health,good creative,good knowledge ,for all to give my heartly director shankar sir pls its my request )

    U r my role model sir in my animation side i do one short 3D animation film right now so pls Bless me for ur heartly fan
    I LOVE U SIR……………i am waiting for ur good reply sir plsssssssss……..pls bless me for my 3D project

  55. Sivanesh says:

    All the best for I. We want a 20 second teaser soon. Long live Shankar sir and May your life be fulfilled with fun, joy, more and more success, love, Happiness, Good health and wealth. Please reply sir. I have been posting comments for 2 years.

  56. Sivanesh says:

    Respected Shankar sir,

    Ubayakusalobari..How to say Wish you a Happy Birthday in Sanskrit which you used in Anniyan.

  57. venkatesh says:

    டைரக்டர் ஷங்கர் அவர்களுக்கு பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்… :)

  58. Raj says:

    Dear Shankar,

    Happy Birthday !!
    Wish you success for all future endevors.

    Warm Regards

  59. Raa.vi from SriLanka says:

    Happy Birth Day Shanker

  60. Senthamil Arasu says:

    As U celebrate UR Special Day..
    We celebrate U..
    Wishing U A Very Happy Birthday sir..
    Long Live :)
    ( I am From Kumbakonam sir )

  61. Karthik says:

    Birthday Wishes to one of the greatest Directors, India has ever Produced!! Wishing you a grand success in upcoming projects and achieve more heights in the upcoming years. Praying to God to give you and your family hala and hearty life.

  62. Arun Mahesh says:

    Iniya pirandhanaal vaazhthukkal shankar sir :)

  63. Sivakumar says:

    அண்ணா இனிய பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் ………………

  64. PRAJANAND says:

    Sir I poster is mesmerising, amazing and beautiful… the combination is awesome.. u chiyaan,ar rahman and duo writers subha..am damn sure that u r going to rock…all the best sir and wishing u a very very happy birthday…..LOVE YOU SIR..me and my sister r your die hard fans..

  65. Karthik Krishnan says:

    Wish you a very happy birthday :-)

  66. Amar says:

    From the guy next door who opened the doors for many others who was not only a “GENTLEMAN” but also made other to be so with a country like ours where media plays a big role with different caste, religion & terror, u made us realize that we all are “INDIAN” & its only love(KADHALAN) that conquers the person who showed the nation that the “BOYS” wearing “JEANS” can become a “MUDHALVAN”. A person who works as a “ENTHIRAN”, helps as a good “NANBAN”, but still acts like “ANNIYAN”. THE BOSS OF ALL DIRECTORS WHO DIRECTED OUR SUPERSTAR EASILY IN “SIVAJI”. SHANKAR SIR wish u a very happy birthday may u keep rocking as u always done & make our Kollywood more proud with your work. Wish u all the best for the upcoming “I”

  67. Naveen says:

    Happy bday Shankar SIR… One request please dont break partnership with ARR… U 2 always rocks…


    இனிய பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் சார் :)

  69. Sriram Sridhar says:

    பிறந்த நாள் வாழ்த்துகள்.

  70. jayakumar Madurai says:

    Respected Sir.

    Many more Happy Returns of the Day. I pray for your every success.


  71. Hari says:

    Dear Shankar Sir,
    Sometime earlier – you had said in Vikatan that you would be happy to direct Ajith, Vijay and other actors of similar stature. You had also mentioned that you would expect to direct Actor Vijay Sporting a little mush & beard. Similarly you had also mentioned that you would look forward to join hands with Actor Ajith sporting 6 packs!

    I know days have gone by since you made this statement. I know that you are a man of your words. Can i look forward for my favorite director to join hands with Ajith (Now that he is hitting the gym…)?

