January 29th, 2010

Hi every-1… ubks…

Thanks for the great response for Stanwinston Post. There were lot of good wishes and queries about Rajini Sir. There is so much to tell, there were much queries about ARR, Ash and others too. I’ll share one by one in further posts.

Many of Vijay and Ajith fans wanted to know when I am going to do a film with them. Already I had ideas of doing “Mudhalvan” with Vijay (next to Rajini Sir). Unfortunately it didn’t happen. After “Nayak” I had a thought of doing a film with Ajith. With out even meeting it dissolved and didn’t happen. I don’t know which language and what kind of script I am going to do next. If the script suits Vijay or Ajith, I’ll definitely do a film with them.

Regarding my production S Pictures “Rettai Chuzhi” and “Anandhapurathu Veedu” both the films are completed and final Post-Production works are going on.

In “Rettai Chuzhi” two icons of tamil cinema director “K.Balachandar” and director “Bharathi Raja” for the first time acting lead roles together. “Rettai Chuzhi” is the story of two famous old men in the village who are currently child ego state. When they try to outburst their 40 years enemity thinking that of a big scene, it ends up like a child’s play. Aari trained in “Koothupattarai” gets intorduced as hero and the heroine is the “Kattradhu Tamizh” fame Anjali. 22 trained child actors are playing important role in this film. Chezhian is doing the cinematography and music by Karthik Raja.

Thamira has directed the film who is basically a story writer for magazines. With his experience also as KB’s dialogue writer, he has arcthitected this “Rettai Chuzhi” film as interesting one. So you can easily guess that “Rettai Chuzhi” will make a new experience for the family audience.

m leaving to mumbai for 2 days shoot with Rajini sir, Ash and Danny Dengzongpa…

See you soon


Happy Pongal

January 14th, 2010

Hi Everyone…

Ubhayakusalobhari!!! (UBKS)
(Its a Sanskrit word used by Ambi in ANNIYAN. Meaning: – I am fine… Everything ok here… Hope you and your family doing well… etc… etc…)

Most of you have asked about Stanwinston Studios role in Endhiran.

Yes. Endhiran is the first Indian movie to use Stanwinston Studio’s Animatronics technology. We all are proud and happy to be associated with No.1  Hollywood studio who did a great job in movies like Jurassic Park, Predator, Terminator, Ironman and the recent Avatar.

Myself, Rajini sir and our Technical crew have been at Los Angeles for couple of weeks at Stanwinston Studios for scanning, make-up test and preproduction works in July 2008. We all are excited that we are working at the place where Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger have worked.

After 1½ half years of preparatory work a group of  top technicians came to Sun Studio’s Chennai sets and worked around for 4 months. 22 scenes of Endhiran Movie have been shot using Animatronics and Special Make-ups. Most of Important scenes was shot lively with Rajini sir using Animatronics without CGI.

At the end of the day Stanwinston people told that they are very happy that Endhiran movie utilized maximum animatronics techniques in so many scenes in all possible ways, which is very rare in Hollywood too… Cool….

Wish you all a very very Happy Pongal…!!!

And my pongal is on the sets with Rajini Sir, Ash and Endhiran crew.
Today we are having shooting.

C U again ASAP.



January 8th, 2010

Hi everyone,

Thank u very much for the tremendous response n new year wishes.

Thanx to press n net media for d support.

Right now m continuously shooting an action sequence. I didn’t get any gap to b n touch with u. Hope u bear with me. I’ll b  online whenever possible.


Hi everyone…

January 1st, 2010

This is Shankar. Just back from Pune & Lonavala after finishing an action sequence with both my stars and with this I finished 90% of “Endhiran”

All the movies I direct demands 24 x 7 attention and I don’t get enough time or opportunity to interact with my audience, the film lovers who seek and wish to know about my movies, myself, my likings, my thoughts etc.,

I hope blogging will serve the purpose.

You ask I answer as and when it’s possible.


- Shankar