    A sincere fan
    – Hari

  72. Vj.R says:


  73. subish says:

    Advance happy birthday sir.. which is on 17th aug.. may god bless you and your family.. and give all success in life.. all the best for “I”.. sir plz make more political related films like “gentlemen”, “anniyan”..this is my humble request.. you are one of the best director who can make this world a better place to live through films.. all the best

  74. M.Bhuvaneshraj says:

    Hai sir How r u?
    I am interesting to work one 3D fim but i have no background i am working asst. diector 6 months with ramanarayanan sir but my family background is poor so i releive the work

    Any work i am continued my hardwork in my part of side in animation becoz i am completed multimedia. In future i tried to make one 3D film sir,Now i am doing 3D animations,online 2D works in my little concern.

    so pls hope to bless me (ur heartly fan Bhuvanesh)i love u sir

  75. P. VENKATA MURALI says:

    ***`\******** 15th August ********\`-’\__****,|
    ,–;/ ********************************/*****.|*,/
    \__*** HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY *’|****/**/*
    A Very Happy Independence Day To all of you!

  76. P. VENKATA MURALI says:

    The National Flag Is A Symbol Of The Nation’s Pride & Respect.
    There Is A Liberal Use Of The Flag
    On Independence Day.
    The Trend Of Selling Flags Made Up Of Paper & Plastic,
    Is Incorrect.
    With A Sense Of National Pride,
    Ppl Enthusiastically Buy Such Flags
    But Very Next Day,
    We Find These Flags Being Trampled
    Upon The Road,
    In Dustbins & Elsewhere.
    In This Context, Ppl Forget That They Are Insulting The Flag. Often,
    These Flags Are Burnt Along With Garbage.
    It’s The Duty Of Every Individual To
    Maintain Proper Respect Of The National Flag.

    For God Sake
    Respect The National Flag

  77. venkatesh says:

    Hi Sir… Advance independence day wishes…
    Any surprises tommorow sir?

  78. amar says:

    sir yesterday I watched Sivaji 3D trailer in Prasad Studios. It was just mindblowing to the core. Hats off for making a grandeur to our Superstar. I pray even Enthniran is released in 3D some day :)
    best wishes sir keep rocking as u always do :)

  79. dinesh kumar k says:

    kadha anaivarukkum sollukirom engal
    mudhal vanakkam happy independent day by shankar sir fans

  80. Anbu says:

    All the best for your upcoming movie Sir, for your wonderful imagination,hard work,& success there is no Sunset for you Sir, Do well n also be well…

  81. chenthil says:

    Sir, i have a request to you.. sir, i would like you to do a full length detective movie with leading stars from the tamil industry (multi starer) without any songs and full and full like a jackie chan flim … its just a request sir… thank you.

  82. subish kp says:

    sir you r an excellent director who gives first preferrence to the script unlike many other directors who dont care about the story and screenplay.. you are one of the directors in tollywood who deserves to be in hollywood. hope it happens sometime.. all the very best for “I”..

  83. Prahash says:

    Sir, will ஐ be a 3D movie?

  84. KD Kochi says:

    Halo sir, “I”-Malayalam meaning ” NJAAN “means ‘ME’ ,I think its about every one..all the best& My lot of Prayers & expecting SOMETHING SPECIAL..,Thank U

  85. Prahash says:


    What ever or from where ever movies come and touch the box office in TN, We won’t forget Indian, Gentleman, Kaadhalan, Jeans, Mudhalvan, Anniyan, Boys. We have our king here.

  86. Kannathasan A says:

    Hello Sir,

    1).When “I” will be get ready for release ?

    2).Please do next movie by using performance capturing technology with Rajini Sir.


  87. Thirumurugan answer says:

    13th comment:
    Amy Jackson Farhan

    46th comment:(P.VENKATA MURALI)

    56th comment:(Althaf)
    Listen 2 secret of success 4m Boys film .
    That success resembles to all..

    65th comment:(amar)
    ThanX …but 26 years(including Assistant Director)

    69th comment:
    Thanks Wilfred

    Hi BEST Shankar Sir fans …
    My concept of delivering(answering) is something best…
    My last answer was a nervous answer..(My accident nervous answer can indicate me that i have the capabilty to do even fast.)
    Anyhow My concept is to deliver something best & not at all respective to time(whether fast, medium or slow)
    Right from his Co-worker A.R.Rahman sir & everybody delivering best to Shankar Sir..
    This is not BcoZ Shankar Sir wants everything Best…
    The answer is “Shankar Sir is Huge & Best” …So everybody’s best coming in his film ,,,
    Right From his Best “Rahman Sir” and to person like “Me(Thirumurugan answer)” wants to deliver something best to Shankar Sir to keep his Huge & Best effort as “Huge & Best “..
    Not only that “1 main similarity to Shankar Sir & me is only this( I Feel)”
    Here afterwards I am sure that I will deliver only my best answers(no more nervous answers)

    Thank U Readers

  88. Eldhose kurian says:

    Shankar sir i am a great fan of you from kerala. We are awaiting this film with great anticipations. Sir this a welcome venture to the third decade in your carrier and rocks it.

  89. mani says:


  90. Prasanna.S.Nathan says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is prasanna Adfilm Maker And Cinematographer
    How r u sir ? ” I” very fantastic design sir.
    Then We all waiting for ur movie.
    All the best sir. my Brother Vinu Arvind worked with asst director of Director Naga sir in ur “Aanantha purathu veedu.

    Thanks and regards

  91. Suresh says:

    Hi Shankar,

    You have been doing films like a serious movie( with strong social message) like gentle man ,indian and anniyan and followed by a love story or soft movie like kadhalan, jeans , boys , nanban.

    But when i think about ‘I’, i can’t guess what it will be ?

    Hope it will be break all your image that people think shankar is repeating his formula.

    Expecting different shankar in this movie.


  92. Om says:

    Social cause patthi padam edukaringa..makkalukku puriya vaikureenga..your intention is just to tell the people and make money out of it or do something towards the problems of bribe, black money, corrupted politicians. Though it is a great job to make people realize the problems around them, nothing has improved, still the same..still the same. Though I admire your movies, I feel pity for the people because, you just reflect what is happening and not contributing even an iota of your effort to abolish it. That takes a lionheart to do it. Who knows who will do it. May be one day, I will get an opportunity. Until then, I will just watch your movies and just be happy that one hero in the movie is making our dream come true. We are living in dreams, as always.

  93. Ravee says:

    Dear Shankar sir,
    This question might be irrelevant to your new movie. I know you have suffered some financial loss by producing movies and giving chances for new directors. May be you are not having enough time to manage that. But you fully understand and you know very well the sufferings of a director with real talent who cannot get an opportunity to enter into this filmdom. I really would be thankful to you if you continue giving opportunities to new director through your S Movies.Neengale Kai vittal, kai kuduppavar yaro? Thazmaiyudan – Ravee

  94. wilfred says:

    All the best sir. I pray God your upcoming movies should make our kollywood to reach the best place in the world. I want to meet u personally sir.

  95. Sanjeev says:

    Shankar Sir,
    Who is the heroine? Is Amy Jackson doing a role? Each media person circulating their own rumour. Want it from the captain’s mouth directly please.
    One more request. It is long since, we have seen Shankar-Vaali sir combo. Plz use his lyrics for at least one song.

  96. UNNAI POL ORUVAN says:

    SHANKAR ANNA :) eppo

    “WE WANT SHOLAY IN TAMIL” reply must..
    “WE WANT SHOLAY IN TAMIL” reply must..
    “WE WANT SHOLAY IN TAMIL” reply must..
    “WE WANT SHOLAY IN TAMIL” reply must..
    “WE WANT SHOLAY IN TAMIL” reply must..
    “WE WANT SHOLAY IN TAMIL” reply must..

    plz give a valid reply..

  97. Suthan says:

    In which country are you going to shoot the film?All the best for this project.

  98. amar says:

    sir congratulations for completing 19 years in the industry through Gentleman which was released on july 30th 1993. I pray god your legacy should keep continuing with all mind blowing success :) :) :)

  99. shiva says:

    when or rilise?who this in poster?

  100. Lakshman says:

    Shankar Sir,

    What is the name of “I” in TELUGU?

    We people from Andhra r eagerly waiting for d movie, is the title decided or not?

  101. Karthikeyan says:

    Hi Sir, Hope it wont be like Anniyan trend…Expecting a one more different type stylish in an ‘I’ Movie which you never shown in your previous movie’s list.

  102. Sivanesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    Is Resul Pookutty is working in this film? Please do more films with him. His work adds more beauty to the film. Oru sirpathukku irukura varnippu, sethukkuthal, nunukkangal irukku. I could feel that in both Enthiran and Nanban.


  103. Asha says:

    Hai sir…Poster looks awesome..:) Really waiting for this movie….Vikram’s comeback after Anniyan! :) ) All the best..I know u’ll RAWK!

  104. gauri vaishampayan says:


  105. muthuvinayagam says:

    sir, todays tamilnadu people’s in average not using their creative power and so they are not able to come up with their full abilities. pls do a film which is based on brain’s power. i think only u can do it, because u are a team by yourself, u have shown this in the robot film. a robot divids itself into 100 and again united into one, which is nothing but one of the shankar’s secret in planning and execution. sir does this from his first film to create every single film a box office hit.

  106. Sandeep Gubba says:

    All the best for your movie and
    Eagerly waiting for the movie sir…….

  107. Althaf says:

    Sir, neenga eppady Story kandupudikireenga?
    ellam arputhamaka irukku!!!
    what is the secret?
    Pls reply me

  108. Althaf says:

    HH HH A II

    U R GREAT!!!

    pls repy

  109. AJITH ANAND says:


  110. KARTHICK says:


    our thalaivar’s 50th FILM sir..kalakkkal :)

  111. srinivas.B says:

    awesome sir….. go a head

  112. jraj says:

    sir u rocking lor…when will u do film with ajith n surya…

  113. Thirumurugan answer says:

    ANSWERS TO ‘ஐ’ post:

    69th comment :
    No manje

    97th comment:(gauri vaishampayan)


    100th comment :
    ALL “I” meaning sriram sridhar

    102nd comment keyan)
    Its God gift to me answering for an Icon(India’a No:1 film director) questions/queries.

    122nd comment Ram Balaji Subbaiyan)
    1.100% Pattern of speech can be reduced .
    2.New Diffferent pattern speech can be adopted
    3.Shankar sir like Director can give birth to Nearly Dead words (sometimes to a dead word (irrespective of language)) through adopting specialist dialogue writers such as Sujatha sir, Subha sir.
    Eg : ENTHIRAN “Ivalo Periya Anda pirandathula” & “Hypotheical Question”
    It doesn’t means a director not to knows to write dialogues,, that like directors only(Shankar,Mani Rathnam) knows to write dialouges very well than others…
    A Specialist Dialogue writers means those who knows (Technical,subjectual) words very well….
    U may b heard like this ” he got award from Indian government for most words known in a specific languages “that he is specialist writers.

    127th comment :
    Me 2 expects Shankar Sir 2 be the NO:1 director in the world.
    Instead of kollywood suppose Shankar Sir directed Robot in Hollywood …What will be happened ?

    143rd comment manje)
    No ,not afraid But Shankar Sir like SS Rajamouli film NAAN EE

    147th comment:
    No Prabhu , thanks for ur hyper beleif

    186th comment:
    Kalakkala varum Kavalayae Padaatheenga moorthy shankar

    193rd comment:(satheesh):ur 2nd auestion answer
    TO ALL
    TALENTS WILL NOT SEE LANGUAGE ,COUNTRY & other differntiation
    On my view Cinema doesn’t have restricted languages,country,peoples ..only needs respective talents in respective category
    When a ENTHIRAN , AVATAR does n’t needs remakes in other languages(only dubbed)
    Why a 3 idiots needs remake ? we have differentiation.
    People can have the right to watch any language film …Artists have the rights to work in any language
    There are many many countries which doesnt produeces film and watch our films …Where those countries talented ARTISTS will go? (thadai podaaaaaaaaaatheenga ,aana pirapa marakama irundha podhum)MEANING(Dont restrict,but dont forgot ur birth(includes of all)

    I want to make u happy Satheesh.read below Special for u
    Did anything mentioned that ARTISTS from RSP(Rising Sun Pictures) are only Australians?
    AN Australian company provided VFX for I film only mentioned ,so the ARTISTS may be (Indian,Australian,American,Japaneese,Russian,British,etc)
    Since it is Supervised by our V.Srinivas & M.mohan .So it is 100% an Indian Effort film
    Infact it is dirtected by Non-English films Best Ever Director(Shankar)(not only by fans).So Surely an Indian Effort.
    Namalam Jackie Chan,Bruce-lee,Tony jaa padammnu radsichu pakuram madhiri,other countries people watch as (SHANKAR ,RAJNI ,KAMAL , AAMIR,SRK ,MANI RATHNAM FILM)rasichu paakuranganu perumaiya sollikalam ..Idhula innoru perumai yennanaaa English Films appuram Director a rasichu padam pakurathu Indian Directorsa thaan Mainly 2(SHANKAR,MANI RATHNAM)…VERY PROUD TO SAY THIS ……..
    I Proved U that Indians have Talents in higher level…..

    Answered just in 50 minutes(keep as 1 hour) …
    I have already selected answering for respected comments,,,but not at all had the literal idea(means I didn’t see anything & type ,but had few hint already)…

    Thank You Shankar Sir for allowing me to answer for your fans Comments…
    Thanks you very much,,,,,
    Thanks Sir …
    Thanks a lot …
    Innum Puthusaa venumna Thanks Solraen Sir..
    I am also Shankar Sir fan,,, than only he is my inspiration
    Read this
    I am Mainly ( Shankar,Rahman ,Sachin Fan)…
    Shankar Sir is my inspiration to become a director ,,,But my fan is 100% differnet from inspiration.
    I am a person fan for shankar sir NOT BCOZ my inspiration to become a director(100%).
    Shankar Sir madhiri director aaguram avaruku fana irundhu kittae naan neraiya thada feel panni irukaen.
    Indha comment apram than enaku happya irukum ,ineme konjam kooda feel panna mattaen idha madhiri.
    If suppose My inspiration not to become a director means also I am Shankar Sir fan only(Sorry myself to say this).
    I wont give up my inspiration to become Director like Shankar Sir for any reason…

  114. N.Laurence says:

    Hai Sir,

    I love your picture.

    one of the world top director.

  115. P. VENKATA MURALI says:


    I am Venkata Murali

    - I am Studying MCA 2nd Year in JNTU University (Hyderabad).

    - Every man have dreams and goals in their Life . I have one GOAL in my life.

    - I Want you blessing to reach my GOAL in this year.

    - TO DAY MY 22ND BIRTHDAY I NEED HEARTFUL BLESSINGS FROM YOU SIR………………………………………………………………………………..



  116. chiyaan mani says:

    hai sir

  117. P . VENKATA MURALI says:








  118. MANIVANNAN says:

    WHEN “azhagiya kuyile”.

    WHY “I”

  119. Raj says:

    Dear Shankar,

    Nice work with the poster. You have kept up your word, that the film is a romantic thriller. The poster is a true reflection of it.

    Its also good to see Mr.Vinayak Hampannavar’s post (assistant director with Upendra in the Kannada film industry). Vinayak Sir, thanks for your post. It is true reflection of the good side of the film industry where co-workers appreciate each other.

    Also, Vikram seems to have built up an awesome physique. He looks mindblowing and I am just guessing that he is playing a dual role. (Just a pure guess…)

    Do release tit-bits about the movie now and then.

    Happy Shooting Shankar Sir :)

    Warm Regards,

  120. Venkatesan says:

    All the very best sir…….

  121. sherlo aniyan says:

    chiyan vikram best difarant&rick actor your best collection sir

  122. saif says:

    when u r going to make a flim with POWER STAR the mass

  123. selvaraj says:

    only oneword you are such a genius sir

  124. farhan says:

    Sir. it looks great

    Is he fights for his love?

  125. ravi says:

    is it vikram’s 50th movie

  126. Kannan.R says:

    i am relay satisfied because the meaning of “I” is wonderful.Thank u sir.

  127. gajender says:

    Sir we are all know your talent. your are the one of the best director in india sir. but your best is yet to come. may be that is `I’

  128. MS DEVAN says:

    dear sir,
    naan ee film is very comedy my family too want enjoy

  129. vinayak Hampannavar says:

    Your imagination no boundaries…
    Your Script & Screenplay it’s shows how much you hardworking…
    We love you sir..from all over Karnataka…
    God bless….

    Associate Director with Upendra sir…

  130. gauri vaishampayan says:

    awesome! rocking!

    sir r u going 2 release d film in hindi also??????

    if not! plz release it in hindi also coz am a maharashtrian and a great fan of urs! so i dont understand tamil so plz release d film in hindi also!
    love u n ur films! i too want enjoy d ur film! so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  131. raj says:

    stunning sir….excellent.This is called shankar flavour…..awsome.full and full stylish……..my god no words..

  132. chiyaan arun says:

    Pls include the chiyaan’s 50th movie logo in the first look.

  133. purnachandra says:

    there is no words to say…sumthing sir…i wish u all d best.to whole “I” crew.

  134. VIJAY.R says:

    when we turn this image its look like OM..;)


    <3 great sir


    heartly wishes

  137. mvenkatkumar says:

    Stunning Picture…ur Aesthetics so good…

    ஐ அழகு மட்டுமல்ல அதிரடியும் கூட…

    All the very best sir…one of ur loving Fan…

  138. ananth says:

    awesome poster ..,

  139. Thirumurugan says:

    ‘ஐ’ 1st Poster was awesome sir…

    Yesterday itself I saw it in newspapers & rocking ads in chennai city ….

    My best wishes for the movie sir….

    All the best for U & ur whole team sir….

  140. Pradeepkannan says:

    i’m eagerly fr ur romantic thriller movie…

  141. Raj kiran says:

    Best wishes. Sir!!!

  142. Sathish (muthalvan) says:


    rocking still saar, heroine amy jackson nu news varuthu..

    inoru rumour vera padam 3 year eduka poranga nu is it tre?

  143. Shankar Fan says:

    We want a low budget film from Shankar….

  144. Dinesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am always keen to see your first look poster. It would be very integral part of your movies always. Really thrilled to see this new poster for ‘I’.

    My favourite Hero’s Milestone movie

    சீயான் விக்ரம் நடிக்கும் ‘ஐ’ம்பதாவது படம் இயக்க போவது ஷங்கர் என்பதில் மிக்க பெருமை

  145. Deepak vaidhya says:

    My long time wish is to meet you. atleast to speak with u once. Because i like u and ur movies lot. i am a big fan of u.

  146. Deepak vaidhya says:

    Hi Sir,

    All the best for Vikram’s 50th movie. I like your movies lot. Your my favourite director sir. Definately this movie will be the best of yours.

  147. amar says:

    sir definitely u will rock with this movie like how u did it with ANNIYAN

  148. farhan says:

    Sir, Is she amy jackson or samantha?

  149. rajesh dommeti says:

    gr8 combo..all d best ‘I’ team

  150. Farhan says:

    hello sir,

    Is she amy jackson or samantha sir?

  151. bala says:

    padam eppa sire release?

  152. Sivanesh says:


    I was waiting for a haunting thriller form you..
    What kind of social message we can expect in this movie?

    In your earlier post you said that you will start the work from mid july. Sonna mathiriyae, 15th july poster release panneeteenga. You are really punctual and dedicated in your work. That will keep you going up sir.


  153. jOhN fRaNcIs says:

    Wow wow.. Sir, Actress yaaru?
    Tamannah va?
    Alot gossip and wrong info on this, please tell us, ur answer..
    Thanks sir.

  154. Rajendran Thiagarajan says:

    Sir, Is it periodic film?


  155. Santhosh says:

    Shankar+vikram+a.r rahman+p.c sreeram+antony =I…..wat a grt combo….dis team can achieve anythg in dis world…All d best for dis most xpected movie of 2013….

  156. harsha says:

    all d best sir….may der b no budget constraints nd directional let-downs as in enthiran….hoping fr a cracker!!…all d best sir!….a die-hard fan of u….

  157. kiddu says:

    sir..this is chiyaan sir’s 50th film…adha poster la engeyum kaanumey saar…adha podunga saar..naanga fans ellam sandhosha paduvome saar :)

    thankssssss a lott sir

  158. peter says:

    All the best to Shanker sir

  159. karthik v says:

    shankar is a genius. my expectation is very very huge on this movie “I”. I hope he will meet out my expectations. waiting for the movie ….. all the best to my thalaivar shankar…

  160. Javeed says:

    Super colour combination Expecting tomorrow another one…:)….

  161. Nikk says:

    eagerly awaiting for the movie!!!hope thr will be regular updates!!!

  162. திண்டுக்கல் தனபாலன் says:

    வாழ்த்துக்கள்… சார் !

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